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A day with a Morvidus student


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Yet another tale of another student!


While I have no desire to write something as long as a diary entry or long letters like Schwarzbart tongue.gif, I like the way books tell a story, one where we can imagine what is happening and sometimes imagine the story in some other way we want. So this entry will be like a storybook, observations of the characters and dialogue between one another.


And I will of course be bending a few rules and changing a few things so expect the unexpected.


Lets begin with an introduction.







Name: Artemis Toran


Age: 12 (Technically 11)


Parents: Travelling mages and scholars


Sibling: Mina, elder sister; Age: 14, Year 3


College: Morvidus (Redundant!), One small room for Artemis only (Expect the unexpected)


Classes: Arithmetic, Botany, Zoology, Negation, Revision, Athletics


Height (Important!): 46.61 Inches / 119 cm


Weight (Not so important): Light


Others (Important): A combination of the Bad Luck magnet and the Negated background (Stunted Guardian by CremePudding). Just not so serious as breaking your hand while tying your shoe.



1) If you can think of a better last name please suggest it. I would have gone with Moran but googling shows something else.


2) Age: born on the last day of the year with just two minutes to spare. I'm being mean to Artemis of course.wink.gif


3) Yes, this is the reason I asked about heights.


4) I wonder how come we couldn't choose both of the backgrounds in the game.


5) Attributes:

  • Fitness: 1
  • Finesse: 3
  • Charm: 2
  • Strength: 1
  • Intelligence: 2
  • Insight: 2
  • Luck: 0

I'm joking about the luck.

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Time: Early Morning Location: Morvidus dorm


Stirring from his dream of a sentient bowl of pudding chasing him with a wand, Artemis Toran woke up with annoyance. He left the window open the whole night and was too lazy to close it, so now it felt like it was snowing in the room. But then he felt calm almost instantly because his small, cosy (enough for one only) room was just the way he liked it, all chilly and nicely lit by a ball light of that he had finally been able to conjure up without blowing a hole in the wall. Artemis felt so calm that he nearly went back to sleep sitting upright on the bed, if it wasn't for the screaming coming from the hallway.


"Vettor! I'll kill you for this!" screamed a girl.


Pounding footsteps were heard and Vettor Conta burst into Artemis' room and panting heavily but with a grin on his face. Artemis just gave Vettor a nod of his head in greeting. Another scream of "Vettor!" was heard and Vettor proceeded to dive under Artemis' bed and Artemis himself pretended to look like he just woke up due to the noise, which was not hard.


About ten seconds later, Uliva Valaresso burst through the door with such force that Artemis bounced on the bed. Uliva looked like a very angry tigress that had been poked one too many times and seemed to want to attack anything that moves. But upon seeing the nervous look on Artemis' face Uliva soften almost at once. Artemis handed a towel to Uliva.


"Thanks. I suppose its useless asking you where Vettor went," said a grateful Uliva.


"Uh huh. What happened to you?" replied Artemis with real sympathy.


"I was on my way out when I got hit on the head with water balloons. Freezing water balloons!" said Uliva with fire in her eyes. "When I get that Vettor I'll…I'll…"


Artemis just nodded at everything Uliva said she would do to Vettor as he escorted her out and patiently waited for her footsteps to fade before declaring the coast cleared.Vettor came out, thank Artemis and went out laughing. Pounding footsteps and another cry of "Vettor!" was heard after a few minutes. Artemis just sighs and climbs up a chair to sit on the window sill to enjoy the view. The forest surrounding the Morvidus dorm seems to invite Artemis out for a walk as he listened to the chirping of birds. Minutes went by and Artemis decided to start his day. After making sure his door is securely locked, he began to change clothes. But as he removed his pyjamas, a stuffed bear with glowing eyes jumped out from under the pillow and cling onto Artemis' face. Artemis screamed and stumbled. He landed heavily and after prying off the bear he said: "Cuddles!"


The possessed stuffed bear, Cuddles, hugged and then chided Artemis for not being aware of his surroundings before disappearing into the closet. Artemis just sigh and proceeded to put on his clothes but couldn't because somebody began to tickle him mercilessly almost at once. Artemis begged for the person to stop until tears begin to pool in his eye sockets. It was quite awhile until he was able to breathe again and squeaked out a "Sis!"


"Morning Arty," replied a cheerful teenager with features just like his, raven-haired and eyes.


Artemis whined before saying "Sis, you promised you would stop calling me that."


"And you promised that you would start drinking milk ," countered Mina who then wrapped a shameful Artemis in his blanket and put Cuddles into his arms. Artemis smiled happily.


A moment after the heart-warming feeling disperses; Mina carries Artemis up in her arms and proceeds sit him next to her on the bed. Artemis, embarrassed about the fact that his sister could carry him around like a toddler, whined again. They talked for awhile, discussing their classes, the professors, The Mean Shiny Headed One (Professor Storey), and whether anyone was giving Artemis any trouble.


