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A selection of letters and diary entries from R. Schoonraad, socialite extraordinaire!


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So. Kay and Ceyn. No matter what they might have thought, they both were a bit of spoiled brats, even if both would demure (Kay would say she's not a brat, and Ceyn would complain he's not spoiled). It seems like the obvious route would be to then step away from that and make a nice, well adjusted child who didn't have a well-cared for upbringing, but I haven't finished exploring that concept yet: so here, we have the lovely Renate Schoonraad, beloved by her widowed mother and gifted with everything she desired (including, to step around the common cliche, love).


Still, although Renate was well cared for and given opportunity to see the world through her duties at court, she would spend at least two months a year with just her mother and the servants in a lonely villa far up the side of a mountain- a long ride down to the village below, where the other children would look at her with awe and occasionally fear. The lack of true friends has left Renate with one overwhelming goal for her days at Academagia: make friends with everyone. The rich, the poor, the kind, the mean, the lovely and the ugly- it matters not. Renate came to make friends, and that's exactly what she's going to do.


(Her clique, of course, may only be filled with the richest and most popular, but, well, we'll see how that goes, now won't we?)


(I freely imagine she's going to run in with Silke, Catherine, and Emilia P (especially her!) eventually, but hopefully her interactions with them will be different enough from Kay's and Ceyn's that it will be interesting all the same.)



Renate will be taking Glamour, Grammar, Rhetoric, Music, Botany, Calligraphy, and will be supported by her beautiful familiar, Dianthia. Renate is not the most skilled at the physical activities, lacking both muscle and agility (Str and Fin 1), and her luck is ridiculously bad (Luck 1, bad luck magnet). Her constitution and capability for deep thinking are only average (Fit and Int 2), but she does have wisdom and charisma (Ins and Cha 3). Her skills are scattered, but she already has a grasp of both Arts and Asthetics, a command of Etiquette and the Theory of Negation, and she's well prepared for both Glamour and Music. She can already cast a spell upon arrival: Saving Face.


It seems that both Tabin and Sheary got a double-hit from the traitors background, starting at -4, but she'll just have to speak to them and all will work out, I'm sure.





A conversation between two maidservants, overheard:

“Oh, my. Look at that little girl. Isn’t she just as pretty as a picture? And those blue flowers, too! How unusual!”


“Aye, she’s pretty, but only while she’s still. She can’t seem to walk twelve steps without falling on her own feet. Good thing they keep her as a page, not a maid.”


“Surely you’re exag- oh. Ah. Ha-”


“Don’t let her see you laughing! She’ll tell her mother, and only the Hope-Star could say what will come of that, though I’m sure it won’t be pretty!


“Don’t tell me that- oh, no. Don’t tell me. She’s Pietronella’s daughter?”


Lady Schoonraad’s daughter, and you know what they say happened to her husband.”


“I can’t imagine that the rumors are true. They were so in love… remember the courtship? All those letters, the flowers, the baking, the dancing…”


“It wouldn’t be the first time the Schoonraad’s have chosen money over love, and I’m certain it won’t be the last. At least the girl seems to take more after her father then that harpy-”


“Shh! Don’t warn me and then speak like that; she’s looking! …It even seems like her flowers are looking! She does have a presence, I’ll say that.”


“Hmph. Well, at least she’ll be gone soon enough. They’re carting her off to the Academagia as soon as the school year starts.”


“The Academagia? I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Nothing but the best for a Schoonraad. I’m sure her mother saw to that.”


“Enough bribes to line the whole of the school in gelded plates, I imagine.”


“Would she have gotten in otherwise?”


“Oh, they say she can cast spells; supposedly, she spent a year at the Blackheath.”


“The Blackheath?! Pietronella sent her daughter to the Blackheath? I can’t believe that!”


“Supposedly, it was at the girls own insistence.”


“Hah, so she has Pietronella wrapped around her pinky? I suppose she is like her father.”


“Aye, and I have no doubt she’ll meet the same fate: drowned in the river as soon as she’s old enough to inherit. The Lady might spoil her now, but they say the girl’s quick with her mind, for all that she crashes on her feet. She’ll disappear soon enough.”


“Oh, nonsense. I know what happened three decades ago as well as you do, but I’m sure Pietronella had nothing to do with her poor hus-“


“Shh! You’re too loud. Just know this: for all that she’s so pretty and well-behaved, that girl was born Unwelcome: the islands shook at her birth. If her mother doesn’t get rid of her, I’m sure she’ll be just like that horrible woman before long.”


“The Wanderers? I don’t… well… let’s move to the other room, shall we? I believe we’re done in here. No reason to stick around.”


“I could not agree more.”



(This is my first time not choosing the comet, the forge-finesse, and the Mordivus bitter hatred backgrounds since they were put in the game. Makes me a bit nervous, actually.)

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I forgot to mention it, but I’ll keep to my rule of one reload per week (save for this week): for correspond, though, I’m relaxing it to once every two weeks so I'll have more adventuring time. I'll also be avoiding the wiki and the mod tools, though I may attempt to help get some of the adventures up that aren't already there.


I freely admit that my aim is to get Emilia P cliqued as soon as possible, as her charm will be very useful for my plans, but we’ll see how that goes: Emilia is not known for following directions. Other then that, my goals are to see how many people I can get to relationship 10 at the end of the year, and finish the Hedi adventures and Renatte's familiar’s adventure chain. Everything else, well, what comes what may! Right now, what comes is boringness, apparently. I haven't quite stumbled in to the perfect voice yet...


...I actually imagine the dress code to be stricter then what I wrote, but until we see full body-shots of the students, I went with this.



Week One

Random Event Theft 8, auto ‘success’ (Observation fail/Keep walking)

Random Event Kitchen 11, auto ‘success’ (Run Away)

Random Event Library 12, failure (Conversation)

Random Event Kitchen 21, auto ‘success’ (Obs failure/Shout for help)

Random Event Prank 5, failure (running)

Repeated reloads to get a familiar that seemed like the crazy familiar some crazy rich girl would have

Gained Minor Focus (+1 Stress Max) (Actually, she started with it.)

Gained Eyes in the Back of Your Head (+1 Danger Sense rolls)

Morvidus Merit on the 6th



Juvenalia Athonos 1657, very early morning

Scribbled in a rush of blocky charcoal rather then with ink on a folded piece of parchment:

__ dress code, wayyyy too strict MUST BE FOLLOWED AT ALL TIMES

* Collage Hedi robe- royal purple, gold trim, white embroidery ; three versions, one lightweight for summer, one heavier for all other seasons, one simplified and thick to be used when traveling to dorm to pool (!!!!) or from dorm to bathing area and back (NO OTHER PURPOSE) (wait, also allowed if woken up in middle of night for emergency); robes should ALWAYS be worn whenever outside dormroom and MUST MUST MUST be worn whenever off of Academagia property, robe must fall at least to under the knees (get refitted if we grow) but may not be lower then ankle

* white kerchief and pinned cuffs acceptable during warmer seasons, otherwise long sleeved high-collared white shirt (sleeves can be rolled up, if the robes sleeves are rolled too: must be done neatly)

* more then underwear should be worn under standard robe ALWAYS (save for the simplified version): clothing must must fall to at least touch knees, but can be skirt, shorts, or pants: colors must be white, black, or royal purple

* shoes must be black, heels can be no higher then width of thumb for first years

* socks can be of any length, but can not be slouched, they should ether be straight or neatly rolled, must be black, white, or royal purple

* hosiery is acceptable and encouraged if wearing skirt, must be nude or white, may not have runs

* black hooded cloak with collage emblem on the back gifted to each of us for our first year only: it will not be replaced if we ruin it, is primarily to be used when down in Mineta during rainy season (?? Expected to learn spells to make self rain resistant and cold resistant)

* belts are restricted- if used, may only be black, white, purple, or gold and should be simple in a sash or twined design

* shawls, scarves, non-hooded cloaks, and gloves are restricted- enchanted ones may be used, and light ones may be used for fashion accessory during non-class hours, but are not to be used for warmth without permission of Regent (?? spells should take care of chills?)

* masks not allowed in any first year classroom but Zoology unless given special permission; eyes must be visible

* hats not permitted in any indoor class, eyes must be visible

* cosmetics are allowed ‘within reason’, may not go ‘overboard’

* jewelry of all sorts is allowed, if it proves to be distracting, it will be confiscated

* hair accessories- bandanas, barrettes, ribbons, headbands, so on all acceptable, as long as not distracting- ‘avoid feathers and overly bright colors when near the aviary or out in the woods for safety’

* no armor allowed in the classrooms (???)

* any weapons must be peace-tied when in Academagia and definitely when in the city, excepting specific areas (haha someone just asked if they’re allowed untied at the forge)

* in any event where student is not wearing robe (swimwear, sleepwear, boxing (!!)), female students are expected to have pelvic area up to armpits completely covered: no middrifts or holes in the side

* on a few special nights, formal wear is acceptable instead of robes: separate page for that, but covering rules apply and skirts or dresses should hit top of knees

* if one has a need to wear something else for any reason (a formal concert in the city, or a health concern), permission must be sought from Regent first, if uncomfortable bringing it up to male Regent, may speak to Regent Badcrumble of Avila, get a signed writ, then turn it in to Regent (MAY NOT USE THAT TO GO BEHIND REGENT BACK IF HE HAS ALEADY DISAPPROVED)


Dress code wayyy too strict!!! :(



Juvenalia Athonos 1657, morning

Dear Diary,


The quality of the food here at the Academagia is very concerning to me. I am sure that this breakfast was rushed due to the need to feed students in different tiers as some arrived earlier or later, but food should be cooked to order, not left under heating spells and served out ‘eventually’. Maybe today's meals can be a bit eerie, but I certainly hope they're of better quality tomorrow.


I wanted to spend today getting to know my roommates, but they already went off! All I know is their names: Sigalis du Sonmeil, Sima Venesico and Neta Xemutre. I wonder, should I sit here and wait for them to come back? I don’t know when they will be back, though…


One of them left their hedgehog here, but I can’t remember who it belonged to or even what the creature’s name or gender is. He or she is just sleeping peacefully…


I don’t know what to do. Sit here and wait for someone to come back, or should Diantha and I go explore? Maybe I should write a letter home. Or read the first part of some of my textbooks, to be pr-







1 Athonos 1657, evening

Dear Diary,


Yesterday, I met Oan Song. She’s pretty, but in a handsome sort of way; she’s from Sae’on, which I've been shamefully unable to find on any maps. She’s a third year Hedi student, and she’ll be my mentor for this year. She says next year I’ll likely be a mentor with my own apprentice; it's a continuing cycle.


She shared so much that I felt like I should have taken notes. She gave me advice about studying, avoiding detention, and about how the Flos Fragi flowers work, and then told me I should improve on my talents. I’m a bit insecure on what exactly my talents are, though… I said I'm good with people, but I haven't seen many people lately.


I still haven’t had much time to speak with my roommates, but I did politely ask Regent Finus Piaxenza about one of them, Sigalis du Sonmeil today. She’s one of those girls who might be pretty if she only knew how to smile, and she has big, lonely eyes that would look lovely if gifted with shadow and color. Instead, she’s bitter and cold and hard to reach. I say good-morning and good-evening and how are you each time we pass, but she doesn’t respond.


Today, in fact, she stumbled in to our room, and vowed to twist up the tongue of anyone who dared say a word before collapsing in to sleep. Neta, Sima, and I could simply only look at each other in confusion.


I’ll have to work harder on reaching out to her!



~ Renate


4 Athonos 1657, mid-afternoon

Carefully written on a very small scrap of paper:

Interesting- two glare-rs:


First boy, in Glamour and Botany. Wears glasses, Vernin red, and has a huge smile, as long as he’s not glowering at me.

Second boy, in Calligraphy, much more subtle aout his distaste. Very blank faced if I meet his eyes. From Aranaz.


