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Which skills are most necessary early on?


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It seems that there's very little correlation between what I train and what I roll against in events.


Running sometimes lets me get away scott free, plus there's "undo whatever is happening" negation rolls, plus reason and observation from time to time.


And I wouldn't've had an idea that negation would be so useful if not for stray tips.


This being said, which optional courses are best taken to aid?

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For Events the skills necesary or so fare spreaded that you best not try to go for this as even failure can do you some good in unlooking subskills.


In general at the start of the game you need to push your Study of all Classes and to raise your attriutes. (You should have maxed all Study by the mid term exam)

For your attributes you either can live with loosing some time from needing to train the skills multiply times for the next step or you go the religiuos path for unlooking Cleanse and Remake to have a great temporary boost in the Attributes.

For Study you got a great tool with Study at the Venalicium Library as it gives you also a Research subskill increase each time you use it beside your Study increase.


Edit: In general I would go for the Magic Skills (Glamour, Revision, Incantation and Negation) as class on the first playtrough as it makes things easyer in my knowledge. When you then later learned how to best train them without class you can switch to other class skills. Also don't try to much with your Familiar or the 2 secret pilars of Magic as your time will be to short for this also till you know bether how the game works.

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I agree with "Black Bart" here. ;)


Remember that all the libraries are superior to standard training. LotMoS gives Astrology benefits, while LoM is useful for Revision and forging. LoS gives a bonus too, if you can tidy it up, which shouldn't be too hard if you used the Venalicium to study.


The only downside is ususally you technically aren't allowed to be at any of them except the Venalicium. It's pretty rare that you get busted for them, but if that concerns you, you can chose the Library background which gives free access to them. (not worth it to me, but...)

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Observation, Concentration, Composure and Awareness are most often used for the "skill roll improvement checks"


In events and adventures, if you pick these, you might get informed of new skills with temporary increases. You then know these skills regardless of whether you actually use these skills in the check.

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