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Who is Aiden Winters?

Aiden is a 12 year old boy bound for the Academagia that has had a different past than many of his peers (pretty much all my male characters are called Aiden). This will chart his adventures via a series of written documents not all of which are written by Aiden and some of which he doesn't know about. From an in game perspective Aiden's character creation stats look like follows:

  • +1 Intelligence (Aiden is a smart boy)
  • Astrology: The Comet (Probably won't have much bearing on the story unless he gets into Astrology, which isn't decided yet)
  • Omen: Shattered Mirrors (Probably will get a mention later in the story, principally by other actors)
  • Family: Sky Pirates (Features heavily throughout; especially defines early social situation)
  • Family: The Secret Heritage (This thread starts off immediately! Slightly different lead in...)
  • History: Artisans of Skill (Not strongly featured/parents are knowledgeable of enchantment and this is present early, though probably not agian)
  • History: Descended from Heroes (his grandfather is said hero; important to some early background documents and something Aiden is going to find out later)
  • History: Descended from Traitors (his father is regarded as a traitor; important to early social interactions extension of pirate; C)
  • Station: Wealthy (his grandfather is a very,very rich man and serves as Master of the Mint for the King of Auncesay)
  • Prodigy: Center of Attention (Aiden is fairly social, and has the kind of background that makes him hard to ignore!)
  • Prodigy: Spiritual (this will have bearing on how Aiden's voice works, it's why he's more thoughtful; Also will have bearing with how he faces external adversity)
  • Apprenticeship: Spy (not sure about this one; I cut the one oblique reference to this; may reappear later but probably not by Aiden's hand; purpose is different than background)
  • Inheritance: Mysterious Package (Featured; Sword of Godina)
  • Friendships: Actually Bitter Hatred (Haven't decided yet; maybe an extension of pirate dislike since the part of the story this has to be in already has a lot of stuff planned; Joanna is the student!)
  • College: ???? (to be updated once the relevant text is written as I don't want to give it a way)
  • Classes: ???? (to be updated once the relevant text is written as I don't want to give away how Aiden chooses his classes as he's going to write about this)


A word on a couple of backgrounds not taken: Auncish isn't taken as he's only recently been in Auncesay and grew up everywhere. His Father is clearly Auncish and his mothers family is descended from the people of Monteon though she grew up in Auncesay. Finally it should be noted that he doesn't have Secrets and Silence and this will play a role in our story eventually.


Ground Rules


  2. I can guarantee reloading will be used extensively to build his clique early as I've got a list of characters I want in that clique (not Emilia P. for once) and they tend to clique early.
  3. His overall development path will be to master class room skills then social skills (befriend, beguile, gossip, bully and society), other magic skills, and finally things he thinks are cool (mostly things that would be described as "worldly"). Duel will be learned if needed, but Aiden isn't a vendetta type of kid. The high bully skills are needed to make him resistant to bullies and has to do with how the spiritual trait works for him (not that he won't throw a punch if it come to that). Plus I expect his wit to become a bit more cutting as the year progresses.
  4. Aiden is not religious and accidental gains to piety in particular will be reloaded.
  5. Aiden will not reload detentions as I expect he'll skip liberally and be in a lot of places he shouldn't be, and the story I want to tell has those elements built in.
  6. I'll take liberties with events, sometime more than just timing. Most of this will have to do with exploring Aiden's relationships and past and if I see a way to do that I plan to take it (I've got special plans for Carmine's adventure and one other undisclosed adventure).
  7. It'll all be PG but he is more worldly than most 12 year olds as he's actually seen much of the world and not all of it good. Aiden isn't shocked (or amused) by cursing and while it won't feature in this writing I think it fair to say there isn't a curse in at least half a dozen common languages that Aiden doesn't know and from time to time say.
  8. I plan on making two or three updates per week. I've written 4 pre-school entries and plan on having 3 more for the first day (one of which is written). After that it'll usually be 2-4 entries a week depending on what happens. As of writing this I'm about 6 weeks into the game.
  9. Fonts matter a little bit. Lucida Sans is formal writing while Comic Sans represents informal script. When it appears Times New Roman will be used for typeset printed text (mostly newspaper articles).


First Entries: Before School Starts


These 4 entries cover part of Aidens background and character creation. The documents consist of an excerpt from Aiden's admission packet, two entries in Aiden's sketch book (he'll get a journal but early on Aiden uses his sketch book where he makes really bad art!), and a letter from Aiden's paternal grandfather to Matain Leith who will play several roles in this story beyond being a professor.


Excerpt: Aiden Winters’ Personal Statement for Academagia Admissions Packet


[Nine paragraphs]


I know I have to write about this, since it can hardly escape the notice of the Review Committee that I’m the son of Sebastian and Glorfina Winters, and it will interest the Committee to know that I am estranged from my parents and have been living with my paternal grandfather in the court of the king of Auncesay. I have no intention of joining my parent’s enterprise, and will endeavor to follow in my noble grandfather’s footsteps and serve the realm of Auncesay and Empire with distinction and honor.


Since my arrival in Auncesay I’ve been tutored extensively in the ways of the court as well as basic formal writing and speaking so that I’m not behind my peers. I’ve also taken a few lessons from my grandfather in Glamour and Revision magic as well as learning about various herbs and plants that have use in the art of apothecary. I learn quickly and already I feel like my writing has advanced greatly since joining the Auncish court. I know that I have a very unusual background, but if you grant me this one opportunity and take a risk on me I’ll be the best mage of my generation.


[one more paragraph]



A note in Aiden's Sketchbook: Undated [Around the time of writing his admission’s statement].


I threw up. I couldn’t help myself. He forced me to write it and while I get it… I really do, it makes me sick to think about. It’s one thing to tell a lie to cover up some petty crime I’ve done, like breaking a window (success!) or painting a sail with swear words when I was eight (busted...), but it’s another to lie about my family. To pretend that I hate my mom and dad… I don’t… I can’t. But I said we’re “estranged” (Grandfathers’ word not mine!) and he proofread and made corrections and then I recopied the essay. I know what it all means but it’s not my words. Did I just sellout my family for a dream? I really do want to go to the Academagia – It’s the one thing my Mom, Dad, Grandfather, and I all agree on.


Also the bit about not wanting to be a pirate is true - I don’t want to be a pirate, and I don’t have what it takes to kill… I know I’m going to meet a lot of people who will see my parents only as murders and the things the crew sometimes do to women… It’s horrible, and Mom stops it as soon as she knows but, well I don’t think that’s any consolation to them.


[a reddish brown stain]


Ugg, I bit my lip and swore and nobody was around to yell at me, but the chambermaid blushed.


I know we’ve done some bad things, this has never been hidden from me, but I think they’ve been good parents. They’ve taught me to read, write, and do sums. They’ve shown me magic and how to hold a knife. I can take sightings and find our location on maps.


I don’t know, it never seemed too important when I was on the Ecstasy, but something that my Mom told me many times is stuck in my head: “Aiden, only you can decide if you’re the hero of your story or just a spectator. Always remember to be Aiden first and foremost.” I think today I failed. I think I’ve been failing since I got here…


[in a tighter script just below the entry is an addendum.]


Grandfather: he’s so well respected, a hero to the realm, a consummate duelist who was once champion to the king, but at his heart he’s rotten. He doesn’t understand me or what to do with me. I’m expected to play at this charade of respectability so I can learn about politics, but I can’t trust him. He’s cold, and while I think he wants what he thinks is best for me, what I want never enters into it. I know I’ve impressed him but he doesn’t ever show it. I’m not sure I don’t pity him.


Letter: Garrard Winters – Court Wizard to the King of Auncesay to Matain Leith; Method of delivery unknown


Matain Leith,

I hope this letter finds you well. As you’re no doubt aware my only grandson, Aiden, has been accepted into the University and will soon be making his way to Mineta. When I took him from Sebastian and that whore he calls his wife, I had feared the boy would be irrevocably damaged by his time on the Ecstasy (what my unfortunate son now calls his ship). No doubt he is damaged to some extent and knows things about how the world works that no boy of 12 should know, but he’s also proven to be exceptionally intelligent and possesses a calm certainty in his actions and judgments that are unusual in one so young. Lastly it appears my son has not wholly neglected his duties as a parent and taught the boy to read and write with some fluency.


Do not coddle the boy or scare him with stories, but as you know I am a man with many enemies and Sebastian’s betrayal hardly helps on this front. I’m concerned that some of them may move against the boy with my blade being slower than it was when we were young men. Even if my name still gives my enemies pause, I’m many leagues from my grandson and there are people that will try to exploit that.


Would you be so kind to look in on the boy when he arrives and make sure he has acceptable accommodations until term starts? It pains me to ask this, but if you could use some of your subtlety and charm to steer him away from Arnaz, it would be very much appreciated as Sixt has some unsavory friends. Try to steer him into house Vernin or Godina. Giovanni is extremely political, but he’s a solid well-grounded politician and whether Aiden likes it or not politics will be part of his life so I prefer he learn from a master. Leo Massioti is a solid man who keeps his head down, and he won’t use Aiden as a bargaining chip in political machinations. If Aiden does join Godina, if you could be kind as to try to get Giovanni to serve as the boy’s informal tutor, it would be very much appreciated.


Finally there is a last matter I would have you see to; I need you to ensure Aiden goes to see Old Euneycia. You suspect the reason, and no doubt disapprove, but I won’t have my grandson left to face his terror alone, that would be a recipe for ruin and not just his own.


A final word of caution, Aiden isn’t precisely thrilled to be a Winters or to be my grandson and he resents me for having taken him from his parents. It was necessary and you would be better served by not mentioning our friendship to him, because if he sees you as Garrard Winters’ confidante rather than Matain Leith he’ll resent you too.


Your Friend in Perpetuity,

Garrard Alegian Winters, Court Wizard of Auncesay and Master of the Mint


A note in Aiden's Sketchbook: Undated [Around the time of his departure from Auncesay].


