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I think there needs to be a better way of seeing who is in other cliques (apart from manually looking through every other clique), otherwise you can end up wasting actions (such as gossip and befriend).

How about something that gives a visual indicator you are using an action on someone from another clique?

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A great idea! Earlier we discussed the possibility of an icon which would appear to let you know, but we should revisit its difficulty now.


Thanks- we'll see what we can do. :)


Necroed: As far as I can tell, we still have to open up each clique manually, and the order of those cliques seems to shift about as we do, so it is 'really' easy to miss a few, and we are often having to open the same clique multiple times. I easily spent half an hour just trying to identify whom I could not befriend, and still wasted efforts on people already in cliques.

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