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Error with Patching

Cael Evenstar

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I think I may have made a mistake installing patch updating from

Is this patch supposed to give you a vast number of newly unlocked abilities at the start of a new game? I seem to have started with a wide variety of abilities that used to require unlocking, such as most of the 'Pray For' abilities, as well as four spells, Choke, Sense of Direction, Silence Rumourmonger and Friendquake (which used to require Befriend 11, according to the wiki).

Anyone know what I've done or how to fix it? All I thought that I did was copy the patch over the Academagia install directory, but starting with all these abilities makes it seem like something has gone a bit wrong.

Reinstalling is easy enough, of course, but want to make sure I don't make the same mistake with my next patching attempt.


EDIT: I actually started with a LOT more spells than that, those are just the ones I have the Pheme's to cast

And parental approval 65, despite not taking any CC options that would improve my parental approval

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Unfortunately, for old saves games, yes. :)


A change was made for Parent Skills, and the result was that older save games now have a lot of abilities unlocked when they should not be. Enjoy it while it lasts! :)


In my case, it's the new games that are affected, not older save games (don't have any older, active saves to try on this computer).

Kind of changes the challenge level of the game when you start day 1 week 1 with vit 7 (with no CC points put into Fitness), +1 or +2 to most stats and lots of high-level actions and abilities. Also, unlocking Cryptology 1 now seems to give me a point of intelligence, which seems like another bug as well.

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It's applying to new games created in after applying the patch.

I'm using the Impulse version of the game, and Impulse tells me I'm using v1.460. This is probably because I patched manually though, pressing F12 in game gives as the version.


It looks like it's treating every single parent skill I have as being maxed out, and if I gain a single point in any new subskill, it awards benefits and abilities as if I'd maxed the parent skill.


I've also now tested older saved games, and whilst I've not suddenly got every parent skill treated as maxed the way a new game has, it does seems to be apply any time I raise a subskill.

I got nine new athetlic-based abilities when my Running increased from four to five, including 'Prowess', which raised Running to six and every other athetlic ability from 0 to 1.


So, all saves from games made both before and after the patch, but it's a lot more noticable with the new games made with the patch as it affects every single skill, instead of just skills I've changed since loading the save.

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I just started a new game from my RPG game and just gave +1 to each attribute except of 2 I also asined the new Familiar and some other other background.

Right at the start I then haved loot of Abilitys aviable that usual only unlocks late in the game! (Like Write Travelogue)Also many of my Attributes are much Higher then trained!

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