I got a package! It came wrapped in a long tube and bore the post seals of half a dozen cities. It came sealed in a thick cow hide wrapped around the tube and covered with a sealing glyph. I grabbed a pin and pricked my finger and touched the blood to the sealing glyph and the cow hide dissolved into nothing! Unbelievably cool! I opened the tube, prying the tight fitting wooden lid out and out slid a sword and a note. A real sword with a leather grip and a hilt of silver and ivory strengthened orthography.



I know you’re going to the Academagia and I wanted you to have this sword. Your grandfather gave this sword to me when I went to the Academagia, and it’s been in our family for generations. I could never bring myself to use it after I left school and I’ve only set eyes on it twice in all the years since those tumultuous (do you know this word? It means confused and disorderly) days, but it should be yours.



I was torn between hiding this from my Grandfather or showing it to him. Ultimately I decided to hide the sword and its scabbard (again wrought of silver and ivory) in the bottom of my trunk. I know it was my Grandfather’s once but it’s a link to my Dad and I can’t risk it being taken from me. I’m going to try to write them, but it’s hard since they move around so much. If only I had some way of knowing where they're at now...


I leave for Mineta tomorrow morning. The first part of my journey will be on the warship King’s Hind. I’m sure it won’t be anything like the Ecstasy but it’ll feel good to fly before the wind again. It’s the best feeling in the world to have the wind three points off my back and the sun in my face. If I could bottle that happiness I’d be richest (and happiest!) boy in the world.



Editorial Notes: In the first entry Aiden mentions a Review Committee, this is possibly a liberty taken with the admissions process, but will be important later... The sealing glyph mentioned in the last sketchbook entry is magic Aiden is very familiar with and he's seen his parents use it for corresponding to their allies. So while it probably would seem shocking to us, the idea of pricking his finger and using blood to unlock a sealing glyph is second nature to Aiden and not worthy of much mention.

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Pricking your own finger to open a sealing glyph?! How horrible...angry.gif





Just joking of course.laugh.gif


If I were to make sure no one opens my mail I would have done the same thing. And also with a secret word(s).


The grandfather seems to be a politician instead of a hero though. Or it could be my imagination.


Overall, a good start. Keep writing.

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Thanks all!


About the grandfather: he is a politician (and always has been!) but people still remember him when he was 20 years old and the Blade of Auncesay, the perfect blend of magic and steel. I meant for this to be part of these first entries but it never really worked as I can't imagine his parents, Grandfather, or Aiden writing about it. You'll learn a few details later as the segment is already written and now fits into what I hope will be a departure from a later adventure, but probably won't be set to deploy until mid-yearish probably. It's part of an early phase of a particular adventure; I might sneak in the details of his fame in a different way during a slow moment (week 5 in particular is unbelievably boring) but I don't consider it too spoilerish to talk about as it would be fairly common knowledge. Certainly if you asked most students parents who the grandfather is, they would mostly remember him fondly and a fair number of women would recall him as a heartthrob, but that's another story that will be told!


Overall I intend to tell three stories through Aiden's life in year one:

  1. Aiden and his friends dealing with the adversity around them (I intend to write in parts for his clique members in appropriate adventures so they're less lonely, and some tales may be told in part through eyes of other actors, particularly if I want to present info in an un-Aiden like manner; also while Aiden tends to be loquacious when he does write, he tends to be a bit bi-polar in his writing, it either flows in torrents with many entries and frequent updates or it's complete silence for a time).
  2. Aiden's Grandfather - This won't focus much on the hero aspect but on what came after. Can't really say more. This you'll learn about slowly throughout the year mostly as added bits (that aren't part of any particular in-game event)
  3. Aiden's Parents - Aiden knows a good deal of this already. I want to explore the juxtaposition of people who do horrible things to others and are undeniably bad people, but have invested a lot of time, effort, and love into raising their son. If they were shopkeepers or farmers you'd regard them as fine parents, but they're not; they kill people to steal their stuff for profit and I relish this contrast between their professional lives and personal lives. There is a good story there especially, one told by a 12 year old boy sorting out this contrast.


Expect to deploy the rest of the opening sometime later today (basically Juvenalia where you'll learn about Aiden's thoughts on classes, meet three professors, meet 3-4 class mates, and also Oan/Pamela; so a very busy day - I may defer the classmate update).

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Sorry, for the double post but I wanted to make sure new material wasn't missed. More than I expected to write for Juvenalia, and some of it probably would have been left out if it had been written in a different order. Originally this was going to be the Newspaper clipping, the Daybook entry, and a very different Sketchbook entry, but then I realized some of the things planned in the Sketchbook entry would never be written about by Aiden until he gets his real journal so Rui's entry was born. Then I pulled out the class notes and decided to do the coursebook, which was a beast to format. Then I split the sketch book entry into two pieces and moved one back in time so technically the first two entries below should be with the other four pre-school entries (I may move them there after the next update).


For future entries - mostly which will cover a week I'll give a brief summary of the high points of Aiden's week in-game. Probably around mid terms I'll post a spreadsheet that basically contains the list of events/adventures and high points for each day though it won't be exhaustive as to all his doings.


Juvenalia: Event-Leopold Failed -1 Leopold relationship; Accepted walk with Oan; Befriended Silke; Identified Sword of Godina; Rested.


Editorial Notes:

  1. The Leopold event was just too much to work in, and I still haven't decided if for narrative purposes to rename the sword so I ignore these for now. In general I plan to be pretty conscientious of events that affect relationships as Aiden will be a social kid (but not in the butterfly sense that Emilia is). Eventually I will have to answer the sword question, but Leopold may never appear at all as in general he isn't very interesting.
  2. Aiden starts with relationship bonuses for Carmine and Neso due to his starting skills, so they're mentioned (especially since both are planned clique members; not sure if Neso will eventually develop the right way in future years but he could be perfect for this clique; early on balancing his voice with Carmine's will be tricky especially since he hasn't got much of a voice; I'll probably take some liberties with this character after his adventure).
  3. Finally Silke is my favorite girl in the game, and I think, her personality particularly suited to be Aiden's first crush even if the end result is *probably* going to be friendship (or hatred!). That certainly won't get addressed in year 1, but Aiden will consistently do things he thinks will make Silke like him. Sometimes its perfectly genuine, other times, well, not so genuine. Also I should say that my vision of Silke is positive, and I don't see her as using or manipulating Aiden. What he does, he does to himself!
  4. Matain Leith doesn't keep a journal, but he uses his daybook (basically like a calendar so he remembers appointments) to sometimes collect thoughts like a person would in a journal.
  5. Rui will probably never use his info against Aiden, it was more of a way to introduce my version of Pamela, who is based a bit off Moaning Myrtle from the Harry Potter movies (not the books). It is, however, not a scene that any other character could write. Aiden is going to have to keep a good watch on Pamela, as unlike most familiars she can talk to anyone (on the other hand she could be a really, really useful if she can be trusted!). When Pamela appears she'll almost always comment on Aiden's appearance.


A note in Aiden’s Sketchbook: Undated [probably a few days before Juvenalia]


I was met at the port of Mineta by a professor named Matain Leith. He’s going to help me choose my college and classes. He gave me a list of classes available to first year students and said we’d talk on Juvenalia to finalize my schedule with the Registrar.


I’ve always planned on taking Glamour, Revision, Enchantment and Dialectic. I’m pretty sure I’m going to take Arithmetic and Calligraphy despite Professor Leith’s warning about Professor von Rupprecht.


I also have to choose a college, as well. Looking over the options only two seem to suit me.

  • Aranaz would be a good fit for me, except for the part where von Rupprecht may hate me. Also, I don’t know but it seems to have a scheming nature that reeks of Grandfather. The required classes seem good to me though.
  • Avila is out because its required courses suck.
  • Durand sounds really cool, but it may not really work for someone like me, and I’m not too sure I’d be welcome – if only I could meet Briardi before choosing.
  • Godina requires athletics and that’s stupid - also Massioti sounds like a moron even though Professor Leith said nice things about him.
  • Hedi requires both Rhetoric and Grammar, no.
  • Morvidus sounds cooler than it probably is and the Regent sounds… difficult. I think I’d hate it, and him, after a few days – I just don’t like animals that much.
  • Vernin seems like another college of schemers, but it does have the practical benefits of both required classes being on the list of stuff I want to take. The Regent sounds like a jerk, but he sounds like the kind of jerk Grandfather’s inexhaustible pile of money will keep in line and I guess I can live with that.



Annotated course book [With hand written notes in two scripts; both messy one written in cheap black ink and one in expensive green ink]


Many professors will watch you closely so be prepared for some hostility.

Academagia Courses for First Year Students


Arithmetic: Artihmetic, from the Chorete word for 'number', is the art and philosophy of the elementary mathematical operations. This understanding has vast importance for not only the study of Magic, but also every trade and discipline known to Man and Dragon. The Class taught at the Academagia is founded upon Tyrocid's Arithmetic Works, and uses the Sultan's numbers as a basis. This class is graded on a Curve. Professor Evdokseia Valenta.


A difficult class, but ultimately you learn some very powerful magic here. Also it serves

as a foundation for better things to come. Professor Valenta is well regarded by students.

This plays to my strengths and a bit of strong magic in the end… Sold.


Astrology: Astrology is the science of the laws and prophecies which can be learned by studying the stars, planets, moons and comets. The authority is Mesnessa's Liber Astrum, still taught some 800 years after it was written. This class is graded on a Distribution. Regent Kate Badcrumble.


Not a lot of practical application. Also Regent Badcrumble is a feminist, and while not necessarily a bad thing in itself... In your case it's probably not good.

A sleeper. Mom calls herself a feminist! I wonder if the Regent is a bit like Mom?


Athletics: The ancient Elumians loved sports of all kind, and every city had its own Games to promote competition and good health. This tradition carries on to the present day, and the Praetexta Council included a daily physical regimen in their first coursework in recognition of it. Competition, Running, Swimming and Wrestling are all taught in this program. This class is graded by Pass/Not Pass. Regent Leo Massioti.


A solid class for a growing boy! Regent Massioti is a favorite of the students.


Sounds fun, but not really a reason to go to University.


