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Fragments of a disliked name


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I decided to actually try to post a roleplay here since I have already read all the others and think it is sad that no one have made a new one in a while. This is a roleplay about the character of mine that I wrote down the most details about, she is also the charcther which got completely out of hand and developed in a way that I had not predicticted which is one of the reason I dare to share her as it means she is one of my character with which I have a better feel for her personality.


The ground rules are as follow:

I save and reload, I am not afraid to admit it. The game has a save function I use it, that said I am not afraid to keep going with failed events, but I usally reload failed adventures unless I think it makes sense that you can come back and try again. Also I might write it as if step one or two of the adventures takes place in one day, because sometimes when I read the adventures they seems like they do and it seems unlogical when you are telling the story that the student gates home.


The character is Sanne Oisa, this is the kind of name that a character ends up with when I am creating her while visting my mother and looking at picture of my childhood school classes while cursing that I am bad at names. The last name was litteraly created by randomly pressin the letters on my keyboard.


Her starting stats were something like this, but maybey not presicely as I forgot to wrote them down:

Fitness 1

Strenght 1

Luck 1

Finesse 2

charm 2

Insight 2

Intelligence 3


Last I wish I could say that the grammer is not correct because it is a 12-year old who is writing it. Sadly it is properly me and not my character. English is not my first langue and I have never had a feel for the grammer of it. I hope it grammer and spelling mistakes aside is still readable. Also I hope I am posting this right.

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Here are the first two backgrounds entries.


(A written note with an unknown sender and recipient. The handwriting has clear resemblance of being written down in haste.)


I know that your family was greatly wronged by the former head of the Oisa, but he paid the price of his betrayal and that was never any more than rumours about the involvement of the daughter. I know that it worries you that the daughter of the daughter was accepted into the Academagia, but I rather doubt that such a crude little thing will make it outside the protection of her mother’s affection. I…


(The note stops here.)




(A note written with great care, if not at little sticky from being placed amongst the sweets)


I hope these sweet will cheer you up. I know that you are not happy to be going away, but remember you will be home before you know it and I am willing to bet a duzen charamel chews that when Kaliri comes you will be complaining about going home.

So cheer up, remember to share your sweets, and don’t be too mad at those who dislike you for your name. They now nothing more than you about what happened, and you were destined to great things from your birth. Prove them wrong by being better not worse than them.

Take good care of Elephant and more importantly yourself. You’ll have great fun, I know it.

Love, Mom.

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Esper: The final update this time. I know the way she handles what she calls people are weird. That is intentional.


Athonos 7 Juvenalia


Dear Mother

Mother you are a liar and I hate you for sending me here! You said that it would be fun and people wouldn’t judge me by my name, well you were lying! When we arrived all new students should share a meal in the Dining Hall while the Regents were giving us the last explanation of their college in case someone hadn’t decided which one they wanted to be in yet. I sat around a table with mostly girl and only three guys – one of them which just kept going on and on about duels, which was really annoying because it was the first day and he honestly couldn’t have been in any duels yet. The food was also really bad and then this redhaired girl who sat next to me just kept glaring at me, so I asked her if she had a problem and you will never guess what she said:

She said that my hair was tousled and ugly!

I got so mad that I poured the last of my dinner, which was some kind of soup I think, on top of her head so it was all over her hair. Her lips started to tremble and suddenly she was bawling. All the other students at the table were glaring at me and then one of the boys told the duelist boy that he had heard how the Oisa was a family name aligned with bad stars - or something like that. Then one of the girls with flowers in her hair whispered something about Grandfather that I couldn’t quite hear, but it was nasty and now everyone in school is talking about how I am the heir to the Oasi name and how I am cruel and violent and am going to be a traitor just like grandfather. And you are not here to make them disappear like you made our cook disappear just before I left. And I want to go home. (So does Elephant. There are so many cat familiars here!).


Dear Mom.

I am so, so, so sorry for the letter above. It was just a really bad first day and at first I wanted to burn the letter with fire, but I don’t know enough phemes to actually cast any fire spells yet, and I have lost all of my pims against Laziosi in a dice game the day before yesterday, so I don’t want to waste any ink by telling the whole story about Stupid Miss Redhead again, but it is a little better now. The reason that I luckily didn’t get to post the letter on Juvenalia is that my mentor came to visit and showed me around the school. She is from Sae’on, like really from Sae’on, and her name is Oan – and yes; I use her first name because Oan is best mentor ever so she deserves a first name. She gave me good tips about midterms and finals and this weekend she has been teaching me how to be a better friend and explained to me how to make Elephant the best familiar in the world even if she is a fish in a bowl. She even helped me to make Elephant sneakier which was hard for a fish to learn. Oan’s familiar also likes me, which according to Oan means that I am worth knowing, and I am looking very much forward to learning even more from her.