Must research them, then speak to them and find out what they know.



5 Athonos, late afternoon

Dear Diary,


At Oan’s instance that I attempt to make friends, I was tossed around by a tree. She told me not to be too discouraged, but then I was also the subject of a prank. Someone sprayed me with something that caused me to be attacked by animals. I'm rather hurt.


I believe someone stole some of my pims, too, but I can’t imagine why someone would do so!


The world can be unspeakably cruel, but I’ll keep my chin high.



~ Ranate



7 Athonos 1657, early evening

Sent via-paid messenger:

My dear mother,


I know you wanted to hear everything about my arrival, but so much happened so quickly that it’s hard to remember it all to share!


I arrived in Mineta very early on the Juvenalia, before the sun had slipped in to the sky. It was a bit overwhelming, but thankfully there were carriages waiting to take arriving-students from the docks to the Academagia itself so I wouldn’t be expected to walk around an unfamiliar city at such a dim hour.


Once we arrived at the Academagia, all first years were ushered in to the Great Hall where we were given an overview on the Academagia’s seven collages and courses that were offered, then were given sheets where were to write down four courses we considered a priority and wanted to take, two courses we had little interest in, and then two collages we were interested in being placed in as well as one we did not think fit us. Then, the Legate came and spoke to us for a bit. Things then carried in to a discussion on rules we would be expected follow (we were also given a packet, too, explaining them), as we were called one by one in to a conference with one of the collage’s Regents.


While this happened, the adults outside dealt with an attack by pirates. I must admit I found the whole thing frightening: I was glad to stay indoors.


I myself was summoned by Regent Finus Piaxenza, of collage Hedi. I heard of him before, at that other place I studied. He’s supposedly a very good instructor and a fine mediator, and he’s quite handsome as well- for an old man! He thought Hedi Collage would be a good fit for me; I agreed that I was interested in the study of both Glamour and Rhetoric, but I had no interest in becoming a spy. He laughed, then seriously told me that Hedi being connected to spycraft is only rumors.


So I agreed! He believed that Music and Botany would indeed be a fine fit for me, and as a student of collage Hedi, I would be expected to take Grammar to help with Rhetoric. We discussed my last class being either Revision and Dialect, but he finally suggested that I may want to consider Calligraphy, which would be quite a help for supporting you in running the estate when I’m older. I agreed with such forward thinking.


He then escorted myself and a few other girls- also in collage Hedi, I would soon find out- to Professor Ringraeyer, who helped us get fittings for our school robes and explained the dress-code. As I had feared, it’s so strict! Ah, I can’t even bring myself to write about it anymore. Let’s just say all the dresses I bought will sadly stay in my wardrobe, to my intense disappointment.


After the fitting, we were taken to Campus Hedi, shown the common room and the bathing facility, and then assigned to our rooms. We sleep four to a room, sorted by our last name, and we share the specific tower we’re in with the female second years. I’ve been a bit worried about space concerns, but so far we haven’t had any trouble.


My roommates are Sigalis du Sonmeil, Sima Venesico and Neta Xemutre. I’m still getting to know them. Sigalis seems a bit rude at times, but Sima and Neta are both very pretty and seem kind. I don’t believe any of them are from prominent families, though I know a scion of the d’Affi is here. I’ll ask another young man to introduce me to him soon, as is proper, though I simply have not had a chance this week.


I know you worried a lot about what rumors I have heard, but besides the one involving Hedi and spycraft, I’ve heard not a thing. Everyone seems very kind. So please don’t fret! I have not experienced anything unusual, and already, I’m learning the most interesting things. My concentration has become better, and I’ve become better at sensing when a brick is going to jump out of the ground at me in an attempt to twist my feet, which is good!


I also spent a bit of time this week touring one of the Academagia’s theaters. It’s quite beautiful. I can only dream of being able to perform in such a place. I know acting is a job for the idle middle-class or the desperate poor, but playing an instrument on the stage would be just as remarkable. The other theatre here is even more beautiful, though I have yet to truly explore it: it's right near the Hedi Campus.


We always receive so much mail, and I don’t want to turn too much of your attention away from the state, so I’ll try not to write too often. I’m keeping a diary, though, and I’ll show it to you when I return for the Summer!


I hope you are doing well. I already miss you very much!





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Starting to find a voice... I think. Hm. Things will likely becoming more sinister shortly. Dun dun, etc etc. Just not Athonos shortly. Not much ever seems to happen to my characters in Athonos: no time to skip classes, gotta study, gotta make friends... zoom!



Week Two

Random Event Dance 3, success (Voice)

Random Event Kitchen 19, auto ‘success’ (Grab a sandwich)

Random Event Student – Herbert, success (Persuasion)

Random Event Garden 8, auto ‘success’ (Botany fail/Turn around)

Morvidus Merit prize on the 13th



9 Athonos 1657, evening

(Folded in to a paper airplane and thrown very dramatically (if wastefully) out the window of the Hedi dormitory:)

The kitchens here frighten me.


A cook ran at me with knives and madness in her eyes, cutting my hand before I fled. A fire broke out, burning more then just the usual food. A trexis crawled around gorging itself, and then chased the terrified me for over half an hour.


And the food, oh!, the food. The seediest dives in Mineta, where they serve more then food and take more then money, would feed a poor soul better than this graceful, marbled Academy. The food here cannot be trusted: there is no nutrition, only bile. Yet there is no taste, no sweet, no salt- not even the bile itself warns the tongue. The food here should not be eaten.


A kind girl from Vernin, Asmita Tidar, gave me a pastry she had made. May she be blessed to shine as the stars do now, for a single bite was heaven. Yet may she be cursed, a thousand times over, for I can no longer be expected to eat the food they serve here after having tasted something so beautiful, so bright!


I fear for my stomach. Will it go on? Can it go on?


I silently weep.



11 Athonos 1657, late afternoon

Dear Diary,


Neta is beautiful. Perhaps the most beautiful girl in school, though there are two girls in Avila Collage that may compare: I intend on speaking to both of them next week. But Neta, ah, for Neta, boys stumble over their feet simply for the chance to fall for her, and she smiles with grace and doesn’t say much more. Next to her, myself and Sima look as though we’ve been painted like clowns. Neta is a gorgeous, classic beauty, pale and thin and inspiring even the churls that boys of twelve inevitably are to offer arms and kiss her hand.


I feel both envious and fascinated.


It was her hedgehog I watched the first day, a little thing named Caterhaugh. I have spoken to Neta, and warned her about Diantha’s dislike for critters that nibble at her leaves and her tendency to attempt to eat them, and Neta smiled and said she would warn Caterhaugh in a soft, slow voice.


I wish to become closer to her, if only to avoid being lost in her stride. I imagine such desires are pressed upon her quite often, but one cannot pity another for their popularity.



~ Renate



14 Athonos 1657, evening

(Another letter sent by paid messenger:)

My dearest mother,


You ask about friends, but it seems so early in the year to meet them! My roommate Sima has introduced me to her dear friend, Isabeau Gloriax. She’s a bit twisted on her feet, just like me, so we get along well. I’ve also come to know Zoe Melis, who I believe may be the smartest student in the school. They’re both in Collage Hedi, so we spend time in the common-room together.


As for young men, one Zorzi Galea has started making conversations with me. He’s very much in to Rimbal. From the way he talks about it, it seems so exciting, although I would be loathe to participate in such a messy sport myself!


Did father ever play any sports?


I spend time after school studying more then I do making friends, at the moment. I know that isn’t very wise: next week, I’ll try to grow closer to others, I promise. I know that contacts are more important then school, and I’ll certainly pass no matter what I score, but I don’t want to seem ungrateful to the Academy for admitting me.


Still, I am doing well! Music class has made me think of taking up the violin. We’ve been learning how to play the lute during class, but the violin is such a beautiful instrument. I’d like to be given a chance to play more. I may go out shopping early next week and see if there are any I could afford: the school supplies one for class, but it’s a bit… raw.


I have been continuing to improve the skills the courts taught me, as well as attempting to make friends and studying the Glamour. It’s a bit hard for me to adjust: the rules they assign seem unfair and limitless, but I know better than to object. Still, I wish there was more time during the day!


I miss you.



~ Renate


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That's good to hear! I'm trying to project a mix of 'I am a seasoned veteran of the court with a good knowledge of people' yet 'I am a rich little girl who was always raised in very protective circumstances and thus have no ideas of the realities'. Hopefully, it works.


Amusing notes for this week: Mhadi has ditched the company of my characters once again, this time to start his Society of Ambassadors with Joana. I hope they’re very happy together.


(Randomly, for the record, I think the prettiest girl in game is either Irene or Gwendy. But no one asked me.)



Week Three

Random Event Forest 2, failure (Observation/Brute Strength)

Random Event Common Room 12, success (Courage)

Random Event Animal Pen 10, failure (Observation/Theory of Incantation)

Reload on Befriend (Fail!)

Gained Study Mastery: Glamour (+1 Insight, +1 bonus to Glamour rolls)



16 Athonos 1657, afternoon

Dear Diary,


I learned a lot today. Spread in front of me, I have Beauty and Images, Writings of Sair Jamus III, For Love of Soil, For Passion of, Character Sketchbook of Mortien Sammels I, even the second Notes of a Filer. We went over each in class, then were told to carry all back to the dorms to study even more. Mother is right, in that I didn’t come here to study… but it feels like there’s so much more I can learn.


I distract myself, though, by the windows. Our dormroom has two.


One looks out on the fields, with Chorda Peak shining over it. That’s the window where Diantha rests when she isn’t with me. The other has a view of the Vastra Campanile- I don’t even know what that means or is!- and the Campus Vernin, including the remains of a tower that, supposedly, once was caught in an explosion that froze it while exploding, leaving everything in it lost to time.


I miss the view down to the village below, back from home, and I certainly miss the lovely gardens that seemed to decorate every viewing area at the Court. Here, though, there’s always something to watch. Even after curfew, there always seems to be someone darting around below. Perhaps it’s an upperclassman, with their later curfew… or perhaps it’s the Professors, or something more…


I saw three satyrs today! They were awkward and ugly, but what a thing to see! I was merely a foot away from one for a while, close enough to touch if the vines hadn’t been in my way… it was amazing. Such strange creatures, yet they share the same property as us students. As I sit here and write and study and gaze out the windows, they're down in the far away forests past the Chorda Peak, dancing and... well, whatever else satyrs do! It's so remarkable!


…I should, perhaps, go back to studying…



~ Renate



Workshop Days Athonos 1657, evening

Dear diary,


Oan is so amazing! She set up an obstacle course for Diantha, and Diantha actually ran it! I can usually barely get her to hop along next to me: she usually insists on being carried everywhere, but she ran Oan’s course, for real! I've never seen her take to someone else so well!


I was so excited I brought her up to Professor Vickery, who is my instructor for Botany. He thought my study of Diantha and her species would be a most fascinating project for extra credit, and urged me to start a botany journal. That’s going to be a fun project, though perhaps a bit confusing to start.


It makes up for almost being caught up in a fight involving Zorzi and Philippe Marchant and a bunch of magician’s today. I was enjoying the festival, and saw the boys arguing with a few street-magicians, and tried to get them to stop fighting. A mistake I should avoid making: that was frightening! I end up fleeing from dive-bombing birds.


There’s a party going on tonight, too, that scared me a bit as well. I should try to be less frightened: I don’t want people to think me shy. It’s just that everything that goes on is so overwhelming: I fear I'll slip through the cracks if I'm not careful.



~ Renate



20 Athonos 1657, morning

(Carefully written on the side of some notes for Glamour, but later forgotten:)

Amada Kiffer, auburn hair and blue-grey eyed, hair long and straight, obsessed with hair.

Emilia Picotti, blonde and blue eyed, pulls her hair back, makes her own perfume.

Honors Plafox, brown haired and eyed, wears braids, writes poetry.

