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Hehe this is turning into a nostalgia thread. I find it somewhat worrying that I share your love for theiflings and One of Many. Really, what does that say about us? :P



(As for BG2: Kesley was,.. nice, flat but alright. Sola, quite sweet really, though the poetic banter took me ages to consider (and at the time, translate). I'd usually have liked nothing more than attempt to thrust Amoen's head through a wall. Of solid brick. A shame Haer'Dalis and Aerie fall in so well together, ahh well... For combat, I remember after my X'th attempt I tried getting a mix of combat boosting mods, hoooollly crap. Most was alright, but some encounters...)

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So apparently 25 is not too old to get lecture's from one's mother about letting opportunities pass one by and shame, shame, shame. This week was admittedly a bit of a burst. I just barely finished my work, I'll have to skip out on going to wineries tomorrow, and while I only have the project left, it's hard and I don't think there's anyway I'm going to complete it properly by tomorrow's deadline. I'm so irritated at myself, but really, you can't help getting sick. You can help procrastinating, though, and I have only myself to blame for that. Mad at self, grr.


Maybe this will be the final straw that teaches me to be a better person and not procrastinate. But more likely, not. ARGH. Bad Mikka, bad!


Whether I finish this project or not (and it's really looking like not :(), on Sunday I'll probably post a new thread about the new two NPCs. We can continue chatting away about video games here, though... at least until the Legate tells us to shush. ^^;;


And yes, this truly is the nostalgia thread. Welcome back, Adrian, I missed you. ;) As for liking tieflings and One of Many... I think that just says we're awesome. Clearly. Or we're kindred spirits of awesome, but the awesome factor does not leave.


Yeah, that's basically how I'd describe Kelsey. Nice enough guy, nothing wrong with him... but that was all there was to his character. He was a basic 'nice guy' to balance out Anomen's 'annoying jackass' persona. Probably what we needed when BGII had just been released, but I think other NPCs outdid him. You did translating for Sola? That's awesome. :D Or just for your own use? Either way, it's cool.


As for Haer'Dalis and Aerie, they always break up when she starts to develop a spine, so I don't feel bad taking him from her. He'd just lead her to heartbreak and pain (if a bit of character development) anyway.


Tactics added some mean battles. I don't remember what mod it was, but one mod made that Priest of Cyric encounter at the docks killer. Owch!

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Glad you like her hair. You said wild curls.... I was half afraid they were going to eat her head while the computer was shut down. I noticed the thin hair, but in Neta, it's supposed to be the whole immaterial beauty thing. I know a couple of girls like that. I wrote metaphors on girls like that. The effect is interesting. For us PCs though...less so.


Olivia and Girars...huh. I need to play with Girars more. As a dedicated alumni of Godina college, I rarely interact with Morvidus. Except Phillipe and Jo. Seriously, what is their problem?!


It's true, Mhadi never did anything against me. Not even once. He was the best rival a kid could have.


Ah, Planescape. I'm hoping Project Eternity turns into the great RPG it's shaping up to be, but so far I'm a bit sceptical. I've no doubt that the story and characters will be up par with Obsi, but the setting is a bit too ...Faerun-esque. It's not a bad thing, but when you can create a whole new universe, going with something safe is a bit dull. Black Isle is dead and the weird necro vodoo dark magic thing that went on that resurrected it is a foul and unnatural thing.


I agree that there is no such thing as drinking too much. Gods, the drinks I could make with thoooose...why are you half a world away?


I'll probably be 50 and my mother will still lecture me. My most picky critic. She also taught me how to swear at age three, so the discussions are entertaining for the whole block.


Did anyone play with all the BG NPCs but me? I took a look at Kelsey, thought...merchant? What like turnips? Another one? Nope


And Leoshi...you sort of walked right into that. Those numerous adventures on Phillipe had to have some effect. But, hey, considering that Phillipe turned into an unofficial mascot of the forum and game, it's not so bad. :P

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haha, no, I only translated for myself. I don't think my poetry in English would be anything anyone would have taken a pleasure reading, at least at the time.


Hey, what is wrong with Jan? He was a clever little bastard. I'd usually switch him out at some point, but something in him really spoke to me. (I think it was the turnips)



I'm a bit saddened that I've not finished Planescape yet. I got to/near the last fight, and the ##¤%"!"#&! game crashes. I've had issues with all spells, but the amount near the end just killed it. And my first tries (some years back) I don't think I got past Ravel. (I *like* her though, an amazing character)

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Leoshi is going to be forever associated with bullies in my mind. Leoshi and Philippe forever! Accept no substitutes!


