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Before DLC 15 comes out, I wanted to do one more Academagia run. Just one more game before I can start cheating myself and looking in the mod base when I want to know how to respond to an event, which is really no fun, but something I’m prone to doing. So I decided I was going to play, then I thought about it and decided I wanted to do a roleplay, because I still feel regrets about leaving Renate unfinished. She never was completed due to complications with timing and myself being unable to load the saves, and I wanted to write a character and complete them.


This roleplay is thus played on DLC 14. It is also played with the ‘starter’ version of my Four Students module (worked on over in the Modding forums, if you somehow missed me going on about it activated). Consider this a teaser of sorts. I have no intention on making this character become friends or enemies with any of them (though Antonio and Louise care very little about intentions when it comes to randomly surprise-friending you or bullying you half to death), but it might offer hints about events and personalities, if you care.


(This starter module has the four students basics, but none of the frills: they each have their adventure (though Miya’s has been completely redone) but not the side-adventures, around seven events (some which have been taken out), and their skills and programming, and a ton of spelling and some programming mistakes. It’s not very pretty. I turned away from it to wait for Modbase 3/DLC 15 instead.)


So! For this roleplay, I was going to make a Morividus student. I was going to make an awesome Morividus student. Then I thought about it and decided there are enough Morvidus students. By all the stars in the sky, I have made a Godina student, tried a Hedi student, and made a DURAND student, and now I was going to do Morvidus? Morvidus? And continue neglecting my dear favorite collage?


Needless to say, I changed my mind quickly.


I wanted to touch on some skills I never use. I wanted a character with one of my favorite familars. I wanted a character who used my favorite magic system. I wanted a character who was a bit kinder then Kay or Ceyn, but who had the core that was necessary to be a student of Collage Awesome (also called Aranaz, but you knew that, didn’t you?). Mostly, I just wanted to write someone fun and different from Miya, Aaran, Louise and Antonio, much as I do love those brats.


Thus, we begin.


Oh, and no reloading for me this time. I no longer need reloads! ...I hope. ;_;




A fragment of an Academagia Application

My name is Isabelle, and I am not a very good wizard.


I think I was, once. Mother was always very proud of me: she said I was going to be her heir, and that I would be brilliant. She was a famous wizard, though she never went to the Academagia. She made potions for every illness and knew both the hedge-remedies and the spells to help with every problem anyone in the village had. Everyone in town adored her. She was smart and wise.


I’m not.


I was seven years old when I was out in the market. Father often took my brother and I with him on trips he made to the cities. Mother always said he was careless with us: he used to allow me to wander up and down the rows of vendors as long as I promised not to touch anything. I remember having a kaleidoscope that day, which is funny, as the memory of the day is like a kaleidoscope. It’s fragmented and transposed upon another fragmented image. Only a tiny bit is clear.


There was a little girl. She might have only been a bit younger than me, or even a bit older than me, but in my thoughts, she’s always been as young as she was that day: just a child. She was in danger from some madman who was about to hurt her with a spell, and I put my body between them. It’s such a foolish thing, when I think about it now. I just didn’t want her to be hurt, and nothing else mattered in that single moment of time.


It was very painful, but it was more painful when we went home. Mother wouldn’t stop crying. She became very weak after that, and died not long after. Sometimes I think I barely remember her, I only remember everyone’s a stories of her. Father says it’s part of how we know each other, by the memories everyone has of one another. He might be right, but I wish I could think of her more clearly. The wound is still too raw.


I know how to make phemes. I know how to make a palette. I know how to put them together. But when I do, sometimes nothing comes of it. I can see a spell performed in front of me, but I can’t repeat it. There’s something wrong with me, deeply wrong with me, but sometimes when I cast a spell it’s perfect and everything feels so right. Like it was what I was born to do.


And a year ago, something slipped out of my shadow and started talking to me.


I’m not sure why I’m sending in this application. Father kept warning me not to get my hopes up The Academagia only takes the best and the brightest magicians, and I know I’m not one. Not anymore. I’m just the daughter of a good wizard and a merchant who loved her, the elder sister of a brat who thinks he can outrun the wind, and a girl stupid enough to think she could block a spell with her body. Instead father had me sent to court, and I've been trained to wander around quietly and keep my head down with little else to it.


