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  1. Any news on the college cafeterias?
  2. Yeah, old maps are nothing like paintings or modern maps. Here a blurb about one from the era of the crusades. Very interesting.
  3. Mmm. Function keys. I only ever cared for number 4 in conjunction with Alt.
  4. Well, it's not like the team was pressed of time... Though I'd love to know how you have the modtool names when we don't have the base yet...
  5. That should be taken as significant.
  6. 1. Are records of the Praetexta court typically sealed? How easy is it to get access to records for famous cases which were disputed there? 2. Can you give an example of one of the old Ickanicix properties outside the Academagia that are still known about and very well barred from entry? 3. Since there are a lot of abandoned classroom, I'd like to ask if there are any that would be considered dangerous? If you were scouting them out for say, a club room, what kind of potential risks would you need to look out for? 4. Can you explain why Avila has traditionally been a Girl's College? Is there something about women and Astrology? Or was it founded that way for other reasons? 5. Does Von Rupprecht approve/tolerate of any types of shorthand, even if he would never teach any? please tell me he doesn't inspect our notes. 6. Has Orso ever publicly dueled a professor as the Legate? 7. Can you tell us what kind of magic that we should learn for exterminating the undead? At least the most common types of undead. I can understand that the exotic ones might just call for a lot of conventional magic firepower. 8. Do Ghosts count as undead in this setting? Or are spirits classified as their own thing due to Gates' influence? 9. What is the most disgusting food ever served at the Cafeteria at the Academagia? And has there ever been a student (or professor!) brave enough to eat it? (without the help of magic) 10. Does Malacresta get accidental Garlic poisoning often, or is he pretty good at knowing when the cafeteria is trying to kill him? 11. Since it is possible to eat either at the main hall, or with one's college, it has to be asked, if one was a sufficiently fast eater and runner, could you eat at both places? 12. Since we have a pretty good idea about the main campus cafeteria, could you tell us a bit about the college specific ones, and any peculiarities they might have? 13. If Aranaz hosted a pie-eating contest, A, would anyone have a chance at beating Von Rupprecht? And if no, B, how many pies would be required to bribe him to not participate?
  7. 4. Legate, when was Schohanwicht Founded? Was it before the bans or was it after the bans?
  8. People still are allowed to skip as much class as they want. It's just that now they get punished for breaking the rules.
  9. Hmm.. I don't know... I'm not saying you're wrong, but I still think there's enough space for wiggle room. The more realistic depiction should have garbage strewn out all over over the city's side of lake Ardica, yet there isn't any. Wiggle room. This is less of a map as the old one was, and more of a stylized painting, imo.
  10. I always saw that city map as being highly compressed. Plus the focus is on the Academagia. It's possible that the city is just outside the boundaries that we can see in the new map, because nobody wants to live *that* close to the magic school, haha.
  11. Mineta, I think was already mentioned to have a map planned for Y2. Whether it's done or not I don't think we'll know until the Big Day. A world map is also possible, considering how we're all going to be going home for the summer. It would definitely be worth doing replays of Y1 again with Y2 in hand, just to see all the stuff in Y2. Oh, if Y2 does come out this year....
  12. If this really is for Y2, and I suspect it is based on the fact the legate didn't acknowledge it at all, then I feel just a tiny bit sorry I've been pestering him so badly. That said, I probably wouldn't have pestered him so badly had something like this been revealed. And I just want to point out that this was publicly viewable for at least half a year. Anything left in my confidence stays there until there's no need, (I think I proved that with DLC17's beta) but if I find something public on my own, all bets are off.
  13. Wow! No comment at all on the new map? I'm shocked!
  14. I'm sure after lamenting that this Masterpiece found it's way to the forums, the Legate will confirm that.
  15. I'm fairly sure these were built at least a generation ago, probably more. I think the explosion on Vernin's campus tower happened centuries ago, and is slowly expanding.