So I didn't finish my project, but I did sort of show what I was trying to do so I think I'll submit what I have and see if the project giver wants to give me another extension (I am so horrible ;_; ) or if it's just a wash at this point. I really wanted to finish it too, but this whole throwing up thing makes it hard to work. Agh, life! Why do you get in my way sometimes, then do really nice things other times?


Neta does look a bit like those mysterious doe-eyed waifs that some guys fall all over themselves for. I never quite got the appeal, but it's certainly pretty looking. I don't know. I think Miya is cute enough, personally. Cat and Louise aren't exactly traditional 'beautiful', but well, Louise definitely isn't supposed to be, and Cat runs on spunk (...let's just let that one go), which allows you to beat all obstacles. Right? Right.


Girars is an easy rival who does absolutely nothing to you, too. He's also borderline psychotic. No, I kid, but... he cares about the animals. 'So does all of Mordivus', you're saying, but no. Girars cares about the animals. He cares with his full heart and soul, and you shame him and disgust him by not caring enough. In fact, he's furious by you not caring enough. I personally imagine him as a perfectly normal, sane guy, and you'll just be walking around with him, and then all of a sudden OMG ANIMALS RAWRRGHHHH and he just completely loses it and starts gibbering like a madman, spittle flying everywhere and arms shaking violently as ANIMALS RAWRHGHIUFHEUH!!!!!!! That's... probably not how he's meant to be, but it's the impression he sort of gives me.


Yeah, I'm looking at Project Eternity with a critical eye. I have no doubt I'll buy it, but I wish they had went a bit more... out there in their settings. A shame when like, freakin' Guild Wars 2 has a more interesting setting then you, and they are Generic Fantasy MMO #23 or so or something.


I don't know why I'm half a world away! If I ever travel half a world away, though, I want you as my drinking partner. I think we'd have some fun with that.


Kelsey actually isn't the turnip merchant (that was hudlepuff or something... I don't know, it reminded me of Harry Potter). Kelsey is the redhaired sorcerer who's personality is basically "Hello, I am a relatively decent guy with no real drama or trauma going on that isn't going to constantly insult your female character and will in fact treat her like the powerful, awesome child of god that she is". Which I suppose isn't a bad personality, but more and more NPCs have come out with the "...isn't going to constantly insult your female character and will in fact treat her like the powerful, awesome child of god that she is" while adding a bit more to the background then "Dude, I'm a just like a guy. Sorcerer." He doesn't even really have sorcerer angst or anything. In fact, I can't remember his background at all because there was nothing really memorable about him.


As for me, I liked using other NPCs because then I could make more devoted parties. Like an all elf party. That's fun. Or an all halfling/dwarf/gnome party (and leaving Korgain out of it is always a plus, because he's annoying). Or even all neutral or all evil parties. Besides, I got in to modding through BG2, so NPCs and the like were always sort of my purpose. There's even a cross-mod banter pack, which makes NPC mods talk to each other and is really quite grand.


Jan is adorable, in a crazy way. His attempts to steal Boo amused me, even though I'm not usually a big fan of Minsc (mainly, his stats annoy me. Y U NO HAVE WISDOM. U CANNOT BE RANGER WITH NO WISDOM.)... I don't know. I wish they did a Jan friendship mod. I know there's a Mazzy, a Yoshimo, and I think a Viconia one out there...





Adrian, Adrian, you need to play Planescape: Torment! "When a mind does not *know* itself, it is flawed. When a mind is flawed, the man is flawed. When a man is flawed, that which he touches is flawed. It is said that what a flawed man sees, his hands make broken." ...I loved Dak'kon. Actually, there's not a single character I don't love. Best game ever. One of my greatest regrets is you have to fight Ravel. It was originally intended that you could talk your way past her like you talk your way past almost every fight in the game, but... she loved you and didn't want you to leave. If your a mage with high intelligence, though, her fight is really easy. You can call trees to you as she calls trees to her. Really, Mage is the way to play that game...


- And the spells are so cool! Symbol of Torment! When will I have the ability to do that in Academagia, huh huh?
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See this? this is the kind of spell effects that would crash, damn and gate my computer strait to hell. I've actually upgraded since then, so maybe I'll give it another go. I think I've seen most of the game, just not come far into the last Fortress.



