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My, oh my...Morvidus is sure gathering a steady stream of absolutely loony students. Leoshi, don't give her ideas. Soon, we'll have a whole gang of powerful, threatening, murderous kids just waiting for us to use the Bitter rival background.


To me, Obsi romances just seem...a bit more real. And I think the Alpha Protocol were pretty complete, just not very detailed. They get a bad rep, but it's not just pressure from the producer. Using an entire new engine every time you make a game is hard. Very hard. It's basically learning how to everything all over again.


As for Bio, I was in constant fear of clicking Leliana in DA:O because apparently she had ninja romanced me, so I saved compulsively just in case. To this day, I have no clue on what I did, if it was a bug or something, considering I didn't even like her much and didn't talk to her a lot. In Baldur, the first time I played a girl, Anomen annoyed me so much I didn't even know he was a romance option until I got Internet. And to be fair, the female romances were not all that great either...Either way, I rarely romance anyone in pretty much any game unless they're connected to the plot somehow, so that's not such a big concern (unless I'm hit in the face with them...damn it, Bio, you used to be cool!)


I played KotOR - the finished version. Got a friend obsessed with the game, he redid it fully and with the old content in. So I probably have a better opinion on it than most.


Good luck with your work. No worries on Dragonborn. The plot isn't the interesting part, but I dare you to get to a certain point in the game and not say either "wow" or "aw...damn". You'll know where.

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MadHatt? Are you sure this isn't some plan to reinforce the raw power of Morvidus?wink.gif


Ah Leliana. It's not you, it's Morrigan. She is pretty interesting / snarky and as a mage I am of course attracted to her capabilities. No worries right?


And I wonder if Morvidus gets to tame a creature similar to this.

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I'm telling you, that school is going to take over Mineta and no joke. It's not like you can predict what they'll do...Uliva will just show up with her snakes, Joana punch your daylights out and Hector summons his owls and suddenly we will welcome dragons again, cause, hell, they're no Phillipe. Troubling. Very troubling.


I was playing a female mage at the time, coincidently very ruthless, for whom I imagined a whole history of being ex-Tevinter summoning demons left and right and practising blood magic as easily as people breathe. My reasoning was "Tiny little elven with magic...obviously the most powerful" I then proceeded giving her super saiyan hair. The last thing I needed was a bard (whom I have disliked since D&D) especially a light sided one...


And Morrigan wouldn't have me <_<


On that note, I don't think I've ever played a good Bioware character. Hmm...


And I'm fairly sure that Blaze comes in later years. I doubt professor Pachait would miss the opportunity.

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I got in to modding because of romances, back in Baldur's Gate. Us girls didn't like the Anomen romance (or, more specifically, that he was the only romance- once more mods came out allowing options, people were able to appreciate him far more), and started learning WEIDU and coding to add romance mods to the game. And now there's what, Sola, Kelsey, Xan, Kivan, Angelo, that Tsu dude who I couldn't stand (sorry, Tsu dude), romances for Edwin, Haer'Dalis and Sarevok (...yeah, I know), probably like three mods on Spellhold Studios that I've never played as Spellhold Studios was always coming out with new romances, I think Gavin might be out for BG2 now, I heard something about a Keldorn romance last time I was over at the gibberlings3 (...yeah, I know x2), and then there's Chloe, Auren and Sarah for the female Bhaalspawn who prefers girls. There is no way for a video game to annoy me quicker then offering romances for the male player character and not having one for the female player character. But I'm a girl who grew up on romance, and who intends to one day make a career out of writing romance novels. So romances are important to me.


And that's about all I'll say on Bioware or Obsidian. I don't mind the offtopicness (though the Legate might), but I don't want us to start fighting (though I think we're being pretty civil here) Though I never had any problems with ninja romancing. I used to make fun of people who got 'ninja romanced' by Zev. Guys, he's flirting with you the whole time, and then offers a private massage in your tent away from all others. What did you think was going to go on? Seriously, what did you think was going to go on? Lelianna was slightly easier to get ninja romanced by, though I used the mod that fixed that so you could discuss shoes without fear of drama. Alistair is the real trouble, though- basically you have to go 'No, you're stupid and your rose is stupid' to get him to not start crushing on you. But then again, I've met a lot of guys (and some gals) that if you don't basically say 'No, you're stupid and your rose is stupid' they think they have a chance, so maybe that's just troubling realism. It was sort of like in DA2, where if you were really nice to Anders, he'd flirt with you and if you didn't like him, you had to turn him down and take a point hint with him. Some people hated that, but I thought it was realistic. He thinks you're being awesome to him, he flirts with you, he gets disappointed upon being turned down. That's how life usually works, but some people don't like their romances that realistic. (See: Mass Effect 3, and Jacob freakin' cheating on you if you romanced him. Owch. That's more realistic then I like, too, personally.)


Oh, but while I'm talking about romances I like and the subject of my beloved Morrowind has come up... Julan. http://lovkullen.net/Emma/Kateri.htm . Don't download him now, download him early next month when his next version is released, which adds several new features (he comments on the temple quests! he argues with you about the morag tong! his tribe finally moves where they say they're going to move! he comments on tribunal expansion! he's romancable by guys and shani is romancable by girls for double the drama!). If I can write characters as involved and interesting as Julan- even ignoring the romance (which is very good, if as the author notes, sometimes too realistic- not everything is roses and sunshine)- I will be happy with myself. That's sort of my goalpost for modding. I want to make characters as awesome as Julan is.


...I should actually be doing real work today. Like, the sort of stuff you get paid for. I'm like 'no, I think I'll just be lazy' instead. Working on Academagia stuff. The nice thing about being basically self-employed is you can get away with that, though. I just need to make deadlines and all is well with the world.


As for why a werewolf and not a vampire, werewolves are mentioned a manytime in the lore. Vampires are not. There is also no way I could write a vampire without years of Vampire the Masquerade and Vampire the Requiem sinking in, too- I've been playing those RPGs for so long that I can't remember what actually is vampire lore and what's White Wolf lore anymore (you mean vampire's traditionally can't throw fireballs? but but tremere!). I'm not as attached to Apocalypse/the Forsaken, so I think I could successfully write a werewolf without stealing ideas from White Wolf RPGs.


As to why a Morjerk werewolf and not a Hedi werewolf, kids don't choose their collage. I imagine a kid who's defining traits are 'I like wolves and want to study revision' will probably find themselves in Morvidus. I can't really see him as taking Glamour, anyway. He's not exactly a people person.


