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Some...weirder backgrounds.


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Omen: Meteor Magnets


By selecting this background, you receive 1 point of Fitness. You will receive the emotion Malfunctioning Reality permanently, which improves several skills related to avoiding danger while damaging your Reason and Logic, with no chance of removal. You will also start the game with one point of stress, as you are too worried that the school gates will collapse on you the moment you arrive.


Emotion Info


Emotion : Malfunctioning Reality


Things just seems to go insane at the Academagia - while others are stuck in boring lessons, you are bound to your chair because it grew some tentacles and it fell in love with you. Others pretend to be diligent in front of professors, while you are applauded for your hard work because some ghost decided to study by taking control of you. Others are beaten up by goblins while you are worshiped and bited by goblins. You get the drift, and you begins to adjust to them.


-2 to Reason

-2 to Logic

+1 to Temperance

+1 to Endurance

+1 to Danger Sense

+1 to Seeking Friends in Hidden Place



Two days after your birth, a small meteorite barely missed you by inches. Then an another. And another. And another. Eventually they were piled up in a heap as your parents sigh in relief. Then an islandquake occured and tipped the heap of meteors towards you. Seconds before you were hit, a bunch of faeries planning to kidnap you grabbed you out of the way. Startled, you bit the faery holding you, and you landed on your father not unlike how a tiny meteorite would. A Wizard was consulted shortly after, and he was hit by a meteorite before he can compose a reply.

Familiar Training: Cuteness

This background cost 2 points.


By selecting this background, you grant your Familiar +1 Charm, +1 Temperance, +1 Conversation, and +1 Patience. You will receive +1 in a random Befriend subskill and +1 Relationship with 2 random students.

A friendly familiar that knows how to exploit their cuteness is really useful - it is just so easy to shift attention to your cute familiar when you can't think of something good to talk about with others! And really, a cute familiar tells people that you are probably as nice as your familiar too!

Friendships: In Between The Great Rivalry


By selecting this background, you gain -1 Relationship with a very specific pair of students. These two students will start off with a rivalry between them, and you will start the game with -1 Vitality and +5 Relationship with Professor Finus Piaxenza.


[The two students are Lambert Cobo and Aymeri Couer.]


Arriving at the Academagia early, you found a pair of rivals arguing. You tried to stop the conflict before it escalate to something worse, but it ends with one of them punching you. A professor really, really appreciate your efforts to stop this silly conflict though - apparently, it might lead to something worse.


Apprenticeship: The Pie Kitchen


By selecting this background, you gain +3 Baking, +2 Greengrocery and start with the recipe for Pie, an actual Pie and 30 pims. You will also gain +2 Relationship with a certain Pie-loving professor and -1 Relationship with a certain other professor. [Lovebirds Professor Sixt and Briardi, of course!]


The Pie Kitchen is the among the most prestigious bakery, specializing in its namesake, pies. Your incredible skills at pie-making actually earned you a spot as an senior baker there - and from there you baked pies after pies to earn your own pims to pay for the school expenses. Upon arrival at the school, you learned one professor really likes pies and are thrilled at your arrival; his rival, while being fair in judgement, couldn't help but be annoyed by your arrival.

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Pudding friend... that made me think of a devilishly good new familiar. A Pudding Fiend! Sentient pudding (chocolate?) capable of sweetly devouring all who stand in the way of the player. My guess would be that it would act very much like an ooze from D&D, although its goal might be to construct a fudge castle or something (now I'm just stealing from Zork; how terribly uncreative of me).

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