I’m clever, though. And I speak well and carefully, and I don’t make enemies. I try hard, and I keep working to try and cast spells even though I fail all the time. I’m not too bad at regular astrology. I’ve never told a secret I’ve been trusted with. I promise I’ll do my best at school, and not whine that it’s too hard or ever give up.


And I’ll always be the person that if time rewinds, I’ll still jump in front of that little girl. It’s a bit proud of me, but some days I like to think that means I’ll be something.



Isabelle starts out with 1 Fitness, Charm (owch!- I didn't notice that), and Strength, 2 Intelligence, Insight, and Luck, and then 3 Finesse.

Her skills of note are Wit, Negotiate, Accounting, Intrigue, Pure Luck, Curiosity, Persuasion, and Leadership.

Apparently, she's going to do well with the expected Ana and Joana, and not so well with Vettor, which I predict will be trouble.

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Oh hush! Aranaz rules! Yay! *banners*




(Surprised to see an Aranaz throwing themselves infront of someone else to take the damage, but we were all young once weren't we? ;))


Going to return to my last playthrough I think, I never did finish it.. (so much detention... *sigh*)

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I do like Morvidus. Maybe next playthrough. But Adrian's right: Aranaz rules. There's no denying the signs. :D


And indeed, we were all young once. The question is, how long do we remain young? I suppose we'll see.


From now on, going to put my notes and mechanics at the bottom in the spoiler box, rather then the roleplay itself. It was always a strange thing to do. For now, nothing but day one. The end of the week will surely have more detail to it. This roleplay will be a combination of letters, diary entries, conversations, notes, and short stories- whatever appeals at the moment. I figure it'll be fun that way.



A Fragment of an Interview

What do I want to do when I grow up? Well, I like to think I’m already grown up… it’s not too much different then now, right? Save for less time to have fun and more work, right?



Oh, I see. What I want to *be*! That’s more difficult. There’s a lot of things I want to be. I want to be a merchant like my pap- my father, so I can travel everywhere and see everything. I want to be a mage like mother, and be able to support everyone. I want to be an adventurer and meet all different people, and not be tied down by anything. I want to be someone beloved by everyone, and be tied down by everyone! I want to be a painter, a debater, a politician, a spy- am I allowed to say I want to be a spy?, okay, good, I want to be...


A hundred different things, maybe. But no matter what I turn out to be, I want to be excellent.



I think being excellent is one of those things you can be or you can’t. It’s like being perfect, though I’ve yet to meet anyone who was actually perfect. To be excellent you need to have an edge to purse perfection, but flexibility enough to know that it’s impossible, yet the will to continue pursuing the impossible all the same. You need to be sharp, but you need to be soft at the same time. I know that’s a contradiction, but I think it makes sense when I think about it hard enough. It’s about layers, and how you present yourself. You can be stubborn, but good at compromising when necessary. I think being excellent is sort of like that.



Hm, what collage I want to be in... that's hard! Well, I know I’ve spent a lot of time in Mineta, so it’s sort of shameful to say so, but I don’t really know enough about each different Collage to have a true opinion. I don’t want to give a preference without knowing more. Just place me wherever you think I would be best suited, if you don’t think it would be too much trouble?




Scribbled Notes on a Later Crumpled Piece of Paper

Basia Rydz – Wears hair in same style as mine (should change mine?), darker hair, glasses, sort of a big nose and tiny ears but has nicely trimmed nails. Likes to study. Says she’s going to be Aranaz’s top student, seems a bit abrasive. Not sure where she’s from


Milena di Monotors – Brownish-red hair, braids and freckles, glasses, possibly from Renagalia too? Doesn’t seem to like me much. Likes to study, too. Talks about economic plans for the future, have to approve. Something about tutoring, makes sense to me.