Did anyone notice that I spelled Aaran Aanan in my last post? I cannot even spell my own characters names correctly. Someone kick me in the face repeatedly. I noticed in the bio I sent in for Tepte I spelled his name Aaron repeatedly, too. That kid had more name changes then I have nicknames, and I have a lot of nicknames. Sigh.


I wonder if I should make a new thread for 'I am working on two more characters because I think six is a good number'? Or should I just continue using this? I think I should make a new thread, as these four are technically done and in the barrel, but I just don't know.


Blaze is a wicked cool horse, but as I said, I tend to just run everywhere in Skyrim. Harvesting alchemy yay!

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My only problem with Bioware romances is that they translate "I want to know you better" with "I want to romance you". You cannot express interest in someone without the romance being ever present, which at the time bothered me since my main game save, the one in which I invest time and interest, is usually a "do everything" and not romance anyone. I don't want to fight either...it's not even as if we'd reach a consensus in an Obsi vs Bio debate but I'd just like it being less forced. I dislike friendzoning people, especially those I like and they should understand from certain lines that I like them as a person and not as an LI. I generally object to romance for one point: a proper romance takes the interest away from the main plot. To explicitly interpret a real relationship is to stop thinking about that murder you have to solve or about that thing you have to fetch and do what your romantic partner expects, which is all right for games whose main focus is romance but not for a world-saving RPG or a action game.


Sarevok only seems interesting as a romance because he's the bad guy. Cracking the shell is part of the interest. The only one I was interested about was Brythe, from Spellhold, because...mass murderer with hidden past, although I know someone who adored Angelo.


My real work is currently suspended. Drinking wine (perhaps too much so I do apologize for any error or mindless post) and sitting in a hotel. Indian wine has a lot of alcohol in it. And the internet sucks.


I don't think you should make a new thread. You can modify the first post I suppose, but it's still a continuation on the mod. Of course, it all depends on what you think is best.

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I know you mention hating Dragon Age II, but I actually think that game did pretty well in allowing you to become 'friends' with romance interests without romancing them. I actually felt like my character was Merill's best friend (and only sane support) and like she probably went out and played card games with Isabella and Merill on off-days, even after turning both girls down to go after one of the broody ridiculously messed up guys. As for me, I like romance in world saving RPGs. Statistics have proven time and again that people have a tendency to fall back on romance and sex in times of extreme stress and drama (as that is supposedly mostly based on our desire to reproduce, I would be interested in seeing if that's true for lesbian and gay couples as well). I feel like, in a world saving situation, I would want to know the people around me as well as I could. Romance I can easily see sprouting from that. We fall in love all the time- people seem to take some sort of pleasure in falling in love during situations people would say are impossible to fall in love in, actually. The human race is a weird breed.


Sarevok is interesting, indeed. One of my favorite characters. But he's still the main characters half-brother, which... puts him in a spot that I don't think I'd like to romance. I mean, children of gods, the linage is sort of iffy, you have dragons for siblings too, but... half-brother. I don't think I could play through that without twitching a lot. Then again, I remember a lot of people clamoring for an Imoen romance mod (there was one made, even, though the quality...). I don't know. I don't think I'll ever understand what the male population wants in video game romance interests, which makes the fact that I made this mod sort of silly, doesn't it? They were made because I objected to there being no bisexual or gay romance interests, but I have no idea what guys, be they gay or straight, want in romance interests so I'm just sort of hoping that by year three or four, whenever they start, the team has thoughts on that and I have some guidance because questions like 'what do guys want?' can never be answered smoothly.


(The answer is probably 'mostly the same thing as gals want', but...)


I mean, if you asked me what gals want in romance interests, I'd have no answer for you and I haunt the fanboards and eljay and facebook pages and the like. 'Apparently, not Anomen. Sometimes Carth and Kaiden, but sometimes not. Probably Anders, but mostly when he has a kitty, not when the kitty is taken away from him. Possibly their half-brother, but only if gods are involved. Sadly not Juhani, though I thought she was awesome. Not Disciple, more Atton. Elven guys. NOT JACOB. Garrus! Also, Tali.' Then you have the 'what have we learned about romance from Star Wars the Old Republic, which is mostly 'farm boy is boring, being betrayed by your love interest sucks, people are uncomfortable with cats or bugs (me, I liked bug boy), and nobody ever agrees on who is worth romancing and who is horrible'.


I wish I was drinking Indian wine. They have some nice stuff. I'm jealous. I have a nice cab franc that needs to be drank, though, so maybe I'll work on that. Ugh for the unworking internet, though.


In all honestly, the only reason I want a new thread is there's a chance of getting some new faces and views. An eleven page thread? People aren't likely to read it. A new thread? People might peek. I like new input. Of course, they'd be left wondering why in the world we're talking about other video games not Academagia. Ahem.


Well. Still working on stuff related to Academagia. Tra la la la.

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Hate is a strong word, I guess. I haven't fully explained what I disliked about the game since some of my friends called me the Anton Ego of gaming, but I will try, since it fits into the romance chat. In DA, the characters, to me, felt more like the voices of the conflict than real people. Isabella was cool in DA:O, but turned one-dimensional and got called whore a lot which would have worked in any other party with more chemistry going on, but fell flat and sort of awkward in that one. Aveline was ...actually incredibly decent at first and then had that romance quest out of the left field, which made me think I was in Candid Camera. Her interactions with Isabella were painful and yet seemed more frequent than the rest for some reason. Merril...needed a good wake-up slap. The only reason she was not possessed or worse was that she had people to protect her. She seemed so much saner in DA:O. Even my aforementioned Tevinter mage would have yelled at her because, goddamnit, you only have one soul. And Cullen...the driven mad Cullen, seen his circle and templar buddies die Cullen, wasn't all there in the first place, Cullen...was the voice of reason. I'm not sure what that says: whether it's that he's suddenly made a recovery (in less than a couple of months...) or that everyone else was out of it.


Romance works in any game based on characters, because love is a basic human emotion present in all layers or society. I recently had this sort of talk in the Cyberpunk 2077 forums and everyone pretty much agreed it's the execution that's lacking. When you approach a person in a game, the first instinct is "how do I get the relationship high enough?" and after you do, you go your own way. It's an achievement.


Sarevok is my favourite Baldur character, bar none. The half-god thing is iffy, I agree. Although probably more so with Imoen who actually grew up as your sister...


Here's my thoughts on what guys and gals want: player has to like a character first and then decide to romance him/her. Confidence is a good thing, a measure of independence as well, a sense that they actually live their own lives. Garrus is popular because he's Batman in space, though personally I've never seen his appeal. Atton is popular because he kids around and has layers. Disciple doesn't have layers, nor does Kaiden...Bishop has a fanbase the size of a medium-sized country. Casavir, like Elanee...less so. I guess the best way of going about this is building different personalities, make them interesting and have a complex relationship with them. Make them actually be useful too.