Besides three people who were at my table on the first day then the college are really… exciting I think. (Have I spelled exciting correct, Mom?). From my own year I am roomed with Epervier who has exploded the stuff in our room twice already and Paredes who has run out screaming every time a thing of Eperviers goes up in a blast. I know they must sound weird, but I sort of think that it is a Goldina thing, Laziosi has his games, Epervier has her explosions, Driscoll has his treasures, Galea has his rimbal – I found out that as long as I just play along with their thing they don’t speak about grandfather so much, and I like hanging out with them. So as you can read: There are good enough people in this school so I will be nice to them, but I won’t be nice to those idiots who speaks bad about me, because when I try to be nice they trick me into eating hybrid vegetables that taste like banana, but are grown on rat brain. I still have a bad taste in my mouth after that. Yuck!

As for my classes I wish I could say it was all fun, but they haven’t been teaching us many phemes yet, just theories and stories, and I found out that I hate Athletics. You know how I am absolutely not fit – to our Regent great displeasure. He keeps saying that I will never make the rimbal team, but I don’t want to make the rimbal team. I joined Godina because I wanted to learn Incantation (which just looks awesome) and because I like to sing. Athletics is just something I have to endure. Perhaps I should have followed you advice and applied to Morvidus since I really love the Zoology and Revision classes and I am a little better at Revision than I am at Incantation.


Still miss you



P.S This College is the best. We won the first merit prize!

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Esper: Well, somehow I need to learn not to start new writing projects in langues I don't completely master the day before I have a two week long written exams, sadly it is when I am pressured that I am most creative. As for the fish name, tha one is on the writing team since it's the default name and I have only had the fish familiar once before so I had forgotten what it was. That said I can see my character naming her familiar 'Elephant' because of course her familiar is totally awesome so of course it needs an awesome name.


No notes on this letter expect I will try to use the spoiler function because it looks better and see if it works.



Athonos 14


Dear Mom


I started this week stuck in a closet with a girl from Avila wearing way too much perfume. I know it seems like a strange place to hang out, but it was not like the bugs chasing her asked us first. We got out of there in one piece because I we figured out the right glamour to use against them, but there was some residue smell of her perfume stuck to my robes so I had to change it which was also why I missed my afternoon classes for the first time (I did not skip them because I find them boring or anything). I still have trouble finding a way to tell our Regent that I do not want to make it to the Rimball team next year, and that he should really pick on Galea instead, but he is still not as bad as Professor Ringraeyer who has threatened me with detention at least once because she claims I am sloppy with my clothes – I am not a doll like Stupid Miss Redhair, but I did not say that to the Professor, but just sort of nodded and pretended to listen.

If I have to be honest, expect for learning phemes, I find that the Venalicium Library is better than the classes to study in as long as you do not get on the bad side of the Liberian. Rumours say that bad things happen if the Liberian gets mad.

Sometimes it is just too easy to accidentally do something else than studying, though. Like the day where Laz Cirillo and I were trying to study music, even though theoretical music is so much more boring than singing. In the end La Cirillo just slammed the book shut and asked me if I wanted to play a dice game instead. I did say that you would be really mad if I lost all my pims once more, but then he suggested that if he won I had to call him by his first name. As you can see I lost again, but that is all right since we decided to form a clique so now I’ll have plenty of opportunities to find a way to beat him.

Don’t worry I am studying too, at least sometimes. It’s just that it gets boring so fast, like that day where Professor Chastellain only wanted to teach us about ‘How to learn songs’ which is ridicules because I already know some songs, and there is no way that I would ever stalk a Songster and wear parsley behind my ear, Professor Ringraeyer would kill me if I tried the latter. So I was so irritated that I went for a long walk and you will never guess what I saw:

I saw this music group playing on some glimmering horns. It was really awesome and this guy named Halfson (I think) asked if I wanted to join them and helped me make my own horn which is more silver than glimmering, but it is still so much more awesome than being told to wear parsley behind the ear. That is just stupid. I refuse to believe that the Professor was serious. Perhaps he was just telling us about some old ritual and was so excited that he totally forgot to mention that we shouldn’t take it seriously. Our music Professor do get excited a lot so that could be an explanation, because I am not doing it and Elephant agrees with me which means I am right.

Still miss you.


P.S. We also won the second Merit prize which is why our college is awesome, even if Vernin and Morvidus aren’t very far behind.




