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The RNG sure was crazy on that one. Once I had my equipment overlooked by my fellow comrade it then went smoothly at times. Sometimes way too smooth that it was silky smooth, which was odd, yet other times where it was so "drunk" that it was both silky smooth & harmful that it didn't know what to do. RNG was messed up way too much on that one that RNG wase all over the place, and stingy as hell. Way too god damn stingy for its own good. [Waiting on someone to blame my fleet composition]


But yeah. That's now E-1, E-2, & E-3 completed! Yatta!~ Sadly no event drops, yet I did get Kazagumo & Takanami out of that. Not totally worthless in drops, yet a buzzkill it wasn't events after all that stress I went through, and a stomach pain at night post-victory.


- Kazagumo appeared at E-3's H Node in her swimswear [As much as people parrot how DD's are useless I needed more DD's to swap between]:


29070436075_102f9093dd.jpgKanColle1278 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- After equipment polishing Italia allowed us to have our first S-Rank in a nightly battle at E-3.


29070456935_c5d4af5bca.jpgKanColle1281 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Takanami gained from E-3 H Node, someone whom I thought I had. Maybe I do, yet everytime I check I don't have her.


28994060711_3d2cbde967.jpgKanColle1282 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- I was forced to level Ooyodo from 13 to 35 for her 'Fleet Command Facility' thanks to how many random taiha's I've been getting. G & H node are the worst for those. Leveling Ooyodo helped me out greatly. My hands were forced so I had to level her to play the 'Fleet Facility' card to progress in E-3. I hate that game mechanic of forcing specific stuff >_>


28964969772_0e4a4eb95e.jpgKanColle1283 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Damaged 'Summer Harbour Princess' sure is amusing.


28994083251_354827f2e8.jpgKanColle1287 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Haruna for the final kill!~ Haruna daijobu <3 After all that stress this was much welcomed. :wub: Just smoothly going in & KO'ing the bosses with two waves of planes, one of my own, a boss support, & to then just sweep up what's left. For "easy" that's idiotic logic, but whatever. I beaten E-3 now.


28994085951_c30b44f14a.jpgKanColle1288 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Katsuragi flagship MVP heh.


28452707753_37502be8d2.jpgKanColle1291 by SubTrance, on Flickr



But yeah, people keep saying destroyers are shit, yet here I am constantly being reminded to LEVEL YOUR DD's because I'm constantly needing to swap between them, yet can't because I didn't level ENOUGH of them, which is ironic I'm not following the Canadian way of Destroyers. I'm having to sortie them, yet can't, because I'm loosely following the mentality that "DDs are shit" which in turn is hurting my fleet. Don't shove them into your expedition mule just because you parrot what's written on himeuta/KanColle forums. Just as Kashima reminded us in a past event that DD's are god damn important, and even Ooyodo is showing such via 'Fleet Command Facility'. My Dutch comrade failing to level up his DD's because he sees the way others do by focusing on the bigger kanmusu that it's hurting him throughout numerous events. Level your DD's & treat them with care!


I'm hoping that Victory Belles shall make use of DD's in some skeleton fleet structure because not everything is major warship battles, yet everybody could use DD's. I'm happy when a map has to have us use DD's in our fleet because it gives people a wake-up call.


But yeah, I'm finally glad I beat E-3, but annoyed at my stingy RNG. I have to now go back to fish up either I-26, or even Aquila. I forced my E-3 victory so hard that my stomach ended up hurting for a 2 am clear thanks to how silly the RNG was.

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DD's aren't shit, but since they were cheaper to make than other classes of ships we have a glut of them. And unless you're willing to shell out real money you'll never be able to have all of them in Kancolle, and it's debatable if you can even make good use of that many outside of the pathing requirements they occasionally satisfy,

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Torpedo cut-ins & ASW. I'm sure there's a few more areas they're useful at, yet I'm not a spreadsheet gamer, yet gradually still learning the higher-end gaming mechanics.I happily expanded my fleet slot to welcome more of them, as well as event drops.