Oh, and Emilia Strolin (Rengalian name, not sure if Renegalian?). Tiny!!! Cute, has opposite problem of Basia with too big ears and smaller nose. Almost forgot about her. Keep doing that.


Don’t confuse Basia and Milena! They don’t like that! Probably should try harder to remember Emilia is here, too!




An Overheard Snippet of Conversation in the Great Hall

“What would you say your best strength is, the thing that really makes you deserve to be here at the finest school in all of Elumia?”


“That’s… a really hard question!”


“I’m sure you can think of something. Try to think of it this way: what skills are you most proud of?”


“Well, I’m a quick thinker! I’m good with numbers and I usually can think of a good retort when someone’s being cruel even if I can’t always bring myself to say it, but… no, that’s not it. Um. This is a bit embarrassing.”


“Go on. I’m sure it’s not that bad.”


“Okay. Well, my father always bought us little treats when he went out to Mineta or the other capital cities without us, as we’d always whine and be brats about not getting to go with him. He’d bring me kalidoscopes- have you ever seen them? I think they’re mostly from Pievre, but more places make them these days. They’re like… images in tiny glass that change as you rotate them. Well, the first one I ever got… by accident, my brother broke it. I cried and cried, but I thought my fath... papa would be even more upset, so I decided I was going to fix it.


“And I did. That’s the embarrassing part, really. That a little girl took tiny pieces of glass- minature mirrors!- and put them back in the case and then made the tiny case of dried flowers to look in to. It’s not all the same as the one papa bought me, but he doesn’t know. And… I think it’s really pretty. It’s my favorite of my collection. Even though father has bought me nicer ones since then.”


“I don’t think that’s embarrassing at all. It’s really cool. I figured you’d be good at your hands, but I didn’t know like that.”


“Hee! I also play a mean game of cards, or so my papa says.”


“We’ll have to play sometime, then.”

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The Aranaz students are starting to win again. Enact Plan E now!


Good luck on your story Mikka. Eventhough I usually go through an event first then check it in the tools. And also hope that Vettor will be kind to your Isabelle.


And Adrian, I was going to do a subtle dig at your playthrough but have been too busy to write! But will continue soon!


And Legate, was that a dig at someone? wink.gif


And the name Isabelle has reminded me of this. (Skip to 14 minutes if you are impatient)

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Heh! That was amusing. I honestly used Isabelle as I think it's a pretty name, and it's one of the first Italian ones that came to mind (of course, it's also Spanish and Portuguese, in it's own way). I tend to overuse names I'm fond of- Isa is one of them. (Antonio's sister is an Isabella.)


And Vettor is mean, but not Joana or Phillipe level mean, so I think we'll survive. I hope so, anyway.


I think this is the journey of 'put a reasonably nice girl in Aranaz (if a bit sly) and see how long it takes until she sits around going JUST AS PLANNED BWHAHAHAHAHAHA in her spare time'.



Week One



A letter dated 2 Athonos, early morning

Dear Family,


I apologize for not writing yesterday! I only had a moment to stop to do so today. It feels like everyone puts far too much energy in to rushing around here. The first day was full of orientation, and then the second day was full of being instantly pushed in to classes. It’s only now that I have a moment to stop and write. Thankfully, we’re allowed to take breakfast alone. In general, it seems we eat dinner with the others in our Collage, and lunch is usually a short affair before rushing from Dialectic to Arithmetic.


I wish I had more to write about, but I feel so tired that I can barely think straight. One of my roommates snores, though I have no idea who yet. I’m not used to seeing other clothes on the floor and knowing they’re not my own: it seems a bit gross, though I’m trying to keep an open mind. I’m trying to remember everything you said, papa (and you too, you brat!), and all the advice and smart things to do.


I’ll write all about my roommates in my next letter, I promise, though I can’t promise when that letter’ll be. Hopefully it’ll be longer than this one!


I love you both very much, and miss you,

~ Isabelle



An Encounter, 2 Athonos, late afternoon

Boy meets Girl. Girl meets Boy.


Neither are conveniently attractive, though some might say he’s roguishly handsome and her lips twist up prettily even when she’s trying to be upset. They pass each other in the hallway twice before finally, on their third time, their eyes meet.