Indian wine is great most of the time. I've had some less than stellar ones, but mostly, they're good. I personally prefer the Italian one, though.


And for the new thread...I see your point. Well you can always make a new one and we can use this one to talk of other games :lol:

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So I spent today procrastinating, as I spent yesterday procrastinating. I did no work and I think I wrote a total of two exits. I spent the day playing a Japanese horror game, Ib. It was fun, but... yeah. Procrastination is bad. Don't be like me.


(I'm one of those horrible people that got all the way through school by procrastinating everything, and never quite learned to stop.)


I can sort of see your point about the characters, Madhatt, but I don't know... I think the characters were the strongest part about DA2, and really the only thing that saved the game from being a disaster. They didn't always make wise choices (Merill and Anders are both idiots beyond idiots), but they *interested* me and I felt like I could connect to all of them. And I thought the friendship/rivalry thing was actually pretty well done. Getting punched out by Aveline is one of the best scenes in the game, in my opinion. But I really do like DA2, for all it's faults. I can't fault David Gaider's character writing.


Ah, Cyberpunk. I keep hoping that BCS will make a Cyberpunk game. I adore Cyberpunk.


I don't know who my favorite Baldur's Gate character would be. There's a lot of good ones. What I really want to know is why no one ever released a romance mod for Valygar. He's one of the sanest and most attractive characters in the second game, yet there are romance mods for freakin' Edwin before him. Bah, I say. Maybe one day I should go back to that fandom and write one myself.


The thing is, what you say is mostly true... but not always. You mentioned Kaiden, but Kaiden has a huge female fanbase- I believe it's even bigger then Garrus's, though not necessarily louder. Male fans tended to hate him (although quite a few hated Ash more), and compared him a lot to Carth (who didn't get nearly the same amount of female attention). Women liked him, though, even though he didn't fit the 'broody as hell' or 'joker hiding hidden trauma with a smile' stereotypes that are usually the most popular ones. I think the fact that he wasn't actually helped his popularity- he felt like someone mature, well-reasoned, who didn't need a mothering figure or to be taken care of, which many other Bioware romances require. On the other hand, Jacob shares those traits, and Jacob is by far the least popular romance option. What 'clicks' and what doesn't seems arbitrary in a way. Sometimes the character basics work for a character, and sometimes they don't. Alter things slightly, and Bishop would have been compared to Anomen as a bully misogynist who thinks he rules a woman's life, needs to be constantly looked over and fed attention, and is generally a jackass... yet Bishop is, as you said, hugely popular while Anomen most certainly is not.


For wine, I tend to like Spanish reds and German/Austrian whites, but lately I've been drinking stuff mostly from local wineries. PA has quite the growing wine industry, and some wineries are absolutely fantastic. As good as the stuff I found in the Fingerlakes of New York, really. I'm sort of proud of my state.


As for the new thread, I think I'll probably make one, but only after I finish work and the boring stuff first. I have deadlines, I must work with them. Feh.

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I can understand you liking them and I'm not trying to make you agree with me anyway. I just hope I made myself understood as to why I don't like them. So instead of discussing those we disagree on, let's go to other games...who did you like in KotOR 1/2 or NWN 2?


Valygar didn't have a romance? I could have sworn I read about one, somewhere...


I didn't have anything against Ash but Kaiden rubbed me the wrong way. Must be the Carth voice. And yes, I thought he was very similar to Carth. I'm not sure exactly why one was liked more than the other, but more people played ME than KotOR so that might have helped. He was a bit more subdued than Jacob. I didn't analyze much on the differences as I have only male friends who played with them, but somewhere along the way, I still wanted Wrex/Grunt or Jack around.


Anomen was less popular than Bishop because Bishop was laid back. He didn't care. He was probably the only character around who didn't care much about what you were doing. He had his own ideas anyway. I personally enjoyed his character because you could play the "insulting" game without him getting offended. I called him a dog, he called me a backwards swamp-dweller and five minutes after we had an ale. While Anomen was easily offended, a bit too self-righteous and lied to make himself look and feel better. I never even got past the first stages of relationship with him (male or female) because of that.


I mostly prefer a red, dry type of wine. French and Italian are my first choice (you can get a great bottle for 0.89 euros in Italy so you can imagine that I've tried loads of it). The only type of American wine I've had a lot of is Californian. Never tried PA wine, but I might look into it. So, have you noticed we went from chats of romance/Academagia mods to wine and Bioware?...why does that always happen?


As for Cyberpunk, a BCS game sounds great, although I'm still not through playing everything of Academagia, and now I'm also playing Scheherazade so if there are any more games like these, I may end up never leaving my house.

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Oh! Oh!


KotOR 1 - Jolee Bindo, funny old man. Bastilla but only when I make her mad. Mission sounds like an annoying kid.


KotOR 2 - How could you dislike any of them? The better ones though are Kreia and Atton.


NWN 2 - I dislike Qara. Not just because I was supposed to be the sorcerer in the group but because she was something I didn't want to be. Too reckless and does not get along with the other better character - Sand. Though I read somewhere it was because Qara was not finished.


ME - The humans are boring. I preferred the aliens - Garrus (Who doesn't?), Tali, Mordin, Wrex / Grunt and Thane. Not Liara though, she didn't really interest me much. Especially with the mono-gender alien race thing.


New Vegas - All the companions! But Ed-e needs to act more like his Lonesome Road counterpart.


Most importantly is do you two have bottles of wine right next to your person every time you post here?


Edit to say: Except Jack (ME2) who was kind of nice.

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Oooh Qara was not finished. Want spoilers on what she was supposed to be? And she's actually nice when you befriend her.


I have two bottles of wine right now, beside me, yes. And chocolate.


I like all the NPCS you mentioned with slight differences in KotOR (I disliked Bastila with the intensity of the Death Star) and NWN, where I liked almost all of them there, except Elanee. She was more of a hit and miss.

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So I'm procrastinating again. I need to just like, turn the internet off. And avoid napping. I have things I need to get done! This is horrible.


Hey, Legate, how is DLC16 coming along? <3


Characters I liked in Bioware and Obsidian games, hm..


Baldur's Gate 1, everyone is boring and I'm so used to playing with the BG1NPC product that I don't know what's real and fake. Baldur's Gate II, most of the freaks. Sarevok! Imoen! Valygar! Haer'Dalis, the brat. Who I don't like is simpler to list, and it's basically 'Aerie and Anomen', although Aerie is at least tolerable in ToB. Nalia, on the other hand, just gets worse. Don't like her either.


