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The super early, first impression, who you gun' be thread



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  1. 1. Who will you play first?

    • The British Royal Navy
    • The United States Navy
    • The Italian Royal Navy
    • The Japanese Imperial Navy
    • The German Kriegsmarine
    • The Polish Navy
    • The Spanish Navy
    • The Turkish Navy
    • Royal Netherlands Navy
    • The French Navy
  2. 2. Forgot Russia

    • The Soviet Navy
    • I prefer Freedom and choose one of the navys in question one!
    • The Canadian Navy

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But I had kind of gathered that from her picture, and also by the description in the pledge, a "strong and scrappy heavy cruiser".

How can anyone be strong while being drunk all the time? Unless it's strength of landing in jail everytime... :D

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Going to go with IJN this time around. I have too much good history from WOWS, Kancolle, Red Orchestra/Rising Storm, War Thunder, and my own personal fanfiction to not go with WW2 Japan. Guess some of the waifu love from Kancolle really carried over.


Also, I enjoy looking at Japan in the historical context of the times. A nation artificially pulled into the modern era is going to have some quirks and unique problems. Ultimately, it was the weaknesses from such a transformation that led Japan to cause great hardship for not only itself but many other Asian nations through their brutal and regressive method of conquest.


Wasted potential, really. Which is why I intend to make it different.


As for family military history, since that seems to be a thing we're sharing, I've got a bit of a weird situation. On my mum's side, no soldiers but ridiculous amounts of hardship to go around. My grandfather lived through both WW2 and the Korean War, and his older brother (the eldest in the family) was part of a Korean student protest movement until he was killed by the Tokkō.


On my dad's side, quite a few military members in the family who served both in WW2 and in the Air force after the war. My great-grandfather garrisoned New Guinea and never saw action, while a close friend of the jewish line of the family was a paratrooper in the 101st. Unfortunately, many documents, pictures, and relatives have been lost over the years. I'd be hard pressed to find more specific details about what happened, let alone logs like some of the other fellows on here.

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