I'm glad I beat E-3, yet the thought of DD negativity is now being a pain. Well, guess I'll just go farm E-3 until I can get either I-26 or Aquila, if RNG isn't stingy as hell again. Not sure when I'll do E-4...Might depend on drops.


And true that on them being cheaper in real world terms.

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Nice! Glad someone posted because I'm having fun on my end also! :) Congrats on your Libeccio. I also got my second one at E-4 I Node along with Umikaze at Q Node now. Nice kanmusu joining my rank I also upped my fleet cap to 170. I wish you the very best in getting your Prinz Eugen! She also popped up for me at the "German Graveyard" when Graf Zeppelin was introduced.


- Amused to get Hayasui on my first S-rank post E-4 clear. I didn't expect to get her, yet now I have her. Nice!


28452522184_497b7fb5f0.jpgKanColle1295 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- I-26 joins my submarine party after E-3's RNG gradually allowed me to have S-ranks back-to-back. 2nd after my E-3 clear. Was quite strange, yet much welcomed. I literally cheered! YATTA!~


29042270566_1612bac032.jpgKanColle1296 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Asagumo from E-4 Q Node first S-rank clear.


28456833134_9f5d1768e6.jpgKanColle1301 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Souryuu hitting a lovely Kai Ni! Yatta!~


28456899184_0eb805257b.jpgKanColle1302 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Umikaze get! I tried getting her last minute in previous shitty cruel, and sadistic SPring 2016 event, yet failed. Finally got her from E-4! Thanks for being generous! *bows respectfully*


28457336854_c8a4c7f8f1.jpgKanColle1306 by SubTrance, on Flickr


E-4 is where it's at, and amusingly somewhat easier than E-3, yet more tedious in that "war of attrition" style. Damn, my resources are hurting & glad I went all resource hog. I"ll be needing to do it again because I'll be scraping the bottom of the barrel soon. I'm 10% complete E-4, god damn. I need to clear the other 90%.........Need to keep getting S-ranks.


These sorties are weird, amusing, stressful, and hilarious. It's all over the place. Thanks for the I-26, Hayasui, & Umikaze! :wub:

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Ah nice. Is Umikaze at node I or only boss? I'm farming for katsuragi but also hoping to get best battleship... Kiyoshimo while I'm at it. xD


Did an edit to add in Haysui so look back up at my post. (to anybody)


Umikaze was at the boss node of E-4, and wiki claims only at boss node. Katsuragi is on I, and I have her as flagship. Nice. Kiyoshimo is.....I already have her. Good luck on both I & Q Node! :)

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Yeah, it's such a resource hog in E-4. Trying to wrap it up again the way I did E-3, even if I may risk stomach pain again by a 2 am clear. Just need something like 2 more sorties to beat E-4, yet got more Kanmusu to join me.


28462676763_76fd106a09.jpgKanColle1308 by SubTrance, on Flickr


Amagi joins me from E-4's K Node under S-rank, which is quite tricky because BB's enjoy targeting DD's that my Prinz has to get it. I even have the E-4 debuff this time (I heard it), yet unsure if I did the same for E-3. Getting S-ranks, yet no noteworthy Kanmusu at Q node.

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Other than the elusive Aquila, I'M DONE! DONE! YATTA!~ Both E-3's & a bit of E-4 was driving me nuts, even at easy. Even so, CLEARED! Yuudachi gained final kill on the lovely 'Heavy Cruiser Summer Princess' with a nightly torpedo cut-in. This, after being turned red three sorties previous today (Friday).


"Save you from everything"


- Yuudachi's nightly torpedo cut-in in vengence for being three-hit KO'd three sorties previous.

28987320832_994fab53ba.jpgKanColle1310 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- "Ad-my-ral" - The gloriously elegant Warspite joins my fleet! YATTA!~

29092306215_e87e4d2a45.jpgKanColle1312 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Katsuragi boasting her flagship & Kai Ni status, as well as beating E-4.

