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Color difficulty not corresponding


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It happens to me relatively often, especially in adventures (and especially at the last stages)... I see a nice blue or green, and when I actually try the adventure, the best option is red or purple!

Why is that?


A similar issue happens for the Befriend action: at the stage of name selection one gets a clear green, and instead it seems impossible to befriend the chosen character (I wonder if this issue depends on the fact that, regarding the Befriend, the shown color depends only on your abilities and does not take into account the affect of the other members of the clique)

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The Problem is that the color for adventure just check the exits but not if they are behind any Investigations and if you can manage them.

I also doubt the color system can see if you meet other special requirments for a exit like you haved to do a special exit/investigation a vew steps earlyer.

To make it short but technical anytime there is a check for a flag the color coding will ignore this requirement.

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