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One can be lacking in passion, but Dispassion is an entirely other level. Dispassion refers to the skill of restraining and dispelling passion, from your own to others' passion. Ironically, these who lack passion needs not bother pursuing this skill - they won't be motivated to study such concepts, and Passion is not something easily manipulated without experience.

Parent Skill: Rhetoric?

Dominant Attribute: Insight


Probably Danger-Sense-high modifier - I just had the weird image of Kate Badcrumble searching for books to discourage Oriabel Sidot from looking for ghosts, and Badcrumble giving up after getting 1 level in this skill :P


01. Discourage (Action)

02. A Barmaid and the Triplet Ghosts (Lore)

03. Violante de Canapiedra's Trophy Room (Location)

04. Mastery User Survival Guide Page 50394 (Lore)

05. All-Penetrating Slap (Duel Ability)

06. Passion Contrast (Passive Ability)

07. Schwarzbart Mindblast (Ability)

08. Nyaa the Hostage! (Spell)

09. Calmness Expertise (Passive Ability)

10. Abandoned Storeroom of Premium Mineta Snacks. Inc (Location)



A Barmaid and the Triplet Ghosts


Once upon a time-

"-There was a ghost who hated a barmaid with great passion. Nobody knew why.


His brothers doesn't share his passion, and found his constant request annoying.


Eventually, this inspired passion in his elder brother...


The passion to dispel the passion of the ghost's hate so he would not be passionate enough to hate the barmaid and bother the brothers with his passionate requests for passionate help and-"


"That is the stupidest story I heard, Violante!" Tarvixio Sido complained to his fellow instructor. Violante de Canapiedra muttered something non-committal, then punched him in the face-


"Please, Finus, that is a pathetic attempt," sighed Orso Orsi, "Sixt von Rupprecht's passion for advancement won't be dispelled this way... By the way, why does it had to be a barmaid?"


An Excerpt from Mastery User Survival Guide Page 50394


...when any wizards are close to uncovering your secret, do not simply seize control of them. Try to remove their motivation to investigate instead. Here is a step-by-step casting guide of thirteen spells recommend by [NAME REDACTED], entirely consisting of highly complex spells from other pillars of magic, including the childish Follow Nyaa to a Bad Place...






This action can allow you to reduce 1 point of Passion from a target of your choice with no rolls. An advanced attempt (Insight/Dispassion v.6) allows you to also reduce a skill of your choosing, and one dispassionate enough (Insight/Dispassion v.12) can also temporarily rise the training modifier of one skill by a slight margin.


You can use this against yourself, should you wish to discourage yourself in practicing something you dislike.

To discourage is to either remove passion, enthusiasm and motivation toward a specific course of action or an idea, perhaps with a gentle comment, a scornful look, or a simple tug. Others might found this course of action unfriendly, but a person dispassionate enough (or perceived so by others) can found themselves capable of doing dispelling passion without being suspected as intentional. It was not a popular action to the instructors of Academagia; even though it is effective in removing interest in the two forbidden pillars of magic, it tends to also wears away a student's Passion in magic.




Violante de Canapiedra's Trophy Room


These who can "discourage" Professor Violante de Canapiedra (Insight/Dispassion v.10) from patrolling her trophy room will be given access to the room, and gain valuable insights on Passion and Dispassion, expanding the two skill by three SS each. These who failed are allowed to try again as the Professor enjoys watching them fail (+1 Relationship and Stress), but these who succeed does not need to prove themselves again; she doesn't need experts eroding her Passion day-by-day. [some letters will be revealed to the player after they gain access.]


The Professor's "Trophy Room" contains many letters of the past attempting to discourage her from achieving anything, and in some case, her fellow instructors. Whenever she's feeling down, she will come here, browse through these trophies and remind herself that she could not made it to Academagia without enduring, or even outright ignoring these discouragements. On the other hand, she like to amuse herself by making use of its content. Students who wish to visit have to try dissuading her from passionate protection of the room, but the Professor just pretends to be discouraged if it is good enough. It is great fun watching some of the stupider students try, including one who try to tell her she's better off having pancakes with Professor Knoht.


