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Cutting classes and Scores


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Me about 3-4 classes in a week, just to maxed out my skill of my acquired subject, then in the midterms, I have 2 level 10+ skills and one level 10 skill. I scored above 100-180(with the use of spell of course)..


arithmetic 15(10 + permanent abilities) + 3(by using spells), zoology 10 (though only three out of six subskills are maxed out), astrology 11(10 + permanent abilitees)


How about U? :)

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I can usually get away with 2 a week, (monday mornings and a random day). My scores are (in general) around the 50ies in the midterm exams(not great I know, but then I only aim for the actual exams) with a few spikes if I like a particular subject (music..).


My current game had 1 above 100, 2 90ies, and the last ranging from 35-60. I haven't finished yet but managed to help my familiar (THANK YOU for improved familiar handling!) and managed to save my friend from his swamp disease (the new(I think) adventure starting at the help desk).


I'll come back with more when I finish the exams - so far all studies are maxed though and I have a natural 10 (or more from various bonuses) in the important parent skills.



I'm a bit in limbo though, not sure I can finish any more adventures in the time remaining so I've been trying to get my friends (high relations not 'befriended' (yet) into a single clique. I find it surprisingly difficult to get the guys to just stop making new friends for a day so I can snatch them for myself! :) Of cause my familiar has more points in befriend than me, and admittedly I did ruin many of their former cliques with demean.... aaanywho...


(Life is good :()

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