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Action Bug particularly Practice Math


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Well, im in a quarter of a year in patch 8 playthrough, when i encounter a bug with regards to "Practice Math"(Intelligence/Theory of Arithmetic Roll v. 5) action, I do have a 4 int + 1 int(Tutor's Desk) and 6 Theory of Arithmetic skill, but then it didnt succeed in expanding 2 random arithmetic skill of my character. Sometimes it did expand my character's arithmetic skill by 2, but then again another problem arise, the reporting was wrong, it did report only 1 expansion to a skill instead of 2!


Also a question for the Legate(or anyone knowledgeable about the behind the scene calculation), I do want to know how the rolls are calculated like from above. What does the Intelligence do in a roll of (Intelligence/Theory of Arithmetic Roll v. 5), Also, if I have a Theory of arithmetic skill of 5, will it be a 100% chance of success in a roll regardless of Int(provided that INT is 1)?


HELP! ;)

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