Magalda Quaranta, blonde hair almost violet eyes, hair to chin, likes Rimbal.

Neta Xemurtre, white hair and dark blue eyes, hair in pleat, always with boys.

Oliva Solari, blonde hair and blueish eyes, updo, has boyfriend.

Silke Niederstatter, brown hair and grey eyes, hair long with flowers, very artsy.

Sima Venesico, black hair and brown eyes, hair in a neat bob, projects self as lady of mystery.


Who to start with?



21 Athonos 1657, after supper

Dear Diary,


I don’t wish to disappoint mother, so I spent the week trying to learn about other students so that next week, I can write about the friends I’ve gathered. It seems like making friends is such a slow process, though...


I spoke to the Regent about Sima, today. She thinks herself as a manipulative mastermind: that’s not what I expected from her at all! She gives off a very subdued, nice, impression. Supposedly it’s hard to stay angry at her, even if you try rather hard. That makes her and Isabeau seem like an even odder combination.


I spent a lot of time in the library this week, studying Glamour. Oan said that if I can master the text-and-book part of each subject, I’ll do better then expected on the midterms, as that knowledge isn’t required till the end of the year. It'll also mean I'll be able to avoid cramming at the end of the year, which was so annoying at the Blackheath. I must give my thanks to it: I think my studies there gave me quite the head start for Glamour, no matter how disputable mother says the teachings were.



~ Renate


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A spam bot? Hee! Poor, poor, Renate. As for fixing the food, she likely would (is that Amista's?) if I can find it. The problem with this game is always too many adventures, and too little time. I had to actually use the regular 'train' option for some Befriending as the cursed V Library decided to push up mostly Renate's cryptology rather than hand out any yummy Library Knowledge. /sniff


As for bubbly Professors, doesn't poor Badcrumble almost meet it at times? The part in Prudence's adventure where she hangs around in, as Ceyn put it, the 'misfits woe' meeting chanting 'Woman power! Woman power!' was almost hysterically awesome.


But bubbly is good! I'm trying to keep Renate bubbly!



Week Four

Random Event Rumor 11, auto ‘success’ (Opt out)

Random Event Forest 4, success (Character study/Befriend)

Random Event Physical Activity 9, success (Leadership)

Reload for befriend (and fail)

Vernin Merit on the 26th

Gained Emilia’s Gift (+3 Charm, +2 Befriend, +2 Listen, +1 Conv, +1 Beguile)



24 Athonos, early evening

Dear Diary,


Troll Forest Ring: in or out?


The cons: it’s made if copper, and dingy copper like that. There seems to be a slight scent to it that almost seems musty. It’s made for a trolls finger, rather then a young maidens, and is thus rather awkward looking. It was the gift from a *troll*. The signet is rather frightening and may carry unwanted implications. To put it plainly, it’s ugly.


The pros: it is made of true copper, and polishing may clear the dirt. There seems to be a slight scent to it that almost seems musty. It has a unique shape that most jewelers would spend days sweating over the forge to properly reproduce. It was the *gift* from a troll. The signet is one of a noble’s, and the imp has associations with power. Ah! And it’s magical, enchanted to increase it’s wearer’s ability to successfully explore the world that surrounds them.


The ugly ‘con’ outweighs all the pros put together, but to throw away a gifted piece of enchanted jewelry would be gauche, as well as mean!


Perhaps I should keep it in a jewelry box, and only take it out on occasions when I think I may be meeting trolls, like I would with an ugly sweater gifted by an elderly aunt? Yet I can’t be sure I’ll have warning before meeting a troll (my meeting today was certainly a surprise!), and maybe always wearing it will be a reminder to me to be more careful as to where I step so I don't cause any distress to any other poor trolls.


So far, this may be the matter that’s required the deepest amount of contemplation… so much contemplation then I almost forgot to mention I met a troll! A real troll! Amazing!



~ Renate



26 Athonos 1657, afternoon

(Written on a small piece of parchment usually used for class notes to be later filed in the ‘observations from students’ section of the library:)

Friendship is a rather ritualized affair at the Academagia.


One party must ask the other to meet on the steps of the Great Hall. The two parties should then meet there, at the very bottom, arriving separately. Together, they turn and walk upwards, climbing the steps while keeping their paces as aligned as possible. Small talk and greetings may be shared. At the halfway point, the initiator of the contact then focuses their full attention on their companion, and asks a simple question.


The question is different for each person, customized to meet the needs of both parties, but it is rarely as simple as, “Will you be my friend?”


The invitee is then given time to answer the question. They may ask a question back, consider it for a time, or immediately answer, but the question is expected to be answered by the time the two reach the top stair, even if that means they must slow down their pace. If the invitee does not find the question and deal to their liking, they may simply ignore it, or turn the topic back to pleasantries. In that case, the inviter opens one of the doors to the Great Hall, and thanks their companion for their time.


If the invitee does state their agreement, then the two of them open the large doors together, each using a hand. As they step in to the Great Hall, the initiator says a word or two, which is then repeated by the invitee. The invitee may be joined by a chorus of others, who will have been waiting for the two’s entrance near the doors.


Certain people disregard such traditions, which seems a shame. Tradition is the foundation of a good agreement and a good contract, all which are vital to the future.


The word I myself spoke was “Engel.”


I wonder what words others speak?



27 Athonos 1657, evening

Dear Diary,


Emilia seems to be almost exactly what I had assumed her to be. She is charming, she is kind, she enjoys botany and glamour, and she loves brewing and perfumes. She’s friends with everyone: she knows all the people I don’t know, and was able to supply me the names of the two boys that have been… looking at me recently, as well as that other boy who occasionally seems to just pop up when I’m around (as well as warnings to keep some thirty meters away from him at all possible times).


They are Tabin Furenzti and Sheary Warrington (she says it’s strange that Sheary doesn’t seem to like me, as Sheary likes everyone: she’s sure it’s just a misunderstanding, which I hope so as well), and then Rui da Casga is the boy who just seems to be around a lot, just like Zorzi.


All of them are interesting. Sheary’s not very cute, but everyone says he’s very helpful and friendly, and I think that sounds like a good friend to have. Tabin’s supposed to be really perceptive, like Tacito from Hedi, and Rui… well, Rui is supposed to be interesting, as long as you keep those thirty meters away, but I’m sure that’s just exaggeration.


Emilia seems so adult. She doesn’t talk about any boys she likes, or complain about classes, or really do anything but chat happily about her interests. She seems to be at peace at herself… or else she’s a brilliant actress. A bit like Sima.


I’m trying to work at becoming close to Sima and Neta, too. Sigilis is even more… difficult. She seems to be sick a lot, and when she’s not sick, she’s really angry.


I’ll keep trying!



~ Renate



28 Athoronos, late evening

Dear Mother,


I have made a dear friend. Her name is Emilia Picotti, and we take four classes together. She’s charming and kind, and seems to be liked by everyone she meets. She’s rather skilled with Glamour, and her hobby is alchemy; she makes homemade perfumes. She shared some with me, and I have to admit, it makes the Prim I brought to school smell like, well, the school’s kitchens as compared to their botany gardens! Emilia’s perfume has such a lovely scent.


I think even a boy could get away with wearing it. It’s not flowery, and it’s only slightly sweet. Yet it’s not something as simple as vanilla. It reminds me of… home, maybe. Potpourri, some citrus, some lemon. It’s lovely.


We’ve spent a lot of time together lately. I think we’ve become very good friends: according to other students at the school, we’re now part of a ‘clique’. The term sounds very exclusive, but it isn’t… exactly. It’s the word the Professor’s use to designate small groups of friends that have formed a more ritualistic type of bond rather then simply groups of friends who have not.


It’s a bit complicated, but I’m learning it all in time.


I think you would rather like Emilia. She’s not exactly bread for high society, but she speaks carefully and well, and it’s nice to be near her. It makes me feel like I’m becoming better at listening and making friends by following her example.


I’ll try to see if I can become closer to the scion of the Chard family as well as truly meet Corradin d’Alfi in time for my next letter, as you suggest.


I miss you so much!


All my love,

~ Renate


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It’s a lot harder to find attractive male students then it is female ones- only three of them have any ‘girls like’/’CHARMING’ cue’s in their description, unlike the larger amount of gals.


I'll try not to go as fast as I did with Ceyn and Kayley this time, as I got some complaints. I'm trying to split my Academagia type between this, modding new students, and writing events, but I admit playing is the most fun, so it tends to get prioritized... I'll try to improve on it.



Week Five

Random Event Familiar 8, success (Persuasion)

Random Event Shopping 7, failure (Engineering/Athletics)

Random Event Rampart Creature 5, failure (Observation/Seeds)

Gained Study Mastery: Music (+1 Int, +1 bonus to Music rolls)



1 Parmaridi 1657

Dear Diary,


I’m really happy Mother takes so much time to write for me, but I wonder if she truly understands that even though she and father met and fell in love when they were ten, girls don’t really choose their future husbands at age twelve anymore. Well, unless they’re Oliva Solari, but even though I’m trying to become her friend, I’m not sure it would be best to follow her example. Boys are cute and fun to talk to, but they can also so immature and churlish… and all of them have crushes on Neta, not me.


I haven’t even really decided which ones I like yet, either!


There’s so much to think about and so many people to meet, it’s hard to see where I should begin! And I’m worried about my classes… I keep dripping ink in Calligraphy. I don’t know how well I’m going to do on it: it’s hard, and Regent von Rupprecht is charming and gives good explanations, but he really doesn’t like it when we mess up despite these explanations. I’m afraid he might bite off my fingertips if I disappoint him!


Diantha and I took a break from studying and making friends to watch a musical performance, though Diantha wanted to get a bit too close to the stage for my comfort. I had to scold her, and now she’s very angry with me. I should see if I can go find some pure water to perk her up a bit. And maybe a few rats.


I wish I could continue to just ask the maids for some from the traps. Gathering them here, I’m always afraid I’m going to accidently grab someone else’s familiar, and that would be horrible!



~ Renate



5 Pramidi 1657, early evening

(Written on the back of a music sheet that was later crumpled and tossed:)

  • Caspar Pfeuffer. Cute, artist, flatterer. Has crush on Magalda Quaranta, flirts with everyone.
  • Corradin d’Alfi. Handsome features, good family name, very rich. A bit intimidating, not all that kind.
  • Cyrus Dawes. Cutest boy in school, without a question. Seems to be dating Olivia, everyone has a crush on him.
  • Jere Niemela. Sort of charming, entertaining, a bit mysterious. Tries a bit too hard, a bit strange.
  • Magsa Nembo. Tall, dark, brooding, cool. Realllyyy tall, not all that smart.
  • Malthezar Mhadi. Tall, dark, sort of brooding, exotic, always interesting, listens when I say to stop fighting. Still too tall, yells a lot.
  • Raoul Leconte. Classically good looking, well-mannered, insightful. A bit boring.
  • Rui da Casga. Roguish looks and charm, is often around me, cute smirk. Incredibly aggravating, doesn’t wash enough.
  • Tabin Furenzti. Dark and a bit brooding, good listener, insightful. Glarer number two, probably boring as well.
  • Tacito Viadana. Looks like a painting, knows a lot, only good looking boy in Hedi. Not that good looking.
  • Vincent Warrender. Almost pretty, a real duelist, dashing and clever. Has longer eyelashes than I do, everyone else that doesn’t already have a crush on Cyrus has a crush on him.
  • Zorzi Galea. Really sweet, always around, brings easy smiles. Looks like his face was smooshed-in by a frying pan, talks about Rimbal all the time.

I think mother would approve of most of them.


But where do I begin?



7 Pramidi 1657

Dear Diary,


I was brutally attacked by a squirrel while taking a walk after breakfast, so I think I’ll spend today here in the library. Reading about music is much more relaxing then worrying about what I should do.