"I think that Marchant kid is sick today. Do you know why?" asked Mina.


Artemis just shakes his head, looking innocent. Very innocent.


Mina just shrugged and said "Well then, time for breakfast. Come on."


It took a few steps before Artemis realized that he was about to walk out of his room clad in nothing but his underwear with his stuffed bear in his arms. Artemis whined for the third time in as many minutes as his mischievous sister laughs as she walks out the room. Artemis proceeds to instruct Cuddles to stay in the room and continues to get dress to join his sister, who was waiting patiently outside, for breakfast. After making sure he has everything he needs for the day, Artemis searches under his clothes in the dresser and pulls out a plain, silver bracelet (a lucky charm you might say) and puts it on before exiting his room.


After a satisfying breakfast consisting of two pieces of toast with butter and a glass of milk (a glass of milk he threw into a potted plant and replaced with juice) Mina kissed Artemis on the forehead in front of a few upperclassmen (he whines again) and rushes off to do something with her also mischievous friends, leaving Artemis to enjoy a walk with anyone he could find.



Don't forget to comment on what you think and what can be done to improve it. Remember, I'm an amateur writer. And anybody have an idea to prevent spacing error when copying text from Microsoft Word to the page?

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Esper; I'll see if I could squeeze in a few more situations for Cuddles.


Adrian; Prepare to lose a bet.


MadHatt; Remember in the first book when Butler said "Say again. I thought you said -"wink.gif




Location: On the way to Arithmetic class


The walk to the first class of the day wasn't as fun as Artemis had hoped.


Flore Yveuillet and Prudence Cossins are currently persuading (read: threatening) Reitz von Lutersee to release anything he knows about Vettor, anything to help them plan revenge for all the girls he has harassed. Malacresta Vercesi, Avgust Kostrodyrets and Herbert Downes are squawking about stars and their various alignments and Olivia Solari is gushing on about how handsome and wonderful Cyrus Dawes is to the other girls. Again.


And Artemis himself is trying very hard to listen to Cante Caviti talking about his latest experiments while straining very hard to hide the movement of something in his backpack.


"Made any new discoveries?" asked Artemis.


"Well I found a solution that could make you invisible just by splashing it on you. And I found a potion that lets you talk to animals but it only works on rats at the moment. By the way, I heard that Philippe was sick this morning, is it true?" replied Cante.


"I think so," said Artemis, looking innocent and tugged on his backpack to stop Cuddles (Artemis recognized tsk tsk of Cuddles criticizing his handwriting) from making so much movement, dreading the laughter that would inevitably come if EVERYBODY found out that he brought his childhood toy to the academy. To sleep with him at night presumably.


The walk was interrupted when Artemis saw what looked like a pig gliding through the trees. With a dog on it.The pig, not the trees.


"Did you see that?!"


Everyone stops and look around for a moment but just turned to Artemis with confused looks. When Artemis told them what he saw, everyone either laughed or gave him incredulous looks. Red in the face, Artemis tries to spot the pig again but found nothing. Artemis walked slowly at the back of the group with his gaze to the ground. Cante, taking pity on him, tries to cheer him up. By telling him a terrible joke.


"A guy from Wiesbruck and a guy from Balesfield walk into a tavern. The owner says, "What can I get you?" but they don't answer because they're trying to knock the daylights out of each other."


After a moment of uncomfortable silence from Artemis, he finally said "That was a really bad joke," with a frown still on his face.


"I think that's why a third year called it Bad Joke Number One."


Though still embarrassed, Artemis managed to smile a little. He even took out two of the new but ridiculously named candy called lollipops and shared them with Cante. Lollipops!


Right before Artemis could even put the utterly ridiculously named candy into his mouth; Joana Lio y Rossollo snatches it and the wrapper from his hands.


"What?" challenged Joana with a smirk on her face and a crack of her knuckles.


Artemis quickly shakes his head and replies with a meek "Nothing, nothing, my fair lady Joana."


Joana rubs her knuckles into Artemis' head and walks away laughing. Artemis would have felt even more miserable had Cante not tried to return the lollipop to Artemis. But being the person he is, Artemis insisted that Cante have the lollipop. Bolstered by Artemis' kindness, Cante decides to tell another joke.


"If Philippe and Joana were to get married, what would you call their kids?"


"I don't know. What would you call their kids?"


"How should I know? Philippe is as romantic as slug. Ba-da-bing!"


The cheerful laughter was interrupted when an announcement was broadcasted throughout the whole academy by a gruff voice. "Students please allow a ten minute delay to the start of your classes as we seem to have an incident in the professor's lounge." Then in an irritated voice "By Octavius Sixt! Get that cucumber out of my face. Polisena stop that banana from sweet talking that melon!"





