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Alright! I knew checking the forums once every few months would pay off! I have no idea what this is, but I'm getting it right now, based on my experience with Academagia. Judging from the screenshots, it should run on my shoddy laptop.


Any idea when we can expect year 2 of Academagia, by the way? :)

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Wow! I hope you are able to get your wallet back, that's always painful to lose. :(


Thanks Legate. I'm afraid it's gone for good, and even if it isn't, the cards have already been cancelled, so they're useless now anyway. The worst part is that I was carrying a rather hefty amount of cash, since I'd just made a rather large withdrawal, to pay the next 3 months rent. Sigh.


Oh, well. I don't want to bring anyone down, so I'll stop ranting about my personal troubles. The good news is that I should receive a new visa card soon, which will enable me to buy this game, as a consolation. :)

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