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Lessons from a Satyr


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A Satyr is visiting the Academy and he will give a public lesson in Lute playing.

There is also a seperat Lesson from him for the more Advanced Lute Players


Theory of Glamour You whant to join his special Song lesson (will unlooked via the investigation)


The Satyr teaches a difficult Song that forces the target to dance as long you continue to play or sing it.

Because this spell could only teached through practise there was one other student as target for each student who learn the spell and Random Studentwas not very happy to be your training subject.


+ Glamour Spells +1 and the Spell "Forced Dance" - 1 Standing with a random Student


You didnt manage the test but you still managed to confince Prof. Chastellain that you could join and all you haved to do is to sign a paper.

Sadly it tourned out that you signed up you are the "testing" subject of the spell the satyr teaches and so you where forced into dancing over the complet lesson.


- +2 Stress +1 Willpower


Lute You whant to join his public Lute Lesson


This Lute lesson was a wast of time because you didnt learn anything new from the satyr


+ nothing


This Lute Lesson was nothing fancy but at last you think you improved your Lute play a bit.


- +1 Lute


Persuation need Lute>5 Persuade Prof. Chastellain that you can join the advanced Lute Lesson.


Prof. Chastellain was more then happy to sign you up for the advanced Lute lesson.

During the lesson the Satyr showed some of the more advanced techniques for playing a Lue.


+ +2 Lute (to increase chance in geting 1 step)


When you asked Prof. Chastellain if you can you the Advanced Lute lesson he haved to tell you that it's allready full.


- nothing


Willpower Why taking a lesson from a satyr when its more fun to follow him when he leaves the academy?


You follow the satyr without any problem when he meet some other satyr the started a party.

To your luck you keept your distance so you didnt get beewitched from it.


+ +1 Satyric Revelry


You followed the satyr very close and when he spoted you he inveted you to join him in a small fest.

Surly you joined just to realise that as soon they start to play theyr music you couldn't stop to dance.

When they finaly stoped to play it was already be late and you got a dermity from the guard for be late when he let you in.


- +1 Stress -2 Merrit


Famous Songs You heared that the satyr also gives a lesson about a other topic. (investigation)


When you where about to ask Prof. Prof. Chastellain about the other lesson he ask you what you know about Satyr.

You then tell him that you know that Satyr have a very special form of dancing and that theyr music can force a human to dance.

Happy with your answaer he told you if you not whant to thry the lesson where the Satyr teach a very special song.


+ unlooks Theory of Glamour exit


When you ask Prof. Chastellain if there is a other lesson the Prof tells you that there is only the one for the Lute.


- nothing

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The distinction lorewise between a glamour that makes you dance and a mastery spell that makes you dance is probably that the mastery spell overrides your willpower while the glamour spell just nudges it. I believe there's a satyr event already in the game where a group of satyr musicians enspell a bunch of people to dance. I'd say they're probably using a glamour. They're playing music, at least some of the crowd started dancing of their own will, and it isn't that hard to refuse. Basically, the spell suggested 'this is a good situation for dancing, so dance'. If it wasn't already at least somewhat true it wouldn't have worked.


I would actually call something like that spell a song glamour.


Comparatively, a mastery spell could be cast on someone in the middle of a duel and they'd start dancing inappropriately.


I'd like to mention that it seems to me the instructor and student could simply take turns being the target of the spell to learn by practice. Satyrs love to dance and seem to think everyone else should love to dance too, so maybe he wouldn't even ask for permission first. :lol:

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If I am not wrong, satyrs LOVE flattery.

Might be fun to have a flattery option, like -



(Might requires investigation first, like an Character Study?)

Flattery. Flatter the satyr into teaching you something special. (Should be a hard roll I guess.)

SUCCESS - You open your mouth and gently stroke the satyr's ego with your sliver tounge. By the time you are done, you found yourself attending the Advanced Lute lesson....with a shiny GOLDEN lute.


+2 Lute, + 1 Flattery, +Golden Lute


FAILURE - You open your mouth and gently stroke the satyr's ego with your sliver tounge. By the time you are done, you found yourself in the infirmary, with a shiny GOLDEN lute and a painful back. Seems that you are a bit too flattering and he hugged you a bit too tight. OW!


-4 Vitality, +Golden Lute



Item: Golden Lute

Rank: Rare I guess?

Encumbrance: 0 / 1?

Concealment: 2 (I guess, you got it as a gift from an offical school visitor after all)

Description: This is a pretty golden lute made of solid gold, to complement your silver tongue. It makes you feel really smug when you play with it, and really worried because somebody must be plotting around the corner to get their hands on it.

+2 to Lute Subskill when equipped, +1 to Confidence, +1 to MINIMUM STRESS



What do you think, guys?

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