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This is inspired by Jane's excellent thread about adding in, well, mean options and exits.


This thread aims to do the same, except that we are adding in exits about your backgrounds.

Feel free to pitch in your ideas / already written stuffs!


Random Event Student - Catherine 1


“Hey, I know you…” You turn around to find [Character]Character/Selection/Vernin/Catherine Chard, talking to you. “You were at the Saint Pollo Gala last year.” You check over your shoulder just to make sure she is actually talking to you. You never knew [Character]Character/Selection/Vernin/Catherine Chard to condescend to talk to anyone. As far as you knew, [Character]Character/Selection/Vernin/Catherine Chard didn’t even allow friends, only worshippers, whom she only acknowledged if she needed them to carry her books. This has to be a monumental moment in Academagia history!


You don’t know anything about any Saint Pollo Gala, and it must show on your face, because [Character]Character/Selection/Vernin/Catherine Chard says it again, “The Saint Pollo Gala, don’t you remember?”


New Exit: How could you forget? That was a disaster!

Backgrounds - History: Descended of Royalty, Station: Nobility, Station: Wealthy, Station: Well-to-do


Dismissing the gaggle of high society devotees glued at her side, [Character]Character/Selection/Vernin/Catherine Chard attaches herself to you. She starts walking with you and reminiscing about this highfalutin gala that she met you at last year.


“I heard that they got somebody else in charge for the next gala. A long-due move."

"Of course! Say, did the Guildmaster recover from the rotting toffee?"

"That's exactly why they sacked Lady Pollyanna."

"And not because the banner ends up being Saint Pollyanna Gala?"



That was fun. You almost forgot that she is human.


Piaxenza Adventure 09



Your plan is simple: Professor [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Sixt von Rupprecht has a fatal weakness for pumpkin pie, you know because you see him devour a whole platter at every one of the Academagia’s holiday functions. So you’re going to get him to walk straight into the jaws of reason, otherwise known as Professor [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Finus Piaxenza, with the irresistible allure of baking pumpkin pie.

New Exit: You have been baking pies forever. Your mastery of pie-baking is just sightly behind breathing!

Background - Apprenticeship: Pie Kitchen


The moment you pour out the flour, everything become automatic; you beat, you slice, you pound, and you plunge your hand straight into the fire without flinching.


When you finally got out of your trance, your hand are all floury, and Professor Piaxenza is already lecturing a pie-devouring Professor Sixt von Ruppercht.


Elemental Warriors 01



"WRONG," he yells, completely unprovoked. "I don't care what you've heard, but this aint no ice cream social. This is a place for those who want to be the best, and so far you haven't measured up to anything. So what's it going to be? Do you think you have what it takes?"


New Exit 1: Probably, because your family can probably wipe out the Warriors in one go.

Background - History: Famous Campaigners


His eyes widen as he get a good look at your face.


In awe-inspired silence, he signs you up with a very large bonus.


As you walk out of the place, you hear him speaking to himself.

"I got a @player last name@! I got a @player last name@!"


New Exit 2: Yes. You have experience.

Background - Tutoring: Combat, Apprenticeship: Student-at-Arms


You just stare at him and tell him of your combat experience.


And stare.


The officer stares back.


"We got a pro here, am I right?"


"Might be more experienced than you, you know."


He signs you up with a large bonus. A very large one.


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Someone should really try to do this for mastery and gates. I always raise them to 10/11 and have no reason to use them. And it should be interesting to see what comes up.


Student Adventure Luti 3

The Search for a Patron



“I’m always eager to encourage talent in young people. Alas, I simply don’t have the time.” He gestures around his studio, filled with easels and half-finished paintings. “I get so little for my paintings that I have to work constantly to make ends meet. If you could find me a patron, however, I could spare you a few hours a week for lessons.”




Backgrounds - History: Descended of Royalty, Station: Nobility, Station: Wealthy

New Exit: Hmm...who would sponsor a new artist if not the local lord?


You've heard about Lord Duncan, being forced to learn about everyone who's anyone. He's an art lover with money to spend for anything that catches his eye. Word has it that his gallery is nothing short of impressive and that he is always willing to expand it with unique and interesting pieces. You take a journey to his manor and introduce yourself. The Lord, only too happy to meet someone of your family name, greets you and invites you for tea.