Botany: The study of Botany has been described as Man's greatest pursuit: its product can feed and clothe, treat the ill, build homes and advance the cause of Beauty. The practice of aiding the growth of plants by magic is one of the first uses known to Man- even Octavius himself was first a farmer. Although the Academagia is not best known for Botany, its program is very strong, and students can expect to get their hands dirty each day, literally and figuratively. This class is graded on a Hybrid Curve. Professor William Vickery.


I can tutor you in this if you’re interested.

Translation – Professor Leith thinks Professor Vickery sucks.


Calligraphy: The practice of Calligraphy begins in the earliest days of Man, when the peoples of Isiralut learned the art from the hand of Nazebel herself. The ancients wrote upon clay or stone, and later made use of reed-paper for the purpose of writing. But the art of writing reached its ascendance in the days before the Dragons, and the memory of it was kept alive in the long dark years of the Exile. The Academagia teaches the New Elumian cursive, as well as the Formal and Trade scripts. Proper creation of Phemes is also addressed extensively. This class grades on a Hybrid Distribution. Regent Sixt von Rupprecht.


Regent von Rupprecht isn’t well liked, even by students in his own house. He’s capricious and arrogant -

you should be wary of him, as he bares an old grudge against your Grandfather.


Hmm, I should look into this. His class sounds interesting and I don’t give a rat’s behind about

what he thinks about my family!


Dialectic: Dialectic is the study of logic, and in particular how to be persuasive using it. While not specifically a magical discipline, Dialectic is very important in order to understand how best to communicate, organize and analyze. The authority is Alastis' Ars Rhetorica. This class is graded on a Distribution. Professor Travixio Sido.


I know this class sounds boring, but Professor Sido is one of the best professors in the University and you can learn many things from him. Discussion is broad and he’ll not bear you any grudge. He’s a little bit subversive.


Clearly Professor Leith wants me to take this class. The description is terribly boring. I don’t know… I’ll ask around.

Seems Leith was playing me straight here. Sido is COOL!


Enchantment: The study of Enchantment, using Glamour, Revision and Orthographical techniques, comes from the first Mage-Artificers of Emnos, who in turn learned their arts from the Dragon Umnaerix. The Academagia teaches the subtle art according to the authority of Tartua, in whose Permanence of Beauty a little of the knowledge of the Nessenes survives. This class is graded on a Distribution. Professor Matain Leith.


My own class. I won’t lie it’s hard, probably the toughest class here and it touches virtually every aspect of magic. This is a class of synthesis where you learn to combine what you learn in other classes into a greater whole.


One of the three classes I knew I’d take from the day I was accepted. I wonder if my desire to take this class is clouding my judgment of Professor Leith? He seems unkempt, and he doesn’t seem the sort that would normally take much interest in a new student…


Geometry: Geometry is the study of physical space, whether two dimensional or three dimensional. This science is particularly important to Astrologers, but it has some uses for any Wizard in the making of complicated palettes. The authority is Cerceus' Travels in Peorikon. This class is graded on a Distribution. Professor Baldassare Monetario.


Skip this one. If you must take a math class, take Arithmetic.OK


Glamour: The science of Glamour is to control how things seem, by influencing the senses, the mind and dreams. The foundation for study of this school of magic is Aevanae's Discourses on Myth. This class is graded on a Distribution. Professor Contzel Ringraeyer.


The first real discipline. Not my favorite but never a bad idea to take any of the pure classes.

Definitely taking this and Revision.


Grammar: Grammar is the study of proper syntax and language rules, in this particular case, of Elumian. Although not a magical discipline, Grammar is generally considered to be necessary for a proper eduction, and indispensable in effective communication. The authority on Elumian Grammar is held to be Emperor Clorius, in his 'Tracts'. This class is graded on a Distribution. Professor Thibault Pluiete.


Pointless. Agree!


History: History is the study of Elumian civilization, from the Exile. In particular, students at the Academagia are taught the Roll of the Emperors, as well as the breakdown of the Empire after the last of the Council Emperors. History, as a subject, has too many authorities to be listed here. This class is graded on a Distribution. Professor Errus Viada


Professor Viada wanders too much, and tends to sugar coat history for his young students. You’d do better listening to Professor Sido.

I’m a bit torn on this. This class could really help me and I like history even if I don’t know much!


Incantation: Incantation is the kind of magic people think of when they envision Wizards conjuring forth storms, producing lightning, and shattering walls. Although it can do these things, Incantation is most generally used to do all many of tasks, from lifting heavy objects to filling a ship's sails with winds. The authority on Incantation used at the Academagia is the Wizard Vispa-Dasma, and his text Judgement of Change. This class is graded on a Distribution. Professor Marlein Knoht.


Another solid class, and the one that allows for the showiest bits of magic early on at least. It has some hard spells, but easy phemes.


Not sure if I can really learn this without taking the class, but I’m, going to give this class a pass and try to study it later. Plus it seems Professor Knoht may not be very good.


Music: Music is not only beautiful to listen to, but can instruct and educate as well. The Academagia teaches a variety of instruments, and teaches especially the famous songs of Elumian history. Although not a traditional magical discipline, knowledge of Music is necessary for Song-Glamours. This class is graded on Pass/Not Pass. Professor Rieulle Chastellain.


Not a very interesting class and doesn’t really teach you any instruments.

Mom would call it shallow, but there will be girls in this class…


Negation: The art of counteracting spells, and establishing wards, is one of the most useful kinds of magic to practice. Originally established by Ovog, the Wizard of Duxia, to counter the influence of the Dragons, it is considered the most noble of the magical sciences. The authority is Bernesti, and especially Common Patterns in Spellcasting. This class is graded on a Hybrid Distribution. Regent Polisena Briardi.


Regent Briardi is a very young and very powerful mage to be the Professor of Negation. I don’t know her well as she is new here but she appears to be a personal friend of the Legate.


Maybe. Negation is supposed to be easy if you know the other pillars well though. Also I wonder if the Legate is getting it on with Briardi? Not a pretty image…


Revision: Revision is the study of magical change, and the authority at the Academagia is Tyden Wood by Thomas of Quel. This particular science has changed dramatically over the course of the last century, and the coursework at the Academagia is viewed as deeply radical by conservative Wizards. This class is graded on a Distribution. Professor Lisle Aventyrare.


You should probably take this class. It’s the most difficult pillar to master and if you don’t start now you’ll never really get it. Also while she’s unorthodox you’ll learn a ton of practical magic from Professor Aventyrare.


Always going to take this.


Rhetoric: Rhetoric is viewed as the art of speaking well. While it does encompass a variety of logical methods of persuasion, it is primarily focused on speech, confidence and character. Although there have been many fine orators over the centuries, the authority is considered to be Ulius, and his Rhetorica. This class is graded on a Curve. Professor Violante de Canapiedra.


Just take Dialectic. Professor Sido knows more about actually speaking in public than any man or woman I know except the Legate himself.


Damn, he’s putting a hard sell on having me take Dialectic.


Zoology: Zoology is the sister science of Botany, and it studies the other half of the living world: beasts. The course of study at the Academagia is wide-ranging, and includes all forms of mammals, birds and insects. Other areas are discussed, but generally left out of the practicum. Much of the work takes place in the menagerie, which can be dangerous. Students are advised to caution. This class is graded on a Hybrid Curve. Professor Regnault Pachait.


Better than botany. Misses some sub disciplines. The class is exciting but not very useful from the practical standpoint.


Not interested.



The Daybook of Matain Leith: Entry


[Written across the entire day of Juvenalia]


It’s done. I engineered an encounter between Sixt and Aiden as Aiden was preparing to register for classes (this proved easier than expected). Sixt remains a bitter and predictable sock puppet where I’m concerned, and while he likely could have cajoled Aiden into his trust, seeing me with the boy brought out his better side and he made several snide comments about Sebastian Winters being a traitor and the, “Apple not falling far from the tree.” I’m not sure if he was referring to Aiden as the apple or Garrard as the tree, but it certainly convinced Aiden to steer clear of joining college Aranaz and he enrolled in Vernin instead.


I’m unsure if Aiden will ever trust Giovanni as he’s been lukewarm on the man at best, and Vernin seems more a matter of practicality than actual desire. I think I should have pushed harder toward having him join Durand. I’ve not found a way to broach the subject of Euneycia yet, but I will in time. If Garrard is right the boy will need her. Careful.


After the encounter with Sixt, Aiden crossed out Calligraphy and biting his lip for about half a minute (a strange tic, and one familiar to me) he wrote in Music. When I asked him about Music he gave me a vacant, dreamy smile and shrugged. He originally had History on his schedule but changed it to Dialectic. His classes are Arithmetic, Enchantment, Revision, Glamour, Music, and Dialectic – should inform Garrard.


I have to handle Sixt with care – using him as a foil today to expose his hatred to Aiden was risky and may up the ante ultimately, but at least I’ve kept him from sideling up with a smile and then pouncing on the boy unexpected. He dislikes Aiden powerfully and no doubt realizes that he was goaded into showing his hand to the boy. I fear the boy maybe provoked into reminding Sixt of the humiliation Garrard caused him, and that could have dire consequences.


And the boy? Well I’m not sure about him yet. He can be charming and I’m not sure if it’s genuine but sometimes, especially when he bites his lip and glances up and to the left, he reminds me so much of Garrard when we were boys and it seemed our friendship would really last in “perpetuity.” But that was fleeting moments in the grand scheme and decades past. The boy is unproven as yet. Nostalgia is a powerful motivator and I must guard against it. No matter what Garrard once was, he has no real friends now.



News Brief: Juvenalia 1657 Mineta Shipping News


Merilien Packet Le Orient Plundered


Le Orient was waylaid 8 days out of Port Merile on her standard packet run to Mineta. All cargo, including a shipment of Merilien Truffles was seized and there are unsubstantiated reports that the daughter of Viceroy Pedient was taken captive. The raid is believed to be the work of notorious Auncish pirates, Sebastian and Glorfina Winters and no doubt will lead to increased tension between Meril and Auncesay. As with other attacks by the Winters’ Ecstasy this one was initiated when the wind suddenly spilled from Le Orient’s sails while passing the pirate disguised by a nefarious glamour to appear as the recently plundered packet ship Tarrant. The Ecstasy’s crew of cutthroats, may they all be hanged, swarmed across flying bridges as Le Orient’s air mage was quickly overwhelmed by Glorfina Winters.