I’m trying to become friends with Neta, maybe so I can meet boys better, but I’m also having fun studying and learning so many unusual and strange things. Mother is right that I should take this time to create contacts for my future, as we certainly have the money to buy any tutors that might be necessary, but I’m sure that’ll be different from the Academagia.


There’s so many students around me, all with different ideas and goals, and I just want to talk to everyone and see what sort of people they are. There’s still a lot of boys in Hedi that I don’t think I even know the last names of! Yet it’s more advantageous to meet rich people, I know, but…


Ooo, I just don’t get it.


Tomorrow I’ll introduce myself straight to Corradin d’Alfi, as I haven’t been able to find someone to do it for me, and then I’ll as Emilia if she knows what the daughter of the Chard family looks like. Mother says she thinks she heard that the daughter of the Castellan of Plessent attends here, too, but I have no idea who that could be, either. Maybe if I ask the Professors, they’ll know.


But for today, I’ll just sit here and study. It’s nice.



~ Renate


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Week Six

Random Event Gates 5, failure (Character)

Random Event Botany 10, failure (Perception yes/Botany fail)

Random Event Physical Activity 13, failure (Journalism)

Random Event Docks 1, success (Befriend/Voice)

Random Event – Insects, auto ‘success’ (Leave them be)

Reload for befriend, failed again, sigh!

Merit for Vernin and Morvidus on the 13th, apparently! Fight-oh!

Gained Aura of Attraction (+1 Charm, +1 Courtly Fashion)



9 Parmidi 1657, evening

Dear Diary,


I went out for a lovely early dinner today. It was ruined, though, when I came back to the Academagia. I found a ring on the ground, and turned it in to the gate-guards… and then Professor de Canapiedra, who teaches Rhetoric, saw that I did so and yelled at me! She says I was trying to sell stolen goods when all I had done was turn over a ring I had found on the ground!


That doesn’t seem fair at all, but no matter what I said, she wouldn’t believe me!


I would never do anything like that! It’s not fair at all! I wouldn’t let her see me cry, though. I ran back to my room, but I passed up Els, who says I look like a bloated clown. Sigilis wasn’t very nice, either.


I’m a bit mad at all three of them. I’m sure they didn’t mean any harm by it, but really, accusing people of thief and calling them names isn’t a very nice at all.



~ Renate



10 Parmidi 1657, evening

(A calling card, left on the pillow of Neta Xemutre (and oddly kept carefully unfolded in her desk drawer):)

Thanks for being a friend!


I’m sure you, Emilia, and I will have a lot of fun together! <3


Let’s have breakfast outside tomorrow, just the three of us. We can talk about boys and clothes and how bad the food is, heehee! ;)


~ Renate ~



11 Pramidi 1657, evening

Dear Diary,


I did really well today! After asking the Professors, I found out who mother had spoken of, a girl named Flore Yveuillet who seems to be, well, just a bit mean. She spends a lot of time practicing insults, from what I’ve seen. She’s actually pretty, but I ignored her when I saw her because she has this dark expression that promises bad things to people that get in her way.


Neta says she’s good at Revision. Emilia says Flore’s known for making her dormmates cry. I wonder if she’s like Sigilis… I don’t see her much anymore. She seems to hang around with two loud students in Godina. I thought loudness annoyed her, but she seems happy. I’m glad!


I also talked to Corradin d’Alfi. Or maybe it was more talked at, but I think it’s a good start!


Finally, I learned about phemes from Oan and I helped warn from sailors about a mean bird that was planning on attacking them. I think today was very successful; mother should be pleased!



~ Renate



12 Pramidi 1657, early morning

(Sent for free, this time:)

Dearest Mother,


I have had a highly successfully week, following your instructions!


I spoke with Corradin d’Alfi. His feature are still soft and curved, but I think as he grows up, he’s going to become very handsome. He has a very steady gaze and a sharp chin, and he always keeps his hair neatly combed and his robe clean, which many of the boys don’t. He has a very strong presence! I sometimes think it’s a bit intimidating, but I’m sure it just means he’s strong willed. Which is good!


I have made Neta Xemutre in to a good friend. Sometimes I worry that between her and Emilia, I must not stick out at all, but both are very nice to me. It’s nice to have friends to talk about the important things with… boys, clothes, perfume, boys, classes, the academy, boys…


I’m very grateful that you filled out the application and got me in to the school. I’ve been having a very good time, and learning a lot. When I’m not with my friends or in classes, I do a lot of reading. Don’t worry: I don’t just read about school subjects! I study art and dance and other important things, too. I found an old library on the campus, that seems like it hasn’t been used in years… I hope someone soon cleans it. I’m sure there are some lovely books on the arts and administration that would be very helpful to me.


If it would be no trouble, could you perhaps ask the cooks to send me some baked goods? I miss the pastries of home. I haven’t been able to find any around here: I’m almost considering taking up cooking!


I miss you. Give the servants my good wishes!


Love, love, love,

~ Renate


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It’s a lot harder to find attractive male students then it is female ones- only three of them have any ‘girls like’/’CHARMING’ cue’s in their description, unlike the larger amount of gals.


Well......they are, after all, around 12 years old. Even the pretty girls are more like awww adorable instead of oooh goddess.


Now let's hope Renate won't notice Philippe :ph34r:


(BTW, the fixing food adventures are actually Vrenelle's. I was kinda surprised, there was nothing in the biography that hinted at that.)

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That is true, but it does strike me as a bit odd. Girls (usually) start serious-crushing a few years before boys do, so I would think there would be a few more boys with 'Girls think he's so dreamy eee <3' type-descriptions, but really only Cyrus and Vincent get that, with a mention of Casper.


...and yeah, Phillipe probably should be on the list of 'cute', as should another who I declined to mention. I just instinctively don't think of Phillipe, but he does have a grudgingly 'cute' smirk. And hey, Joana gets Malthezar in this! She couldn't be jealous if someone else flirted with Phillipe now, could she?


Yeah, dumb question.


(Food and Vrenelle? Huh, actually, now I remember- I did start that with another character long ago. Renate will have to make friends with her, then. <3 Though right now I'm setting up 'popular kids' to oppose the suspicious Oliva/Cyrus block...)



Week Seven

Random Event Spellcasting 1, failure (Awareness/Concentration)

Random Event Duel 9, failure (Insult)

Random Event Classroom 12, failure (Glamour)

Random Event Student – Noemia, success (Temperance)

Random Event Revenge 7, success (Diplomacy/Persuasion)

Reload used to skip a day of classes… >.>

Merit to Morvidus on the 20th

Gained Rhetorical Knowledge: Confidence (+1 bonus to Confidence rolls)

Gained Rhetorical Knowledge: Passion (+1 bonus to Passion rolls)

Gained Study Mastery: Rhetoric (+1 bonus to Rhetoric skill rolls, +1 Debate)



17 Pramidi 1657, early evening

Dear Diary,


It’s a lot of fun working backstage at the Dimmae Theater. I know, as mother said, that it’s a bit of a time waster, but they always say the best people to know are actors, as actors know everyone! The upperclassmen laugh at me a bit whenever I hit my thumb (or feet, or in one case ear) with a hammer, but they then show me how to do it right (...though I mess up again as soon as they stopped helping). I think the knowledge is a bit practical: if I know how carpentry works, then I’ll know if I’m being overcharged when asking for another wing on the villa, right?


I wonder if I’m just lying to myself. It really is fun, though, although I don’t really think I could get on stage and act the way the other students can. They’re amazing! It would be one thing to play an instrument as one in twenty, but to stand alone... I think I'd get a bit scared.


I got in a bit of a fight with Isabeau today. She had declared herself for a duel, but then refused to go. I don’t really like dueling at all, but I thought because she had said she should be there, she should go. She disagreed, so we argued. I think keeping one's appointments is a really respectable thing, and it's sad if you can't.


I’ll have to talk to her tomorrow, and make sure everything is okay… but I think people will pick on her a lot, now. Skipping out on a duel is considered really wrong by everyone here.



~ Renatte



19 Pramidi 1657, late morning

(Part of a note passed to Emilia P. during Botany class:)

no, its like i keep flirting with him and he sort of smiles but doesn’t really RESPOND so its like, hello, do you like me or not?! just be straight with me!

and like is he really cuter then <3 Cyrus <3? i dunno


u really think he’s not dating Oliva and she just likes him? she said they were dating, but if they’re not, oh my stars, that’s so uncool :( :(


mb i should talk to <3 Cyrus <3 instead, but i think corr might not be that bad he just acts out a bit-- i dunno what do you think?



21 Pramidi 1657, late afternoon

Dear Diary,


Today was really scary! Two upperclassmen came after me, threatening to beat me up for a prank someone played on them. I was just barely able to convince them that I had nothing to do with it. I hope they don’t find whoever played it, as they looked really scary… but I certainly hope that they find that person instead of any other innocents! I’m sure they would have terrified someone like Noemia, who was too frightened to even carry a spider…


This year is so strange. There are a few students that have just turned eleven, and they seem like little kids, but there are some that are thirteen or even fourteen, and they seem like real adults. The age gap seems really huge: somedays, I feel really adult compared to my peers, and somedays, I just feel really short.


Neta has an interest in Malthezar Mhadi. It’s cute. He’s a nice boy, but the girl he’s always with is a bit frightening. I have a feeling she’s just waiting for a chance to break someone’s wrists.


I’m so, so, so hungry these days… I need better food badly! Mother didn’t send anything, saying she was unsure how well they would travel but I don’t care if they’re almost stale, they’d still be better then anything I could find here!


Maybe I should try to become best friends with Amista? She's really nice and can cook. Either that or I should really learn to cook myself, as this is a really sad state of affairs. I can't constantly go out splurging at the Rose everytime my stomach grumbles... well, actually, I can, but I'm going to run out of my cosmetics, soon, and I'll need to go out and buy more.



~ Renate


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Actually, now that I'm looking, you'er right, Adrian! Aranaz actually seems pretty good on the attractive guys area. Carmine has a ruffled charm, I'd like to see all of Courtenay's face but he looks nice enough, Malacresta has that head-in-the-clouds deal that lots of young gals find charming, Raoul is rather cute, Tabin has just enough arrogence with that head-tilt to be 'dashing' too, and honestly, Aymeri and Montague are certainly not ugly portraits: just not 'classic cute'.


(Admittedly, I'm using cute to mean 'adorable' rather then attractive/handsome, as they ARE kids, but still.)


Hedi, on the other hand, I think has Reitz and Tactico... the others are, well, very young and a bit goofy. (Nothing wrong with that, as Renate would say!)


...heh, I can't believe I'm sitting around judging the attractiveness of portraits of twelve year olds. No matter what, the artist was very talented- lots of different kids, lots of different expressions and quirks. I like looking at them, but they're very hard to imitate without just copying. :(



Er, anyway... next week! Huh. First character I succeeded the full Festival adventure with, and she has the bad luck background. I was a bit amazed. She owes it to the Dimmae Theatre, I think. Also, as for the notes about the Festival- I'm not sure how realistic they are. I'm the sort of person who does that, but I want to be a writer, so I always have a pocket notebook there. As Renate doesn't wish to be a writer, I'm not sure her first instinct during the whole thing would be to grab a notepad and start scribbling down events as they happen. So, hm. I don't know. For now, it stays. :)


Week Eight

Random Event Hedi Common Room 7, failure (Listen suc/Patience fail)

Random Event Lake 3, success (Flattery/Persuasion)

Random Event Foraging 1, success (Famous Songs)

Random Event Awesome Community 29, auto ‘success’ (Oh, just skip…)

Random Event Creature 9, success (Animal Husbandry)

Random Event Awesome Community 19, failure (Perception suc/Sleuthing fail)

Reload to try and get a bit further with good ol’Durand

Merit to the good souls of Morvidus on the Festival of Pixies

Gained Botanical Orientation (+1 Navigation, +1 Explore)

Gained +1 Insight (Dancing with the Fools, yeah.)



