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Questions regarding save files


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Firstly, my old laptop's OS crapped out and I had to backup my files (and most importantly, my saves!) only using the command prompt. I recovered my most important save which is of my best run ever! It is from a version of academagia just before the numerology addition. Now on my new pc, which is my new main computer, that save file will not load. On my older PC it would let me load the last day, so I am curious if this save is corrupted. I wouldn't think so as my old lappy's hard drive still functions. I even reinstalled vista but since It requred a complete drive wipe I decided to move to my better one.


Both computers run/ran vista, but the old one in a 32 bit version, and the new one is 64.


As I was doing a fresh academagia install on my new pc, I know the new one is running a newer version than the older one. not more that one or two releases max, I think.


I have not had any problems saving, so I don't think it's related to this saving bug. It's only when I try to load this specific file that the game crashes. Is there a way to tell if it's corrupted?


Now a somewhat related question that may or may not make the first one moot: With the game being patched and upgraded as often as it is, are our old saves going to be obsolete by the time year two comes out?


It's just that I'd hate to start year two without some skill like "common sense" that most people would be expected to have a couple of points in after patching... :) Of course I think my character still had a pretty good run and would kick some rear-end even with such a handycap. ;) (assuming the save is still good... )


If it helps any at all, here is the save and the academagia log.




Thanks for your time!


Edit: on a side note, I realize that that version is *ALSO* a bit old. I think the folks at impulse are a bit slow with newer files.. I updated to today's up-to-date version but still no luck...

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Maybe the DLC Version on your new computer is differnt then from what you have started them on your old computer?

The problem is that the game makes it self a backup of a DLC you started a game once so there is no problem when you update your game.

But as soon you loose this local backup and the DLC is different I expect you will encounter loading problems.

Thats why I allway keep a backup of the DLC version I started a game just in case I have to setup the game new or have to remove the Temporary Directorys where Academagia stores all this data.

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Schwarzbart is correct- if you can remember which DLC you used to create your original save game, you can put that as your content file (as Content.mdm in the Mods folder), and it will remake the files necessary for your save. Once it has done that, you can freely replace it with the most current DLC again. Alternatively, you can copy over your GCC sub-folder (present in Mods), and that should get you right back into the game!


Impulse is a bit out of date, but they'll update soon, I imagine. Sometimes, it takes them a little while. You can patch your game manually, of course, if you don't want to wait! :)

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Well, thanks. As long as I know it isn't corrupted, I'll be fine. I wiped my old drive already, so I can't recover any more older files from that drive..


It is a completed game, though, so I don't really need to play that save anymore. Can I just get assurances that year two will still accept this save even without the dlc files?


PS: I'm a guy! ;)

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Thanks a bunch!


I figure I can still do better so I'm going to continue to play and hopefully one of my future runs will be so good I won't care if that old one won't run.


Thanks again!

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