This marks the third attack on packet ships bound for Mineta in the past two weeks and the Captain-General of Mineta has opened discussion with the Merchant Air Guild and Society of Post Captains in an attempt to reinstate the Convoy Mandate, which was repealed by executive order in 1649. It is unlikely that either organization will endorse the idea unless ships are detached from the Elumian squadron to serve as escorts, as private security forces have proven unable to stop sophisticated pirates that have substantial magical prowess. Indeed both Sebastian and Glorfina Winters are Academagia trained, which begs the question of why the Academy doesn’t loan a professor to put them in their place.




A long entry in Aiden’s Sketchbook: Undated [Evening Juvenalia]


Wow! What a busy day. I guess I should take it in order or I’ll forget something important.


Morning -


I went to register for my classes and, well… I saw the most beautiful girl I’ve EVER seen! She had brown hair and a purple flower in it, and the most elegant green robe. She saw me looking at her and gave me a quick confidant girl. I was cornered so I did the only thing that was reasonable. No I didn’t run! I went up and introduced myself (as Aiden sans Winters!). Her name is Silke and I tried my best joke (the one about pirates and bumble bees), and she kind of thought it was funny! Well at least she smiled at it. She had to go register at Godina and we agreed to hang out later!


While I was walking on clouds at the chance to hang out with the coolest and best dressed girl in school (I think she’s smart too, Mom), Professor Leith found me and started talking at me about my class selection.


I was explaining that it was my choice, when von Rupprect showed up and... All I know for sure is Professor Leith was right, von Rupprecht doesn’t like me and he positively HATES Professor Leith!!! He accused me of being, among other things, “a mindless miscreant of malice,” while waving around a clipping from the Mineta Shipping News about my parents being pirates. He accused me of sheltering them and knowing their whereabouts. I skimmed the article while he ranted and pointed out that everyone knows my parents whereabouts as of a fortnight ago, it’s actually in the article! Professor Leith chuckled at that and von Rupprecht rounded on him angrily and in the lowest, most venomous voice I’ve ever heard, told Professor Leith that, he’d be watching both of us. Then, speculating more loudly for the benefit of a half dozen students nearby, he accused me of being a traitor like my father, before stomping away. Professor Leith just raised eyes as he departed and sighed.


As von Rupprecht stormed away I looked at the crowd of students gawking and most averted their eyes, but a brutish looking girl (the biggest and least attractive girl in my year year I’m sure) smiled at me malevolently and waved. I need to watch her. I also need to watch out for a boy trying to convince other students to play craps with him, as he shot me a very angry scowl. On the other hand a boy in Aranaz robes named Carmine Sturzo came right up to me after von Rupprecht was gone and introduced himself. He gave Professor Leith an appraising look before smiling and introducing himself to the professor as well. He said we should talk sometime, and I agreed. Maybe I can get a sense for the damage done by von Rupprecht’s disclosure, though Professor Leith urged caution.


On the balance I think I narrowly averted disaster this morning, and I changed my college to Vernin at the last minute. I decide that since Silke was taking Music, I’d take it too. Whatever I’ve done, or my family has done to von Rupprect, I don’t think he’ll ever forgive. I think there will come a day when I’ll need to put von Rupprecht in his place… I hope I’m ready. It's also off putting that I can’t really introduce myself to my peers as just Aiden, I have to carry the baggage of my family… Again.


Afternoon –


Orientation lecture by Legate Orsi. Boring.


Tour of the dorms. Interesting I guess. Half the towers of Vernin are ruins these days, but the ones that remain are well appointed if a little shabby.


My room is on the top floor of Vernin's dormitory, so a lot of steps to climb. Vincent says we’ll probably get tired of seeing them, but then he wanted to race to the top (I lost!). He’s one of my roommates, and while I’m not sure he’s that bright, he seems great to be around and positively friendly. He doesn’t seem to give two rat’s buttocks who my parents or grandparents are! Which is nice as I've gotten a fair number of appraising looks, scowls, and even been the obvious subject of some pointing fingers as I've walked about campus today.


My other two roommates are more complicated.


There’s Rui who, well seems indifferent to me but doesn’t really talk much despite seeming rambunctious. He’s a bit dirty but he wears his unkempt appearance well. When he does talk he curses like a sailor, but it seems a bit clumsy and off compared to the sailors I know.


And then there’s my last roommate… it’s a girl… and she's dead… and is my familiar… apparently. Her name is Pamela and she promptly announced, as soon as I entered the room, that she would serve as my familiar until I “disposed” of her. This could be complicated… and it’s already been embarrassing.


Then there is the room itself… Well used, once elegant furniture; heavy, slightly moth-eaten curtains and rugs; and a smell that could kill even the dirtiest pirate. Apparently the previous occupants included a student named Gera who left a foul smell and a lot of advice; these don’t cancel out by the way. According to his absurdly long letter (wherein aforementioned advice was contained) he’s been sent home for doing something that involved pirates… Joy. I had to laugh when he suggested I not get involved with pirates. I think it’s ironic, though I’m sure Mom would explain why it isn't. Dad gets her so riled using that word!


Later in the afternoon a student knocked on my door and introduced herself as Oan. She’s from Sae’on and suggested that now I could say I’d met someone from Sae’on. I didn’t quite have it in me to say that I’d been to Sae’on and that I once knew a sailor named N’oan, though whether that was to allow her to glow in the moment or because the last time I saw N’oan he’d been dying I don't know… not a good memory.


She took me to the Great Hall, which was undeniably breathtaking and explained some of the inner mechanics of the school. She told me a lot of things I already knew: tests (thanks Grandfather!), Detention (thanks Dad), and the Flos Fragi (thanks again Grandfather). I'm being blasé about her visits but really she seems laid back about the mentor thing considering that she’s a really high energy person. I expected to be her slave (isn’t that how it normally works?), but she basically says I can do my own thing and come to her when I need her. Maybe I will. I may actually have a few upper class-men as friends which could smooth the way for me nicely.


Evening –


I went and hung out with Silke! She seemed to laugh at my jokes and she didn’t mention the incident with von Rupprecht. We walked around the Great Hall, and she seemed to think it was a bit plain and I can sort of see her point. Maybe we should try to figure out a way to make it cooler and more elegant? It was nice to actually just hang out and talk and I wasn’t nervous after she actually showed up! Well maybe a little nervous. We ate dinner in the Great Hall together (the mashed potatoes were pretty good!) and sat next to this other Godina kid who wouldn’t really talk to me but just sort of smiled at us sheepishly before studying his peas more intently than any boy should study something as boring as peas. It was a little weird. Silke said she thought he was named Nesa or Nekko or something like that and that he’s really, really shy.


I’m really tired and it’s been a long day. I think I’ll sleep well tonight!




Rui’s Black Notebook: Excerpt


[Tight small script]


Pamela (to Aiden): Hmm… A little scrawny. I’d hoped it’d be Cyrus Dawes – He’s dreamy - but apparently he’s already bound to some ugly mutt. Oh well a girl has to dream about something. (She caresses his cheek and he flinches.)

Aiden: Who… Are you?

Pamela: Why I’m Pamela, your Familiar. Until you inevitably dispose of me. But until then you’re my little dream thing. You really should work out a little more, you’d be dashing then. Like your dad.

Aiden: Uh-huh.

Pamela: Do you think you’ll be nice to me? Will you let me visit you in the baths?

Aiden: I’ll be nice to you… but you can’t visit me in the baths. It’d be… umm… inappropriate. The professors would never approve!

Pamela: Ooh that’s not so nice. Other boys have let me visit them. Nobody needs to know. (She again reaches for his face and he leaps back.)

Aiden: I’m not other boys.

Pamela: Your dad let me visit him you know.

Aiden: He did not!

Pamela: If you say so, master. I guess I won’t show up in the baths until you invite me but you have to be nice to me!

Aiden: I will be nice. I promise.

Pamela: I believe you.


This is going to be awesome! I think I got it all down...



EDIT1: Fixed a few typos and softened Matain's take on Kate Badcrumble to be more specific to Aiden's situation. I really wish I had a more antiquated term for feminist, but I don't really have anything that so succinctly describes Kate. Matain knows more than he's telling here and he wants to steer Aiden away from Badcrumble. I do wish I could knock down Aiden's relationships with a few professors Sixt and Badcrumble for sure and maybe another two or three others (not Leith or Sido). I keep hoping to get that event in a tavern where you can basically prank a professor really badly with Sixt as the target!

EDIT2: A few more changes to the annotated course book, mostly correcting a format issue in Enchantment, and a few fixes to poor syntax on Matain's part late in the document. A minor change to one of Aiden's comments too.

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Oh, that provides a totally different view on Sixt's scheming. Mikka, let this inspire you!


In this case if Matain knew how Aiden would take his description of Briardi's relationship with the Legate I'm sure he'd have chosen his words more carefully :) ! It's really just a bit of immaturity on Aidens' part. He didn't actually know either the Legate or Briardi when he wrote that (it was sometime in the week before school started). On the other hand now that he knows what they look like at least from a distance, this impression has only been reinforced. We'll see quite a bit of the Regent as our story unfolds and Aiden's view of her is going to change a lot over the course of the year.


I do think it would be a great piece of gossip for some of the kids of Aranaz to pass around. Rikildis tells Aveline, "Mother says the only reason Briardi was made regent of Durand was she's the Legate's mistress. It's such a scandal."

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I completely forgot about Giovanni.



Pamela (to Aiden): Hmm… A little scrawny. I’d hoped it’d be Cyrus Dawes – He’s dreamy - but apparently he’s already bound to some ugly mutt. Oh well a girl has to dream about something. (She caresses his cheek and he flinches.)


Pamela, you won't last two seconds against Olivia.

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First of all, Gera is a boy? I got the impression that Gera is a girl.