It’s hate at first sight.


She irritates him. He sets her teeth on edge. She makes his shoulders tense. He makes her want to scream. She makes him want to scream! It goes back and forth in a cycle of irritation. They take History and Zoology together, and they both know almost immediately that they hate, hate, hate History and Zoology.


They pass in the hallways for the seventh time, and he plays a prank.


The prank isn’t important. It soaks her shoulder, but a wet shoulder is not the worst thing that has ever happened to her. She treats it like it is, though, tossing her books at him and shrieking in rage. In hate.


He laughs.


They don’t get it. He doesn’t understand why she reacts so childishly to a harmless prank. She doesn’t understand why he childishly plays such a prank in the first place. He takes the screaming as a challenge; she takes the laughter as a challenge. They’ll make that stop. They’ll win.


The instructors see it and sigh, but do nothing more. At least it’s Morvidus and Aranaz this time, not a bitterer pair of Collage rivals. And really, both groups are so competitive, there’s nothing to be done.


So nothing is done. Boy meets Girl, Girl meets Boy, Boy and Girl pass in the hallway.


And they hate.




A Diary Entry, Dated Athonos 4

Dear Diary,


I can’t believe it’s the fourth and this is the first chance I’ve had to write! It seems silly to have bought an entirely new journal to keep records of what’s happening and then not write in it during the most event-filled days of my life. But I haven’t had the energy to write, much less prepare the ink.


Everyday is full of new surprises. From the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep, there’s always something happening, and as I’m never the first one up and the upperclassmen have later curfews, I’m sure there’s stuff happening even when I’m sleeping. I almost don’t want to sleep, so I can instead see all that’s going on, but I’m exhausted already. I almost don’t even notice Basia’s snoring.


Almost. It’s not really loud, but I’m used to silence when I sleep. The other two don’t seem bothered, though. Well, Emilia doesn’t. Milena doesn’t speak to me much. I think it may be my family’s reputation; I try not to let it bother me.


It’s a bit frustrating that at home, everyone likes us, but here, I’m disliked for something some ancestor I don’t even know did.


I’ve been spending time with one of the other girls in Aranaz, Vrenelle. She’s pretty and nice enough, but she runs everywhere! It can be hard to keep up. I’ve also spent time studying her roommate, Aveline. She’s bossy and difficult, but I’m trying not to judge too hard without knowing her better. Studying someone is one thing: knowing them is something different. She has a good eye for people, certainly.


I’ve learned quite a bit this week, especially in Astrology. I now know how to consult the stars and learn my fate for the next week or so. It’s a bit frightening. It’s not a spell, though, so it should be something I can do easily. I’ll have to give it a try… maybe next week. As I wrote, it’s frightening!


I should start on a letter to Lovi and papa, but I think I’m going to go play on the athletic fields instead. I got some extra credit in Zoology chasing around Weasels, which I suppose is good, but it led to me fainting for the first time in my life. That was deeply unpleasant, though the Professor had a bit of sympathy.


I still can’t remember the names of my Professors. Save for Regent von Rupprecht, of course, who teaches Calligraphy and is in charge of Aranaz. He takes the dress code very seriously, but I don’t mind it too much. I brought some pretty dresses, but there are occasionally days- usually holidays- when we’re allowed to wear what we wish (within reason, of course).


Right. Off to the athletic fields. Hopefully, I won’t run in to that boy (I’ll write about him later) along the way.


~ Isabelle




A Diary Entry, Dated 5 Athonos

Dear Diary,


I got bitten by a flower today. I have to remember that there’s a lot more magical creatures around here then there was at home, or even in Mineta proper.


My finger hurts.


I spent the day volunteering down in the city. Doing so is… good, I think. Lately I’ve felt a bit invisible, so it feels good to be in a position where people are noticing me. And it’s nice to help, of course.