29015495231_ce3c8c781e.jpgKanColle1313 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- E-1 to E-4 cleared, if on easy. Any harder would knock my base out of commission. That, and RNG was stupid as it was.

28471147334_99be6ba5d8.jpgKanColle1314 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Warspite is a glorious sight in my naval HQ room <3

28471148944_7f77a53d14.jpgKanColle1315 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Also getting to know my little Nimu/I-26 after frustrations from before. She's a fun little one needing to be trained.

28471154114_086bd013b2.jpgKanColle1316 by SubTrance, on Flickr


Aquila shall have to be gained sometimes next week. Need to regain resources, as well as deal with real-world needs. Damn. This was a blast! Aquila, why did you have to be stubborn. Now I have to hunt you down, or wait for next event. Silly girl. Damn. Loving the Kanmusu's I gained, yet now sometimes in September I'll have to level up my DDs. Go damn, do I ever need to level up my DDs. Been hurting a lot.


First event cleared all the way through. I love it! The hype! :wub:

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What was your setup for E4? I've already done the debuff, but I'm having trouble getting a CTF to the boss. I can get a STF to the boss, but twice now I've not been able to do much damage to the boss Heavy Cruiser Princess as I'm running on fumes for both fuel and ammo at that point.

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Nice. congrats! Time to work on getting that Warspite to 75... after you recover your rsc. xD


I can't believe I cleared my first event in 3 days lol. I was an accidental front liner who accidentally helped figure out the E4 debuff mechanic. xD


Many thanks! :)


Well, I'll level up my Kanmusu the "natural" way by sorting them when I really need them. My DD's however, they need to be leveled more so to fill a void I have in my fleet. I need more powerful DD's at the ready. The rest shall simply level whenever they're called upon.


It's amazing, and glad I did what I did. If I tried to attack without the debuff I'd stall my HQ into unsortie status. I'd be robbed of another event. Glad I had that mishap so it's a "happy accident".



What was your setup for E4? I've already done the debuff, but I'm having trouble getting a CTF to the boss. I can get a STF to the boss, but twice now I've not been able to do much damage to the boss Heavy Cruiser Princess as I'm running on fumes for both fuel and ammo at that point.


Well..... If you care for mine, then here. If your DD's go red then simply retreat, plus try to get air superiority as much as you can. If any body, even DD goes red just retreat because fatigue is going to ruin your day, as well as not having superiority of any kind. You need every Kanmusu.


- E-4 Final Clear Easy

  • Fleet 1: Katsuragi, Kaga, Souryuu, Shoukaku, Haruna, Kongo
  • Fleet 2: Italia, Yuudachi, Jintsuu, Shigure, Maya, Prinz Eugen

[Carrier Task Force focus]

[bomber Fleet + Torpedo Squadron + Torpedo bomber + Boss Support]

Katsuragi had fleet facility (4th slot + blue planes in highest slots & fighters in lower). Similar plane set-ups for other CVs. Haruna & Kongo had two turrets, red AA shells (Yamato used in Anime).

Italia & Prinz Eugen both having similar set-ups with 2 red guns, green AP Shell + scouting plane set-ups. Yuudachi & Shigure both having either 10 or 12 cm green guns + 2x strongest torpedoes for nightly cutins (Yuudachi won me the E-4 with a torpedo cut in <3). Jintsuu had 2 20.3cms & a scout plane. Maya for AA with 22mm (the somewhat highest type), 10 cm (DD type), 21 radar, & green AP shell.

I then had a 1) Bomber fleet 2) Torpedo squadron 3) Hybrid bomber-torpedo & boss support focused with 2 BBs & 2 CVs (helped somewhat with 100 extra damage each on two units).

My planes didn't reach further than I node so I focused it on H & I, then went without plane cover to Q Node. If you have any plane that reaches boss node then use that also.