Ah politics. In real life and fictional worlds, you just can't escape from politics. I hope Aiden is careful enough to avoid getting caught in the battle.


Also, Aiden is definitely going to have a hard time changing clothes in his room now is he?wink.gif

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Very interesting story so far, I hope to read more ;)


Struzo is probably a great friend to make for Aiden, of cause, if any of the teachers learned what Struzo does in his spare time then... maybe not so much. But that is for another day.


Concerning Gera, it was my impression that Gera was a girl as well, but the name is a bit gender neutral, and might seem odd if a girl used to own the room? *shrug*


Also thumbs up for name picking, Aiden is one of the names that pops up often for me as well. :P

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I always assumed Gera shared the PC's sex based on the event where the wand is returned. The man delivering the wand in this event seems to know every detail of Gera's story and mistakes the PC for Gera (with a bluff), I can't believe he never once heard Gera referred to by a pronoun :). Also the event takes great pains to never refer to Gera by pronoun (it's actually a pretty clever bit of writing as I didn't notice until I went back and checked it!)


About Carmine: I'm a bit worried about how he will fit into the clique I've got planned. He's good for Aiden's pal (or something more nefarious), and I think he'd like Silke but then it gets tougher. We'll see <_< .


New stuff tomorrow or the next day! Thanks, all for the compliments!

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I'll be adding to this post later (or maybe tomorrow). This will gain context but I wanted to try out the post to make sure it really works and looks like I want. Aiden isn't a very good artist, and my own skill in drawing with a trackpad... well I'm not much of an artist to begin with and the track pad is about as clumsy an IO tool as you and get for art. A pim to anyone who can tell me who Aiden is making fun of here before I post the context for this (where it's apparent).


Edit: Entry moved to it's appropriate location!



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Week 1 of Athonos in Aiden's story:

Juvenalia: Event-Leopold Failed -1 Leopold relationship; Accepted walk with Oan; Befriended Silke; Identified Sword of Godina; Rested.

1 Athonos: Befriended Carmine.

2 Athonos: Event-Eliana2 Success/Bluff; Cosetta Re Failed at squealer.

3 Athonos: Befriended Vincent Eins.

4 Athonos: Befriend: Neso.

5 Athonos: Event-Shopping6 Success/Dialectic.

6 Athonos: Event-Patrol5 Failure/Theory of Astrology; Joana +2 relations (now -3).

7 Athonos: Event-Health and Illness4 Success/Athletics; Merit Prize I to Aranaz/Vernin.


Editorial Notes:

  2. Neso is cliqued in game, but our story doesn't yet have him joining the clique. This is mostly due to already having too many entries for this week to do this event justice. It'll happen.
  3. The poem in Neso's diary entry is a slight variation on a folk poem that's been around for at least 100 years. It's a lead into his adventure, and I thought this poem particularly apt. BTW if you've not done it you should check out his adventure it's one of my favorite (his adventure may happen earlier in our narrative than it does in game).
  4. Aiden mentions a pirate ditty about a man named Bates and skates, this is a real ditty (though obviously not one made by real pirates) and Google will find you many versions of it of varying degrees of appropriateness.
  5. Aiden can't draw.
  6. Silke is partly responsible for the clique name. I don't think I'm going to be able to work it into entries.
  7. There are still going to be 3 more members to the clique (not including Neso) so I'm trying to keep an eye on what my clique members are doing as far as relations go (Carmine is really, really social).
  8. Eliana's event was changed to include Carmine and Vincent so we could have some more interaction to the clique.
  9. I may change the charter in the future. It was originally not going to come out until next week, and I probably should have worked more on it.
  10. Vincent will get a bit more face time next week.
  11. Aiden needs to tell us about his classes, I haven't forgotten but ran out of Aiden face time with other stuff.
  12. An entry from Matain Leith was cut because it accidentally got written based on something that hasn't happened yet.
  13. Cosetta Re's failed squealer attempt and the Random Event Shopping 6 event may be featured next update.


A note in Aiden’s Sketchbook: Undated [1 - Athonos]

First day of Classes! I’ve got Arithmetic, Glamour, and Music in the morning. Then after lunch I’m in Dialectic, Revision, and finally Enchantment. Worried about falling asleep in Dialectic even though Professor Sido is cool and interesting. That beastly girl from yesterday showed up in Arithmetic, wearing Morvidus colors. She spent most of the period staring daggers at me and whispering the dice playing boy. From roll-call I learned her name is Joana Lio something or other and his is Cirillo Laz-something, I need to watch my back around them.


Silke, and I ate lunch together in the great hall after passing notes in Glamour making fun of Professor Ringrayer’s nose. I’m pretty sure Ringrayer doesn’t like me and I’m pretty sure my parents have loads to do with it. Carmine sat down across from us and introduced himself again, he seemed a bit forward but I guess a lot of kids think that about me too. He told me a pretty wicked joke about Joana. Silke and I both laughed. I should write that down before I forget. She laughed at a funny little pirate ditty I sang (badly)! The one about pirate Bates on skates Dad sang to me last year before Mom yelled at him for, “encouraging our son to sing inappropriate songs.”


[scribbled into the margin]

Q. How do you make Joana laugh on Saturday?

A. Tell her a joke on Wednesday.


I noticed that weird boy sitting nearby again. I could tell he thought we were funny, but he didn’t come over or even wave, he just tried to look like he hadn’t laughed out loud and played with his food. So strange, it’s not like anyone here is old friends.


I asked Carmine about von Rupprecht and he told me not to worry about it. Most of the students in Aranaz apparently like him ok, but Carmine says the real power in the school is the Legate and that if von Rupprecht steps too far out of line, “Orsi will take him apart piece by little piece.” Silke said that Luti has started calling him ol’ Stink-Eye. I didn’t know who Luti was then but he’s in Dialectic and Revision with me and apparently Music too but I didn’t notice him, which is pretty weird since he’s a giant (Silke!).


What else… Oh yeah Carmine seems to be a good source of “odds ‘n ends” as he called it. He said he doesn’t have a lot of stuff yet but he mentioned having an idea and that Silke and I might like to help him put his plan in motion. He said he still needs to flesh out some details and make some more connections, but he promised that it would be shady, dangerous, fun, and profitable. Sounds like my kind of fun, but I need to be careful since I come with a reputation for trouble that hasn’t exactly been earned – at least not earned by me.



Note: Aiden Winters and Silke Niederstatter


I think something may live in there. –A

Nose? –S


Not a nose, a bat cave! –A

Haha! –S



Excerpt: Diary of Neso Ulleri


3 Athonos 1657: A big kid called Phillipe pushed me into a puddle. I kept it together, but I almost didn’t want to. If I’d lost control would the other students fear me or hate me? Both? It would have been wrong, but it would have felt right. I can’t do that. Sooner or later someone like Silke or Aiden would get hurt. They’re not my friends but they’re the only kids who even seem to notice me. Except to trip me or push me. How’d it come to this?


[several paragraphs of text wherein Neso describes classes and his first homework]


I’m so tired these days, it’s like I’ve not been sleeping well.


One fine day in the middle of the night,

Two dead boys got up to fight,

Back to back they faced each other,

Drew their swords and shot each other,


One was blind and the other couldn't see,

So they chose a dummy for a referee.

A blind man went to see fair play,

A dumb man went to shout "hooray!"


A paralyzed donkey passing by,

Kicked the blind man in the eye,

Knocked him through the missing wall,

Into a dry ditch and drowned them all,


A deaf professor heard the noise,

And came to detain the two dead boys,

If you don't believe this story’s true,

Ask the blind man he saw it too!


Dragon’s Blood! Where’s this coming from... It’s my handwriting. I’m falling apart.



A note in Aiden’s Sketchbook: Undated [4 - Athonos]

That was CLOSE. Vincent, Carmine, and I were having a barrow race with wheel barrows we nicked from the stables (Vincent’s idea!). Each one was filled with several bales of hay and they were top heavy. As I was coming around the stable running neck-and-neck with Carmine my barrow hit a rock an sent the bales tumbling and the barrow itself spinning out of control. Vincent was way ahead of us already around the next corner but Carmine looked back and said, we should split because we’d surely get busted if we stayed to clean up the mess. I agreed, but then noticed something moving under one of the piles of hay. It was a hedgehog (actually I didn’t know what it was at the time).


Just as I was going to uncover the creature this girl came running up and exclaimed “Aiden I’m so glad to see you,” even though she didn’t seem very glad and I don’t know here at all! “I’ve lost my familiar Chicory Pete! Have you seen him?” I shrugged my shoulders and said I don’t think I had, then I asked what kind of animal he was, and she said “It’s a she! He’s a brown hedgehog, about the size of a watermelon. I was playing with him, but he got away from me and I lost track of him…” Carmine was standing behind her and mouthed, “No,” which seemed like good advice so I shrugged again and told her I hadn’t. Not very nice I know, but I don’t know her and I’ve got enough enemies already. I did take the creature to Pachait to get patched up and I returned it to Eliana later and she was thankful.


As soon as Eliana was gone, my annoying familiar showed up and chastised me for not being strong or cute enough to control the wheelbarrow. She really ought to be grateful it wasn't her smashed by a wheelbarrow... Not that it would hurt her.


I asked Vincent what he thought about it later when we were back in our room (Rui was out). He told me not to worry about it so much, I helped the familiar and that’s what counts. I guess if Vincent, who is the nicest kid I know doesn’t think I screwed up too bad it’s really ok. I still can’t quite figure out Carmine. I can’t shake the feeling he’s using me, but both Silke and Vincent seem to think he’s “honest trouble” (Vincent’s words).


Charter: The Society of Delinquent Artists


The Society of Delinquent Artists


We pledge to uphold the tenets enumerated below and to support the below signed in the pursuit of Art, Happiness, Justice, and Mischief. We seek not only to promote these separately but to combine them into a greater whole for the betterment and enjoyment of all students of the Academagia. We seek a livelier and superior world to the one we now inhabit and pledge to add a little calculated chaos in order to create a world that is more fun to live in.