~ Isabelle




Random Event Docks 9, failure(Observation Fail, Flawless Timing fail)

Random Event Zoology 6, auto success (the weasels)

Random Event Garden 10, failure (Ob fail, History fail)

Random Event Prank 6, success (Analyze fail, Slight-of-Hand suc on a red)

Aranaz wins Merit Prize I on 3 Athonos; take that, Vermin and Morjerks!



Kaleidoscopes are a bit advanced for this era, in truth. I read the date of invention wrong, but then decided to go with it. I doubt they actually exist canon-wise, but they can exist for this roleplay, as they're mostly pretty trinkets.


Vettor's Joke reduces Isabelle to 0 Charm. That's a bit painful. I imagine it does make you feel invisible, as well as completely able to interact. I'm thinking D&D here, but being reduced to 0 in an attribute is never a fun experience in any game system.


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This week was worse, though nothing will ever compare to the 'Joana hates you and thinks you should die: also, if your stress goes above 2 you're screwed' start Ceyn had. Now, once Vettor learns Bad Sprout or whatever it is, Isabelle has better get her duel up. Thankfully, duel was one of those skills I never have raised high that I intended to raise in this game play...



Week Two


A Letter Dated 8 Athonos

Dear Lovi,


I told you I would write as soon as I can. Don’t doubt your big sister! When I say or write that I’ll do something, I really will. Promise.


The boys here are absolutely awful; you would fit right in. I made a new friend, an artsy girl named Rixenda, after saving her from sitting in a pool of slime. I couldn’t save myself from getting soaked by an absolute brat named Vettor, though. You know all the good pranks: what are the best ones to use against an apparently expert prankster?


Not that this was an expert prank, exactly, but… it’s complicated. Let’s just say there’s a kid worse then you here. And no, that’s not an invitation to kick up your own pranking over this summer!


You asked what I was doing in your last letter… mostly, I go to class! We have classes from just after first meal till almost right before third. Late afternoons right before dinner and then evenings are free, but our curfew is pretty early. We don’t necessary need to be asleep then, but we should be in our rooms and if our roommates wish it, no candles. As I room with two girls really in to their studies, they usually want to sleep right away, and I usually join them. There’s far too much going on to stay up late.


In my free time, I’ve been trying all sorts of new things. My mentor, Oan, suggested I spend my first few weeks shoring up my strengths, but I’m more interested in broadening my horizons. I’ve been to the temple, studied the block puzzle students compete to solve, done some geometry problems, been to the library multiple times, and a lot of things that generally were more boring then fun but still taught me things.


I think I’ll spend more time playing, this week. School is important, but there has to be time to have fun as well. I’m sure you’d agree with that! Maybe I’ll try to do that task papa asked this week.


I know that when we’re together we always fight, but I keep finding myself looking for you and missing that I can’t find you. You’re impossible, but I hope you and papa can visit me next time you’re in Mineta. I do miss you. I’ll show the whole Academagia grounds, though they’re so big I bet you’ll beg me to carry you!


(I won’t!)


And you better be behaving and listening to papa!



~ Isabelle



A Conversation Overheard in an Aranaz Dormroom, 9 Athonos

“I can work at the local tavern for 20 pims a shift!”


“Well, I can tutor a fellow student for 50 pims a lesson. Or arrange the tutoring session, and get 20 pims for just that.”


“...That’s just so unfair. I wish I was a genius.”



A Diary Entry Dated 11 Athonos

Dear Diary,


I went out to eat today! I really needed to: this week has been stressful. Between studying for Zoology (I now have a Beekeeper’s Mask… what am I supposed to do with it? Surely I’m not supposed to wear it around school!), failing a Calligraphy presentation, seeing a play get canceled, ruining a potion I was trying to make, and catching an Imp in a classroom, it feels like I’ve failed at everything I’ve tried this week.


I’m trying to stay chipper, as the note I got at the beginning of the year advised me to remember that it’s okay to fail, but it’s tremendously difficult. Nothing in life is ever easy, but I’m not used to everything in life being difficult, either.


To be honest, it’s exhausting. I don’t like losing, and I feel like I’m constantly losing! I need to learn how to do better at all the strange things that happen around me. It’s one thing to say ‘prepare for the unexpected’, though, and another thing to be ready to do so.