Friend's Fleet for E-4 [Medium set-up]


Main Fleet
Shoukaku Kai Ni A (carrying FCF)
Yamato Kai
Iowa Kai
Zuikaku Kai Ni A
Hiryuu Kai Ni
Kaga Kai
Escort Fleet
Jintsuu Kai Ni
Furutaka Kai Ni
Shimakaze Kai
Samidare Kai
Kitakami Kai Ni
Hatsushimo Kai Ni




Airbase squadrons were as follows (all set to Sortie Mode):
Squadron 1 (to aid in fleet AA defense)
Type Zero Fighter Model 52 (Skilled)
Type Zero Fighter Model 52 (Skilled)
Type 1 Land-Based Attacker
Nishiki Taitei Flying Boat
Squadron 2 (to disable the installation node)
Type 96 Land-Based Attacker
Type Zero Fighter Model 21 (Skilled)
Type 96 Land-Based Attacker
Type Zero Fighter Model 21 (Skilled)
Squadron 3 (to carpet-bomb the boss node)
Type 1 Land-Based Attacker Model 22A
Type 1 Land-Based Attacker Model 34
Type 1 Land-Based Attacker
PBY-5A Cataa

- Escort Fleet Equipment:


As for escort fleet roles:
Jintsuu: double attacks at night with 20.3cm (3rd) guns plus night scout
Furutaka: double attacks at night with 20.3cm (2nd) guns, plus recon seaplane and Star Shells
Shimakaze: dual quad-tube torpedoes and Skilled Lookouts for first torpedo cut-in lifeline
Samidare: dual 10cm Akizuki-class guns plus Type 13 Air Radar Kai for AA cut-in duties (which she triggered insanely often I might add, better than any other destroyer I used this event)
Kitakami: OTO yellow guns for nighttime double attacks plus midget sub to snipe an extra ship in day battle
Hatsushimo: final torpedo cut-in lifeline with dual quint-tube torpedoes and Skilled Lookouts (just in case all else fails)


It feels so awesome being able to level up Nimu & the other event girls via Orel & expedition right now. DDs are out & about, and I got to know Warspite. I now need to gain enough resources by either Tuesday or Wednesday so I can try getting Aquila. She's the only one I'm missing, and only one I'm bothered not having. It's going to bother me, yet I do want her that those two days shall HAVE to have her drop, yet RNG is going to be a stingy piece of crap. As much as I hate E3, I'm going to go back to E-3 because it's the "easiest" when you get to that boss node. :rolleyes:

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This was my setup for E4.



You mentioned you didn't have much ammo at the boss. have you been entering night battles before the boss? Make sure to not night battle before the boss and your ammo should be just fine. One important thing is a ship with AACI. I was really glad when Akizuku dropped on one S rank of the boss halfway through my clear. I threw her in at level 1 and basically was able to get past the airstrike nodes untouched. After the debuff and AACI, the only thing you need to worry about is surviving K. Also do you have a boss support expedition? It'll really help. Just make sure to sparkle the flagship and one other ship for an increased chance to hit.

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Thanks guys, but I think I might just have to switch down to easy to finish. Oh and to clarify: I've have close to 30% ammo when I reach the boss with a STF, but no fuel left so the boss and escort BB princess just wreck who the please in many cases :/


And I've yet to be able to get a CTF to reach the boss, so at this point I'm just going with what has had some measure of success.


Oh btw, I feel like a newb for asking this but I'm not really familiar with how this forum works with posting images. There isn't a help topic on that sort of thing is there?

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That's rough. Even after all that, that's rough ^


Also, just up a Flickr account so you can then copy your image onto here. Flickr is the easiest for me because you can put many images on there without worries. Just upload, go to your image, edit the title & description however you please, then look to the right of your image for an arrow pointing upwards then right to then get a 'BBCode' to then pick 500 x292 (forum friendly) to then just share the image.


As for forum side, not sure. I simply share stuff through Flickr.




Loving my Nimu. She made herself nicely at home by now 'naturally' leveling to lvl 14. Nice. No rushing because that takes the fun & spirit out of Kanmusu, yet nice Nimu is now 14 :)

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Imgur works as well. It's my preferred method. But they're practically the same.