Also, I'm fairly sure that Jan is your tunip merchant ;)

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I did meet Girars for a bit but never...a lot. Kept a safe distance ever since I read his adventure. The boy is obsessed with animals, yes. In a creepy sort of way. Are you sure he'd be good for Olivia? I think she'd need a more stable influence...if only because she's not all that stable herself. It really makes the detention adventure all the more interesting, to see how different students interact without anything in common. I love that type of adventure.


Well, if you ever travel half a world away from where you are, let me know. I'll show you some awesome cocktails! ...We're gonna be in an alcoholic coma by sundown won't we?


Kelsey...doesn't sound interesting. Just a merchant...why is a sorcerer a merchant anyway? Past level 5, that guy is already better than his peers. Sorcerer angst? There's sorcerer angst? I think it's one of the best classes to be. You can wield naturally and don't even have to study much. Compared to wizards. Besides, in a party consisting of a wounded avariel, a plane-leaping tiefling, a son of a god, a shapeshifter, a red wizard and a drow cleric..."just a guy" is kind of...well, out of place. I'd have freaked out, if I were him. High fantasy or not, I imagine the common folk don't deal with that sort of thing very often.


I always wanted to play with more NPCs but somehow, I still returned to my normal ones. Viconia is the best cleric around, Yoshimo is there because he's a good thief and he leaves right when Imoen comes in so I don't have to leave anyone behind, Jaheira and Minsc stick around because they've been around since forever and Minsc is useful for carrying stuff. The fifth one usually comes in and out depending on quests. In ToB, that spot is Sarevok's.


And I constantly forget Minsc is a ranger. To me, he is a barbarian with bit less damage per round.


I think you're thinking of Hublepot, who was...a vegetable farmer or something? Jan sold turnips. He was amusing but had no place in the party of angst that somehow formed.


Adrian, I agree with Mikka. You have to finish Planescape. Max out charisma, intelligence and wisdom and just talk around. Best game I've played. The story is amazing. It shares a spot for me with the story in Legacy of Cain and I'm not sure which game I complimented more by that statement.

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So I sorted through my wine today. I counted 71 bottles. What should I do with them all? And next weekend I am going out to drink more. Somehow, this doesn't seem right.


Give Planescape: Torment another try, when you have the time! It's really good! And MadHatt's right. Become a mage at first opportunity, and stick to that path while maxing out CHA, INT, and WIS. STR, DEX, and CON is for losers. That's the best way to play the game, in my opinion. You get to talk people to death! There are very few fights you have to go with. Keep Morte, Dak'kon, Annah, and Fall-From-Grace in your party, and put the last spot with whatever of the three 'sixth rangers' you can find.


(I recomend trying all three, actually...


Pick up Nordom as soon as you can once reaching the Curiousity shop. Keep him with you until you meet Vhalior. Install http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/649-qwinns-pst-tweak-pack-v412/ , specifically the Save Nordom part (also install http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/648-pst-unfinished-business-v412/ this for some extra content and http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/647-pst-ultimate-weidu-fixpack-v413/ for some bug fixing). Send Nordom home, and take Vhalior through Curst. Once you get back to Sigil, change Vhailor out for Ingus and do some hanging around in the lower ward and exploring and finishing quests for a bit. Before you head in to the Fortress, change Ingus out if you're good/neutral (save for CN, I think). If you're CN or evil, keep Ignus. Then finish the game.



Having said that, I had a fun game where I thieved it up, being the most charming and dextrous thief to ever explore the planes (and there's some nice thief only dialog). I think that's more for second plays or such, though: for the first play you almost certainly want to do mage.


I don't know. I think when you're a certain kind of crazy, you need someone else who's a certain kind of crazy to put up with you. I mean, I know no guy or gal but a certain kind of crazy one could put up with me. ;) So I ship Girars and Olivia, because they both have obsessive, protective, and somewhat violent personalities in their own special ways. Sure, animals versus Cyrus is a pretty big difference in subjects to be obsessed with, but it's the same core deep inside. Crazy as anything. They'd work, really. Trust me! What could go wrong?


I'll keep that in mind. ;) And yes, we'd get in an alcoholic coma, but it would be same worth it.