NWN: Was there anyone actually interesting in this game? Serious question. I liked Vann (was that his name? the tiefling warrior) from the HotU expansion, though, and Deekin is always worth a laugh.


KOTOR: Not Bastilia. Not Carth. Ugh. Juhani and Jolee, I guess. Mission and her pet wookie annoyed me, too, so it really just comes down to those two.


Jade Empire: Sagacious Zu, definitely. Too bad about... you know.


The whole Mass Effect Trilogy: I liked Kaiden and Ashley, which made certain decisions hard. I liked Garrus and Tali, like seemingly everyone else in the world (I'm still disappointed that Tali wasn't a love interest for the female player :(... Liara's got nothing on her). I liked Thane, so my heart broke in ME3. Kasumi is kind of adorable, and if she wants Jacob, she can totally have him. I adore Mordin, so once again, heartbreak. Um. And I know he's not a player character, but Joker is one of my favorite characters in the whole trilogy and is totally my bro and I will support him in any and every way possible. Also, Javik was a very interesting character, though I'm not sure I'd say I liked him as much as I enjoyed him as a character. He's not very likeable.


DA:O (+ Awakenings): Honestly, I like most of the crew. Zev was probably the most indepth character (if you pursued his romance), so I enjoyed him even though he isn't what I usually look for in a romance interest. Morrigan is an anime style tsundere, but incredibly enjoyable despite that, and I liked feeling like I could actually befriend her as a girl (and I like if you play a guy, how Lei and Alistair totally start up a gossipy 'omg, what is he *thinking* session'). Sten is awesome, and one of the first times I've liked the stoic warrior race guy (you'll notice Wrex isn't on my ME list... he just doesn't do anything for me). And Shale is adorable. As for Awakenings, I loved Anders (+ kitty- Anders needs kitty for sanity, I think), Sigrun, and Nate (funny: playing a male human noble and listening to his sister bitch about how she would have been expected to marry you not knowing that you're you).


DAII: ...I mostly liked them all, though Anders and Merill need more therapy then the world could ever provide. Or pet cats. Fenris and Isabella were fun romances, and it amused me to see them hook up if you didn't hook up with either of them. Aveline is like my guardian protector, Varric's like my best bro, Sebastian's your adorably naive friend who your kid sister has a crush on... the character I liked who most people didn't was Carver. Finally raising him to friendship so you could hear him admit that he really does respect you in the DLC's won my 'aww, adorable family squee' moment.


KOTOR2: Kreia. Visas. Darth Sion, if only for 'I hate you... because you are beautiful to me'. But KOTOR2 is one of my least favorite games ever released, due to how unfinished it was. I almost swore never to buy anything by Obsidian again.


NWN2: Bleh. About the only one I liked was Sand, then I saw how horrible he was at the trial and my affection for him went down the drain. This was a hard game for me to get through, as I really didn't like any of the characters. I suppose Ammon Jero wasn't too bad, though, as he killed off the most annoying of the group.


NWN2: Mask of the Betrayer: ...On the other hand, in the squeal I liked Safiya, Kaelyn, and One of Many. I usually play good characters, but One of Many is brilliant.


The NPC's in Storm of Zehir weren't really developed enough for me to have a favorite out of them.


New Vegas, I liked Arcade a lot. Raul was fun, and I drug him around a lot. Often I ended up grouped up with Cass, though, and I'm not really sure why. She wasn't my favorite, she just seemed to be the person I teamed up with the most.


As for wine, I generally don't keep bottles of wine in my bedroom where the computer is, just glasses. So I usually don't have a bottle here next to me. I often have a glass, though. Wine helps writing! Or, at least, it doesn't hurt it, so it might as well help. Yep. It makes sense.


As for Kaiden, I think he's very different from Carth- I never got people saying their similar, and never met a female player who felt that way. Carth whines, takes his problems out on you, and blames you for things out of your control. Kaiden never does that. Kaiden is basically the idealized mature guy; his problems are all in his past but he doesn't brood over them, and he simply just deals with life. Carth throws tiny little 'HOW CAN I TRUSTTT YOUUUUUU' fits and 'WAH YOU ARE (WHO YOU ARE) AND I DON'T LIKE IT WHINE WHINE WHINE'. The most you get from Kaiden is basically 'Cerebus. No, I really don't think so. Seriously, no. That's a stupid idea.'- Ashley is much more fervent against it then he is. Kaiden is basically the sort of guy you might actually want to date in real life (unlike many video game romance interests- I mean, Anders and Fenris are both hugely popular, but I don't think most people wake up all 'Gee, I hope I fall in love with a terrorist today!'). Carth is the kind of guy who needs a mommy, not a girlfriend, and who gets dismissed as being too much of an annoying manchild to put up with.


Bishop's misogyny just took it too far. I had immediate Anomen flashbacks. Funny thing, though, is I used to get along pretty well with Domi, who is known for writing the Bishop Romance (and programming the NWN2 'flirt packs') on the NWVault. I never got her fascination with him, either. I'd rather date Gann, and I hate Gann, too. (Casivar, on the other hand, I don't think he even really has a personality beyond 'I am a paladin'. Old owl well blarghhhh.)


I like all kinds of wine! Sweet wines, dry wines, red wines, white wines, rose', fruit wines... if it's wine, I'll probably like it. Well, if the quality is good. And yeah, try some Pennsylvanian wines. We're known more for our whites then our reds, but you can get some good cab's around here. NY puts out some really nice cab franc's.


Yeah, we're not even pretending to talk about Academagia anymore. Nothing in this post is Academagia related, save for a question to the legate (Cyberpunk one day! ;_: It would be awesome). Uh. So. New Students. Stuff. Things. Gah, I have work to do before I can get to work on them. Bah.


I should start that now, rather then hanging around watching youtube videos. No matter how fun hanging around watching youtube videos is.

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NWN: Valen. His name was Valen. Deekin was cute. I mean, as cute as a scaly bard could be. Bards in games have always been weird. Aribeth was bad.


BG1 was ...well, I liked Khalid. There, I said it. I thought he was amusing and his fear of everything just made him more interesting since he went into everything with us. I hated Dynaheir. I made entire plots on how to get rid of her while keeping Minsk. Best one? Get her to fight a basilisk on her own. She's petrified and out of the party and I get Viconia.


BG2 yes...Nalia. In fact I had quite a limited number of NPCs I liked and they were usually evil. The neutral ones were decent too. The good ones...meh.