Coming soon, the Arithmetics class chapter.

And curse you copy and pasting spacing error!! Curse you!

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I love Artemis. Also, I've just played Alpha Protocol recently so 'Sis' took me by surprise even after you gave her name. I should stop distracting myself with games and books though, considering it's still exam time for me. That will go right out the window when DLC 15 comes out, though, I can tell.


I never spent a lot of time with Morvidus students except Uliva so this is interesting to me.


Do you think Storey and Sixt get along?

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Who said anything about giving up? ;) Now, a challenge hmm? *taps chin* riight. Well personally I never really got along with Catherine Chard, and we even went to the same party at some point and she refuses to acknowledge that I was even there. So, I was thinking a prank? Too easy perhaps. Pranking others are childrens' game after all. But making it look like it was one of her 'friends' making the prank might require a bit of finesse. Right? It goes without saying that it ought to be public.

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at 0:16, please.laugh.gif


Location: Arithmetic class


"How about a little puzzle to lighten the mood?" said Professor Valenta, who had sensed the dreariness seeping into her students mind after 20 minutes of talking about the relationships of addition and subtraction.


This lightened the mood almost at once, until the Professor began to sing.


"A young woman who is a merchant, let's say Basia here, had 87 enchanted apples from Oursouk and her friend, say Artemis here had 5 Quiples in his pocket that he is just so eager to spend on these deliciously looking apples. How many of these magically enchanted apples that came from a mad place like Oursouk can be purchased by Artemis even after Basia had told him over 50 times that the apples aren't for sale even if he had more than 2 Gints and could still get more if he wanted to? If every one of the enchanted apple is only worth 5 pims. And also by factoring in the interest and expenses required to handle the apples with care, how much should Basia sell the apples to in order to recoup her losses?"


After straining the last few notes, Professor Valenta became amused as over half the class had confused looks on their faces. What surprised the students even more is when answers were given the professor marked every one of them wrong and proceeded to talk about how a full moon can affect the arithmetical concepts.


It was until the professor called Everwine von Zoedorf to stop doodling and come up to answer the question on the board right now that Artemis just figured out the professor's puzzle. He let out a satisfied smile. A smile that instantly disappeared when Professor Valenta asked Artemis to answer the question on the board after Everwine had failed. Holding back a gulp, Artemis stood up and walked a short distance to the blackboard. (It wasn't his choice to sit at the front of every class)


Taking a look at Everwine's efforts on the board, Artemis made a few changes, did some additional calculations, used the abacus more times than necessary and prayed to which ever one of the gods governed arithmetical studies. After a long seven minutes, Artemis finishes by letting out a breath he had been unconsciously holding. The professor gives him a satisfied smile.


Artemis went back to his seat as quietly as possible and resolved not to smile so noticeably again when there was an instructor teaching or punishing someone in front of him.


Ten minutes left to the end of the class, Professor Valenta was telling everybody about how a student had saved a boy trapped on a tree by a troll through the use of arithmetic concepts. Artemis' attention was directed towards outside the window as the professor was talking about how the young student was able to trick the troll using an arithmetic question as a guise until help had arrived. What Artemis saw outside the window made his eyes pop open (they were halfway to closing), the same flying pig and now green-coloured dog just flew pass the window. Artemis' voice caught in his throat before he could tell the Professor. Worried about embarrassing himself again, Artemis' gaze turned towards the window and right away the pig flies pass again.


"Something wrong?"


Artemis bounced in his seat and looks up to see Professor Valenta with a bemused smile on her face. "That means she saw it!" thought Artemis and proceeded to tell the professor as clearly as possible. The entire class immediately burst into laughter. Artemis' face was turning scarlet but Professor Valenta silenced the entire class and very maturely pointed her thumb towards the pig that was now staring into the class with its strange lifeless eyes. The eyes of the pig and dog were bulging and their tongues were sticking out in a most humorous way. It was almost satisfying to hear the collective gasp from the entire class.


The pig began to fly pass the windows again and again, appearing every three minutes. Incredibly, the professor turned this situation into a question for everyone to solve. After giving everyone a few hints (speed of the enchanted pig and so forth), the professor decides that the person with the right answer will be able to dispel the enchantment from an arm's length from the window. The student's own arm length, not the professor's arm. And she also promised extra credit for the one who successfully stops the pig.


A minute after the announcement, almost everyone was blasting out the window with all types of spells. Artemis was still slowly calculating the distance and speed required, all the while thinking that he should have taken astrology. Five minutes later, Artemis realised that this is another one of the professor's test because it was REALLY hard to solve, especially since she was with holding a few bits of important information. Another five minutes later, Professor Valenta sighs and gets everyone to sit down before casually dispelling the enchantment (of course it was an enchantment). The pig and dog turns into figurines as they floated gently into the professor's palm before she assigns everyone homework for their … disappointing efforts. The entire class groaned on the way out while the professor continues to hum another song.