It doesn't take him long to direct the subject to his magnificent gallery and you casually mention about a new artist that has caught your eye and your intention of buying some of his more intriguing paintings or possibly sponsoring him. He almost demands the name and address and you coyly skip around the subject until finally, when you can almost see him sweating, you pretend to slip it out.


The conversation then turns one-sided, as the Lord is visibly thinking about how best to approach the new artist and you excuse yourself. A few days later, you learn that Jean-Luc has got his patron, who almost threw his money at him. Luti is ecstatic about starting his lessons.






Backgrounds - History: Descended of Royalty, Station: Nobility, Station: Wealthy, Station: Well-to-do

Not: Black Sheep

Parental Approval over 100 if possible would work too...


New Exit: You could always try your parents...



After careful wording and many crumpled papers you are finally pleased with your letter, which you immediately send. It only takes a few days for your parents to write back that they are pleased to hear that you are interested in such things and that they will see about this new artist.


Sure enough, they contact Jean Luc who impressed them enough for him to gain sponsorship. True to his word, he starts giving an excited Luti lessons almost right away.



This is actually my first time writing something like this so I hope it's okay. It's actually quite fun...

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This looks like a lot of fun. :3 I'll try to write some backgrounds involving the Spy and Pirate ones... I had a bunch of ideas involving them when I first came up with them. Hee. Good idea, Creme, and good work to you and MadHatt.

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Student Adventure Zoe Melis 03a


You’ve gotten [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Zoe Melis’s appearance somewhat under control. It’s now time to turn to a more elusive trait: popularity. Hopefully you will have just as much success raising her profile as you did improving her outward presentation.


New Exit: Well, you are exactly the expert with spotlight, either hogging it or swaying it.

Backgrounds - Prodigy: Center of Attention, Prodigy: Social


People paid attention to you all the time during your childhood, and you earned that with your charm. And when it is time to step away from the spotlight, you know exactly how to push someone else there. It wasn't hard to explain all these tricks to her. That, and her academic-curve destroying already got her a little spotlight.


She's definitely a fast learner - two days, and nearly everyone she met assume she's one of the popular girls!

New Exit: Teach her how to be a classy lady. They are all going to respect her!

Backgrounds - Apprenticeship: Page, Apprenticeship: Spy, Station: Nobility


There's nothing that command respect like nobility; you knew that all too well from your childhood.


Of course, Zoe is not Catherine Chard; she is shy, with her family isn't awe-inspiring prestigious. But she's the smartest student in the school; she just need that confident touch a noble have to garner respect.


She's definitely a fast learner - two days, and nearly everyone she met assume she's one of the popular girls!



Student Adventure Iustus 1



Of course, that means staying awake all night yourself or rigging yourself some kind of alarm.

New Exit: You are fit. You certainly can stay awake.

Backgrounds - Prodigy: Physical (Or Fitness => 5)


It wasn't hard for you to stay awake. You knew it is important to get rest, but you are the kind of person that can take it once in a while without getting all drowsy the next day.


At first nothing much happens.........(skipped)

When you tell him what you saw, he’s shocked, a little scared. He’s a little excited too. “Thanks for your help. Now, at least, I know what’s happening.”


New Exit: Your "friends" will keep you awake. Even if you don't want to.

Backgrounds - Prodigy: Secrets and Silence (Disable all other exits)


Your friends whispers in your ears. You knew you can depend on them. They always whisper. Even when you want peace and quiet.


At first nothing much happens. It’s just you struggling to stop screaming in front of [Character]Character/Selection/Hedi/Iustus Venture, and you start to think that this was a giant waste of time. But then, right before your eyes, Iustus starts to change, into something. You stare at him, thinking it was your little friends playing tricks on you. Or maybe you lost it.


Iustus has hair all over his body, he’s got claws and sharp teeth, and as you approach him to take a closer look, he growls at you. He looks like a dog or a wolf. You tremble, back into a corner; you have the feeling you are alone in the room, that you will be devoured within tonight. Then he leapt out the window. You sit there trembling all the way until Iustus returns only with the morning. His night clothes are dirty and his hair disheveled.


When you tell him what you saw, he’s shocked, a little scared. He’s a little excited too. “Thanks for your help. Now, at least, I know what’s happening.”


As you turn around to leave, he taps on your shoulder with a concerned look. "Are you alright? You know, you looked even worse than me last night. Maybe you should get some..."


His voice trails off as you ignore his remark and walk away. He doesn't need to know.

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