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Awarded Merit, for me but not Vernin? What gives?


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On a day in which I went to class twice and then rested, I was walking through the hall when I saw a big bunch of bounding bananas and I used my Athletic skills to hold them until a professor arrived to take control. At the end of the day I was told Id earned 2 Merit points.


Thing is I had just looked at the points the night before and remarked that we, Vernin, were ahead of Morvidus by 90 points even, 441 to 351. Now after being awarded this merit we are still at 441. It does say that I was awarded the Merit, "You increased your Merit by 2" is what it says exactly, but what does that mean? Is "personal" merit akin to glory?


Speaking of glory, Ive got a lot of it, or at least I think its a lot, Ive got 10 at least, but I havent really seen any appreciable differences. I know its a hidden stat but is there any clue as to its value to me? Is it worth getting more?

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Thanks! There may be an issue with how that Merit was awarded- it's possible that it used a transitory, instead of permanent, Effect- we'll review this in DLC 2. If you ever have an Event you'd like to report to us, please press F12 to make a note of the actual Event name, we would appreciate it! :)


Glory has both positive and negative effects, and will help you slightly at a wide number of actions. It's worth getting more if yours is the kind of character that would like to be famous.

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