I think he was a merchant before he was a sorcerer. Just like 'my parents were merchants and so I was a merchant because we are sort of in medieval fantasy world and we just follow our parents professions for the most part but then, hey, sorcery! I cast spells! So I decided to adventure! And be a nice guy!'. I mean, i don't know. As for sorcerer angst, that comes when they are a child and suddenly find out about their powers of sorcery usually by shooting a fireball at their mother or something horribly depressing. I don't know. I guess he has 'I am a sorcerer!' going for him. He was... it's hard to describe him, I guess. He's really just the nice, dependable sort of guy who has feelings for you (or your little sis) but there's not really anything more to him. He's just... not that interesting. Not bad, but... not interesting. Which can be good, I guess. Sometimes you really don't want a party that you need to play therapy to. I know sometimes I like playing with just well adjusted characters by my side who can be relied on in a fight, not mental illnesses, traitors, brooding woes, drama lies, and generic bizarre behavior.


Eh, I never play with Viconia. I know too many girls who employ the same techniques as she does, and it's sort of a been there, did that thing with me. I can get by with just a druid as healer in this game if necessary, and Anomen or Aerie, even though they annoy me, can serve the purpose well enough (and have extra survivability). There are also modded clerics to use- Gavin is my go to guy. I don't often use Jaheria or Minsc, either- I send them away and make my way out of the sewers with Imoen, or dismiss them as soon as we get to the city. I do often end up using Yoshimo/Imoen, unless they cut in to my party rules (only evil discludes them both, only elves discludes them both...).


I think my favorite mod is Xan, over at Pocket Plane (but I've heard Angelo is really good). Have you ever tried that? It has two fully different romances for gals- one if you brought in your character from Baldur's Gate 1 playing the NPC Project (it's sad), and one if you just start it in BGII (which is slightly less sad). He'll only romance the elves, though. For all characters, male and female and elf or not, he has a long friendship track- which basically is just a bunch of banters with the PC about all sorts of different subjects. It's fun. I like doing the all elf route, with Aerie as cleric/mage, Xan as pure mage, Kivan as ranger, Haldamir as fighter (or you could use Yasraena instead- I'm partial to pretty boy male elves, but she's the coolest of the trio made by that paticular modder, imo), and then Viconia up till I get to the Underdark then I dump her for Sola (you could keep her, though). Then play the protagonist as a thiefy, and all goes to plan. With the cross-mod banter pack, they'll even talk. And I'm sure there's more elves out there- I think there's even another winged one. Because one isn't enough, apparently.


"Ooh, squirrels, Boo! I know I saw them! Quick, throw nuts!"


Hublepot was a vegetable merchant. Who may have possibly sold turnips, too, but probably without as much zeal as Jan did. I remember being bemused by him. But more dr00ds is always nice. I like dr00ds.


Okay, tonight or maybe tomorrow I'm going to post a new thread with a 'how you make a modded character' tutorial thing, because someone said I should make one I don't know how long ago. And it really is quite easy, when you get down to it. Just time consuming. I just, um, may get distracted doing other things first. Because I'm easily distractable.

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I usually toss the bottles before I get to the counting. It would probably depress me...On the other hand, I did have that party again and now I have more full bottles because guests felt they had to come with something and apparently, we're all too insane to buy a bag of chips. So they got alcohol. I now...need another party to get rid of all this extra drinks. I swear, I have no more room in the fridge.


I think Olivia needs someone with feet on the ground...and I don't think anyone in the game is without his own share of insanity. Even Luti has it. Otherwise he wouldn't be in Godina. How about Cyrus? I think it'd be interesting to see him with Ana...


Have I mentioned how much I love Godina yet? I started a new character yesterday, after drinking too much and started a new guy. It's just that every adventure establishes them as so ...united. The guys are playing cards in the corner, girls gossip on the sofas, then when something happens they all band together and not for the betterment of the college (like Aranaz) or for their teacher (like Durand) or for pride, but because, hey, yeah, that guy needs help. Or treasure, but really, it started because a girl wanted a quill.


Viconia...I liked Viconia. Well, I like drow as long as they are EVIL and not good, because seriously, in the environment, being good is being stupid. And if they do a lot of damage or are good at what they do, I don't even care about their personality. That was actually the reason I first took Sarevok on board. I thought..if he was going to do the same damage he did to me in BG 1 but to my enemies, Jaheira be damned, I'm getting him.


I know Xan of course, didn't play with the romance but read some of it. Angelo I know because a friend was always talking about him. I stayed away from him on principle. If romancing him ended up with me step-mother to Shar Teel, I'm running for the hills, NOW.