22 Pramidi, early evening

Dear Diary,


I really tried to help Sigilis today, after she messed up a spell, but she was too upset to really listen. I feel really bad for her: all she did is cry and cry. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sigilis cry before, even when she was constantly sick back when the school year had first started. It was so awkward, and I felt so bad for her! But I couldn’t think of a thing to do.


I believe I’ve finally found and read all the Notes of the Filer, or at least I'm only missing one of them. He seems to have been a very bored person… I hope he found a more interesting job after he was done writing them all!



~ Renatte



24 Pramidi, afternoon

My dear diary,


I wandered too close to the lake today, and it scolded me for my nerve. I promised I would walk quieter and safer, and it let me walk on without stealing me. I quickly but carefully rushed back to the safety of the Academagia main building. I spent the full day cleaning the old, used, library. I hope the lake will forget me soon.



~ Renatte



28 Pramidi, right after dinner

(Written on the receipt of a full dinner at the Roses of Coventia:)

The food here is really delicious :D


Please outsource some of your cooks to the Academagia!!!



The Festival of Fools Pramidi, sometime in the evening

(Written on a piece of paper later torn out of her diary and destroyed, once again with charcoal and incredibly messy writing:)

Confronted by the Queen of Faes! Asks us if we know the darker past of the Dance of Fools. Durand and I learned that it’s a way of connecting to our past and celebrating Noemia’s strength and bravery and domination, but with less candy-corn. Queen says differently!


Running to alley! Following costumed party, no candy, their costumes much worse then mine, leather and feather and no color.


They disappeared, but I dispelled the Glamour and Durand lit things up! Another dark alley


Weird boulders? Goblin says to find tears, goblin is costumed man not real


Found a trail of carmel chews… tears? The salted caramel?


Banquet hall, sad dancing, pretty but makes me


Queen of Faes just scared us! There’s a dragon, too! Not for real, of course.


Asked what was more important… the dragon, or the other beasts? The other beasts, of course! She sent the goblin to have us change in to a troll and a ghoul, so we could have costumes like theirs. Not sure I want to put it on… it’s gross compared to mine.


I bett i look grose


hard 2 rite fell


This is so wrong. We’re back at a banquet, only a nicer one. We beat up prisoners, mindlessly and while laughing-mad. What did I just do? I took part of this off, it just... wasn't right to wear anymore, after what we did. We hurt people! I feel frightened. We fell forever, but nothing makes sense! Durand says this looks like we walked in to a scene from the Early Empire… was this all just an illusion?


They’re talking: the Dance of Fools used to be the Dragon’s Memorial, where beating prisoners in dragonskin was the celebration! Have we been trapped in the past? Is it like what happened to the Vernin tower? What in the world is going on?


The Queen of Faes was the woman who stopped the Dragon’s Memorial? So she was a ghost? A ghost who took us to the past to see how a festival was firmed?


We found her tomb, but- Durand wanted to tell everyone. I don’t think that’s a good idea. I think she wanted to keep her secrets. But then why did she choose to show everything the two of us?


So much to think about… I think we're going to head back now, this festival is no fun.



The Festival of Fools Pramidi, late evening

(Sent by paid post:)

Dear mother,


I walked hand-in-hand with a boy on our way back from the Dance of Fools celebration. We were both very tired, which I think is why, but it felt a bit nice. We didn’t collect many sweets, but we had some caramel chews, and I’ve always really liked them. Both of us had a good time, and we learned a lot of things about how people celebrate festivals.


Oh! His name is Durand de Thiomines. He’s… actually really kind of cute, but I never noticed it before. He’s a big history buff, which I always found boring, but we learned a lot about history today and, well, it was anything but boring.


Maybe we’ll become good friends. I think we already started! With a night like tonight, you can’t help but be close.


Nothing inappropriate happened, though. He was a perfect gentlemen. We mostly just… saw. There was a dance and a banquet, but we weren’t exactly involved.


I’ve also spent a lot of time with Corradin d’Alfi. He’s very interesting, as well.


I feel really, really, really tired tonight. I wanted to write about the animals I met and everything that happened this week, but I think I should get to sleep before I fall over…


Please don’t worry about the food. If it can't be sent, it's okay! I eat well! Most days.


I love you!



~ Renate


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Such an uneventful week, but Renate made the most of it. Compared to my other characters, she doesn't seem to get much done. I suppose because she spends more time encouraging/correcting grammar and the like then, well, skill training.



Week Nine

Random Event Street 2, success (Character Study/Conversation)

Random Event Gates 4, failure (Botany/History)

Reload to check what a shop had

Merit to Morvidus on the 7th



1 Gelamenus 1657, mid-afternoon

(A formal note given to Neta who gave it to Emilia who gave it to Ana who gave it to Oribel who gave it to Avgust who gave it to Cyrus who gave it to Olivia who gave it to Giars who gave it to Vettor who had it snatched to him by Amada who gave it back to Renate who this time just gave it to Llaria where, after a round through Godina, it finally managed to make it over to Tulia and thus to Durand (but only after everyone read it first, of course):)

Dear Durand,


Thank you for taking me out last night! I was a bit nervous, in truth. We had never talked that much before yesterday, and some of the girls say you’re boring. I think they’re really wrong, though! Last night was scary in some places, but it was never, never boring. I’m not that in to history, but I think history and old magic must be really interesting if it’s like that!


We promised not to talk about what happened, but I think it’s okay if we just to talk to each other. I know you must want to discuss some of it… I know I do! So if you ever want to talk to me about it, please let me know, okay?


Oh, and we can talk about other things, too!


I really had a good night, and it was really nice of you to walk me back to campus, too. Did you want another caramel chew? I’m still not sure if we split the ones we found evenly…


Thanks again!



~ Renate



3 Gelamenus 1657, afternoon

Dear Diary,


I asked Amada how long she brushes her hair in the morning and night, so she can get it so shiny.


…It’s a lot longer then I spend! I should follow her example: it's very dedicated!


Sigilis says I’m going to be vapid, but I promised I’ll try very hard not to be. She then made a face and stomped out. She’s always so angry; it makes me feel sad for her. She’d be much happier if she smiled a bit more, I bet. And I really don’t think she and Els should be allowed near each other. Not that they shouldn't be friends! Just... maybe they shouldn't be friends with each other unless their other friends are there. I think they're bad influences on each other.


I keep trying to make friends. Some day’s are better then others. I know I’m friends with Emilia and Neta and Zoe and Amada and Durand and Zorzi and Isabeau. I think I’m friends with Corradin, but he makes things really hard to tell sometimes. I sometimes wonder if I’m friends with Rui, as he likes to hang around me and he hasn’t played any mean prank on me so far even though everyone says mean pranks are all Rui does. It kind of on occasion seems like I may be friends with Sigilis, but she makes it even harder to tell then Corradin does.


I want to try to become better friends with all of them, and then Sima too, as Sima’s my roommate but we never spend time together! Oh, and I want to know Amista better, because being a good cook in a place like the Academagia is amazing. I imagine the bad cooks and the bad food attempt to suck out all her skill and creativity, but she bravely resists. It's quite remarkable!


Oh, and I think I’m doing well in my classes, too! Though I still worry about Calligraphy. The teacher is a bit intense, and I spill ink everywhere... I wish I could just write with charcoal all the time, but that's only to be used for illustration, not for regular work.


What I’m not doing well is keeping up with everything else! I haven’t gone out to buy cosmetics or a violin yet, and I haven’t had a chance to go learn how to cook, and I haven’t danced in a while or painted or sewed or even bought any new dresses, even if I can’t wear them while at the Academagia (I think we’re allowed to dress up for the Last Feast, at least). And I hardly have any jewelry! This is really bad, but there’s only so much time…


But that’s no excuse! I need to find more time!



~ Renate



5 Gelamenus 1657, early evening

Dear Diary,


Oan took me out shopping to one of her favorite stores today! For school stuff, I mean. It had dozens of wands decorated with ribbons, which I thought was pretty. I think I’ll decorate mine, too, but I have to remember what color ribbon you tie on each different sort of wand. It has to do with the discipline of magic each wand is related to.


I also learned from a wise merchant that Astrology isn’t really a school of Magic. There’s Revision, Negation, Incantation, and Glamour, and then Enchantment, or Artificing. Then there are two other schools, but everyone says they’re bad schools. Astrology is sort of like... something else? Sort of like Calligraphy or Brewing: a study, but not a discipline.


Which I think means that Astrology isn’t as serious. So you shouldn’t pay as much attention to it as you otherwise would, which... I think I like, even though Emilia says astrology is really interesting. She says she can write out my horoscope and it's really fun, but every time someone would do that in court, the results always seemed depressing. Like 'You won't hurt anyone today!', which is good to know, but there's a bit of expectation there that makes me feel a bit depressed.


Amada’s kitty wanted to be my friend. It was really sweet! She’s just the cutest most adorableist ball of fluffy cuteness ever. I love Diantha so much, but she’s really not that affectionate. She wraps around my neck and in to my hair sometimes, but that’s usually only because she thinks she’s spotted an insect nearby…


Oan says I should learn about dueling, on the just-in-case. I don’t really want to duel, but Oan’s been really nice to me so far, so I think I’ll do as she says. Besides, learning about it doesn’t mean I have to do it, right?



~ Renate



7 Gelamenus 1657, sunset

Dear Diary,


I went and bought two rings today! One is a cute, simple with a stone- they say it’s the gem that fell from a comet, and Emilia told me a few days ago that comets are very lucky! The other is made of this dark metal that sort of shimmers like the ring itself is made out of shadows. Both look much nicer then the troll ring, so I think I can get away with wearing them all at once. Three is a good number: less then that is no fun, but once you put on more then three or four rings, you tend to look like you're royalty- or at least like you think you are.


Shopping just takes so much time, though! I keep thinking I’ll just stop in a store for a quick look, but before I know it, four hours have passed. Then again, that was true all the time at home… without one of the servants urging me to come back, I always stayed in shops for hours and hours… even in bakeries.


Browsing is so much fun, though! And the new jewelry is so nice, and I studied dueling just like Oan said I should, and I talked with Eduard Solov’ev who said my rings were really impressive and nice looking, but he doesn’t think I should put them all on one finger because I might loose the troll ring that way, which he’s probably right about. He’s very clever.


There’s a lot of smart people in Collage Hedi! I haven’t taken the time to know the boys real well, but they all seem nice. I don’t really know if purple works for Leopold, though. It gives his skin a yellow tint. On the other hand, it looks really nice on Reitz. If only we had a green gem like Emilia’s collage has to use as a clasp… that would bring out his eyes a lot and I bet he might even look really cute. I wonder if we're allowed to wear a clasp on our robes? If Aliva collage can, I think it should be okay for us in Hedi to do so...



~ Renate


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You know, Engel might very well be ‘group of pretty popular girls! :D’, but I don’t think they’ll give Renate a very diverse skillset when she starts adventuring. I have a feeling no one picked up any Rimbal or Weaponsmithing or anything. :P;)


(And she better get used to detentions. She'll have probably had a few zillion by the time the year is over. ^^)


Week Ten

Random Event Pursuit 6, success (Conversation fail/Running suc)

Random Event Spellcasting 17, success (Music)

Random Event Professors Office 8, auto ‘success’ (Listen fail/Forget)

No reloadin’.



10 Gelamenus 1657, midafternoon

Dear Diary,


I’ve become really good friends with Corradin now… but these days, he spends most of his time with two other boys from Vernin. Boys are so dumb! I wanted him to be friends with Neta, Emilia, and me. Not that he can’t be friends with the boys, but I mean the ritual-y sort of friends. Instead he decided to go be a Ringsmither or something. It makes me a bit annoyed.