To make things worse, my failed Calligraphy presentation meant a subtraction of Merit Points from Aranaz, and now everyone in the Collage is giving me the cold shoulder (save for one of the boys, Raoul, who doesn’t seem to care too much). I need to try and gain us back some merit points quick before no one talks to me ever again.


I guess I should give that a try today... I just need to challenge someone from another Collage to a competition and then win it. I guess I could win a math contest pretty easily, especially if money is involved…


~ Isabelle



A Diary Entry 14 Athonos

Dear Diary,


I’m finally making friends! It seems to take much longer to become close to each other than it does back at home…


I hung out with a quiet boy from my collage named Tabin- we talked about history homework and then about our collagemates for a while. I listened to a girl named Llaria talk for a long period (I have a feeling that’s a usual thing with her- talking for long periods) about some trouble she was having in school. And then I swam out and rescued the wand of a boy named Edward- I think. Eduard? It’s hard to keep everyone’s names straight.


It’s all very superficial, though. Friendship without work or tradeoff. I’ve heard that here at Academagia, ‘true’ friends gather in cliques, but no one in Collage Aranaz has yet to embrace that sort of childishness. It seems like a silly way of doing it- so far, all it seems to be are pairs of friends running around calling themselves silly names. I’m not sure I understand the point, and it means even more names to remember, too.


Still. I’ve talked to people and had friendly conversations with them, which I guess is half of the battle, as they say down south. Or maybe it’s up north. I don’t remember.


We won the second merit prize, so people are talking to me again. Thank goodness. I’m not sure I really understand the point of this whole competition game, but I don’t want the label of ‘the person who’s failing the collage’ stuck on me again. That was deeply unpleasant.


~ Isabelle





Random Event Performance 19, failure (Observation, Athletics)

Random Event Performance 14, failure (Observation, Persuasion)

Random Event Potiens 13, failure (Patience)

Random Event Classroom 9, auto failure (Move Silently success, auto Who Cares)

Random Event Patrol 9, auto failure (Conversation fail, give full attention auto)

Random Event Disguise/Infilitration 2, auto failure (forget about it)

Random Event Physical Activity 2, success (Observation fail, Swimming suc)

Merit Prize II to Aranaz on 13 Athonos

Gained Attuned to the Calendar (Astrology +1)

Gained Study Mastery: Zoology (Fitness +1, +1 Zoology rolls)


An event a day, and all but one of them were failures (the auto-failures were when all options were purple so I didn’t even want to try). That’s rough, buddy, indeed. Can't believe I succeeded on the stupid get the wand one- it was another red.


I rushed up Zoology as she badly needed the extra fitness point so she could survive what events through at her (losing -2 VIT by event isn’t unusual, and that would infirmary her). From now on, she’ll be played a bit more organically and less power-gamey… more goofing off, less rushing to study until cursed Vettor warns us about midterms and we PANIC!!!.


Here's an example of her more bratty side. If kids can't be bratty towards their younger brothers, though, who can they be bratty towards? Who, I ask? ...Exactly. But she's the favored daughter, so much that the town gave her fertilizer (GASP!) when she left (...actually, maybe not that favored after all), and he's the younger brother in her shadow who tries to escape it by acting, well, bratty himself. They do love each other, but they probably love each other most when they're away from each other.


Only four cliques, and no Aranaz kids in them. Usually I see the Fellowship of Friends and (Toni's clique) by now. Aranaz, I'm ashamed of you.


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I considered going that way, but Vettor is one of the few kids with a named crush, so it seemed cruel to change it. If she had been hit by anoher prankster (...not that Morvidus really has another), I probably would have.



A Diary Entry 16 Athonos

Dear Diary,


Went out to the bog, and only found… bog. Somewhat confused about what father expected. I’m not playing around in the bog: I already have to wash my clothing too much, thanks to that no good Vettor.


On the better side, thanks to some help from Malacresta (a boy in Aranaz who’s really in to Astrology), I aced a pop quiz.