Most fun I've had was with a character I actively crippled...half-elf and mage/thief/fighter but with balanced stats so that it was a jack of all trades. She ended up wielding Carsomyr, the sword you get from the genie in hell (I love how you can say such crazy sentences and mean them) and one from a follower of Bhaal. Yeah, she ended up evil. I hate Hell. I'm also sure it makes some sort of statement about me and my gaming ways that I'm not comfortable with.

Either way, she ended up killing basically everything. It was insane.


After these chats, I really want to start replaying BG. Did you try the Extended Edition? I don't know of anyone who has and I want to complain about it. It's bad. And a waste of cash. And so damn buggy....


Congrats on the new thread. I will refrain from posting unrelated things in it, on principle :P at least for now. Do we have an Academagia equivalent to Ireland? ...I know we have one for England, but Ireland?

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So, um, I got really sick. Neurovirus or some nonsense. It sucks. I'm on the road to recovery, but I'm still sort of out of it. I have work to do today, and project to do tomorrow, so no real time for talking on the boards as much as I love talking on the boards. I'll try to post something Saturday. Or sooner, if I finish work or project early.


This late winter just seems to hate me. I seem to catch everything. I have a compromised immune system to begin with, and if someone is sick around me, nine out of ten chance I'll get it. I don't appreciate it, though.


(Insert around three more paragraphs of me whining about being sick here.)


I haven't forgotten what I said I would be working on, so no worries. I'll get that tutorial and Cat and Cuàn done, dang it, somehow. Someway. I lost a few days, but I still have plans. I'll get things done, I will.

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Work done, project today, new kids (and a reply to MadHatt) tomorrow. All should work out well. I hope.


I'm done being sick to my stomach, at least. I still feel dizzy and tired, but I'm not actively being sick, so all is basically well, I suppose. I mean, it's miserable, but it's well.


March just doesn't seem to be a good month for me, I think.

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Project is almost done. Going to have to do a bit of work on it tomorrow, but I should get it done tomorrow, which is good, because I've spent too much time on it so far.


New kids are snotty brats, but they will wait indeed. They're not as whiny in my head as Aaran and Miya were. When I didn't work on them for a while, I could practically hear their voices whining at me "Why aren't you working on me? Did you stop caring about me? ANGST WAHHH". Cuàn and Cat are more well behaved. I approve of that.


Happy Woman's Day, indeed! Not that I need a reason to drink, but I enjoyed two drinks anyway. Cheers!

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Still a bit more of project to do (but first, suffering through dinner with mother and her boyfriend). Then, tomorrow, I can devote the day entirely to the new kids. Finally.


Things, at the moment, seem to be going pretty smoothly- I seem to be fully recovered. Just have to cross my fingers that I don't just catch it again, which is the danger of that virus.

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It was tough and rather touch and go at times, but I survived the dinner and don't seem to have caught the virus again. Cheers to me!


To Madhatt:


I don't keep empty bottles. Empty bottles are my bane. So there are seventy some filled ready to be drunk. Of course, I just bought six more today, and I bought like, six more yesterday. I am so bad. But when local wineries are having events, it's hard to resist! They come and feed you and give you free samples and act real friendly and are all "Give me your money!" and it's hard for me to resist. I love supporting local wineries. There's twenty six of them near my house, and I'm trying to visit all of them in the month of march so I can give them my money and buy lots of yummy wines. A few places might not have anything worthy, but in general, most do. PA otherwise runs on state run liquor stores (controlled by the government) which basically have wine that only pleases the lowest common denominator- nothing wrong with it, exactly, but nothing interesting and exciting, just stuff that pleases everyone. So local winaries are the only real place you can find anything interesting, because if you drive in to a nearby state and buy stuff from their liquor stores, you're bootlegging and engaging in illegal activity. Pennsylvania liquor laws suck.


That's true, most students in the game are insane (mine, considerably so). Cyrus, Cyrus... a girl good for Cyrus. Ana might be good as you said, but I would almost prefer him with a girl as attractive as he is, and thus someone who will take none of his manipulations. Maybe Emilia? She seems like she would able to manipulate him right back, she's just as pretty, she's just as charming, and she has a pretty good head on her shoulders. They're both in Avila, too, so they'd have that in common. I imagine she could stand up to Cyrus pretty well, and thus wouldn't fall in to the 'be awed by his prowess' trap other girls fall in to.


Godina is a great House- the students really do seem connected. I will always be partial to my beloved Aranaz, but Godina is as you said one house where everyone seems to come together for one another. It's admirable.