Maybe I’ll just be friends with girls. Mother says that boys and girls can’t really be friends unless they’re children or adults: she says the ages in-between, we all get confused and don’t fit together right and thus can’t really be just friends anymore. Unless girls really like other girls or guys really like other guys, then they don’t fit together right, and that must be really confusing because then who would you be friends with? I can’t imagine that. Though mother said it’s okay if I can and that she loves me, though mother always says that.


I’m not sure if she’s right when it comes to this, though. I think you can be friends with boys, you just can’t be friends with boys you have crushes on. I think that makes more sense. I wish I could just ask her for confirmation.


I miss home. But… no one says anything bad about anyone here, besides the usual he-said/she-said. At least not the way they do at home, or did in the courts. Sometimes gossip makes someone cry, but it's never the devistated sort of crying. I really like that. It's... quiet, here, even with so many students running around.



~ Renate



12 Gelamenus 1657, morning

Dear Diary,


Amada agreed to be friends with Emilia, and Neta, and me! It’s really exciting. Both Emilia and Neta knew and like her, so this should be nice. I’ve also talked to Sima at lot recently, and I think we’re getting closer, too. I should probably stop talking to everyone and worry more about midterms, though… I saw Oan, and that’s what she advised.


She also asked if I had learned about dueling: I said I had, and she asked me to meet her tomorrow. That’ll be fun!


I saw Cyrus flirting with Honors this afternoon. Olivia’s going to be really, really mad when she hears about it. I think I’m going to stay away from them for a while. They make a very pretty couple, but the further away, the prettier they look. If you get close, it gets sort of scary. Olivia grabs his arm like she might tear it off if he tries to move away, and he sort of acts like she’s just another guy, and then she starts calling him a wild stallion, and it gets really, really, really weird.


…I maybe think that Corradin is sort of handsome-ish, and Durand is really sweet, and Zorzi’s sort of cute in a squished way, but I hope I never act like that!



~ Renate



14 Gelamenus 1657, early afternoon

(Sent by paid post:)

Dear mother,


I became good friends with Amada Kiffer this week! She’s a pretty, mature girl with very long, beautiful hair. She and Emilia were already good friends, so it’s nice for us to all be together. Usually all that really means is that the four of us eat meals together when we can (I always eat with Neta, at least), and pass notes when we’re in the same classes, but I also know that if I have trouble, I can ask them for help, and that if they have trouble, I’m sure they’ll come to me. It’s nice!


I really don’t think I’m that interested in Corradin or Durand, but I’ll try to ask them what their parents do. Corradin is nobility, right? I’m not really sure about Durand. I just don’t want to seem too forward, so it may take a while to get the information, but I’ll do my best!


Another student warned me today that midterms are approaching, which was very kind of him. I’m a bit worried about how I’m going to score, so I may have to spend a lot of time studying. Don’t worry, I’ll still send as many letters as always! I won’t let testing stop me. I know that my scores on tests aren’t really important in the real world, but I don’t want to be kicked out or have hall studies!


My mentor for this year advised me to avoid them at all cost, so I’ll be doing my best to do so. She’s helped me a lot this year: she showed what a duel is like yesterday. This time, it was very anticlimactic, but I know it can be a lot worse. I’ll do my best to avoid duels: they seem very barbaric. I think everyone can settle their differences in a kinder way, particularly if it involves talking.


I got a detention for spending a bit too much time making friends and not enough time in class. I feel horrible for causing worry to my instructors and making one sit with me in the evening. I wanted you to know, so if you were contacted, it wouldn’t be a big surprise. I’m sorry for the embarrassment, mother. I’ll do my best to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


I love you and miss you so much.



~ Renate


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I fear I'm going too fast again, but as this was a boring week, I suppose it's okay. ^^


Week Eleven

Random Event Foraging 13, success (Decipher Handwriting/Theology)

Random Event Mountain 8, failure (Geometry)

Random Event Familiar 5, success (Materials Knowledge fail/Persuasion suc)

Random Event Prank 9, failure (Flattery/Lie)

Gained Substitutive Syllables (+1 Sematics, Debate, and Oratory)

Gained Botanical Knowledge: Seeds (+1 Seeds rolls)

Gained Botanical Knowledge: Flowers (+1 Flowers rolls)



15 Gelamenus 1657, afternoon

(Posted on the under-used bulletin-bored in Hedi collage:)

If you come across a strange looking shrine in the wooded area near the Imperial Reserve, don’t light the candle! Lighting the candle causes a strange illusion that won’t allow people to past! :( :(


Warn all students of Botany!!!



17 Gelamenus 1657, late afternoon

(A note passed to Neta Xemutre during Rhetoric:)

no, im mostly okay – i just stumbled off of a rock shoot in to this giant pool of water


are my bruises that bad? ewwww :( i dont want to go to the nurses or anything bc it was really stupid of me + i bet they'll yell :(


i need to learn how to always look pretty the way you do <3



21 Gelamenus 1657, evening

Dear Diary,


I’m sorry I haven’t written in you in a while. I’ve been really busy. I wanted to make sure I had reached the halfway point in all my classes, so that I’ll get good grades on my exams. I know it’s a bit silly, and mother gave me firm warnings not to become to absorbed in them, but I don’t want everyone to think I’m not that smart. They already think I’m a bit weird and klutzy, I think, but I’m smart! Usually!


I like most of my classes. Calligraphy still seems very complicated, so I’ve mostly been studying Botany. Diantha hates when I study flowers: she believes only her species should be studied. I have to hide my textbooks so she doesn’t get jealous. I don’t really mind, though. I think I’m lucky: I get to keep Diantha with me a lot more then other students do. There was a girl from Morvidus crying after they told her she couldn’t take her cat in to class: that seemed so sad.


Diantha would probably eat a cat if it wasn’t careful, though. I’m glad cats are usually very careful! The worries about the mice and rats and ferrets are bad enough. Everytime I find one, I ask it, “Are you someone’s familiar?”, and then I put it in a cage. If it sneaks off or nods, it’s probably a familiar. If it doesn’t, it’s okay for Diantha to eat it.


So far nothing has went wrong, so I think it’s okay. I wonder if that happens to people with cat familiars, too? Whenever Bira leaves a dead mouse in Amada’s room, does she (after screaming about the dead mouse) worry it might be someone’s pet mouse? Maybe after a while you just stop worrying about it because you’re sure all the familiars have been warned. That's what I like to think.


I want to work on making more friends. I have a lot of good ones, but I want more! There’s so many people in this school I still haven’t really met besides superficially. So I’m going to do my best to meet them.


I really hope that will be enough for mother. I want to make her happy. If she’s happy, then everything is okay.



~ Renate


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You'll notice that I've started writing Renate as well, er, a bit less intelligent when it came to people then I did before. That's mainly because I backpedaled a bit once I realized she has no character study, perception, or awareness. Apparently, she's good at making friends with people, but not so good at getting a read of motives. Which leads her to assume odd things.


Next week is being really difficult for me to write. :(



Our first two tens: Regent Piaxenza and Durand! We’re getting somewhere.


Week Twelve

Random Event Physical Activity 21, failure (Curiosity/Brute Strength)

Random Event Tavern 1, auto ‘success’ (Wait for old man…)

Random Event Classroom 2, success (Research/Confidence)

Random Event Theatre 1, success (Befriend/Persuasion …grr, I wanted this event to trigger so much for Ceyn (it's a Catherine vs Prudence FIGHT-OH!), but it never did!)

Gained +1 Harpsichord Maximum from Music class! (22 Gelamenus)

Gained Forger’s Hand (+1 bonus (rolls?) Forgery)

Gained Deep Research (+3 Research parent: increases the max)

Gained Careful Counsel (+1 Listening, Diplomacy, and Persuasion)

Gained Study Mastery Calligraphy (+1 Calligraphy roll bonus, +1 Stress Max)



23 Gelamenus 1657, early evening

Dear Diary,


I tried to help Durand with a box today, but I instead messed up and caused the box to break and send books flying everywhere. Considering how well he had it taped, I feel really silly. I guess I should try to be more strong before helping someone again. That was definitely a mistake.


I think I’ll keep my head down and listen to the school gossip for a few days. Hopefully that'll mean I don't embarrass myself as much.



~ Renate



25 Gelamanus 1657, early afternoon

Dear Diary,


Professor Vickery is so helpful! I had a bit of trouble with some coursework, and he sat down and talked me through it. I thought it was very kind of him. I really like all of my professors, really! Professor de Canapiedra hasn’t called me a thief again yet, too, which I think is a good sign.


I talked to Amada and Neta and Emilia about Durand. Amada says he’s a sweet boy, Neta says he’s a bit goofy but agreed that if you’re sweet, it makes up for being goofy, and Emilia says he seems nice enough. So… maybe he’d want to be our friend, too? I know everyone really does say he’s weird, but I’ve talked to him a LOT, and though occasionally he goes on to weird tangents, I don’t really see that as weird.


I do it all the time!



~ Renate



27 Gelamneus 1657, afternoon

Dear Diary,


Durand agreed to be our friend! Now there’s five of us! I’m really happy. Amada teased him, saying he was really lucky to be hanging out with the four prettiest girls in school, but while he laughed and blushed a bit, he didn’t get angry, happy, embarrassed, or upset, so I’m not sure what that means. Is it a good sign? A bad sign? A just-plain-confusing sign?


I met Catherine Chard for real today, by helping her get her dress for a play she’s performing in fixed. Mother asked about her, so it’s good to actually know her! She gives off the impression of being a wee bit distant, but that’s okay. We all have days like that.



~ Renate



The Last Feast Gelmenus 1657, evening

(Given to one of the guards watching the door leading to the Great Hall for the Last Feast, who laughed a bit in bemusement but then trashed it:)













28 Gelamenus 1657, afternoon

Dearest mother,


The strangest thing happened to me today! I was taking a bit of a nap when a beautiful white dove came to our window. It held an invitation, inviting me- Me!- to the Court of Grace to judge the trial of a Sir Genteel and Countess Violetwood. Have you heard of them? The letter states I will, as a member of the Council of thirteen, represent Innocence which they describe as ‘youth’s purity of heart’. I of course can’t decline: this seems remarkably serious, and they did me a great honor by sending me an invitation! But what if my heart isn’t pure enough? What exactly will I be expected to do at this trial? What exactly is the Court of Grace, anyway?


…Well, I suppose I’ll find that out soon enough! For now, I should write them a reply. I’ll finish this letter first, of course!


I had a bit of an accident today. I was holding a bowl of porridge, and a boy knocked in to me, and I dropped it all over my shoes and socks. I apologized for being in his way, but he just laughed: he must have been pretty embarrassed to run in to me like that. His name is Philippe Marchant. He’s a bit cute, sort of roguishly so, but most people stay away from him. Maybe he’s a bit of a klutz, too? I don’t think he should worry about anything. I just need to go buy new shoes, which I don’t really see as that much of a problem. I don’t have enough shoes- who ever does? Though I suppose I could probably wash these off and they’d be wearable again…


It was a bit sad, though. I didn’t really get much to eat yesterday, and I didn’t get breakfast today. I had a big lunch just a bit ago, though! It tasted very salty. Which is about as expected as anything.


I met Catherine Chard, and I made even better friends with Durand. He’s really good at Incantation and Revision as well as History. I think that’s amazing. He also takes Negation, so that means he’s doing three magic-courses. That’s a lot of work. Glamour by itself is already a bit hard for me, and I think it’s my best subject.


We did some studying for Botany together, and then I found Emilia and we practiced our Calligraphy. Her handwriting is much more flowing then mine is. She’s really good with forms… me, not so much. I’ll work on them. Our calligraphy midterm is tomorrow, so I’m a bit antsy.


Writing the formal reply letter will probably good practice, so I guess I’ll get to that!


Love forever,

~ Renate


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That event makes me suspicious, Legate. XD For some reason, I've never had a character who could complete it- it's always inevitably purple and red due to my bad builds. I'm convinced there's something very frightening inside.



