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Stare-Down (Action) and duel


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My current char is a strong girl from Morvidus, who got surprisingly high charm but no friends, and two nice enemies, Joana (-4) and Philippe (-10). She is quite an able mage and got maxed Bully (w/o Rally and just few points in Interrogation).


When she got Stare-Down, I was in anticipation: repair relations and get your rival shaken, what can be better? But the only target I could use it on was myself. Sure, getting stressed might be useful, but is easier achieved by other means.


So, I maxed Duel, Schoolyard Education and declared vendetta on Marchant. So far, after ~2 weeks, nothing happens. He unleash his familiar on me once in awhile, tries to Bully (with abysmal success rate) and generally looks like a pest than a true worthy rival. Shakedown is wasted on him since he got no items (looser) and other bully actions are just plain waste of limited slots.


Any suggestion on how to crush him?


Hm, if Joana joins with him, life will be even better :)


P.S. Any worthy targets of Shakedown around?

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Look in your adventures list. You should have the option of Sevart Honor somewhere in them, if you've properly declared Vendetta on Philippe. That's his duel option, and once you play it out, you're schedule a duel with him.


(I think Joana's is Gentleman's Duel, for when you want to vendetta her and beat her up, but that's just off my memory.)


The most common target for Shakedowns in my opinion is using them on a non-Zoology student to get the Zoology student's cool items they get from Studying. Besides that, students don't generally pick up items, so you rarely get anything. It's sort of a shame, actually.

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My Aranaz students do, but that's probably because they're crazy. It's not the most interesting tree, either, sadly. But I like pretending my characters have a working knowledge of the world.


And one day, I'm going to find out what exactly King Aranaz did. One day.


Report Stare-Down in the bug report thread, and it'll hopefully get fixed. Rally used to be broken, too; you could only Rally yourself. That was amusing.

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