I don't mind good drow anymore then I mind evil humans. They're not always evil, they're mostly evil, D&D wise, so exceptions make sense. I don't like Viconia, though. I really don't like her. I try not to keep her around, in truth- even though I hate Aerie, something about Viconia just rubs me the wrong way and so I take the character I hate over her. Or even Anomen, though I shoot him down right away if I'm playing a gal. He's such a jerkface.


Shar-Teal's stepmother would be a thing to worry about, but I usually play relatively confident and cheerful Bhaalspawn. So they'd just deal with that the same way they deal with having a father who is the dead god of Murder: cheerful, and with full charge ahead.


You know, I can't get Icewind Dale to work. It crashes as soon as I leave the first town with the expedition. Very annoying.


I usually end up playing thieves in Baldur's Gate (II), because all you have thief-wise is Yoshimo, and, well, we all know the fate of Yoshimo, don't we? So yeah. Thieves. I am so sick of the thief stronghold, in truth, but it's what I keep doing. There was a mod that made an extended thief stronghold that wasn't bad, but it was a bit buggy. I wonder whatever happened to it.


I haven't bought the Extended Edition- I've been waiting for the BG1 NPC Project to be translated over to it, as I'm not playing BG1 without it (I miss my banters!). I'm disappointed to hear it's a buggy mess, though; I was hoping to buy it. :( I guess I'll wait on that buy and keep following the patches instead, to see if it fixes the bugginess.


Feel free to post related things on the new thread, though! As it is, it looks a bit lonely. It's just me there. ;_; As for Ireland, the Legate mentioned it and the Wales equivalent were small island chains that I believe are north off the main map. I used that to assume Cuàn must be a small town boy rather then from any big cities, though that might not be exactly accurate. It still works, though, so whatever. ^^

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I like playing thieves in BG but I hate thieving. Pickpocket fails = load of aggro from everywhere, almost forcing you to reload. And it is so easy to do it! Failed, reload, failed... And it isn't like pickpocketing or sneaking into people's homes gathering and selling their valuables are really that usefull. Quest npcs like to throw large sums in your general direction.


about BG:EE I don't think it is a buggy mess. Though to be fair I haven't gotten too far yet. It has some... well,.. minor.. ergh.. I wouldn't call it bugs, but, 'features' that I am sure was not intended. Like unfortunate fonts at places, some quest display that is a bit fuzzy. It isn't major to me, and fully playable. Banter would be nice to get in though, and maybe an extension of some dialog options, though I read that they've added quite a bit.

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...I agree on your laws being silly. I didn't even knew there was something like that. Huh. Well, you learn something every day.


Hmmm...not sure about Emilia. The other Emilia might not be so bad. I didn't think of someone as pretty as he is, but someone who would actually look past the pretty boy thing and talk to him like a normal person. With everything Ana had going on, I figured she'd probably be alright. How about Silke?


Evil humans can be a product of various natures and nurtures but good drow...only the surface ones. So meeting a good drow means dabbling into that tiny tiny demographic of surface drow, who instead of succumbing to the fantasy racism and become at least neutral, has a good heart and so on and so forth. Seems like a stretch to me. I dislike Eilistraee as well. I was a huge Vhaerun fan ...until they killed him.


And I usually play decent Bhaalspawn..until Hell. Damn you, Hell, with your shiny trinkets.


Huh, are you playing Icewind with mods? Did you empty the cache? What windows?


I typically play something magical or kensai. Those katanas...I get sick of the mage stronghold, but I had a mod that allowed me to get ALL OF THEM. My favourite was the fighter one, but I never played it fully. Something about resting and going back ...I wanted to adventure not get stuck there.


To BG:EE's benefit, I attract bugs. I tickle their pink, somehow. Give me a relatively bug-free game and three minutes in, I'm stuck in the terrain. In Fallout, casadores no-clipped through the wall for me. Scorpions came from the ground. In Fallout 3, it was mutants that showed up from dunes and killed me. Deathclaws opened doors. I don't even want to tell you about Skyrim, but short version? Flying horses. With me on them. So yes, I have found bugs.


The NPCs were virtually unplayable with the bugs. Dismiss one and you can't get them back because the dialogue repeats. Or you can't find them. Or they just sit there. Or their quest doesn't advance. It's also sort of ...laggy? I don't know. I have a computer that barely flinches at modern games but there's this very light delay that KILLS me.


