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how to use books?


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As Schwarzbart notes, usually you will need to place the Book on your Paper Doll- it depends on what the Book does. If the Book has an Ability that you can use, then you just need to carry it around in your Knapsack. If the Book offers you a passive bonus, however, you'll need to equip it.


First things first: please make sure you are using the latest Patch and DLC- when you create a game, you will want to check the Mod called 'Downfall of Tyrants'. For the Patch, when you are in the game, please press F12 and let us know the version number in the bottom left hand corner. If you have the latest Patch, it will read:


If you find that you are still unable to equip the Book, then there may be a problem with its Type- please let me know the name of the Book, and we'll check it.


Thanks, and enjoy!

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