"At least they believe me now," thought Artemis as Cante came up to praise his observations skills.






This was what I had in mind when writing about the professor singing - [link] and this is the song I imagine her hum next - [link]


Missing you Nightmare Ned.



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And continuing on the long recording of a day with Artemis Fowl Toran, a little bit of information of Mina is given and SWEARING has been added. You have been warned.




Location: On the way to Botany class


After a quick goodbye to Cante, Artemis made his way down the stairs, avoiding people left and right in the slightly crowded hallway. Apparently an announcement was made that a very dangerous creature has escaped from the bestiary. Artemis spared a moment to read the notice. The creature is known for playing with its prey before devouring them whole or tear them limb from limb in the most painful way ever known to man. The escaped creature in question is described as a grey fuzzy mammal but as big as a well-built man with a perpetual frown on its face. It has spikes growing down its spinal column and its claws are as sharp as a well made sword. Its favourite prey is children but is also observed to settle for, strangely enough, clothing. Artemis could clearly hear some of the upperclassmen dismissing it as a hoax to scare the new kids to pick up their laundry from the floors of their rooms.


Coming around the corner, the crowd becomes thinner and the hallway begins to fill with sunlight. Artemis stops and stares out one of the window to a sight of brown, red and yellow leaves shaking in the wind. Everybody needs warm clothes before the cold winter but the one good thing about being a mage is that you could save money on clothing through enchantments. Unfortunately Artemis depends on his sister (who is said to be a prodigy) to properly cast the enchantments otherwise he might unintentionally shrink or even enchant anything but his clothes. One time, Artemis had turned accidentally set the pillow next to his clothes on fire.


Somebody tapped Artemis on the shoulder.


"Morning," said Ana Flavia Bessa.


"Morning," replied Artemis with a slightly embarrassed smile as Cuddles pops out of his bag to greet Ana. Ana was already introduced to Cuddles when Artemis and Ana were in an empty corner in the library trying to figure out why this flower is non-poisonous while this similar looking flower will cause you to have a skin rash but is good for you if you have a belly ache. In the end, Cuddles just casually pops out of the bag, summons a fat tome from somewhere, flips the pages and proceeds to explain the difference between the two flowers in a calm, smoothing, grandfatherly voice. Ana was utterly mystified while Artemis was utterly horrified. After that little incident, Ana had been asking to see Cuddles as often as possible considering how fascinating he was, helping Artemis to make a friend that day.


Ana was still smiling a little as they both walk down the hallway to the Campanile Walk. In a short while their talk had involved the kinds of plants Professor Vickery had introduced, the time Flore Yveuillet nearly fed Jere Niemela to a carnivorous plant, to the time Ana was trapped by a vine on the way to class but was rescued by a groundskeeper. "And I still have the bruises to prove it," said Ana.


Artemis had taken to liking Ana's presence no matter what others say about her being curse considering he was actually cursed. Sometimes Artemis wishes that he could help Ana by sharing his lucky silver bracelet with her, but he knew that this was a bad idea as his parents had explicitly warned him not to remove the bracelet in the presence of people and to also wear it before meeting those who are not blood related to him. Why only blood relatives? They never explained it.


It was discovered through an intense divination session that the bad luck was actually linked an ancient curse by a rock moved by Artemis when he was a toddler. Through another series of divination and shady Marat readings from shady people, his parents had chosen to go through a lengthy process to create a special charm for him to repel the curse that could cause Artemis to plunge the entire school into the sea. The silver was mined, smelted, forged, craved, blessed, divined, enchanted and aligned with the leylines repeatedly by his parents after long hours of trial and error and a great deal of money. But it was only enough to alter the curse from 'The one who brings doom to the lands' to 'the one who could blow up your house with a sneeze.' Not exactly comforting but Artemis was still thankful to his parents who had done their best to help him lead a normal life even if it cost so much money considering his family's middle class status.


The walk was interrupted when a senior picked up Artemis by the seat of his robes. Artemis struggle as he recognized the senior as the obviously self-proclaimed Kong the King. No one other than the professors knows his real name ever thought he has a minor reputation as a bully. In fact, Artemis only recognized him because during his first day here, Kong teases him in front of a group of seniors about his height and whether he still wears a nappy. The humiliation had gone on until Artemis was on the verge of tears, until Mina appeared and turned Kong into an ice sculpture in two seconds flat. She would like to have turned him to ashes but that was too boring for her. And besides, it had taken a full day before the professor's could melt off the ice and another three days before Kong could feel his legs again.


