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Modtool and wiki questions


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I just have a few questions. Even though my focus is currently on the students, I am still looking around to the other areas.


One of these areas concerns research and locations. I cannot find anything about research, nor on which location unlocks which research topic.

I also have a hard time finding out how certain locations get unlocked? For instance I have seen that there is a Jhonas Librarium and according to info in the wiki someone else added, that unlocks the research topic for History - The Captivity of Man.

Where is this information stored in the modtool?


Another question concerns the AI. There are several AI entries, which one is used in which situation?

I can imagine that AI - Vendetta is triggered when the Student enters a vendetta with the PC or another NPC. But what about the others?





EDIT: I think I found the Research-information in the location itself under Topic.

Any way to find out how the location gets unlocked? Or is that by random Exploration alone?

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Remember that certain events and random explore actions can also open areas for research. Other than that, it's tied to skill steps. You can find a list of the research locations on the wiki.


One problem I have found is that if you research a skill that you don't currently have (Puzzles, for instance), you will not receive the bonus once you reach level 10 in research.

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