We’re salt of the earth, yo. Only I typed ‘salt of the art’ and got so confused when I went to do a read-over and edit.


I thought that Renate might be a bit too much like Kay in some parts, but I think this settled things for me. Kay, er, would never have done what Renate’s done, nor would she try to make friends despite it. Poor Giars…


I wanted- needed, really- to raise Phillipe ASAP, as if you leave a character with a bully-ish AI sit too long with negative relation, you get in to a spiral where they hit you almost daily with bully attempts and trying to get them to stop is near impossible as you can’t raise faster then they can bully (see: Ceyn vs Joana). So I wanted to use my action that would raise his relationship the fastest and quickest... which left only one choice: confide!


I don’t think Renate’s ever targeted Rui, but somehow he’s at 7 relationship. What an odd boy… I think he may be the next clique member, because ‘Rui, the school’s history buff, and four generally charming and pretty gals’ sounds like the best clique ever. Seriously. What could go wrong?



Week Thirteen

Random Event – In the Seamstress’ Lair, auto awesome? :D (‘Sure, I’d love’)

Random Event Theatre 4, failure (Diplomacy/History)

Random Event Tavern 12, success (Persuasion)

Random Event Rumor 3, success (Diplomacy)

Random Event Spellcasting 4, success (Glamour Phemes)

Gained Botanical Knowledge: Roots (+1 Roots rolls)

Gained Botanical Knowledge: Agriculture (+1 Agriculture rolls)

Gained Grammar Knowledge: Syntax (+1 Syntax Rolls)



2 Cheimare 1657, afternoon

Dear Diary,


Poor Catherine! After all that work to get her dress fixed up, she caught a horrible cold this week and couldn’t go on- and it was opening night! It feels really disappointing, but I can understand her reasons for backing out. It would be scary to go in front of that many people no matter what, and going on when your head and throat-ache and you can barely talk correctly would be even worse. I hope that never happens to me…


As for dresses, I got myself a brand new robe! It’s very well tailored: I think it looks very nice on me (as nice as anyone can look wearing the Academagia robes), and it still follows the exact dress code of boringness so I won’t get in trouble. I wish I had written down the address of the seamstress: I could go back and ask if she also makes dresses, or get a few spare robes...


I only got a 40 on my Calligraphy exam. But I think that’s an okay score! I’ll try to make it eighty for end of the year exams.


Has it really been half a year? That seems almost scary! Time passes so quickly when you’re having fun. Yet I still have lots have more to work on. I think I know the name and personality of almost everyone in my year, but I haven’t even started when it comes to the upperclassmen in Hedi! And all the other ones, too!



~ Renate



4 Cheimare 1657, midday

(A really, really, really weird formal looking note (there’s even capitalization!) passed to one Philippe Marchant, who is probably now really, really, *really* confused (perhaps because he only read the first paragraph before getting bored, but, well, that’s just assumption):)

Everyone knows I’m a huge, huge klutz! My feet never go in the directions I tell them to go, and I knock things over a lot, especially if it’s something I want to not knock over! It means people sort of have this expectation, that I’m going to break things, so when I do break something, they just roll their eyes, tell me to clean it up, and don’t ask me too many questions about how exactly I broke, well, whatever I broke.


So when I was working as a Page in court, someone wanted to gain a lot of favor, and proposed and then sponsored a art display of glass roses- those kinds that are really fancy and apparently take forever to make! Well, not just roses, too. Glass flowers of all different kinds (some were even colored!), and the court had all of them placed in these beautiful vases of all different shapes and colors- the only thing that they had in common were that all the vases were all really expensive. For that season, donating a glass flower to court was a huge prestige thing, and everyone (even some of the servants!) somehow had a glass flower packed away somewhere that they just ‘happened’ to remember and donate.


Some of them were lumpy, some were gorgeous, some were done by famous artists and some done my children no one remembered, some supposedly went back to when we first learned how to make glass (if you believed the courtiers), and some were quickly made as soon as the idea was proposed. There were just hundreds of hundreds of pretty glass flowers, all in lovely arrangements in beautiful vases. And in front of each vase was a plaque that explained who donated each flower (the important thing to the courtiers), and then who made the flower in what year- oh, and if they could tell, what flower the glass flower was actually supposed to be.


One of the flowers- one not too well done, but not misshapen or ugly or anything- was made by my father.


It wouldn’t have been too much to ask if I could have it after the art showcase: I’d have to trade in a few favors and beg, but I could do that. However, I didn’t want to. I wanted to keep my favors, and have my father’s rose. I was a bit angry, that someone had something of my fathers that I didn’t… we don’t have many of his possessions at home anymore, after what happened. So I made a plot, in my head. And thus I made a big deal of often going to look at the arrangement dad’s flower was in, so everyone was used to me sighing over it, and expected me to ask for it after the court ended.


Then, one day, I went over there, started sighing mournfully, and I quickly took the rose and tucked it in to the side of my bodice next to the reeds. Then I purposely stepped on the edge of the table cloth and sent the vase and all the other flowers in it crashing to the floor. I quickly dropped with them and started weeping, grabbing at the glass pieces with my hands in order to save ‘pieces of father’s rose’. The older courtiers were instantly at my side, saying that I was hysterical and in need of long bed-rest… quickly ordering a servant to quietly clean up the mess so it wouldn’t cause me another ‘fit’.


As I was still very young, everyone commented sadly about how awful it was for a little girl to lose her father at such a young age, and how traumatized I was, and they made some sort of game amongst themselves of trying to comfort me and giving me sweets and toys- the few times people brought up how I had broken that arrangement, I started weeping and apologizing, and everyone would call those people ‘heartless to a poor child’s suffering’. I kept father’s rose hidden. When I then arrived back home, I gave mother the rose as a gift and told her that I had inquired about it and thus been gifted it in the usual court-games.


You’re the first one I’ve ever told this too! Please don’t tell anyone else.


Anyway, I think it’s okay to be a klutz! It sometimes opens you to opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise get… not that I really think what I did was right, and I wouldn’t do it again, really, I don’t think, but it was an opportunity anyway. So don’t worry at all about the porridge!



5 Cheimare 1667, early evening

Dear Diary,


I learned about a dance studio today.


Dancing has always been easy for me. Not really the movement part, but rather the part where you just move your mind and your body moves with you and you get lost in the music. And it can be so much fun, if you’re dancing with your friends, or so romantic, if you’re dancing with someone you really like, and it’s a way of expressing yourself with a hundred secret codes, but they’re fun secret codes. It’s also good exercise for when you eat too much yummy food (not that it’s too much of a worry at the Academagia...), and it’s a time when I get to move around but not look like a complete klutz.


And Mother always really liked to dance, when Father was still with us.


So I went to the dance studio, and I stood on their steps, but- something stopped me, and I couldn’t quite bring myself to go in and register, even though I can easily afford the fee. They say Avendra’s Dance Studio is an excellent studio for beginning to expert dancers, and it teaches dance fantastically, but that it never produces perfect dancers.


If I dance, I want people to call me a perfect dancer.


That’s a secret I don’t think I can tell anyone. But it’s true.



~ Renate



7 Cheimare 1667, just before curfew

Dear Diary,


I wish exams were a bit more spread out. Having them happen all in three weeks is stressing me out a bit.


And Diantha is a bit mad at me. She says I never play or do anything with her anymore and the only time I pay attention to her is to scold her for trying to eat something she shouldn’t. Maybe she’s right, I should spend more time with her, but I’m so busy.


I’m having nightmares again.



~ Renate


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Amada to 10. Woot.


Why do I keep typing Islo instead of Ilaro?



Week Fourteen

Random Event Forest 10, success (Observation/Music)

Random Event Potions (5, maybe?), auto ‘success’ (Obs fail/’Leave it’)

Random Event Homework 9, success (Research/Etiquette)

Random Event Crafting 4, fail (Observation suc/Incantation)

Mordvius Merit on the 14th

Gained Study Mastery: Grammar (+1 Grammar rolls and +1 Confidence)

Gained Study Mastery: Botany (+1 Botany rolls and +1 Stress Max)



8 Cheimare 1657, afternoon

(A query left on Professor Chastellain’s desk:)

Dear Professor Sir:


I sang with the wolves today. It was really remarkable. I hummed, and then they echoed my humming, and then I started to sing, and they repeated the way I sang with their howls!


Can all animals do that? What sort of songs do wolves like best? I want to know in case I get to sing with them again! I doubt they get to sing with humans much, so I think it would only be polite to make sure that we sing their favorite songs.



~ Renate



12 Cheimare 1657, early evening

Dear Diary,


People have said bad things about Rui since I first met him, but I don’t think he’s all that bad. Mischievous, maybe, but I’ve never seen him do anything awful like everyone says he does. The worst thing is that he doesn’t really follow the dress code because his robe is often a bit torn up so there’s actually holes above his knee, but I'm not sure that's really bad... the dress-code is really boring, it's hard for me to resist doing something like that (though my alterations would be a bit more elegant, I think). And Amada and Durand like him! I don’t think they’d like someone bad: they’re too smart for that.


So I asked him to be a part of Engel. Neta said it was fine, and Emilia was a bit more apprehensive, but said that if everyone else thought he'd be okay, she'd be fair and give him a chance. She thinks he might have a crush on me, but I’m not too sure at that. He probably has a crush on Neta and I was just sort of standing nearby. Everyone has a crush on Neta. Well, I guess I don’t, though I like her a lot! So everyone who likes girls has a crush on Neta. She’s just pretty like that!


Oan warned me not to make a clique too large, or things start to get 'out of control'. I’m not exactly sure what she met by that, but Oan’s so smart and great (she wants me to go adventuring with her now!) that I'll try to follow her instructions. I’ll have a lot of other friends, but Emilia, Neta, Amada, Durand, and Rui can all be my best friends. The six of us will be a fun group, and I’m sure we’ll have a great time!


Though we mostly just sit around and talk… oh, I fend Bira a worm earlier! It was trying to eat my homework. Bira was very happy. So was Amada. Diantha wasn’t, though…



~ Renate



13 Chemiare 1657, night

My Diary,


Casper dumped a bucket of green paint all over me and my new robes. I cried for three hours. No one would fix them right either, despite how many people in this school are supposedly studying revision. I don’t care if all the girls think Casper’s very cute and sweet, he’s not on my ‘like’ list at all right now! All he did was say sorry! He should have paid me a looootttt of money to get everything cleaned!


And my new shoes! My poor shoes! I don’t even know where to start…


Not to mention my hair… everyone’s going to think I’m some sort of fan of the Godina Rimbal team and that I'm betraying Collage Hedi or something… it’s horrible! It’s so hard to get out, too, and it has the grossest texture!


Ugh, and just to make things worse, Els is screaming at someone in the common room. I guess I should go check that out to make sure she’s not going to kill someone, though I’d rather sit here and sulk longer- it’s going to be embarrassing for everyone to see me as I’m not fully back to my best look yet. Even after showering, I'm still shaded green, and it's going to take a while to get my hair all unoily and nice again.


I’m upset! Really upset.


Miserably signed,

~ Renate



14 Chemiare 1657, afternoon

(Sent by paid post:)

Dear Mother,


I know you don’t consider exam scores all that important, so I thought I would get them out of the way at the beginning of the letter. I scored 40 on my Calligraphy exam, 59 on my Botany exam, 70 on my Glamour exam, and then 60 on my Grammar exam. Exams for Music and Rhetoric are next week. Fifty is the score we’re to aim for on the midterm, so I’m mostly ahead! I think my scores have been good overall.


I’ve made another close friend, Rui da Casga. He has dark hair and eyes and is really sort of dashing. He looks like I always imagined Ilaro to look like, when I would hear all those tales about him as a child. No one really seems to talk about Ilaro much here at the Academagia, though. I guess to those in Mineta, he isn’t as great as he is to those of us from far away... Still, that’s what Rui reminds me of. He’s cute and he’s dashing and he’s really, really lucky. I sometimes hope that maybe if I hang around him a bit of his luck will rub off on me, though I suppose I’m only dreaming.