Adrian, how far did you get? If you plan to get the NPCs, for the love of Bhaal, get them in your party right away. Or else you're doooooooomed. Did they even release a patch yet?

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BG:EE has released several patches (Though it does seem to have a bit of patch-patch feel to it). I've not experienced the bug you are describing though, but maybe it's just luck on my side :P

In the EE I've gotten past the Nashkel mines, but then my party ran afoul the Nashkel militia and we wiped :( (And I should perhaps mention here that I usually DON'T play a decent bhaalspawn)


Got a bit disheartened and took a break, didn't really pick it up for some time now, though that is hardly the games fault.



I'd not consider Skyrim bugfree, or close. Not really Fallout three either. Question if it bothers you, I suppose. So far it's only been minor things in BG:EE in my mind, though it's been some time. Though I remember that I've had issues zoning and saving in Skyrim, and some npcs were unkillable until they reached a step in their quest and arrgh! so annoying. I like games where I can kill off quest npcs. Of cause the quest dies with him (unless they are really clever fish those game designers) but regardless. If I can kill dragons I should be able to kill a weakling highelf who got pissed when my arrow missed the intended target and instead struck him... Take it like a nord you wussy bastard. (That is to say, in the knee)


Also it bothers me that you can't side with the Thalmore(sp) in Skyrim. I usually play wussy elves :P and if I want to strengthen my homeland due to some twisted notion of duty then I will do just that.

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Oh I know they're not bugless but most people I've talked to never had it that bad. I mean, I get mutants, junkies, ghouls or deathclaws noclipping to me but casadores? ...That's just cruel. Bugless games that had bugs for me? Portal...physics glitch.


It got worse for me after Nashkel. I didn't finish the game but I did get to Baldur's Gate. It seemed a bit more stable there. There was also so called balancing (a basilisk I usually used in the lower areas to get rid of Dynaheir is gone) but the Dire Wolf syndrome is still well in place. Syndrome so-named after losing half a dozen characters to a dire wolf in the beginner area. Nice job, devs. All in all, I'd much rather play the old game with the fix mods and banters. The EE is just not worth it.


Skyrim was surprisingly alright with me, until it wasn't. Once, some sort of bug intervened at the prologue cutscene and the doors didn't open when entering Helgen. Three horses were tossed into the air like bouncy balls and my carriage was doing the macarena in the sky. The horse was literally just a rubber band. Then it crashed. The non-killable NPCs are 'features'. I much preferred Morowind's "Your destiny is DOOOOOOOOOMED" line but ...


The Thalmor are pretty crazy even for elves. That said, siding with them should have been interesting (and possible for an Altmer) even if it would bring the end of the world. I was pissed at not being able to kill both the leaders of the war (not like there were guards in the way or anything), slaughter both their armies and crown myself High King. Then invade Cyrodill and make myself out to be Talos the Second. I mean, I did kill them both via console but the game refused to acknowledge it.

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It would've been cool if you could kill them but they were just very strong. I seem to recall general Tullius catching me picking pockets and he hardly hurt me with his little imperial sword. (No I'm not making lewd jokes here :P )


Yeah, the jump you do in the tutorial, from the tower to the roof of an inn or something, I fell down and the door was locked. Seemingly I couldn't continue the game from there. Endlessly caught in a place where the heavens wept fire and brimstone. I do think my character died from it at some point, as I left him afk, but with his luck, getting killed by the dragon so quickly might have been a blessing.



There are some vampiric wolves near the Beregost Temple if I recall, at the east side of the map. First time I played the game I ventured that direction and they *owned* me. With no magics and no enchanted weapons I couldn't even hurt the buggers.


I just updated BG:EE and they are at the 7th update.

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I tend to be pretty good at not attracting bugs, which is why this bug in Icewind Dale is annoying me. I think it must be the NPCProject mod, but as the whole point of me playing the game was to play with the Icewind Dale NPCProject, I don't want to take it out. My cache is empty, and I play on Windows 7. It's just not working. I suppose I'll have to try uninstalling the NPC Project and seeing if it's that, but ugh, the beginning town is so boring. Maybe I'll just play Icewind Dale II instead.


Or play BGII and finally get around to playing Angelo's romance, because I've heard so many good things about it.


I've played with the 'get all strongholds' mod too, but I usually only take ones that I feel are appropriate. I can see almost any character running the fighter's stronghold keep, for example. But I don't see anyone but a paladin doing the paladin stronghold, so I turn that one down unless I am a paladin (which is rare... I can't remember the last time I played a paladin).