  1. A society member will never inform on another society member, unless expressly agreed upon the society member being informed upon.

  2. In conflicts with other students it is the duty of each member to support the other.

  3. Pranks bearing the society seal must be elegant.

  4. Members of the Society will not play harmful or publicly embarrassing pranks on each other.

  5. Society members should not play pranks on easy targets.

  6. Art should be respected and should not be destroyed.

  7. Art made by the society and its members will not be distributed without approval of its creator.

  8. Each member on joining must add a personal addendum with their signature.


Aiden Winters – 6 Athonos 1657

I’ve crossed the known world to come here, and I’m going to make the most of this opportunity. I don’t want it said that I failed at something because I didn’t try. If I fail, well, then I fail… It happens, and I’ve got my friends to help me. A kid can do great things if they’ve the nerve to try, and if I’ve got only one thing it’s nerve.


Silke Niederstatter – 6 Athonos 1657

I’m going to make this school into something that reflects its status as the best school in the world! There will be song, dance, art, and magic in these halls when I’m done, and people will talk about the wonders of the Academagia across the world!


Carmine Sturzo – 6 Athonos 1657

The secret to success is to never admit anything to anyone. Whatever it was, you didn’t do it. Where ever it occurred, you weren’t there. Professors depend on us giving ourselves up! Most of the time they’ve got nothing real on you and if you don’t turn yourself in you’ll be fine. Those are my only words of wisdom.


Vincent Eins – 6 Athonos 1657

Yes, I can write. You read rightly, assuming you can read. I can write. Well except Carmine helped me do it. Just kidding. I think this is going to be a lot of fun.



List Entry: Reitz von Lutersee’s Tablet


7 Athonos: Lunch –

  • Poisoned by goulash in GH
  • Almost barfed on A. Winters; Winters dodged; faster than he looks; Nothing about pirates
  • Helped to infirmary by Winters; Dropped no hints; Debt to Winters for his aid
  • Saw Nurse W take a pill; handed one to a student and palmed another; saw her take it in reflection off mirror; Need to talk with Nurse W.; makes up a bit for owing Winters



EDIT: Chicory Pete made into a male hedgehog and a brief interaction with Pamela added to the 4-Athonos sketchbook entry.

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First, Professor Ringraeyer?! Come on! The face is definitely male. The nose is...sharp... Oh wait, Aiden can't draw. Sorry, nevermind but you owe me 5 pims for guessing a professor.laugh.gif


And I think Chicory Pete is male.wink.gif


And one last question, where is Pamela?

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First, Professor Ringraeyer?! Come on! The face is definitely male. The nose is...sharp... Oh wait, Aiden can't draw. Sorry, nevermind but you owe me 5 pims for guessing a professor.laugh.gif


And I think Chicory Pete is male.wink.gif


And one last question, where is Pamela?


1. Persuasion: Attempt to get out of paying! Doh!


2. Turns out Chicory Pete is male and certainly sounds male; I checked it in the editor :). The confusion comes from the text in the event where the following appears:

“Oh, [Character]Character/Self, I’m so glad to see you,” she says. “Have you seen my familiar? She’s a brown hedgehog, about the size of a watermelon. I was playing with her, but she got away from me and I lost track of her…”

Actually looking it over in the editor, in the event Eliana's Familiar is never named, but is always referred to by feminine pronouns!


3. Pamela will be back! Just a lot of ground to cover in week 1 with friendships and a few things ended up getting dropped (Pamela, the failed squealer attempt by Cosetta Re, and Aiden talking about his classes). In retrospect she probably should have appeared in Aiden's sketch book entry about the Eliana event. This reminds me of a question for the Legate about ghosts in general and Pamela in particular.

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I've edited the 4-Athonos Sketchbook entry to contain a *brief* interaction with Pamela and to reflect Chicory Pete being a male hedgehog. I couldn't really do more with Pamela in that entry without losing focus.


Edit: Looks like new material tomorrow!

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Week 2 of Athonos in Aiden's story:

8 Athonos: Event-Thieves Guild 7 Success/Bluff.

9 Athonos: Event-Rampant Creature 5 Failure/Observation --> Success/Seeds.

10 Athonos: Event-Classroom 10 Failure/Character Study --> Success/Negation Spells (this was a shocking success)

11 Athonos: Nothing!

12 Athonos: Nothing!

13 Athonos: Fitness +1 after running.

14 Athonos: Nothing!.


Editorial Notes:

  1. Aiden doesn't write anything this week. He's in a non-writing state of mind.It happens. He'll be back next week.
  2. Carmine's detention was made up so he could tell the story. I was in a bit of a bind as I originally wanted it to be a grammar class assignment that prompted the story but only Neso has grammar and he won't work in the story and I already had ideas for what Silke was going to do this week. Also I wanted this to be Carmine because he doesn't get many opportunities to actually play the role of first person (same with Vincent).
  3. In this story Silke is wealthy and her parents care about class. That dictates her tone.
  4. All 3 events from this week are featured but I rolled two into one day and sombined the other with Cosetta Re's failed squealer.
  5. Aiden isn't a lister but Neso is.
  6. Luti isn't part of the clique yet, but he's starting to hang out more with Carmine, Vincent, and Aiden in particular.
  7. The discipline report was to be part of Aiden's file but was ripped up as Briardi knew what really happened. Badcrumble wasn't actually singling Aiden out here she just won't give him the benefit of the doubt.
  8. Unlike previous sets of entries, chronology for primary source documents is not adhered to here. The discipline referral is from 10 Athonos, while Neso's diary entry is from 9 Athonos, but since the diary contains info relevant to Carmine's detention assignment on 11 Athonos, I changed the order. The detention takes place on 11 Athonos because it is with Sido who sits detention on Thursdays.
  9. EDIT: One last thing. And it probably goes without writing, but just in case... The fact that Neso is worried about Joana calling him gay is not meant to suggest I (the author) don't support gay rights. I do support gay rights! Joana is a 12 or 13 year old bully picking on a weaker kid, who hasn't got any friends and is worried about being pushed away from the one group of kids who don't seem to hate him. We'll return to this later, and while it'll never be a major theme, I've spent a fair amount of time choosing Aiden's friends so I can have a major (positive) character be gay without stepping on the toes of established cannon. And it's not Neso ;). Sorry for the bit of rant, but I was reading back through the diary entry and it suddenly occurred to me that I may not have left that in the best place, and that I implied a message I don't agree with at all.


Discipline Report: Torn in half and discarded


Permanent Discipline Report

Student: Aiden Winters


Date: 10 Athonos


Instructor: Kate Badcrumble


Infraction: Aiden Winters cast an unauthorized Ricochet spell on a school desk in classroom 4. The Desk careened out the door and nearly smashed Ms. Niederstatter! When the desk rebounded toward Winters he canceled the spell. Reported by Cosetta Re. Examination of Mr. Winters wand reveals that he cast a negation on the desk, this destroyed evidence of the Ricochet spell and Wind Charm he cast to initiate his attack on Ms. Niederstatter.


Punishment: Conduct Discipline and loss of 5 Merit


Response: Mr. Sturzo brought it to my attention that a demerit had been handed out for Mr. Winters expertly cast Beginners Dispel. I’ve already reprimanded the students responsible for casting the ‘Ricochet’ spell before my fourth period. –Polisena Briardi



Entry: Diary of Neso Ulleri


9 Athonos 1657: Carmine, Vincent, Luti and Aiden asked me to play ‘Dead Dragon’ with them today. They wanted me to actually go with them into the woods, away from campus. I told them no, and Aiden looked a little put off, even as he shrugged and walked away.


  • Alan Driscol: He’s nosy, and despite that doesn’t seem to know I exist.
  • Cirillo Laziosi: He’s a gambler who also doesn’t know I exist. He HATES Aiden, because Aiden’s dad raided an airship he was traveling on. I didn’t know Aiden was a pirate until Cirillo told me.
  • Katja Q-?: Quiet girl that plays the violin and has never noticed me.
  • Laurina de Avuel: She talks to me, but then she talks to everyone and sometimes even no one. Annoying, really.
  • Luti Jaconelli: He’s never said more than a few words to me, despite being my roommate. Hasn’t been actively mean to me.
  • Noemia Falcon y Paredes: She’s more frightened than I am. At least I’ve got a good reason.
  • Silke Niederstatter: A pretty girl and smart. Aiden and her are together often. She’s made a lot of efforts to talk to me in the common room and great hall.
  • V-? E-?: A girl. She’s not around at all and always seems focused on her own projects. She seems like she should be in Vernin.
  • Zorzi Galea: My other roommate. He’s avid about rimbal, like Luti, but more genuine. He talks to me all the time but the conversation is always about rimbal matches I’ve never seen. He gets on well with Luti.
  • Aiden Winters: Vernin student. Usually nice to me, he told off Joana last Sunday when she was making fun of me. Sits with Silke and Carmine during lunch, usually near me. Probably hates me now for Joana’s rumor.
  • Carmine Sturzo: Indifferent toward me but close to Aiden and Silke so I see him every day.
  • Phillipe Marchant: A bully. He always picks on me. Never spares an opportunity to trip me or take something that’s mine.
  • Joana Lio y R-?: Worse than Phillipe. She started a rumor on Monday that I want to do dirty things with Aiden. All the other kids laughed. Ugg, this is why Aiden wanted to get me to play ‘Dead Dragon’. Revenge…



Entry: Elumian Encyclopedia of Children’s Games


Dead Dragon – Played in almost every corner of the Empire, this game requires at least three children to play. In the game one child is designated the Dragon, usually by a game of chance. The remaining children, called the Hunters, cover their eyes and stand around a location referred to as the Village, one Hunter counts aloud to 100 while the Dragon hides. The Hunters then sortie and attempt to find the Dragon. Once the Dragon is located the Hunters must wrestle him or her to the ground and pin the Dragon to the ground for a count of 10. After he or she is discovered the Dragon attempts to break free and reach the village. The game only ends when the Dragon reaches the Village or the Dragon is pinned.


The game has been played for as long as anyone can remember and often results in injuries as one child is beaten by his or her peers. The game is often used to pick on weaker children. The game is rarely played after 12 winters.



