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Sabin Stargem

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Legate of Mineta told me here in the Forum already that most of the Adventures cant be continued in year 2 but maybe some can.

For all Adventures the import will look how fare you got at them.

But I absolut understand it because we start the game in year 2 in the summer break and are then not at the school how will we the continue most of the adventures that have to do with the school other students or Professors.

Also if you have a look at the timeframe of some Adventures they sometimes hapens within 1 day acording to the text but are split up to 3 or more adventure parts!

(You only can do 1 adventure part per day so this questline gave me some headache how I best sould write it in my RPG Thread)

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If you have Adventures in progress in Year 2, the game 'knows' what Stage you were on, and adjusts the entry point for the next series (if any are allowed based on where you are) accordingly. Some Adventures can be done in Year 2- others cannot be. Main Story Adventures, for instance, conclude and progress into Year 2.


It's best to tie up the loose ends before Summer Vacation. ;)

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