I generally just do the hell trials the way my characters alignment does them. I add the mod that makes neutral hell trials as well. With only evil and good hell trials, it's nearly impossible to get a druid through there without falling or rising and losing access to your class abilities. That annoys me. But I play with so many mods in BGII... actually, probably too many. I have a slight stutter in that game that annoys me. I should only install the NPCs I play on using for that playthrough, but I just get tempted to install them all and then boom, there goes my game.


I've generally played Baldur's Gate so many times that difficulty is meaningless to me: I have all the monsters memorized, so it's not really hard- but one that can get me is the wolf in the very first area. If you explore too far east from Gorion's body, you'll stumble across it. If you're playing a weak class (like another thief), you're only real chance is to try to attract the wolf's attention, then run around with it in circles kiting it like you're in an MMO while Imoen shoots arrows at it. Eventually, it's attention will turn to Imoen, so then she needs to run around in circles with the wolf kiting it while CHARNAME shoots arrows/bolts/bullets at it. It's such a stupid encounter. The wolf will kill a mage in one hit, and Imoen in two (if not one), so it's basically a 'haha, you're screwed' sort of game.


BG1 NPC Project for EE is in testing, so the day that I might buy it comes pretty soon. I guess I'll keep an eye on the boards and see how buggy people are finding it. I have friends who got through the game fine, but I do have other friends who experienced bugs, so it seems to be a coin toss.


As for ruling Skyrim, I'm of the opinion that if Elsif or Ulfric wants it, they can have it, because I sure don't. It's cold and miserable and full of falamar. I'll take High Rock, thanks. I liked High Rock. I hope we go back there sometime, but I'm guessing we'll probably go to a never-done providence for the next game. Which wouldn't be a bad thing.


I worked a bit on the new students today, but I mostly just enjoyed my day off. Played freeware dating games. Those fascinate me. I like romance in games, but I don't really get the purpose of games just to date people. Yet some of them are pretty well done, I guess, and I know that they're well liked in Japan. I have a friend who's obsessed with them, in fact. But me, I just... don't know. I think I prefer games where there's some semblance of adventure going on in it. But then again, I do find life simulation games entertaining. So, I just don't know.

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Hmm..could be that. I don't have it installed now, but if I do, I'll run some tests with it, see what happens. In my opinion, Icewind Dale 2 is better than 1, or at least I enjoyed it better. Dunno why.


I never play a paladin. I hate paladins. And I always end up evil...whether by design or because I'm too snarky and the game just downgrades me.


The main thing about Hell is that, I go into one temptation (that sword the genie gives you, usually because I like trinkets) and that's it. You're evil. Lawful evil, maybe, but evil nonetheless. I shall mention that I usually play neutral so that may be something, but still. I just stabbed the guy.


Yes! That is the dire wolf! And I keep finding him! And I play mage quite often. Urgh, I hate that wolf. I hated him more than Sarevok in the first game or any other character that might have been a challenge. I once did an Iron Man playthrough...can you imagine how annoying it was?


The only reason I want Skyrim is so that the others don't have it. And to piss off the elves. So I guess they probably have better reasons for wanting it than me, but I can Shout, so...


And once you have the armies of Skyrim and Cyrodill, who says you can't conquer High Rock? Or Morrowind? Elsewyr?...I'd also add the Black Marshes but who wants those? I've been pretty dissapointed with the new exploration of provinces, honestly. Cyrodill was supposed to be exotic: enter generic Medieval Fantasy realm No 4. Skyrim was supposed to be one of the most advanced corners of the world with intelligent Nords and such: enter Fantasy Vikings whose entire culture is based around the idea that everyone really interesting is dead and if you’re lucky, you might die and get to hang out with them instead.


I remember that jump...that jump was where three characters died because I had some difficulty mod installed and I either burned to death or ...broke my legs to death.


And urgh...vampiric wolves. At least I had some cannon fodder for them there, unlike for the wolf in the start area just enough for my mages and clerics to kill.


Dating games? That's...an entire genre that sailed right over my head. I prefer escape the room games or solve crime games or horror games. I'm a huge horror game fan. I played Amnesia: Dark Descent like five times and laughed while doing it. First game I install after a format is Silent Hill 2. I wish there were more horror games...proper ones, but most are either trying too hard or are just bad. I reinstalled Call of Cthulhu though. That one is only amusing for the stealth and for playing a complete moron.

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