Kong was speaking in a boastful tone to his friends about the escaped creature. "You know what I think? I think that creature wouldn't even bother playing with this scrawny one, I think he would be more of a … a little side dish" said Kong to his cronies as he shakes Artemis up and down like a toy, causing his books to fall to the floor but not Cuddles who was clinging to the bottom of the bag. Ana tried to stop them but Kong just swings Artemis back and forth and switched hands after a few minutes. Artemis felt woozy and tried to escape by kicking at Kong but the seniors just found it humorous as Kong just hangs on harder to Artemis by the seat of his trousers now. Until a curt "Let him go," came from behind. All eyes rise up to meet those of Piccolet Gleyre.


The seniors momentarily considered taking Piccolet on until they saw that he was already leaning towards them as he spoke. Casually Kong just releases Artemis, who landed flat on his face, and swear that he will get back at Artemis for what his sister had done. He walked away but with little beads of sweat rolling down his forehead.


Artemis thanked Piccolet as Ana helped to pick up his books. While arranging the books Artemis was slightly motivated to follow on his sister’s advice to find a way to deal with the bully but couldn’t go through with it. Now it seems he would be forced to start planning if Mina hears about this. Piccolet had made Artemis a little uncomfortable considering the huge difference between their sizes. But once Piccolet saw Artemis straining to look up at him and quickly look away, all the giant had to do was smile and introduced himself. After that, if Mina wasn’t there to stop the bullies, Piccolet will be in her place. Piccolet had told Artemis that all he had to do was ask and he would keep him safe from those bullies, but Artemis just politely declines and tries to change the subject all the time.


Suddenly, the trio had to quicken their pace as they found out that they had only three minutes left before they were officially late for class.





You didn't really think that I would swear now would you?smile.gif

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This part of the story will be slightly different. Enjoy.


Location: Campanile Walk

The trio reached finally reached the class after confusing one amphitheatre from the other and made it unscathed except when Piccolet nearly crushes Ana and Artemis when he slipped and fell. Seeing Artemis and Ana together at the doorway, some wise guy made a joke about Ana and Arty sitting in a tree, but Piccolet came and interrupted the bees. As Artemis and Ana take their seats (beside each other), another round of muffled giggle floated from the back of the class, of which Professor Vickery was oblivious to.


Artemis wanted to bury his head in his bag as he immediately recalled the event that started it all. The start of the semester, during a compulsory safety lesson on potion-making class, Artemis and Ana were sitting beside each other. When Ana was mixing a few roots, seeds and cockroaches together, the potion puffs out a huge cloud of bluish smoke and several of the students including Ana and Artemis fell asleep. The smoke was harmless but Artemis and Ana will never live down what came next. As luck would have it, there was another accident somewhere and the infirmary was slightly crowded, the sleeping students were brought in but some would have to share the beds. Unluckily for Artemis and Ana, they had to share the last bed. And very unfortunately, as people sleep they tend to move around and face to their sides. No more needs to be said.


"Today I have an assignment for you all," announce the professor as the giggles peter out. "Each of you must choose one plant and list down its special characteristics. It can be the colour, the smell, the type of roots … Just do what you can and be sure to write down as much as possible. I'll be back to check on your work after I deal with an outbreak."


As soon as the professor's footsteps were inaudible, the entire class splits into two groups with as little noise as possible; the ones doing their assignment and the ones just copying from the ones doing the assignment. While others were examining funny flowers or that blue coloured apple tree, Artemis went to a single uninteresting looking glass case. Inside this case, Artemis found a plain looking but visually different weed. One glance at the small sign tells Artemis that the name of this is the rare 'Schwarzbart weed'. Artemis, after trying to figure out how such a name can to be, dragged out his notebook and flipped to his botany notes from last week and started to write down the specifics of the strange plant into the paper for his assignment, as explained by the professor.


Artemis went 'Ooh' when he wrote down that the weed needs to be handled with care or risk getting your hand burned and another one as he wrote down that the weed can be used in the creation of certain wands. This proves two things, One, nothing is what it seems; Two, Artemis does not read his notes.


Suddenly Artemis felt someone breathing down on him. He turned and came face-to-face with Kurt Henning. Kurt gave him a friendly smile and put an arm on Artemis' shoulder, making him feel rather uncomfortable.


"So what are you writing about Artemis?"


"Just … just those weed in that glass case. What about you?"


"Oh I don't know. How about if I join you?" said Kurt, all the while eyeing Artemis' assignment.


"I'm almost done here. I wrote down notes about that weed last week. I think you were shooting paper balls at Rixenda at the time."


"Aah now I remember. May I?"said Kurt as he gestured towards Artemis' notebook.


"Okay but be careful the pages are…"


Artemis didn't finish his sentence as Kurt grabs the notebook with a quick "Thanks" and finishes his assignment at another desk at the other side of the room.


