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Succeed at Befriend but fperson not added to clique?


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Ok, I have a medium sized clique.



Silke N

Emilia P

Zoe M

Isabel G

Vuillaume E


Vuillaume got befriended by someone else in the click (or she befriended me) but I added the rest.


In another playthrough I added Milena di M to this same clique (but with Vincent E instead of Vuillaume) and Zoe, Isabel and Vincent immediately left and formed thier own clique.


On my current playthrough I have maxed out all my studies and while "Use Notes" is still nice for its 2 step skill advancement, I wouldnt mind losing Zoe (or Isabel, as Im rich now from all the wrestling) for Milenas Tutoring ability.


I had to demean the heck outta her Clique but I finally got her out of it. When I then befriended her it said I was succesful and that I had gained the use of her Clique ability, but she was neither listed as being in my clique, or showing that she was in any clique on her profile. Also I did not have the option to use her Tutoring services.


So my question is, what gives? Can someone be befriended and yet not join your Clique?



By the way Im back playing after 2 years I think and the game is GREAT!!! Keep up the good work.


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Well I havent run any tests, but I guess the problem is Milena's relationship with Zoe before I befriend her.


its -10!! My friendship with Zoe is 6 and it is 4 with Milena, so Im guessing the one Im better friends with stayed in the clique.


Next time I have time I will improve my relationship with Milena and then try and see if Zoe drops out instead.

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