KotOR: ...Jolee. That's pretty much it. But, I mean, at the end even he was a bit irritating, when one by one they all committed suicide by evil PC. In the first game, I just said I'd go to the dark side to get Bastila unaware. I hadn't realized I'd suddenly turn. I mean, it's not like I started kicking kittens then and there. What happened to "don't commit to any side, Jolee, huh?".


KotOR 2...pretty much everyone except Disciple and Handmaiden. As I said, I played it finished so I was never really into the whole unfinished thing (Unlike with NWN2, where I promised that if I ever meet whoever worked on that I'd punch them....rocks fall everybody dies...)


So NWN2, I liked Bishop because of his whole lack of care in everything. Also he was a pretty good manipulator for a ranger. Too bad some parts got cut. Sand, I liked. Ammon, Khelgar and Neeshka like some Faerun Laurel and Hardy. In MoTB, I liked everyone. That includes Gann even though he was prettier than I am. I think it stems because I was a drow and he got more remarks on his heritage than my character got in the whole game, OC included. Kinda felt bad.


New Vegas...all of them. They were really well developed. I usually got Boone around. He's the one I resort too. I dislike the Legion too, so that wasn't a problem. I did want an evil NPC though.


Actually, I also think wine helps writing. I always have bottles on my desk somehow...currently there's water, whiskey, wine, vodka and ...something pink. I had a party recently and I got to keep the drinks. I might need another party just to get rid of them. What on earth is the pink thing though...?


Carth was whiny, you're right, but to me Kaiden's discussions rarely varied off the beaten track. I could be wrong...I haven't played that game in a long time, but that's what I remember.


And I never saw Bishop as a direct misogynist. He hated everyone. You were a dwarf? He hated dwarves. You were a half-elf? He hated half-elves. Aasimar? He hates aasimar. You're a man? He hates swamp-dwellers and whatever class you are. You're a woman? He hates all women. And like I said, pretty good manipulator. I read some of the cut content on the matter. And his talks with the party show that. He just knows what will piss off people the fastest and just uses that constantly.

I know Domi due to the Icewind Dale 2 NPC mod, which I thought was cool, especially since the game was starting to get pretty stale without NPCs (though some romances were a bit too much for me). Then I read about the Bishop mod, at least from forum posts and ...she was very into Bishop. I like evil characters and their motivations and thought he was decent, but not enough to romance the guy. Did you notice what his favourite enemy was, from the feats? Humans.


Here's something...Casavir used to date Ophala. That, to me, gave him some character. Not enough mind, and since I always played with long-lived races (and the plot only makes sense if you're 20 or close to it), I thought "A 20 year old elf...yes, I'll definitely date the guy who will die in thirty years, even if I'm still a child and Daeghun will probably hunt him down with no mercy for it through swamps"


That aside, I adored Daeghun, rude and unemotional as he was.


Yep...Academagia. We do have to get back on track sometime. Who would you like to romance in later years or who would you like to help romance each other in later years? I mean, Olivia will probably ask. Poor Cy...


Also, I tried my hand at drawing Cat. She looks like the love-child of Steven Tyler and Charles the Second, which is...good I guess? If there are any little girls that look like that, I'm gold. This coming from someone who thinks all toddlers look like Winston Churchill. Will..have to work on that.

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Today I'm sick. :( This is making my deadlines cut really close. I'm unsure if I'll finish stuff in time. Curse you, procrastination!


Aribeth was so annoying. I liked her better when she was evil. HotU, evil Aribeth was almost standable. But that's really an almost. The guy you were supposed to romance as a female character in the first NWN, the one so boring I can't even remember his name (was it something like Aaran, though? Aaron? Arend?), was even better then her, and he was one of the most stupid characters in existence.


I liked Khalid, too, actually. I want a game where Jaheria is the one who dies in BGII, and Khalid is the one you get to keep. Of course, Khalid would actually want to resurrect his stupid wife rather then be all 'NO RESURRECTION BAD WRARGHHH' so you'd end up with both of them. I think someone was making a mod for that, too. BGII modding community was awesome. That group really felt like a second home. As for good NPCs in BGII... well, I did like Valygar. And, okay, I found Mazzy a bit stuffy, but sort of adorable. Go go halfling paladin! Their interaction with each other was lovely, too, though she was overbearing as always. Squire! ...Really, though, more and more often I ran with modded NPCs rather then the ones in the game. There were so many good mods, and so little time. I wonder, did Amber ever get Throne of Bhall content? She was my favorite romance for male player characters. She was rather charming.


The only time I could stand Carth was in the cut content for KOTOR1, where he could convince a female Dark Side Revan to suicide with him on the dying ship. There was something sad about that where for the most part the game didn't get me. As for Jolee, I guess he was just like everyone else in the end... talks a good game about neutrality, but when it comes down to it, he doesn't want to see a galaxy ruled by the Dark Side anymore then anyone else.


I'm almost envious of you, getting to play KOTOR2 complete and not having the five years or so of nothing blocking your perception of it. Because it was a good game, up until the ending. The ending. Gah.


(So you liked Mandalore in KOTOR2, but not Cand in KOTOR1?)


New Vegas, I wish Ulysses would have been an NPC in the main game like original plans were (or the Burning Man). Either of them could have provided a somewhat legion friendly play through. As it was, you had Raul or Lilly. Or you could do what I did in my first game, and break brains- I made a total good karma, helps everyone, loves the world and puppies and happiness and yay, teams up with Cass... Legion girl. I imagine the Legion in the end was all 'seriously, wtf is this women doing here?'. It really makes no sense to play a female allied to the Legion, but whatever. I knew if I didn't play the Legion in my first play through, I'd never play through them because they're just so, well, evil and horrible. Oh my god though, I could never sell Arcade in to slavery again. Arcade is too cool for all the horrible endings he gets, and that's the worst one of the bunch.


Boone was a bit too trigger happy for me. I didn't like the Legion either, but I wanted to do their quests, as I'm a completionist. Poor guy, though. When I decide to go through and rip the Legion's camp to shreds, I usually grab him.


Eh, some of Bishop's comments just went to far for me. He clearly didn't respect the player character, and the thought of romancing someone with no respect for you just felt... wrong. He was basically a whiny manchild to me, who sulked and backstabbed whenever anything didn't go his way. Personally, I liked to pretend my character ran off with Sand and had a happily ever after there, of all the guys he's the one I could stand.


Icewind Dale II NPC project! I tested that, and probably had a part in the romances you disliked. I was one of the ones encouraging Domi to continue to write the romances. Those I liked, save for the evil female bard. Whatta... well, I'm sure you know the word I'm thinking of. She was that. She was seriously that. But Domi's always created good mods. She was a big writer for the BG1 NPC project (which I couldn't imagine playing without), did the Kivan romance for BGII (which was sweet and surprisingly not miserably unhappy, like, say, poor Xan), did the Icewind Dale II NPC project, did the NWN Romance and Flirt packs, and she probably did another mod or two that I'm forgetting. I'm quite fond of her writing.