Artemis' shoulders sagged a little but he was comforted by the fact that he could now explore a little. Usually, when he wants to explore the place a groundskeeper would stop him while citing the dangers that often occur in the area and how often a student nearly gets eaten. The first plant he examined, a single flower plant with teeth, spat at him with fury. Artemis kept a wide distance between him and that plant. The second plant was a blooming tree; the flowers were in the shape of keys and they smell of grease. Weird. The third plant Artemis examined was a hedge that changes it shape randomly each day, today it was in the shape of the A of the Academagia. Near the fourth plan, a sign next to a shrouded cage describes the plant as having two leaves with teeth-like protrusions on the sides of a magnificent flower. The plant is known to be active under sunlight and has been observed to bite anyone foolish enough to reach for the flower.


Artemis kept walking until someone tapped his shoulder. He turned and found a vine shaping itself into agrin. Instead of being shocked like a normal person would, Artemis grinned back and greeted 'Taylor' the Azern vine. Taylor wrapped himself around Artemis' waist and playfully lifted him into the air for a minute until Artemis asked to be released. No sooner had his feet landed on the ground, Artemis heard screams coming from the front of the class.


It seems that a wild carnivorous plant had been hiding in the class and had picked up Asmita Tidar and Ana Flavia Bessa, ready to devour them. Even though the plant was roughly Artemis' height, they can devour an entire cow in a minute. Some of the male students were trying to loosen the vines around the girls' waist but it held on tightly.The plant just swatted at anyone who came close and even gave Magsa Nembo aspanking when he kicked its stem. Other students tried to use spells but the plant was not being unsportsman-like and kept waving Ana in front of those about to shoot. She looked greener than a caterpillar.


It was chaos as Artemis tries to dash to a closet nearby. Rifling through the contents for a few seconds, Artemis had found and poured a little of the contents of a bottle marked with a skull into a beaker. Running up to Piccolet who had been pushed aside by the plant like a statue in a hurricane, Artemis pushes the little glass beaker containing some pinkish powder into his hand and instructs Piccolet to throw it into the 'mouth' of the plant. As soon as the beaker breaks, the plant gives out a horrifying scream as it wilts into a brown mass.


The girls would have expressed their gratitude if it wasn't for the loud screaming coming from outside the class. Several groundskeepers were trying to fight back more of the killer plants with gardening tools but several of them were hurt and the plants grabbed and broke the tools with little effort. Professor Vickery was blasting left and right with all sorts of spells, resulting in black ashes flying through the air and horrid screams filtering through the ears. Artemis and his fellow students took out more of the weed killer and charged at the plants. The screams of the dying killer plants grew intensely as the sounds of beakers breaking increased, accompany the cries of bravery from the students as they throw more beakers filled with weed killer at the plants. Professor Vickery did not even stop shooting at the horde when his class came to his rescue and he kept blasting at any of the plants stupid enough to try and eat his students.


Eventually all the powder was used up and the students had switched to their wands. By this time the guards had arrived along with a few professors. Sparks and flames lit up the place as the plants resorted to picking up debris and throwing at the crowd. Lightning and fire was joined with shattered pieces of statues flying through the air. There were sounds of weapons clashing as the plants reacted intelligently and picked up the weapons of guards knocked unconscious. Some of the guards had brought torches and were stabbing and burning the plants. The ground was a mess as it filled with plants dead from various sources. Brown and dried up material made the majority of the colours on the ground as they mix with the green of still moving stems and black ashes of those that were burned. It made the Campanile Walk look like a war zone, but one that shows the residents of the Academagia as strong and capable people.


Artemis himself had taken a staff, technically a rake with the head torn off, and was watching out for his classmates. His heart was pounding, his limbs were tired and his body was burning up but he remained alert. He bashed one of the plants just as it was about to attack Ana. They gave each other a nod before returning to remove the threat of carnivorous plants eating the inhabitants of the Academagia. Artemis whacked another plant, stomp down hard on a moving vine, and stabs one behind him. His shoes were dirtied by gooey substances and his clothes were a mess. A huge plant, about the size of two Piccolets, took Artemis by surprised as it gave a battle-cry. It whipped at Artemis hard with its thick vine but he was quick enough to block the vines and roll away. He tried to stab at the plant but it simply swiped the staff aside. Piccolet charged at the plant with a pike but it tangled him all too easily. Artemis looked for the staff and found it to be on fire at one end.


Without thinking, Artemis threw the staff with the flaming end at the mouth of the monstrous plant. It let out a much deeper sounding scream as it lit up like a giant bonfire but not before it angrily swatted at Artemis, sending him flying towards a wall. Artemis had braced for the impact but found the pain overwhelming. The air was knocked out of him and he blacked out before he even fell to the ground, the sight of the battlefield fading from his eyes.

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I am starting to wonder whether Movidus shouldn't have picked incantation as their other mandatory class...


Regardless, Artemis, my 'suggestion' still stands! Bullies would be far less inclined to go after you if they knew it had consequences. I heard from Emilia who was told by Aymeri that you had another run-in with the 'King'. Pranking Catherine might be good for your selfesteem and if a rumor got out that it was you pranking then King might not pick on you so much... Just saying. And since we are friends I'll even let you use my connection to Rikildis to print it in the school paper - if you want.