Abandoned Storeroom of Premium Mineta Snacks. Inc


This is a thoroughly nondescript empty storeroom, with such pointlessness such that one had to pass a (Luck/Curiosity v.20) roll to even consider visiting the room. Once the idea is considered, the world hurls a volley of distractions at the visitor. There is the barrage of errands from the whole faculty that can be evaded by a (Finesse/Escape Artist v.20) roll, the suddenly invitation from friends and classmates that can be ignored by a (Charm/Temperance v.20) roll and finally, a (Finesse/Swimming v.25) roll as the hallway is suddenly flooded with maple syrup.

Really, why are you wasting your time going to a completely irrelevant room when the world outside is so beautiful?


Abandoned Storeroom of Premium Mineta Snacks. Inc (after gaining entrance)

Despite the world's heinous attempt to prevent your visit, you manage to gain access to this absolutely boring room and barren room, save for a few tiny tombstones in a corner belonging to some cookie trolls, apparently burnt to death for being a troll.


You can ponder the unfairness of life here, gaining a 2 point increase to Insight and Charm for three days. Actually, in retrospect, that seems like overkill for an reward.




All-Penetrating Slap


Slapping is definitely effective when it comes to shock and dispelling Passion, it is just that your hand might not be able to withstand the pain of slapping stone and steel. By using this melee action, you can deliver a humiliating slap to your opponent, dealing 1 point of damage and 3 point of stress. You can send him flying by passing a roll of (Strength/Brute Strength v.15), hurting more by 1 extra point of damage and stress. You can only use it once per week; slapping doesn't seems so shocking if done as a daily action.


Despite how some can utterly discourage others with a simple slap, the time for cinematic slapping has passed in Elumia, where people learnt to dodge, to catch hands, or to wear a helm to protect themselves from embarrassment. Of course, these experienced can slap people with such Dispassion such that it seems like a trivial action, even penetrating the most durable armor...


Passion Contrast


You are good at restraining your passion - perhaps you are just as passionate as others, but the difference is that you won't charge blindly into anything, and that just means others hardly get to see full-blown passion on your face. The consequence is that, whether you actually express your interest or passion, everyone is going to have their eyes on you because that seems to be a rare sight that occur once per decades.


Which translate to a +1 bonus to Passion, Rhetoric, Confidence and Debate, because people actually listens carefully to whatever passion-filled words from your mouth.


Calmness Expertise


Take a deep breath, inhale slowly, and -


No need for that. Your constant self-control on your own Passion and enthusiasm had granted you something not unlike a mental reflex - that whether any impulsion come up in your mind, you suppress them and think it through in a blink of eye. Your ability to remain calm might not be superhuman, but you are almost there. You might even be able to stay calm while being on fire.


You gain a +1 Stress Maximum bonus, and it takes 4 point of stress instead of 2 points to cancel your calmness. Furthermore, you gain a +1 to Composure.


Schwarzbart Mindblast


A Schwarzbart Mindblast will always inflict 2 points of Stress and reduce the Study Level of three subjects of choice by 1 against a victim. It will also damage the user by 1 point of vitality.


It requires a Schwarzbart Weed in the user's possession or an incredibly hard roll of (Intelligence/Poison v.25) to assemble a substitution. The weed is not consumed if used.


The obscure Schwarzbart Mindblast is derived from the far more famous Schwarzbart Weed, which when folded in a very specific way, will release a thin, poisonous and sweet gas. It is said that it was a self-defense mechanism for the weed against the dragons, now set aside by the plants as the threat of dragons has dwindled. The effect of such gas against the dragon is unknown; but for human, loss of magical knowledge and the will to regain them is observed.





Nyaa the Hostage!


This spell is tedious, but simple. It will cost you 3 points of Stress, but you will always succeed. Your choice of target will receive a crippling penalty in Training Modifier to a skill of your choice for a week with no knowledge of your involvement. If the target fails a (Insight/Ethics v.10) roll, their Luck and Pure Luck will be set to 1 and 0 respectively for a week.


Ana Flavia Bessa and Zoe Melis is immune to this spell. Also, it is illegal according to the school rules, though deemed nonexistent by the faculty.


If you have a Schwarzbart Weed in your inventory, the spell will incur 2 extra point of stress on the victim.


This spell sends a dream to the victim, and delay all other dreams to the next time the victim sleep. The dream involves a black cat (which is said to be the avatar of their Luck) being held hostage, and the only way to save the cat is to give up pursuing their interest, or risk being subject to horrid luck. The spell actually does not involves Nyaa the school cat; it was originated from a dragon that enjoy persuading people to give up breathing with this spell.