Daeghun was awesome. I liked building my own keep in NWN2, too, though some people thought that was too annoying and strategy sim like. Me, I thought it was awesome.


Okay. Academagia romances. Let's see.


I do <i>not</i> support Phillippe and Joanna, save for in the one play through where I played a character that was friends with both of them. Joanna's so willing to change herself for a guy that she likes that I vote she date like, Avgust. Or Durand. Then she can change herself in to an intellectual. It will be perfect. Phillippe can date Flore. Yeahhhh.


Olivia and Cyrus... I wrote an event where Aaran is trying to play matchmaker for Olivia which allows the female player character to scream at him that he should be trying to hook HER up with Cyrus instead, but the event was so dumb that I didn't put it in the final mod. Maybe I'll rewrite it and try submitting it. Personally, I think Olivia is a bit crazy, and I cannot blame Cyrus for not wanting to date a girl who is a bit crazy and obsessed with him. Unless he really did cast a love spell on her. Then he gets what he deserves, the jerk.


I will support Vettor with Amada as long as he promises to stop picking on her, but honestly... out of all the characters in the game, the one that twigged my personal gaydar the most was Amada. She can be really idolizing to a female character in her events. I know it's not going to happen, but all through Vettor's quest I kept shaking my head thinking it was going to lead to heartbreak for him. Oh well. In my personal headcanon, she's bi, and nothing will stop me from thinking that save for the fact that my female character will never be able to romance her.


I'll support Casper and Magalda, sure, as I don't think they would break the universe if the hooked up. Magalda is clearly uninterested, though, so Casper has to keep working on that.


As for characters I'd romance... well, not the four (six?) I made, that's for sure. They have cooties. Of course, that means my gay and lesbian characters will be forever alone. It's tragic. But romancing characters I wrote would be weird. Talk about knowing your significant other too well.


I have one girl who is definitely going for Tabin, and one boy who is definitely going for Prudence (though there might be a short romance with Honors somewhere in there)- the two characters I did roleplays for.


I find Aymeri completely adorable, so I'll probably have a character romance him eventually. Same thing with Ana. I'll probably hook characters up with Cyrus and Neta, just so they can be dancing the 'most attractive' students in school. Then I'll probably dump them horribly. Bwhahaha!


I have to romance Phillippe at least one, just to see what he's like in a romance. I imagine romancing him ruins your life in some way. If only for the Joana factor. Man, what if you were her BFF and romanced Phillipe anyway? I can imagine her breaking your spine.


Maybe I'll romance Reitz once. Maybe he's nicer to his girlfriend then he is to his friends, mutter grumble.


I don't really know who I'd help hook up in the game. For the most part, unless someone is deliberately written to have a crush, I don't think much of them in who would be good with who at this age. As the years go on, likely more and more students will get crushes on each other, and then I will decide if their crushes will bring happiness and flowers to the Academagia or despair and doom and thus I will hook them up and break them up like the chess master my characters tend to become.


There's a sort of problem in the game, in which your character becomes at a state which none of the other characters can match. You have all your attributes at 10 plus, have maximized every social skill in the book, have every magic school down pat... while the others are sitting around studying repeatedly. Is it really fair to even romance them, when you're so much more advanced then they are? Any one of my characters would be able to manipulate their romance interest incredibly easily, which doesn't generally make for happy relationships. I'm like a tiny god compared to my fellow students, honestly.


...But I'll still probably do romances, even if they seem sort of unethical. I just want to know is their options to cheat and break hearts and be a total bastard in the romance game. Because breaking the hearts of a bunch of 15 year olds may just be what my characters live for.


Hey, you drew a Cat! I'm happy. Even if she didn't turn out how you liked, she might still be able to be used as a base of some sort. Lemme see her when you're done. :)


I sort of started filling out information for Cuán and Cat in my word document. Just the little stuff, as I do have deadlines and I'm busy being sick, but it's something. He's a bookish Mordivus who relies on instinct but is surprisingly thoughtful, Cat's a graduate of the Safaviore Officer's School who dreams of being the Captain of Mineta one day. Together, they fight crime! Or at least, they try to.


Basically, I realized I could divide the six in to three normal romance archetypes- brooding and self-invested but surprisingly protective of their interest, joker/smiler hiding secret pains behind their smiles, utterly neurotic and in need of care. Miya and Aaran fill out the last one by being both completely crazy in their own special ways, while Louise broods and Antonio smiles. Cuán gets to be another brooder, and Cat gets to be another smiler. They don't fit in the archetypes perfectly, obviously- they're individual characters with personality, not just voices of romance anyway (they're eleven or twelve or something!). But I just noticed that I had did that yesterday, before deciding that oh well, I am fine with that. I sort of categorized them, but they'll live.

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Aarin Gend. Well, let's be honest, everything in the NWN OC was bad. At least the expansions redeemed that game otherwise...


BG 2 had a wide enough collection of NPCs to make it bearable. I didn't play with mods until much later after already playing for 20 times and I had strategies in my mind rivalling most war generals. I always wanted more than those five you can get because well, I always get Viconia (she needs a friend), Jaheira cause, alright, we were in it together, Minsc as well, Yoshimo as a replacement of Imoen and I wanted a Soulafein with me. The mod wasn't how I pictured Soulafein...and I felt like I needed some sort of English degree. I like poetry as much as the next person, but when playing a game, I'd like to stay out of poetic debates. Valygar was cool (even to my mages), Mazzy was a bit annoying but her enthusiasm was infectious.


Yes, I played KotOR2 full. With comments on how each area was made, comments on background and on each character. I liked it, even with the ending that was obviously "Wait for a part 3". I liked Mandalore, yes. I'm not sure if anything was changed, but he was always badass. Even when brooding he knew when to quit it and the fact that all the NPCs in KotOR had their own weaves of intrigue was unique. Plus he gave us a Basilisk War Droid. I'd nearly started to jump around the house then and there.


You get treated like royalty in the Legion end though even as a woman...coins and everything. I think Caesar didn't have anything against women, his followers just really went with it. Like little boys and their 'No girls' tree houses...


I don't need to imagine a happy ending for my NWN2 character. My tiefling absorbed Akachi and went on a rampage of terror and horror that even the gods feared. There! Let that be a lesson to everyone. It's as happy as I could see it. I ...er...did mention I rarely play good. But yes, evil soul eater. Best ending ever.