Detention Assignment: Carmine Sturzo [Assignment by Travixio Sido]


Carmine Struzo

11 Athonos 1657


Prompt: Write an account (true or imaginary) of a time in which you learn about a new culture and its customs. Describe these customs in detail and provide your interpretation of their meaning or purpose. Please copy the prompt at the top of your essay.


This account is absolutely true and taught me about both Thieves and Stone Trolls! Well it certainly taught me about Thieves, I’m not so sure about the Trolls but it’s a good story anyway. Keep in mind that every word of this is true and the danger we find ourselves in was very real!


I was chatting with Aiden after class two days ago when Vincent and Luti came up to us and announced, “I’m bored, and it’s really nice afternoon. Why should we waste a day like today studying? Let’s go play ‘Dead Dragon’!”


I reminded Aiden that he’d been complaining about how badly they’d done on his last Dialectics quiz, and I thought I’d convinced him because he looked sad, but then he bit his lower lip like he does when he’s thinking and when he stopped his face broke into a mischievous grin, and he said, “We can study tomorrow, we only know it’s going to be nice today. I know just the place!”.


“Ok,” I responded, “but we need another player.”


“How about Luti from Godina? I just passed him and he looks like he could use a game of ‘Dead Dragon’,” chipped in Vincent. It turns out Vincent was right about that, and Luti agreed to play.


As we were following Aiden through the grounds we ran into that timid boy, Neso. I know Aiden was hoping to run into Silke, but he still went up to Neso and asked him if he wanted to play. Neso look at us like were mad and shuddered, “N-no th-thanks, I don’t w-want to c-cause problems.” Then he looked down and walked away. I don’t know what’s wrong with Neso exactly, but something’s off. Aiden and Silke always go out of their way to say hello to him and it’s rubbed off on me.

We had been walking under the eaves of the trees for about a quarter bell when suddenly a nut of some kind flys out of a tree hits Aiden right in the forehead hard enough to draw a thin scratch. We peered through the braches and spied an angry squirrel, with a stash of nuts in the crook of a tree. It launched another nut, this time at Vincent, faster than I thought possible and Vincent leaped aside knocking into Luti and yelping, “Dragons Blood!” He continued, “This is ridiculous, let’s show this vermin the error of his ways!”


As Aiden dodged another nut, he asked his familiar Pamela, who is a spirit, to attack the squirrel. Pamela responded, “No. A wizard must learn to deal with his own problems. If you don’t you’ll get flabby and fat which would make you even less cute than you are.” She’s always ripping on Aiden for being so skinny and trying to get him to exercise and eat more.


Since she wouldn’t help I told them I’d seen some Strille berries about 20 yards back down the path and the pungent odor will drive off nearly any animal. I reminded everyone as we dodged back out of range of the squirrel about how smelly Strille berries are. “Use a handkerchief to grab them and not one you want to keep as you’ll need to throw it out if a berry ruptures,” I suggested. In the end, we collected 20 or so berries and then raced back toward the squirrel and unleashed our barrage at it. Most of the berries missed but Vincent scored a direct hit on the squirrels face and it fled immediately as the berry burst!


“Aiden hit nothing! Aiden hit nothing,” went Pamela in a singsong voice as we continued down the path and then turned off into the deeper woods. Aiden dismissed Pamela and then told us the squirrel guarded the border of a stone troll’s domain. He said that stone trolls, have a highly developed appreciation of art even by human standards but are solitary creatures, that don’t like to be disturbed. He might have been joking because Luti gave him the strangest look. Apparently they can use a primal sort of magic that allows them to enchant woodland creatures to mark their borders. I think this may be a form of Mastery that doesn’t really work on advanced creatures, in which case I’m glad Aiden’s familiar was the only one to accompany us.


If I were a troll and didn’t want to be bothered I think the woodland creature defense would actually be pretty good. It discourages casual visitors from showing up at my lair and lets me know that anyone who does show up means business or is unnaturally persistent. Plus I suspect that the Enchantment may allow the troll to know that someone is there, providing a warning. Of course the fact that we never encountered a troll could mean Aiden is telling stories or his parents lied to him for some reason.


Now I should continue my story because the best part is still to come! But I’m going to skip ahead to after we’re done playing ‘Dead Dragon’ because kids have been playing ‘Dead Dragon’ forever and you know how it goes. Luti and Vincent each won a game as the Dragon and Aiden knows some wrestling so he’s a really good hunter if he gets hold of someone.


As the sun was starting to get low, we decided to head home through the woods, Vincent in the lead. We had walked a little ways when we started to hear a terrible commotion ahead. Vincent motioned for us to get closer so we could see what was going on and as we crept forward we heard a terrible lot of cursing and not the childish cursing of most first year students, but adult cursing. Vincent indicated that we should go around, and Aiden shook his head then pointed at me and nodded toward the noise and gestured for Luti and Vincent to stay put while we went to see what was happening.


We moved forward and came to a clearing with about a dozen small tents and a table with half eaten food and torches set in the ground. A collection of men and boys stood in a ring dressed in rag tag mix of dark clothing; the youngest was probably about 14 and the oldest was older than 30. In the center of the ring two men grappled and shouted insults at each other. Aiden backed up a step and whispered something into the air and Pamela appeared as the faintest out line. He whispered to her again, “Watch. If this goes bad and either of us are captured, head to Vincent and Luti. Tell them to get a professor, and bring them here. Then return here and try to appear terrifying and impressive to these men! Our lives will depend on it. I’m counting on you.”


“And what will my great master be doing?”


“Why I’m going over there,” Aiden responded gesturing with his thump over his shoulder toward the circle. He gestured questioningly to me about if I wanted to join him, and I nodded yes. This was as fool hearty as anything I’ve ever done in my life. All risk, no reward, not exactly living up to Aranaz’s reputation I guess.


In our dirty uniforms, which you couldn’t even really tell were uniforms for all the dirt, mud, and rips, we approached the group as they intently watched the wrestling match. We walked right into their midst like we belonged. We watched a few matches and competition was fierce and violent, but the fighters always stopped before they actually hurt each other, no matter how drunk they may have been. It’s clear by now that everyone here is part of the Thieves’ Guild.


Finally after almost half an hour, the man in charge, who wears a cap with an eagle’s feather in it, points to the biggest, dirtiest person I’ve ever seen. He’s so muscular that even his muscles appear to have muscles. “Come on,” yells the thief in charge. “You want into the guild? Then you need to pass this initiation!” Then he pointed at Aiden.


Aiden’s wand was in his hand so fast I missed how it got there, and he turned and shouted, “RUN!” So we ran, faster and harder than we’ve ever run. As soon as we crossed a fallen log Aiden turned and rapidly traced phemes for a spell. I followed suit and cast ‘Streets of Ice’ behind us. Not as useful in the woods as on actual streets, but it’s the only spell I know that could help. We didn’t wait to see results but bolted off again. I heard the thieves curse as they slipped on my ice and then there was a loud crash and several thieves screamed in pain in quick succession. We didn’t look back and they didn’t catch us.


Luti and Vincent, being long legged, caught up to us as we left the woods and Aiden called Pamela. Who immediately drolly noted, “That was pretty good, you should do it more often. I think you’d be cute with a few muscles.”

“You mean like that big guy I was set to wrestle?”


“Oh, no not that many muscle. That would be unsightly.” Aiden smiled. I asked him about his spell, and he said it was an Enchantment called ‘Material Shaping’ and he used it to weaken the wood of the tree the thieves would have to climb over. He said it was the only spell he knew that could help.


I slept better that night than I’ve ever slept in my life. We’d seen something that almost nobody else has seen and escaped unharmed! I can’t pretend to really understand why the thieves needed to wrestle to be part of the guild. Maybe it was to show strength or manliness or perhaps it’s to show they can escape the guards, because what I learned was actually about myself and my friends. High risk - no reward and I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time.



Letter: Silke Niederstatter to Her Parents


Mother and Father,

My first two weeks at the Academagia find me well. Negation and Rhetoric are my two hardest courses, but I’m doing well even in those. Campus is a little bit shabby these days. I’m sure it was very elegant and state-of-the-art 300 years ago, but this is 1657 and I’m starting to draw up plans to make things new and much improved.


I’ve made some good friends here at the Academagia. My friend Cordelia Troublepot shares my passion for improving the school! She’s not as aesthetically inclined as I am, but she knows how to build and design things, and has a strong eye for a bargain when trying to find items for her projects. I’ve also gotten to know my roommate well. She’s named Katja Quinnecht and plays the violin beautifully.


I’ve also made friends with two boys, named Aiden Winters and Carmine Struzo. Aiden is the grandson of the court wizard of Auncesay and Carmine comes from a wealthy family in Ilice. Both are pleasant company and excellent conversationalists if sometimes careless of other’s feelings. I’ve also been making friends with Aiden’s familiar, Pamela, who is a ghost who didn’t bind with him until he arrived at school! I can’t imagine not having found Prettyboy until I was 12 years old!


Surprisingly, for a College as active as Godin, my other roommate Noemia Falcon y Paredes is afraid of everything, especially magic! I’ve tried to get to know her but she won’t talk to me. It’s very frustrating.


How are things in back in Schus? Has Tuthia bonded with her the kitten she loved and followed here everywhere? Father, I hope the weather has been pleasant and that you’ve enjoyed the season’s hunts.



Silke Niederstatter

13 Athonos



Entry: The Daybook of Matain Leith


[Written across the Evening of 14 - Athonos]


I saw Aiden in the Vernalicium again. This is the third time I’ve seen him there this week. He doesn’t seem to be the studying type, but the books he’s reading have consistently been in the vein of Glamour. I wonder if he actually retains any information. Garrard had a preternatural memory when we were in school and never forgot a fact. He never forgot a slight either. Was he like Sixt even then?


I need to ask Aiden about how he remembers things. This may be a major opportunity to advance our knowledge about memory. How deeply does it extend? Does it only work for facts he reads? Or does it also work for things he hears?


