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Mod not doing what it should


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So I've put together a mod that gets as close to my idea of changing the way early game attributes work...but it doesn't work. I've copied functional parameters exactly, but for some reason they don't do what they should. Can anyone help me figure this out? Here's a link to both the published mod file and the unpublished mod tools file, BTW (the Efficient Mantle of Stars file was intended to be part of a small modding fest, but it decided that it didn't want to work <_<, so feel free to ignore it).


There's two prominent bugs that I've noticed:

One, the Study Mastery: Arithmetic ability doesn't increase Geometry as it should...even though Astrology increases Explore as it should, and everything else for both abilities work perfectly.

Two, Familiar bonuses are just completely messed up. Using vanilla Familiars the attribute increases seem to work, but the skill increases don't. Using the set exotic Familiar Bond backgrounds (which I added mostly for personal use) makes any increases from the various backgrounds not work at all. It seems to redirect them to random Familiars instead of the relevant person's Familiar...for no reason, pretty much.


I'm at a loss, since as far as I can see, I coded everything right (at least everything I've looked at since realizing that half of it isn't working right). Any ideas?

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Ah, two things I should have mentioned before: I placed the mod below the content pack in the load order (it really mess up otherwise, so I assume that Academagia just has a rule of lower on the list = later in the load order). More importantly, I'm still running the outdated patch. Personally I wouldn't look at the mod tools first, but at the outdated patch to determine what messed up. I'm not looking myself, BTW, because I love me my class skipping and refuse to even risk losing that. Call it cheating, but it really opens up the game in terms of playing freedom, which I consider a good thing, even if it results in a bit of a skewed balance (something that's guaranteed for me anyway because save cheese, so yeah).

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