Oh! Speaking of dreams, I went to tell Professor Piaxenza about a nightmare I’ve been having. It’s a bit complicated to explain. It’s not that nightmare, don’t worry. I wouldn’t talk about that one to anyone! This is a new one, where I’m just minding my own business (mostly), and walking to class, and then out of the sky appears a delicious giant muffin, who tells me my dietary habits disgust it.


Then it turns me in to a guinea pig.


I then have to go to Rhetoric as a guinea pig, and Professor de Canapiedra says it’s a good thing I’m not there, or I would have stolen the guinea pig and ate it. Instead, Diantha came in my place. But Diantha doesn’t know I’m a guinea pig, so then she eats me, and then I’m just another blue flower but I fall right off of Diantha’s vines on to the ground, and then that Aranaz boy who glares at me sometimes steps on me and squishes me till you can't even see my pedals. Then I wake up.


Regent Pixenza doesn’t think it’s a prophecy, which is good, though he thinks I should eat more vegetables. He also wants me to track down a book for him, which I can totally do! Just… I need to find someone who can tell me how to find someone so I can find something. It’s a bit of a twirl-around. I guess school is like that!


I’ve been also been engaging in what the professors call ‘hijinks’! We had to track down Legate Orsi’s office as a friend of ours had something we needed to return to him, though we weren’t exactly successful. I baked a batch of chocolate chunk cookies in the alchemy area (it’s much nicer to cook there then to beg for cooking space in the kitchens), I danced with Amada, I played with Diantha, I studied boring things, I found out a bit more about one of my collage members and why Sima says we should keep the door to our room locked at all times, and overall I had a fun week!


Save for an incident involving green paint. I’m a bit mad about that, still, although I forgave the person who soaked me with it, as I know he didn’t mean it.


Still, I need to buy new shoes… can I have an advance on my allowance, pretty-please? There’s a few days at the end of Cheimare where we’re allowed to dress up: I’m really looking forward to it! Last week didn’t go too well.



~ Renate


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Renate has more information on the folks in her years then almost all my other characters put together: nineteen so far. If I didn’t have so many goals with her, I’d make it a goal to get information on everyone in her year- as it is, I may try that with my Aranaz spy-crazy-thief, once I get around to her.


Boring week.


Week Fifteen

Random Event Potions 14, failure (Awareness/Flawless Timing)

Random Event Sports 10, auto ‘success’ (Obs fail/Go home)

Random Event Garden 9, auto ‘success’ (Call for Help)

Random Event Student – Alan, seems like a good success! (Curiosity suc/Negation Methods not sure?)

Gained Whisper in the Grass (+1 Infiltration and Ambush)



16 Cheimare 1657, afternoon

Dear Diary,


I had a bad accident with a potion today. I was really excited about getting a 60 in Rhetoric, which was the second best score in the class which is amazing as I’m still not sure if Professor de Canapiedra likes me or not, but then really messed up and burned myself badly with a potion… it sort of took away all my excitement.


I think I need a long nap.



~ Renate



19 Cheimare 1657, midday

Dear Diary,


Diantha’s being picky about her food again. I got her to touch some of my lunch, but the Academagia’s food apparently isn’t up to her tastes. I really can’t keep hunting mice for her for much longer, though. To be honest, with so many cat-familiars wandering around, the only rodents that haven’t been caught are almost inevitably familars! And that just won’t do!


She can just be so stubborn and petty! Then again, it’s hard to blame her for not liking the Academagia’s food… I certainly don’t! I think it made me sick today, too. I was basically dragged in to a game by my House, even though I’m really bad at all that athletic stuff, but I couldn’t even try to play at all: I ended up getting these icky cramps and being gross-sick and then having to pay the opposing team money. Not a good day at all.


Still, either me or Diantha starving would be really bad, so I have to come up with a better idea.



~ Renate



21 Cheimare, late evening

Dear Diary,


I’ve been trying to spend a bit of time with Tabin Furenzti, the Aranaz boy who has been… well, quietly angry at me all year. Both he and Sheary Warrington have seemed a bit annoyed at me since I arrived (there’s also Lambert Cobo in Durand and Luti Jacoenlli in Godina who seem to glare at me, but not as much as the other two). I asked him straight up why he hated me: he said he didn’t hate me. He didn’t know me well enough to ‘hate’ me.


So I said maybe we should get to know each other. He’s very quiet- and maybe a tiny bit, well, suspicious, like Rui a bit only not ‘loud’ suspicious. Yet he nodded, and we walked and talked a bit. He still stares at me a lot, but he’s not glaring as much, so I think it’s good progress!


I didn’t really ask straightforwardly, but I think he’s probably heard bad rumors. I really hoped that none of them were at the Academagia, but I guess some were. I’m a bit sad now.


I helped Alan treasure hunt, too, and he gave me a beautiful purple quill we found. It’s the sort of quill you use for decoration, not writing, but for now, I’m going to tuck it my knapsack and carry it with me: I’ll wrap it in a silk scarf so it doesn’t get molted or icky. It was fun, treasure hunting with Alan, and it seems like a good quill. Looking at it makes me feel like I’ll be better with Calligraphy from now on, even!


I’ve been reading about Queen Hedi so I can better honor my collage. She was really, really amazing. I hope one day I can be like that: brilliant, well-spoken, and so respectable. It would be nice…


I guess I’m just dreaming, as usual, but dreaming is a bit more fun then reality at times. Still, next week should be really fun, I hope! I love the celebrations!



~ Renate


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The way I look at it, it's boarding school food. That means it's going to be made cheap (as there's more important places for tuition money to be going then the kitchens), it's going to be made for a mass of people who may not all be sitting down at exactly the same time (meaning that there's no time to do anything intricate nor will be their be time to fiddle with foods that require exact timing or with foods that might need to be cooked, then cooled, then cooked again), and it's going to be bland (because anything 'ethnic' or that really uses any sort of food in any unfamiliar way (even if it's pretty simple- see how Moroccan food often uses cinnamon on its savory lamb and chicken, and how many Moroccan restaurants in the USA have to dial that back quite a bit from how it would traditionally be done but they still get constant complaints about food being too 'weird' and sweet) is going to cause students to throw fits about it being gross). To top it off they probably do have nutrition guidelines they're expected to follow, so they can't even, say, just serve fatty crowd-pleasers everyday (such as the Academagia-world equivalent of burgers and pizza XD).


Follow that up with the crazy amount of food poisoning, sickness, mixed up ingredients, monsters in the kitchen, and rather alarming hygiene issues in the events, and I assume even for boarding school food, the Academagia is... pretty iffy.


But I don't doubt part of it is just that it's a good in-joke and 'meme' amount the students. It's a conversation starter! "Ugh, potatos again? Man, they serve this everyday, I'm so sick of it."/"Oh, wow, this is actually edible! For once! Amazing!" So it is bad, but it's probably not as bad as some kids, including Renate, make it out to be.


Maybe. It does seem pretty bad at times...



Peaceful Heart! +1 Charm ftw!

Proff Vickery and de Canapiedra to 10!


Week Sixteen

Random Event Physical Activity 16, auto ‘success’ (Scream)

Random Event Student – Zorzi, auto ‘success’ (Give 250 pims)

Random Event Shop 14, auto ‘success’ (Planning fail/Leave…)

Morvidus Merit on the Wedding Feast

Gained +1 bonus to Romance rolls from Etiquette



21 Cheimare 1657, late afternoon

(A note passed to Durand:)



what are you supposed to do when a troll attacks?! :( it was scary


it didn’t even notice my ring and decide not to fight :( :(



23 Cheimare 1657, early afternoon

Dear Diary,


Zorzi was raising money for the Rimbal team (the one that has players from all collages and plays against… I don’t know, the Belitago? I’m not really sure who they play, actually. There was talk about the Blackheath maybe having a Rimbal team, but it was just talk. Anyway, I offered to give Zorzi his own donation plus extra, because he was just so enthusiastic about it and it was adorable, and he got so angry!


…Okay, I knew it would make him a tiny bit annoyed, but I didn’t think it would make him that annoyed!


I was just teasing. I’ll have to apologize later, and then just give him the fifty pims. Really, I don’t think I’ll pay too much attention to Rimbal until I have friends on the teams. Of course I’ll cheer for Collage Hedi for any inner-house competitions, but the amount of care Zorzi has is overwhelming. First years aren’t even really allowed to play, I think I heard the boys say once, so why does he pay so much attention to it?



~ Renate



26 Cheimare 1657, evening

Dear Diary,


Durand and Amada both want my help! Durand’s trying to create a new spell, and Amada’s worried she’s not really pretty and that her hair is all that makes her noticeable. I promised I’d do my best to help them. It’s funny, because I’ve known Neta a lot longer, but although Neta’s (and Emilia, and Rui, and Corradin and Zoe and everyone!) still a really good friend, I think Amada and Durand are my best friends.


I’m not really sure how to help Amada, though. I can say her hair is gorgeous and that she’s really pretty inside, but, well, she may be right that she’s a bit plain otherwise on the outside. That’s okay, it just means we’ll have to showcase her best features, but it’ll take a lot of planning. We’ll need cosmetics, accessories, and there’s only so much you can do with these robes- and purple and auburn really isn’t the best, she would look better in the dark green of Morvidus or the blue of Aranaz, I think.


I’ll come up with something, though!


Durand just needs something he thinks is in a pirate cove. That’s a tiny bit scary, but if we’re careful, I bet we can find it. I’m just trying to figure out how to begin with something like that. I mean, pirate coves! That’s pretty intense!



~ Renate



The Wedding Feast Cheimare 1657, early evening

(Sent by, of course, paid post:)

Dear Mother,


Happy new year!


Thank you so much for the shoes! They’re positively beautiful, and I’m really happy to have them. They fit perfectly, and I even wore them today.


And today was just an amazing day! Today and the next two days are allowing for a somewhat relaxed dress code on campus, due to the holidays. So I got to wear one of my dresses, which was very nice. Then Katja (she’s a quiet girl from my Music class who has a gift with the violin) told me there was a feast being held in the Great Hall today, invitation only. I asked around, and found out that Rui de Casga is a cousin of the groom: the feast is for two Academagia alumni who wishes to have their wedding celebration here.


Rui invited me to come, and it was amazing! The bride was so pretty and the groom was so handsome, there were glowing flowers everywhere, I got to dance (although Rui isn’t that good, but many of the wedding guests didn’t mind dancing with ‘the adorable little friend of da Casga’s young cousin’), and the food, oh, the food! They had it catered. There were roasts and seafood, some cheese from far away, and of course a lovely and delicious cake- not to mention some fruit and chocolate treats! They even let us try some sips of the grown up drinks as it was the holiday- just little sips, of course, but they were so peculiar and nice smelling. All the horrible food I’ve eaten all year almost can be ignored for lovely food and great time I had today! It was one of the best ways to end the year that I can think of, and Rui and I had fun looking at all the sparklers and lights and trying to figure out how they worked.


Looking over the last year, it seems amazing all the things I’ve done, people I’ve met, and paths I’ve traveled. I studied our heritage yesterday, even the icky stuff, and that was okay, too. I’ve learned a lot about things I wasn’t really all that interested in but was amazed to learn about all the same, and I’ve learned a lot about things I really am interested in, and well, it’s… it’s really fun!


I’m glad I got to come to the Academagia. And I’m sure everything I’ve learned will be useful in the future.


My friends and I are going to go down to Mineta for a bit of celebrating, so I need to stop writing now. I’m not sure if I can eat anything: I’m still full from the feast, but I bet I’ll try! Don’t worry, I’ll dance it off.


I love you lots!



~ Renate


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