Icewind Dale 2 NPC mod...that was how I got most friends to play Icewind Dale 2. They didn't want to play without NPCs and the writing was great even for the main game, not just a mod. I liked the Rizdaer romance and Peony's (though, I only played a gnome for it), found the non-main ones (Prachi, Hildrury, Nikosh etc) cute. Jamael was moving a bit too quick and Diriel was creepy. CREEPY. Especially if you know about the elf backgrounds (eladrin) and the Planescape settings. No elf supremacy for you. Salomeya was cool while it lasted. I disliked that we couldn't get some sort of retort..felt like my huge WIS, CHA and INT were going to waste. The part that let me stare at the screen was Hildury turned into an elf and romancing Nord.


Building our keep was awesome! I wanted to actually play more in there. The cash that went into that keep...oh man. Cheapskate Nasher...


Phillipe and Joana...I keep thinking maybe those two will grow up and act differently, but probably not. Seeing as they befriend me every game (and not the other way around) I do support it, but someone has to keep them in check. Might as well be the PC.


Olivia and Cyrus..no. I don't think Olivia really likes Cyrus. He just thinks he's cute. It's more her own ambition than an actual interest in the guy. Whatever he wants though, I will probably do since we're mate and all. Olivia deserves someone to give her attention too.


I support Vettor and Amada. After doing her quest and his, yes they're both decent kids and if Vettor stopped playing around and actually talk to the girl, it would go smoother.


The boys I'd romance...probably Cyrus for kicks. Or a kick, specifically from Olivia. Reitz will be worth a look, only after seeing how he acts in the following years. Luti already has a girl (his muse). As for girls, Ana, Sima, Flore...


If you can't romance the students, who can you romance? Besides, they have it easy. They do nothing for most of the year and then at the next game, they get a free level-up. Hell, they pass simply so as the school doesn't become empty. Little free loaders. I WORKED for every 200 score, dang it.


Ha! Coincidently I drew Cuán brooding and Cat smiling. Cuán is definitely vampiric pale. I sent an e-mail ...two days ago? If you didn't get it, I'll post him here. I haven't drew much in a long time and I usually don't like the way they usually look. I'll fuss with them a bit more and post them. If I don't, I'll probably have some sort of fit and decide that I should start over and I don't have the time for that.


Hope you get better.

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Well, they ought to be freeloaders, at least for a bit.


I mean, it'd really sucks if the Legate say something like, "In Year 5 your only classmate is Oans by default unless you have a imported game because the drop out rate is so high" or "In Year 2 you won't see Louise without a imported Year 1 game where she don't flunk out". Or having 500 (tailored for each student) adventures each year about your classmate dropping out dominating the adventure list.


...Or something along that line.


Speaking of NWN2, I liked Storm of Zehir. If only there are more options.


Mikka: Get well soon! And don't drink so much

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Aarin! Yeah, that guy. Did he have a personality? Seriously, did he have one? Because I don't remember one. He was one of Bioware's long line of romances for the female character that had lost their one tru luff before meeting the PC and saw fit to talk about it repeatedly, though. That got very old after a while. While 'I loved someone before you' is perfectly reasonable (even somewhat preferable, in some cases), 'I loved someone before you and LOST THEM HORRIBLY AND NOW I NEED TO GO ON AND ON ABOUT IT' got really freakin' annoying, CARTH. SKY.


I'm never sure what to think about Sola. The fact that he gets kidnapped even if he isn't your love interest because he's just so gosh darned special sort of irritated me. And his ToB fight was hard (of course, I must say I always play on the hardest difficulties with Tactics and then Sword Coast Stratagems installed, so I sort of deserve that). ;_; But I didn't mind the poetry debates... it brought something new and interesting to the game. One can always use a combat philosopher. I compared him to Kelsey (the other NPC who came out at the same time), and Kelsey was a standard nice guy but not... as interesting. So I guess Sola wins, for me, but I like NPC mods that came out after them better.


If you play a male who romances Saf, though, evil ending One of Many totally goes and kills your girlfriend. Then begs for his life in her voice. That's deliciously creepy and evil and horrible, so I approve of it.


Gah, I want to play the Icewind Dale II NPC mod now! It's been so long since I played it. ...I actually played a halfling for my first run through and somehow avoided all the other romances, and I imagined she and Nikosh ran off and lived happily ever after, safe and rich. I liked the romances, though, save for Salomeya. Driel was incredibly creepy, though, but I played an evil elf ranger to romance him and I imagine they take over the world together. And it is a horrible, horrible, horrible place for non-elves. Did you know there's an Icewind Dale 1 NPC project- http://www.pocketplane.net/mambo/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=174&Itemid=122 ? It's done by Kulyok, who did the whole Xan romance deal. It has less options- only five NPCs- but it's also well done and interesting. I don't remember who the romance options are, though. I don't know if I ever did them, to my embarrassment.


I just... the only thing worse then one bully is two bullies, working together happily. I have so many games where I start bitter rivaled by one or the other, so the idea of them getting together makes me nervous. (For the record, Aaran hates the idea and thinks you're really mean.) On the other hand, maybe- maybe- the joy of having a significant other would cause them to stop their bullying for a while as they just enjoy the bliss and happiness? ...It's possible, isn't it? ;_; I can only hope...


I think Olivia is more obsessed with the idea of having Cyrus rather then Cyrus himself, if that makes sense. She wants the most lovely guy of the year to pay attention to her and be hers, but does she really care about Cyrus beyond 'he's handsome'? I mean, Cyrus isn't exactly the 'bestest' guy around... he's handsome, but he really does have some jerkface qualities (his whole adventure is about manipulating woman- not exactly something a girl would want her boyfriend doing). I wonder if Olivia really knows what she's getting in to. Or maybe she does truly have a love spell on her. That makes for an interesting problem.


I had a character who was interested in Vettor do Vettor's whole adventure. I think her heart broke at the end, but she's eleven. She'll get over it. Hm, in one of the Mordivus adventures (the one with the organ- rumors of witches and evil intentions, or something?), though, you find out Eliana and Vettor are dating. I feel kind of bad for her, dating someone who is in to someone else. Poor Eliana.


I don't know. Maybe I'll romance the girl from the clockmaker daughter's adventure. She was cool. Yeahhhhh.


No, seriously, I suppose you're right. We're stuck with our fellow brats, for good or ill. Though we'll have even more fellow brats to deal with next year. New students! I can't wait. Creme is right, though... I am sort of worried about the possibility of students flunking out that's been mentioned as going to be possible in the upcoming years. Antonio probably studies enough to be safe, but Aaran inevitably flunks Glamour while Miya inevitably flunks Music, and Louise is just like, doomed. Completely doomed. I fear there will be no crazy hawk girl in people's later years unless they actively befriend her (which I imagine can save them from flunking out). Which is probably healthier for the school's rodent population, but dang it, I worked on her for a reason! Louise, learn to study!


