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Currently completely stuck, no matter the actions I do(whole day of rest, training, using abilties, etc) I will crash when starting that day.

There's no log to find so that's pretty nasty... this is on CP1 Patch3, any workarounds?


Exact day is: 20 cheimare

Error message received is: System error occured, application will be terminated.


Also, it seems I can't bond with my familiar anymore(making pretty much for 2 wasted skill points at the start of the game, since no skills can go beyond 1), training or improved familiar handling can't select bond. With grooming I can't select anything whatsoever and no facet of my bond is improved...

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That particular error sounds as though you are not running the game as Administrator- have you tried going to Academagia.exe, right-clicking on it, and selecting 'Run as Adminsitrator'? You will need to do this for the actual exe file, and not the shortcut, if you've made one.


Otherwise, please let us know and we can troubleshoot further.




Edit: The Familiar Training issue was resolved in Patch 4 (release yesterday)- but there is no workaround in Patch 3. ;)

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