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Cliques and Colleges, through the years


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Hey all,


I can remember but not find a topic in which the Legate mentioned something about Cliques formed out of students from different colleges.

If I recall correctly, he said that it might give some interesting situations (problems?) in later years as the competition between colleges becomes more intens.


Now I am wondering if:

1) I remembered it correctly?

2) the added situations are going to be minor or major in effect, breaking up cliques if they are multi-college?


Mostly because, as I have been entering all the different students in the wiki and reading their descriptions, interests and goals, I have gotten a slight preference for certain students due to their backstories (even though some of those abilities suck).

Sad thing though is that they are from different colleges. And even with a social butterfly like Emilia Picotti the clique might not survive all the pre-programmed rivalries.


To the other players:

What are your thoughts on this?


To the Legate:

Could you tell a bit more what effect inter-college relationships will have in cliques in future years?

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I keep trying to make one collage cliques, but inevitably someone tries to ruin it. (Most famously, I had my character, Phillipe, Vettor, and Joana in a clique called the Morjerks, then a confused Mairgrete stomped her way in... then Cinzia kept befriending me, kicking herself out (she didn't get along with Phillipe), then befriending me again and repeating until I finally rolled my eyes and gossiped her and Phillipe to friendship.)


...Maybe the key is to make sure your collage outnumbers the members from other collages. Hm. That's the basis I'm running on now, anyway.

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Right now I have a pureblood Aranaz-only clique. Aveline Courtenay and Tabin. Let's see how long it lasts without anyone barging in. Aveline only once defamed Aranaz so it's fairly succesfull. :P


I really can;t wait for year 2 to see how all that play out. But lets face it, when year 2 comes out everything about how we play year 2 will change. Year 1 will become: what do I need to do to unlock cool stuff in year 2.

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I'm kind of really hoping I can keep Aymeri cliqued while getting Lambert as a roommate next year in my Durand roleplay game. I have a feeling that will end up exploding in Ceyn's face spectacularly, and things are always most amusing when his plans and ideas are exploding in his face.



I have this desire to start up a RIVALZ!!! clique game, too, where not only do you forcefully befriend your bitter rival, but you also grab Aymeri and Lambert, Zoe and Milena, and so on and so forth. That can only lead to tears next year. Awesome tears.

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