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Week 3 of Athonos in Aiden's story:

15 Athonos: Event-Lake 9 Success/Swimming (with Everwine); Merit Prize II: Vernin/Aranaz; Befriend Luti

16 Athonos: Befriend Cordelia

17 Athonos: Event-Disguise Infiltration 8 Success/Intimidation

18 Athonos: Event-Health and Illness 8 Failure/Biology --> Failure/Persuasion

Workshop Days: Holiday-Workshop Days Success/Incantation Spells

19 Athonos: Event-Rui Success/Awareness; Cordelia in the infirmary

20 Athonos: Event-Dialectic 3 Success/Deceit

21 Athonos: Event-Thieves Guild 3 Failure/Decipher Handwriting --> Success/Persuasion


Editorial Notes:

  1. The events on 17, 20, and 21 Athonos will never appear. The Befriending of Luti and Cordelia is alluded to this week, but will be cemented next week. Cordelia was in the infirmary on the 19th but this will be in a future update. The Lake event does not appear this week, but will appear next week.
  2. The News of Mineta is a tabloid paper. It's facts should be regarded with skepticism.
  3. Silke tries to write down one idea per day in fer diary to improve the school.
  4. I'm looking for additional Pamela insults.
  5. Sorry for the slow updates, but I think the pace is going to be more like one update per week.
  6. The Neso entry is inspired by the fact that He and Silke hung out in the game.


Letter: Aiden Winters to Garrard Winters [sent by standard post ship]


15 Athonos - Venalicium Library, Academagia, Mineta, Empire of Man


School is going well. I’ve enrolled in Revision, Arithmetic, Enchantment, Glamour, Music, and Dialectic. I’ve spent a lot of time studying and haven’t been reprimanded yet. My Dialectic, Revision, and Enchantment professors are very good, though Professor Leith isn’t a great lecturer but does a good job in small group settings. He seems to actually like me. I was planning to take calligraphy, but Professor von Rupprecht dislikes me passionately, and Professor Leith says it involves you. I thought glamour would be more interesting, but Professor Ringraeyer isn’t keen on practical lessons, so I’ve been trying to teach myself. Vernin has been winning the merit race, though competition from some Aranaz has been fierce. I’ve been doing my part to keep us in the lead.


I hope all is well in Auncesay and that your schemes have proven lucrative.




Diary: Silke Niederstatter


16 Athonos – I hung out with Aiden and Pamela today! They’re such a funny couple. She spent almost half a bell critiquing Aiden’s appearance, and ways he could be cuter. He was embarrassed and clearly couldn’t hold his own against her! Aiden speechless is actually pretty funny. I laughed and said that Aiden was cute enough for such a slight boy, especially when he’s in his casual clothes, which made him blush even more. Finally he ordered Pamela away and I laughed even more.


He asked me if this was how girls talked about the boys when they aren’t around, and I told him it pretty much was. I added, that he should hear what we say about Cyrus, but he didn’t seem to think that was very funny.


I asked Aiden if I could bring Cordelia when we start to plan for making the school more glamorous and he agreed readily. I thought he might not trust her because she’s doesn’t have a reputation for slyness, but he said she’s been doing some sneaking about that showed the proper disdain for pointless authority.


Aiden wanted to know what I thought of Luti, who’s been hanging around with Aiden, Carmine, and Vincent sometimes. I almost told him I thought Luti was hiding something, but since I don’t really know what it is I decided not to. I don’t know for sure, but I think he’s a paper boy.


Idea of the Day: Bring the statues to life! They need to move and possibly talk to passing students. It would show off the magical talent of the school and would be really chic.



Short Note: Aiden’s Sketchbook – Undated [18 Athonos]


Tried to convince Corradin to not go to class because his skin was green. He told me to mind my own business not interfere in the affairs of my betters. I shrugged and walked away. He’s such a tool. He’s always concerned about his families “honor” but I’ve been to the Republic d’Alfi and if there’s honor in that land it doesn’t reside in the capricious politicians who scheme while the people starve. We picked up some foremast jacks there and one of them told me a great joke about sailor’s wives that I can’t quite remember, but it made Mom really mad when she heard me telling it to Tomás.



Excerpt - Rui’s Black Notebook: Undated [19 Athonos]


[Tight small script]


Aiden -- Off the list. Helped me avoid school security, without betrayal. It’s too bad, because Dragon only knows how much good stuff I’ve gotten from Pamela laying into Aiden.


"You’ll get fat!"

"You’re too skinny."

"Have you seen Cyrus! His muscles are sculpted by the new gods. Yours… Not so much."

"Have you been working out? You don’t look as flabby this morning." - irony

"Are you going to grow more? You’re too short for a girl to appreciate."

"Can I take a shower with you? You can imagine I’m Silke."

"Carmine is sexy. You should die your hair blond and go for the tousled look."

"I’m going to tell Silke you were making googly-eyes at Neta."


Oh well, maybe Aiden will mess up and need to be punished in the future. I can only hope…



Article: The News of Mineta [19 Athonos Edition]


Elephant Man Created in Street Brawl


The News of Mineta has learned that a street brawl broke out between the Magician’s Guild and three unnamed youth in Academagia robes. The brawl, which left one magician with an elephant’s trunk for a nose took place on the morning of Workshop Days. The magicians attacked with trained show animals and flying cards and tricks, while the wizardlings used Incantation spells to rapidly overwhelm the magicians. Substantial damage to the Guild’s stand meant they had to withdraw their display from the Workshop Days guild competition. The magicians have not been identified.


According to eye-witnesses the brawl began after two youth snidely remarked, “Surely such fine magicians could, I don’t know, use magic to make this easier.”


The Magicians responded by shouting, “We don’t need to draw phemes to manipulate the environment, nor gain insight into the human mind. We practice a more refined, natural magic than the younger magic practiced by young twits like you!”


A dark haired youth sneered, “You don’t need to draw phemes? More like you can’t. And what’s exactly so impressive about pathetic card tricks?”

At this point the youth called over the third member of their cohort, who drew his wand and said, “Yes, let’s see some of this magic…” And then the brawl erupted as the magician’s flock of pigeons and husk of hares attacked the students who fired off a series of coordinated wind and ice spells that drove away the pigeons and hares, which at least one witness claimed were vorpal rabbits from the ruins of Monteon.


One of the students cast a spell that reduced the magician’s cart to ruins and debris hit the magicians causing numerous bruises and cuts. Then in one final burst of spell casting one of the wizardlings caused one magicians nose to transform into an elephant’s trunk as the man writhed on the ground screaming. Then the young hoodlums, reveling in their wanton destruction, fled in triumph while making obscene gestures to the crowd before authorities could arrive and apprehend them.


The News of Mineta is combing the city in an attempt to find the Elephant Man to get his side of the story! Regent Giovanni di Lucca Alazzo of the Academagia has denied that the event took place and the Guild of Magicians has not responded to inquiries from dedicated News of Mineta reporters trying to bring you this sensational story.



Entry: The Daybook of Matain Leith


[Written across the whole of 20 Athonos - Date ripped out]


Giovanni told me Aiden, Zorzi, and Phillipe were involved in a street brawl with the Guild of Magicians. He thinks he can keep it under wraps since no proper description of the kids was provided by witnesses, and the Guild of Magicians, no doubt, fears the embarrassment of having been cut to pieces by a bunch of first year students.


[The rest of the text is written around an appointment.]


10th Bell (Morning) – Tea and crumpets with Winters.


[The paragraph continues below the appointment.]


Aiden for his part didn’t lie to me about the brawl which made things easier. He claims he didn’t necessarily want to brawl, but he wasn’t about to leave his fellow students to be picked on by adults. I suppose in a way he’s right, and not even Phillipe deserves to get beaten to death by a grown man over wounded pride. I can’t help but think he could have handled the situation differently and avoided the potential embarrassment to the school. Fortunately it looks like only the "News of Mineta" is carrying the story.


It took some doing but I have convinced Giovanni to allow me to handle the circumspect punishment of the students. I couldn’t reprimand Aiden without risking making this a larger issue, so I leveraged the situation by telling Aiden that to make amends he needed to help out around the elderly Euneycia's house. I hope this is the right thing to do, she’s a pleasant old woman to be sure, and in spell craft she suffers no rivals excepting possibly Orso, but it feels like throwing a boy to the wolves… Gods help me if this turns out badly.


[A second appointment is written here.]


3rd Bell (Afternoon) – Meeting with the head cook about Galea and Marchant.


[The paragraph continues below the appointment.]


On a brighter note I asked Aiden if he has bad dreams, and he said he couldn’t really remember any dreams and it also appears that his studying isn’t empty, he demonstrated an excellent grasp of the framework that Aevanae lays out as well as recalling many of the details and caveats to working Glamour spells with a temporal component.


He seems to be doing well socially, and a lot of kids like Aiden, though how many like the image of the boy pirate with messy hair, an easy smile, and more confidence than any kid should have, rather than the boy himself is hard to say. He seems less like the taciturn, but bold and brave, Garrard from my youth these days.



Short Note: Aiden’s Sketchbook – Undated [21 Athonos]


I actually got Neso to join Silke and I for lunch at Alice’s. I was waiting for Silke to come out of the Godina dorms when I saw Neso hurrying along looking disheveled as always and I went up and asked him where he was going. He looked down at his feet and mumbled, “Lunch.”


I wanted to go with Silke alone, but he looked kind of dejected and nobody ever seems to invite Neso to do things so I said, “Cool, so am I, Silke will be down in a minute and we’re going to Alice’s, you should come with us!”


He fought some internal struggle between some part of himself that wants to have fun and the part of himself that binds him up into inaction, and finally said, “Sure. I think that sounds good. What could go wrong?”


Silke really put him at ease by telling a funny joke I’d told her about pirates and plunder but she changed the pirates into Joana, Phillipe, and Cosetta. I think here version was better and Neso enjoyed the laugh at his tormenter’s expense. Turns out he’s actually pretty smart and can cut in with a good joke (or cutting insult) better than I’d have expected once he’s relaxed a bit. I can’t understand why he doesn’t act like he did at Alice’s all the time. He could be a popular kid.


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