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Ah now here is one of the slight dilemma when I made Artemis.


Instead of the devious Fowl, I made him as a Good & Slightly Lawful character. Emphasis on the slightly. But that doesn't mean Artemis is above some fun. Haven't you notice that I haven't put in a certain bully yet?wink.gif


Pranking Catherine might not make it into the current day's entries, but I'll see what I can do in the future. Maybe the fates might force Artemis to indirectly prank Catherine. I missed the opportunity when I wrote the Arithmetic class entry, but she is in Negation class so...cool.gif


Oh and expect the updates to come a bit late. School-work incoming.


P.S. One of Artemis's friends is Piccolet (Durand). We might have a bit of trouble here.

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Prepare yourself for a slightly (to me) disturbing part of the story.



Location: Fields of the Academagia


Walking to Zoology class was not comfortable. Artemis kept muttering 'Ow, ow, ow' every time he took a step. Sure the nurse had done everything to make sure he could make it to class in time ("Ug!"), but the best way to recover from a wound like that is to rest in bed, no classes, no homework, just rest. His three friends Ana, Cante and Piccolet were just saying the same thing to him.


Artemis was trying to examine his notes but according to the nurse the medicine would make it hard to read anything for a while so everything is kind of blurry. Ana Flavia Bessa was helping Artemis carry his bag as a way to express her thanks even after Artemis insisted that he is perfectly capable of walking. It was a few steps before Artemis was cringing from the pain so Ana just wrestled the bag off him and Artemis gave a little squeal as he felt the pain from his shoulders. Piccolet and Cante let out a little giggle at the sight.


"You know, everyone should be thanking Artemis. He came up with the plan to use the poison first," said Piccolet.


"I just remember something from Professor Vickery's advice about safety," replied Artemis accompanied by another 'Ow!'


"Funny, I never knew professors would actually tell us to take a dangerous substance and throw it at killer plants," mused Cante.


Artemis was just about to reply that the professor warned them not to touch any of the dangerous substances in the cabinets when he saw Cante's smile. Artemis grinned back but winced again as his back ached at three different points. Another five minutes of walking and Artemis had muttered about fifty 'Ow!'s.


"Alright that's it," said a frustrated Piccolet as he crouched down. "Get on. I'll carry you to class."


Artemis hurriedly decline the offer as his face turns red at the sight of Cante and Ana laughing, he tried to pretend that he was fine by giving a nervous chuckle. But Piccolet was adamant and threatened to carry Artemis in his arms like a baby. Cante is doing his part to convince Artemis to climb on Piccolet's back by threatening to poke him all the way to the field. Ana asking politely for him to accept Piccolet's offer may have also influenced him, and also the threat of showing Cuddles to anyone presence right here, right now. After giving Ana his 'you too?!' face, Artemis pulls his hood over his head and grimly hooks his arms around Piccolet's neck. Artemis took in a breath as everything seemed so different from high up.


Piccolet comments on how light Artemis was as they continue their walk to class. Artemis became self-conscious as more than a few people were doing double-takes and giggling at him. One professor even stopped Piccolet when he saw the group. To add to his misery, Artemis hoped that his sister won't see this or she will never let him forget it, or she may complain that he didn't let her carry him. Once they were within twenty paces to the fields, Artemis was begging to be let down.


The four of them arrived just as Professor Pachait was taking attendance.


"Philippe? Philippe? Is he coming today or has he skipped class again?" asked Professor Pachait, his moustache wriggling slightly every time he speaks.


"He's sick today sir. Something about a stomach ache since last night," replied Philippe's overly violent stalker, Joana Lio y Rossollo.


Cante bit the inside of his cheek while Artemis was too busy forgetting the ride on Piccolet's back.


"Well that's too bad," said the professor with nonchalant attitude. "I had a surprise planned for your class today. Come along everyone."


The walk to the field was filled with excitement with a little mix of fear and suspicion. The last time the professor had a surprise for the class; it was just a bunch of rabbits. Even if one of the rabbits was actually a shape shifter and had turned into a snake in Artemis' lap, it was still a bunch of rabbits. However, Professor Pachait had reassured everyone, including Llarina de Avuel who had first raised the issue, that today he is going to let the class have a little fun, not child-like fun such as playing with rabbits but for him and fun for everyone. But they still have to write an essay about this. Everybody groaned.


Artemis' body had hurt much less by the time the walk was over. But it still stings a little when the professor had everyone sit on the soft, green and most importantly dry, grass. Everybody was to take out their textbooks and explain what they know about the species of owls in Elumia while they wait for a special guest. A few of the students suspected that the professor just wants to get out of the dreary classroom.