I wonder if students will get new skill points for year two to try and pull them up to the PC's level a bit more, or if they'll be stuck with what they had in year one? Antonio and Louise both say they totally know about fencing and want to learn it. Miya would like you to know that she is an expert swordswoman of which the world has never known, but she's probably lying. Probably.


Storm of Zehir was a fun little time-waster. I wish the NPC's bantered and talked with you like NPC's in the earlier expansions. That would have made the game for me. As it was, they were so boring you were better off with a fully created party. Which was sort of fun on its own, actually. I made up all sorts of crazy backgrounds. I made my Exalted characters as D&D characters, just for the fun of it.


As for the portrait, it was hiding in my junk mail folder. :( Curse the junk mail folder. But I found it! Cuán is looking good, though he probably needs a bit more color- he's paler then Aaran, and Aaran's albino. I like the hair. Probably need to add some color to the eyes- green, maybe, to go with the sterotypical Irish thing? I won't have time to touch him till at least Sunday (and, um, I may be doing another wine event all of March on the weekends... DON'T BLAME ME, BLAME THE WINERIES FOR OFFERING THEM). Thank you so much. <3


Oh, and he's not going to be a werewolf, so you don't have to worry about that, though I'm keeping the wolf imagery and ties (I imagine there can be two kids with wolf imagery... there are multiple ones with mouse imagery, anyway). The school does not need two werewolves, I think. Even if that means they could then start a pack and try to take over the world, but... no. He's an odd one, but he's pretty sane, unlike the other five students I have worked on/am working on. Most of them are pretty dysfunctional: Cuán actually has his life together reasonably well, for an eleven year old.


(Cat is just so naive that she runs in to all sorts of problems in that the world isn't as black and white as she likes to think it is.)

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Aarin...nope, no personality. To be fair, I barely remember things about the OC, as if I played it through a haze. I know the plot, I know the characters but it was just so dull my mind blocked it while playing. But still, you disliked Sky too? Then again, who didn't.


One of Many was amazingly creepy and awesome, but ...me, I like Okku, the rainbow bear. Imagine riding him into battle!


In Icewind Dale 2, I played a tiefling. Found it appropriate with the half breed, demon thing going on. My intent wasn't of romance, but Riz was trying so hard, I let it slide. The two were very happy. I played the Icewind Dale 1 mod, but it was quite a long time ago and don't remember much about it. It was cool and I think they were all romanceable in some form. Again, don't remember much.


Am I the only one who can't get rid of these two befriending me? The last three times I picked bitter rival, I had Mhadi, Uliva and Mhadi again but never Phillipe or Jo. What is going on? Is my computer possessed? Does it display a Leoshi-like interest in the two? What?! So as an intimate friend of the two (in all the games I play), I think they'd be all right. They just need more growing up.


And we're going to need to find someone perfect for Olivia. Although, she and Neta might get along if push comes to shove...Don't think she has a spell on her or at least not a Glamour one. I guess we'll see.


I'm interested in Cirillo...and Luti just seems to interesting to pass up. I wonder how many broken bones we'll get if we try to romance Phillipe?


Here's Cat.


It looked better large but I noticed I have to completely redesign proportions for it when small. Her hair rivals the King of Bling himself, Charles II, and looks sentient. Watch out for it. I read a horror story once about haunted hair...



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I don't think anyone really liked Sky. I still romanced him once, because I tend to do every romance once, but he was lame. In general, all three romance interests in that game were lame. They were slightly better if you brought them over to the Way of the Closed Fist, I thought: Dawn Star actually almost develops a personality, it's amazing.


Okku was amusing, I supposed (I liked his loyalty), but I just liked One of Many too much. But I usually played good characters, so I didn't get him because they just wouldn't murder Okku. Still, one of my favorite parts of the game was having One of Many eat Myrkul. And, hey, bonus boss! Cheers!


I usually play tieflings if I'm allowed. You mentioned Planescape before... I'm a huge Planescape fan, so tieflings and gensai for me any day. Planescape: Torment is actually my favorite video game of all time (despite doing one of the things I hate in video games- forcing me to play a male character), which is why I hope Black Isle somehow does come back together. But I'm still not paying to kickstart their studio for forum badges, geez. And most of the writers of Planescape: Torment are at other studios now, anyway.


Mhadi! He's one of the ones I want to romance who I forgot about. He's one of my favorite characters in the game. He's showed up as my bitter rival, but he never does anything. Honestly, that background is just free points... unless you get Philippe, Joana, or Vector. Then you're in for frustration. None of the others really do anything against you, though. As for me, I don't have Joana and Philippe running around trying to befriend me usually, no. I think you must have gotten the Leoshi version of the game. In my games, they're perfectly happy running around making my life difficult. I seem to get Joana as my bitter rival every other time I play the game.


Luti, I'd like to romance too. He's cool. I have a feeling some of my characters will end up with Durand because it's sort of like 'first boy wins'- doing his adventure in what, the second month, will get you 7 or so relation (maybe even higher), which is probably far higher then you've gotten anyone else unless you've been desperately friending people. So it sort of feels like he might be the first boy my characters might notice as 'oh, wow, boy! close to me! being a boy! woah!'. I suppose he's nice enough. A bit boring for my personal tastes, but I couldn't insult any of my girls choosing to romance him. There are much worse guys out there.


Olivia... she needs someone who would match her intensity. Can we hook her up with Girars? He's as crazy intense as she is, and he's not really bad looking. Their collages aren't rivals. She'd probably have to start on a vegetarian diet, but she's willing to go on all lengths to get Cyrus, so I doubt that would stop her if we could convince her to want him.


And Cat! Cat! I love her hair! The girls in this game have such thin hair (see: Neta for a prime example), that I always think they need more of it. Maybe not as much as Cat, but... well, lots of hair isn't a bad thing. I like! <3


And now I feel confident that I can at least start on the two new students, as I'll definitely have art. Woo! I should write bios tonight. Er. If I finish the writing I have due tomorrow arghhhh.


...I should turn off the internet.



(Oh, and as a followup to Creme: there is no such thing as drinking too much! Save for on New Years Eve, but that was embarrassing and we don't talk about that. There's no such thing as drinking too much otherwise, though. Really. Speaking of which, I have Ameretto, Chambord, creme, and cinnamon. Oh, and vodka if neccessary. I want to make myself a desert drink.)

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