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Thanks to broken links towards the Adventure Steps "At The Well" , "Lines of Study" and "Lockbreaking and the Lizard" any Student not just a Morvidus can play the finishing steps of this Adventure Chains.

Just reported it again because this is even worse then just have the Adv. Chain splited.

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We had a closer look at the Familiar Exit issue, and I have some bad news: it's a content issue. Specifically, the comparator is set to 0, which means that the system is expecting your Familiar's Gates Methods Skill to be == 0. This will be changed in the content, of course, to the intended >= 0 but this will not solve the issue for your Ferret. :(

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I forgot to take notes, but I came across a random event today called something like "Black Snake Down". It had absolutely no opening text, just 3 options, if I recall. One ended up healing the snake, which I think opened up an adventure. It did have text once I selected an option, just nothing to start.


Hopefully that's enough info to track down the missing text.

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I already Reported the Black Snake Down on the first page on this thread :) (But bether have this report 2 or more times then not at all)

Edit: Thanks for this Info Legate maybe I will start a other Morvidus char because with 2 Adventure Chains I cant finish I think I scrap the other even with only 1 week to go.

Edit2: Just haved "You been reprimanded for trespassing" + 5x "You have been reprimanded for skipping detention!" but didnt get any detention bevore! Uploaded the save (bevore processing and after processing)

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  • Calfon's Balancing of The Humours have a Red Field for Remove Coice of Emotion but no selector.
    So this spell isn't usable.
    (Wanted to use it for geting rid of Supreme Confidence and some stress)
  • RE Astrology 2 I expected to get a Relationship increase for Phillipe Marchant from the text of Exit 3 but in the Dayreport it says I got it for Corradin d'Alfi!
  • Student Adventure Orso 3:
    "Observation. Surroundings make or break a duel. Check out Ilaro’s surroundings; he’s too busy to do it for himself."
    Maybe it sould be Orso's insted of Ilaro's to make sense?
  • Emilia Picotti pushed here Relationship with me to 11 using Courteous Gestures but I didnt do anything that would result in a inreased relationship max for here.
    Because I cant check if there is also a temp. boost maybe the team want to have a look at the save.
  • School Adventure Avila 05 Exit 01 Failure: "You don not bring a torch with you,"
    can you also check the prerequisite of exit 2? Because my Char have all Revision SS at 10 except Phemes and this is at 9 but this exit dont show up.

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