A few birds flew past, their chirpings sounding like conversations between friends. A squirrel was perched on Professor Pachait's shoulder as he explains how cats are far more intelligent than they look. A purple cat was watching the class from afar, making those who had noticed its presence uncomfortable. After twenty minutes of waiting for a mysterious guest of which nobody knows of, Artemis felt his wounds hurt a little as he tries his best to concentrate on the professor's words as he still can't read the text written down in his textbook. The medicine must be quite potent to have its side-effects last this long.


Artemis suddenly felt something brush against his left arm. He turned and got quite a shock as he sees the purple cat stroking itself against him. The students around him moved way so fast it was like they were repulsed by a mysterious force. Artemis flinched when the cat tapped and then hopped onto and proceeded to take a nap on his lap. Artemis looked around him and found that his fellow students were either concerned for him or scared of the cat. The professor has his back turned to the class and was casually explaining to the class on how some wolfs could actually mimic human speech.


Artemis was about to stroke the cat, until Professor Pachait said "I wouldn't do that."


Artemis looked up and saw that the professor was giving him a crafty, some would say evil, smile. Artemis did not have time to widen his eyes as the professor orders the other students to move further away from Artemis and warns him to sit very still. With heavy breaths, Artemis tries to calm down but panicked when the purple cat looks at Artemis with a glint in its eyes. He swore that the cat was grinning and said "Be ready."


After five minutes of pointless tension, the professor shoos the cat and pulls Artemis to his feet. Putting his hand on Artemis' shoulder, the professor gave Artemis a friendly smile that he returned. The professor's smile didn't disappear when he asked Artemis "Is your belt on tight enough?"


Artemis had no time to reply as the professor shouted "NOW!!"


Something heavy swooped down and grabbed Artemis by his shoulder before pulling up into the air. Artemis wanted to scream as the ground shrank before his eyes. Buildings were appearing in his sights as the trees were appearing below him. His classmates were pointing and calling to him. Artemis couldn't make out the expressions of their faces as the creature circled in the sky. Artemis finally amassed the courage to look up and saw to his amazement, a griffin! A real life eagle-headed, lion-bodied, winged griffin!


When the griffin finally flew low enough for Professor Pachait to call out to Artemis, all of his classmates were cheering him on.


"Go higher, girl, higher!" shouted Professor Pachait.


Artemis wanted to scream but kept his teeth locked together just in case he swallows a bug. The griffin flew higher and higher until, for a second, Artemis could see his dorm just as he was blinded by the sun. And suddenly they were going down in a steep dive. The wind messed up Artemis' hair, pushed his limbs so hard that they stretched, and ballooned Artemis' cheeks as he was about to scream. The ground was rushing to meet his face, the tiny dots that were his classmates faces were magnifying with equal parts excitement and horror. Artemis crossed his arms in front of his face and the griffin gave a cry before curving in the air and aligning itself.


After minutes of deep breathing, Artemis said in a timid voice "Can I come down now?" but Professor Pachait just gave an evil laugh as his face slowly twist into one with malicious thoughts and said "Faster!"


With barely enough time to stare into the now downright creepy faces of his classmates, the griffin carried Artemis up high once more with the speed of a dragonfly. This time everyone cheered for the griffin, its feathers turning dark grey as it gains height. Artemis was looking in every direction, searching for anything to help him but everything was moving too fast for him. As the griffin lets out a vicious cry it tossed Artemis into the air, scaring him terribly, and caught him without missing a beat. The griffin then let out a sound that could be described as evil laughter mixed with madness, in bird language.


The griffin decided to fly into the densely packed trees nearby. Artemis could only screw his eyes shut, shielding them with his arms and prepare for the scratches that were bound to appear. Branches snapped and leaves were caught in his hair. Artemis heard something else snap as they appeared from the trees. He felt a draft and saw to his horror that his trousers, shoes and socks were gone. Thankfully that was all that was caught in the trees that were growing faces and joined in the laughing.


The griffin was now flying low enough for Artemis to see the faces of his classmates. His face burned as everyone pointed at him and howled with laughter. The trees, the birds, the students and their professor and also the purple cat. All he could do was be miserable as somebody was calling out to him.


"Arty? Arty? Artemis? Wake up Artemis."








Actual Location: Infirmary


The story continues



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I almost feel bad for Artemis. Almost :o


But it is a lovely story. Arty comes across very likable and for some reason I find myself amused by his constant suffering! *exhale* Whoa.. I feel that I should feel that I am a horrible person. Imagine that. ;)

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I think I just wanted to give him a nightmare, you know how your mind can conjure up dreams when you are exhausted? I had similar experiences before.


But now that Esper mentioned the Cold room and somebody with the knowledge of its location... I just had an idea. evilgrin0041.gif


Oh and Adrian,


Objective 2: Achieved


Make Adrian feel bad.laugh.gif

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