Esper:Am I the only who has problem when they shift between writing styles. I found myself using 'totally' and 'awesome' far too much when writing these notes and actually had to concentrate to leave my characters voice behind.

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Esper: I have been in a bit of a dilemma with this one. Sanne might be used to running to her mother with every problem, and she might absolutely fail at characther study, but she is still not stupid, and she knows what the mother wishes for her, just as she knows how to keep a secret which have let me to the unfortunate situation that there are events she would 'forget' to tell her mother, so I simply need other people to tell the story sometimes or else there would be huge gaps in what happens and what she actually tells her mother.




Athonos 21


Dear Mother

Just because I skipped one, tiny, little class, it doesn’t mean that I am not being studying. Besides you are not here so you can’t lock me in my room anymore and say you won’t let me out I am finished with my homework, which means that there is absolutely nothing you can do. I have been obedient and gone to all my classes almost all days of the week even if I have been busy with a bunch of other more interesting stuff – like practising with the orchestra I met (I will learn how to break that stone with my horn), or meeting with Oan and letting her drag my into shops and duels. Besides with teachers like Professor Knoht you cannot expect me to take the classes seriously. I had to negotiate with a merchant just to get her out of a trap from a book she had bought. How do you expect me learn anything from such a teacher?


So as you can see I am absolutely not being lazy. In fact I have finally begun getting along with most in my college - expect perhaps the two girly-girls in the other room. But they don’t like me because of Stupid Miss Redhair. I don’t talk so much to the people to people outside Godina because I am a little afraid that they believe the rumours about grandfather and they could also be on Stupid Miss Redhair’s side. Speaking of Stupid Miss Redhair, a boy from Hedi boy told me that he could help me find some dirt on her if I agreed to owe him a favour. I told him ‘sure’. It’s not like he can force me to keep my end of the bargain if I don’t like it.

Not much else has happened expect that Galea dragged me into a fight with some fakes who are really stupid because they can’t even draw phemes. So why did they think they could beat two from the best college of Academagia and the first year’s most infamous bully? They were really as stupid as Stupid Miss Redhair.


I won’t say that I miss you because you were mean to me in the last letter, and if you ever write that I am not serious again I will accidentally drop all your letters into Elephants bowl and not read them. I really mean it.






This letter has no recipient, yet it found its way easily.


Dear Friend, even if you after the whole unfortunate incident with your father wouldn’t want people like me calling you dear or friend, but my dear friend, I still feel like I must write because I just saw a miniature you. Now she doesn’t quite have your grace, but I can recognize someone of your blood quite easily – and before some accident should find its way to me, let me stress that I pose no threat to your little one. I simply wished to inform you that I saw her in one of the places I frequent. One of the more respectable places, mind you, but since you was so busy cutting everyone off, I imagine you want her nowhere near a place I frequent. But you must want details, my friend, you always want those. It was a normal game really, when two of those kids from the Academagia showed up. A boy who has been here before on some occasions, and you have properly guessed it; your little girl. As far as I could see he was teaching her some of the less accepted ways of the trade, and I am pretty sure I heard them whisper about ‘getting funds’. Of course I am not suggesting that a daughter of yours would ever be up to something, I am merely stating what I heard.

Anyway this was just a little letter from a person you properly don’t want to remember as a friend. Should I come across your daughter in places less respectable than this, I will be sure not to inform you of it. After all I know that you have no need to have any measure of control over your, and without a proper compensation it would be a waste of time for both of us.

Should you need to know if your daughter keeps showing up in unfortunate places, I am sure that you are well suited to let me know, just as you know how much I can reasonably spend on a month.

Best wishes




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Esper: Indeed Sanne's mother is overjoyed, in fact she was so happy with getting that unexpected notice from an old friend that the next letter she wrote to her daugther promoted the last part of this letter which otherwise reflects what was a terrible week for Sanne thanks to random events.


This note was written with a shaking hand and an almost illegible.



Pramidi 1


Dear Mom

I know that I am writing a day late, but all the plants in the Academagia have teamed up against me in an evil attempt to bring me down. I bet that they are monsters gated into the school by Stupid Miss Redhair. Honestly she is properly too stupid to actually pull that off, but it would be so funny if I could convince one of the Regents of the fact that she could do such a thing.