~ Isabelle



Workshop Days Athonos

Dear Diary,


Got dive bombed by pigeons after attempting to help some boys from my grade that were being picked on by stage magicians. This just hasn’t been my month at all.


Milena seems to like me more, though. It might help that I just learned how to make chocolate chunk cookies. Suddenly, everyone wants to be my friend. Emilia-the-forgettable also wanted to hang out, too. I really do think it’s the cookies. I can’t blame them: I made a batch just to eat myself. Delicious!


They make sure we get enough food to eat here, and for the most part I think it’s healthy enough, but it’s… dull. Sort of flavorless. And there aren’t enough sweets. I really miss sweets especially. They could be healthy sweet things, like even just some sugar to put on porridge, but apparently that would be too much. If there’s one thing to complain about (besides an annoying boy), it’s certainly the food.


Guess I’ll have to get real good at those cookies.


~ Isabelle



Conversation Overheard 19 Athonos

“So I’m walking down the hallway. I’m literally just walking down the hallway.”




“Then he appears, all, “Hey, Isabelle, I have something to show you.” And I’m thinking, oh stars no, not this again. I say “Careful who you talk to, Infector-“”




“Vettor, Infector- it was the best I could think up on a short notice. “Infector, if you want to keep that grin of yours.” With the implication that I was going to do something to said smile, obviously, though I hadn’t quite figured out what.”




“I’m not really much for punching, and I’d just get cooties, anyway. Alright, so he’s still grinning like a loon, and he says, “No, seriously, you have to see this,” and then he nods, so I make the mistake of glancing over my shoulder to see who he’s singling-“


“Oh no-“


“Right, and then my lower back? Soaked through. It looked like I had, er, had a really bad accident. Worst day of my LIFE.”


“You have to do something about him.”


“I know, I know! I just haven’t figured out where to begin!”



A Diary Entry 20 Athonos

Dear Diary


I don’t know what exactly Aveline did, but I know the results of it: ten points lost from Aranaz, pulling us from first place in the merit competition to third. Everyone is upset, even the upperclassmen who compete in a different tier. Sabotaging Aranaz is just a major no-no, I’m seeing.


I’m upset, too. I’ve been competing hard as well. The worst part is she doesn’t even seem to be in trouble- she managed to lose the collage ten points, but she doesn’t have detention and I didn’t hear about her failing any presentations. Something just isn’t right. Normally I would feel sympathy for someone receiving the anger of so many people, but in this case, I just can’t.


At least this means everyone’s completely forgotten about my mess up.


Yesterday, an excitable boy named Kurt threw a potion in my face. Turned my face completely invisible. I’m still shuttering- it meant I could see the inside of my neck. I know some people are in to natural philosophy, but I’m certainly not. Seeing all those gross parts moving around was more then I ever wanted to know about my insides in this lifetime. Gross.


~ Isabelle







Random Event Astrology 6, success (Conversation)

Random Event Aranaz Common Room 10, failure (Enchant)

Random Event Potions 5, failure (Observation success, Voice fail)

Random Event Awesome Community 51, failure (Scouting)

Vernin wins merit prize on 21st, because they are hateful vermin like that


Curse you Aveline! I swear by all that is holy, if she is not fixed in DLC 15, I will delay my modded students to create a patch in order to stop this insanity. Deframing her own collage when she doesn’t even have a -1 relationship with anyone in it is just insane. Aranaz is already a long-shot for the merit competition… and seriously, she competed on the same day that she deframed. She is sabotaging herself. GAHHHH.


Sugar on porridge is not particularly healthy. It is when you’re thirteen, though. Maybe. If you squint.


That community event was just too odd to write about this week. I'll do it next.


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Aye, Aveline... *shakes fist* Her abilities are amazing, but grrr just so much hate.


And Zoe Melis, a girl whom was invited by someone from my all-Aranaz clique ended up splitting it in two. (Pretty sweet, I could change side and everything) but having almost the whole collage in a single clique to having 4 in my clique and the rest scattered over 2 other cliques and a few stragglers... geeh. ZOEEEE!!

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