Nice. Yea some of the ships I've already started using. I threw Akizuki straight into the fight as soon as I got her. She's already 35. I think nimu is like 26 and warspite too. Aquila is in her 30's. Also i started this event with Tone at 76. She's 85 now. lol. the exp gain in events is no joke lol.

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Maya was around 80 or something, now 90. Souryuu reached Kai Ni status, and Italia in her 74's, from 50 or so. Anybody that joined me in my combined fleet gained a nice leveling boost for all the fun we've done through clearing & fishing up Kanmusu it's been glorious. Kongo, Haruna, Kaga, Italia. Everybody. Events are awesome like this because you get nice level jumps for how much you push, sortie, and combine the fleets also, yet the drawback is the insane hit to the resources. Hayasui is a fun kanmusu with how you can resupply whenever. Need to figure out how to make proper use of her. All my Kanmusu now above lvl 5 that it's nice.


Oh, how I want it to be Tuesday so I can try fish up Aquila. She's the only stubborn one left. Every other Admiral in my circle has her, even Myuto. They all have her, just not me. RNG being stingy as hell in places that the only way I'm getting it is through the number of times I sorties that I burned through my fuel supplies. Aquila, do not become a thorn in my side like I-26 was, yet everybody is getting lovely Kanmusu this event. I need to even go back to get Akitsushima at E-1. I bet the RNG shall be just as worthless as the one for I-26. [RNG for Akitsushima seems to be the same as I-26. This should be frustratingly fun >_>]


Leveling & gaining Kamusu has been glorious. All you could hear every sortie is a nice 'ding!' :)

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Nice. I wish you luck farming for Aquila.


I got Prinz Eugen today and thought that might be it for the event for me. So I did a celebratory LSC Taihou recipe... got a very expensive Maruyu. lol. But I think I'ma build up my rsc and try again for katsuragi.

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Honestly, I'm beginning to be seriously disappointed in the producers...


After Littorio and Roma (who have their strongpoints, and aren't too far off from what they were IRL), and Libeccio (who was a pretty average destroyer, so nothing to say), the following Italian shipgirls are nothing but stuff for collection fanatics, as they serve at best only niche roles.


Zara and Pola have nothing going for them stat-wise, and the latter is popular just because of her personality, so it's only material for laughter and jokes. They didn't even give them good HP as they would have been entitled.


Aquila would have been interesting IRL (she would have had interesting AA, just to say one thing), but in-game she has been made into the weakest standard carrier around.


I was prepared to take in good stride a few jokes here and there, and not over-criticize everything, but this... this is just not right.

I want to see more Italian stuff, but not like this.

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Yea it sucks that they're not really good ships. It was disappointing to see Aquila being a bad ship. I still use her because she's cool and cheap to run. lol.

As for the Zara class cruisers, their lack of torpedoes irl is one of their largest problems. Also they probably thought that long range would be worth the loss in some other stats like Graf's night battle ability being worth her being terrible. At least they have some pretty good armor. I do feel their firepower should have been improved to compensate for their lack of torpedoes. Would have at least made them very powerful in daytime battles at least.

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As for the Zara class cruisers, their lack of torpedoes irl is one of their largest problems. Also they probably thought that long range would be worth the loss in some other stats like Graf's night battle ability being worth her being terrible. At least they have some pretty good armor. I do feel their firepower should have been improved to compensate for their lack of torpedoes. Would have at least made them very powerful in daytime battles at least.


I know that their lack of torps is really hurting them for a game in which torpedoes are so important, and on that I can't really say anything. It just shows that Italian cruisers were built with different priorities, and torpedoes weren't amongst them.


Still, they might have good armor; but they should have great armor, that's the issue. As it stands, Prinz Eugen beats them (which IRL does not stand up to scrutiny).


But that's the point. They're not supposed to beat anyone. They're just there for cheap pasta jokes, and little else.

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