It all started last Monday when the trees shielded the aggressive squirrels trying to prevent me to get to zoology classes by bombarding me with nuts. Of course I know how to handle animals so that was not much of a problem – just irritating. Then yesterday, as I was helping Oan out, a wooden man stopped our progress and made us argue (something about me not being nice enough to ancient guardians which was just not true. I was being as polite as I usually am), then as I was in a hurry because I had to get to the news stand some poisonous plants tripped me so I fell and had to drag myself all the way back to the nurse. Because of all that I got so late to the news stand that it became evening before I had finished my training and the gates was closed when I returned to the school ground. I tried to knock on the gate, but some stupid plant just hoisted me up, and when I finally got free, I had to take an incredible long way around the school just to get back to the dorm. It was so late that I slept in and almost arrived too late for glamour class. I just snuck into the back of the class, but we had a test today even if I was so tired that I just could start sleeping right then, and of course did that boy from Heidi – Lutersee something – just have to sit next to me, just as he just had to try and say something about there being a flaw in the grammar of my homework. I told him to mind his own business. I just, by accident, said it a little too loud so the professor was suddenly standing before us, and before I knew it we both had a detention. The worst part was that when we got the answers back I could see that he actually had it right – which he kept pointing out during the whole duration of the detention.


You said I was going to have fun, Mother, but I am tired and mad, the plants hate me and I miss you and miss having servants. I don’t want to wash my own clothes. I am also tired of there being people around me the whole time, and now you want to hurt Cirillo, and don’t say that you don’t, because every time you ask a lot of question about people they always end up hurt or gone. I don’t want Cirillo to be hurt! He is the only one that doesn’t hate me because of grandfather. He is not a bad influence! We are working on a school project. A school project! I don’t know why you would think anything else. If Cirillo is hurt I will never write to you again, and I still want to go home because this week was not fun.




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And since we have the first month down, I will ramble a bit about her general progress and some of the thoughts about Sanne's creation.

Once I settled on her personality Sanne became one of those student that makes all the teacher's say 'if just'. She is smart, if just she would bother to actually do her homework she could ace her classes. Unfortunately Sanne have better things to do, and that paired with a bad temper... It is proberly a good thing that we are only one month in and she not yet really settled in the school.


Now for funny little facts. The mother is actually 'helpfull and attentive' seen in hindsight 'favoured child' would proberly have worked better, but as said Sanne is one of those characthers that just developed in a different way than I had originally imaginied.


The first detention was actually for trespassing, but I forgot to note down where she trespassed into and since it occurred on the same day as an failed random event I made it a directly consqeuence of that. I also have no idea why the glamour professor doesn't like Sanne expect that at this points she had a (-2) in relationship. I am guessing it was from a random event that I forgot to note down.

Also the class scene came from the fact that Reitz tried and failed 5 times doing one week to 'politely correct grammar'(and two more time in the next week which makes the whole situation sort of riducules). It was actually very funny since Sanne definitly is the kind of person who do not take kindly to having her faults pointed out.

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Wow, real life has been really mean to me, kept me away from having time for games for month :(

But here I am back again, now to see what I have to catch up on in the other threads...




Pramidi 7




I am NOT overreacting. You are not here so you can’t see how calm I am! So don’t tell me to calm down!


And you lie, Mother. You said that the only reason you asked so many question about Cirillo is because you are worried about me hanging out with a boy, but Cirillo is not a boy he is a friend which is totally not the same.


That didn’t seem like the right thing to write, I mean Cirillo is a boy, he is just not a boy boy… That’s not right either.


Look, Mother, it’s like this girl from Morvidus says: Real boys are strong, tall and mean. Of course everyone knows that she likes that bully I told you about from the workshop days. So I guess she have a reason to think like that. And, honestly, the cute boy from Avila who all girls like is nothing like Marchant so…

And I also wanted to say that I don’t think he is cute, it is just something all the other girls do. I totally, totally don’t!

This subject is stupid and confusing and we will never, ever talk about it again.


Except subject we will never talk about again, nothing much have happened. I used some of the info that Lutersee gave me to spread some really nasty rumours about Stupid Miss Redhair (Ha!) and Cirillo and I made good progress on our study project and got it preapproved so now we have pim materials enough to begin the actual planning. Cirillo has a good idea, but there is so much practical stuff that just makes it so hard to actually do, but I guess that now we have the materials we have to make it work, after all we still need to pay them back.




P.S. I am beginning to get better grades in athletic because I have taken up running outside of classes even if I mostly did it because I was tired of losing every time we have a competition.



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Small yay for the return :)


And I think Cirillo would have considered himself fortunate to not know of this letter - if he knew about it. Hehe... actually I think I prefered 'he is not a boy, he is a friend.' to 'he is just not a boy boy' In my mind that comes out horribly wrong. ;)

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