The spell is augmented when a Schwarzbart Weed is in the caster's possesion. In that case, the black cat will be feasting on said Schwarzbart Weed in the victim's dream, planting the depressing thought of their luck being dispelled utterly in the victim's subconscious.




I am off to camp for a few days.

And... tell me what's wrong with this skill please :lol:


Coming up next:

Marlein Knoht's Research: Developing Disk-shaped Grease Incantation, and Pancake's effect on said Incantation


Dispassion Adventure?

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Give me a moment. Just found out this thread.



how you learn to be dispassionate if you are not passionate about learning?


Meh. I haven't touched Academagia forever, and my logic is definitely in short-circuit or something. I am not 100% sure of your question's meaning, but if you are asking "how does a dispassionate person learns the Dispassion skill", they don't.


Actually, I am not 100% sure of what I am even typing. :unsure: But here it goes.





"Those who are passionate about the things surrounding them will usually go far, even if they themselves are unusually incapable of doing anything at all. Passion and interest in a subject are frankly more often useful than actual experience, especially in the area of Rhetoric."


Here's how the Passion skill is used in The Passing event.


Passion. What would the professor like to hear?


Success: You know if you say you aren't planning to celebrate The Passion[typo from the mod base itself], you'll probably hurt [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Errus Viada's feelings.....


Failure: Eh. You're sure Professor [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Errus Viada doesn't care what your answer will be. It's not as though it's required work.


As you can see, lacking Passion in this case simply mean you lack interest and motivation.


The Dispassion skill is more about making this happens on other or on yourself (when you need it) in a studied, skillful way. Like learning how to read what motivates people to be so passionate and then convince them that their course of action will be in conflict with their cause. Or just knowing what kind of facial expression is going to make people falter for a moment.


So why does the skill need Passion to learn?

Well, being passionate mean you take a strong interest in things and are more willing to do more in general to influence stuff.


Andrew says, "I am going to collaborate with Leoshi and Adrian for a Philippe Slash-fic that is 99++!"


Passion: Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! Ew! Don't! Disgusting! Detention!


Dispassion: I know you think he is totally hot. Well, he eat boogers for breakfast, tea and supper. Not to mention that you don't have the vocabulary for that and you'd have to ask Kate Badcrumble for that and she will never answer. Also, writing that will probably make him drop out and you will NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN. Get it? + [sabotage] Also I casted a spell to destroy all writing supplies on this island.


Lacking Passion: Oh. Go ahead.


Well, I know Dispassion is probably not the best word. :( Maybe De-passion. But anyway, the need for passion is that you need to care in order to work your magic on making others not care. That, and if you are used to standing around like a robot, it can be hard to discourage people because you don't know how does it feel to be passionate.



Argh. It still sounds faulty and weird.

Anyway. I am going to sleep. :(

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Because the Pudding Master has mastered you?


And to Master Pudding, how do you know whether Philippe is hot?


Get my name right :angry:



Yeah. You guys keep on dreaming up events about Philippe in romantic situations :mellow:


I don't know whether he is really "hot", but I know for sure he is to you guys :unsure:


I know you think he is totally hot.
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The important thing is whether I have affected in you in writing this adventure? Are you going to use me as a target?


Uhhhhhh..... you would have to explain what does "target" mean :huh:


I was going to write about Philippe anyway (even before noticing the question here) after the adventure anyway :P


4 November

Puppet Master

Philippe Fans Club

---Leoshi, Andrew of Durand, Joana Lio y Rossollo


There. ;)

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I was going to write about Philippe anyway (even before noticing the question here) after the adventure anyway :P


4 November

Puppet Master

Philippe Fans Club

---Leoshi, Andrew of Durand, Adrian, Joana Lio y Rossollo


There. ;)


Hehe, someone has to write an event in which Philippe gets a fan club just to see him freak out. I would join it just for that. Also, I suspect many teachers would start throwing negation spells left and right, thinking it was an enchantment.

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Dispassion ought to give a bonus to Logic at some point. Dispassionate logic is a cliche of its own, after all.


Alternatively, Logic ought to give a bonus to Dispassion.

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