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I'm actually quite fine with the way the Kanmusu are right now. I guess if there's really an issue they can just pull a Hatsuharu by upping the necessary Kanmusu's stats as new features also come in.


Also, my Tuesday was 10-11 hours in E-3 easy with no drops vs E-4 easy with three sorties (A-A-S) with the first S rank being Aquila. I want to strangle this KanColle game with how 10+ hours in E-3 gave me nothing, yet three sorties into E-4 gave me Aquila. It forced you into E-4 for drops. Also, I'm now officially done with the event. Screw the rest of it as it's having left over elements of Spring 2016 sadistic RNG and such. I was genuinely surprised when Aquila's 'GET!' screen popped up because I was expecting more bullcrap.


Welcome to my fleet, Aquila! Sadly going to have to wait to level with Warspite & others until I can get enough fuel saved up for a sortie. Maybe I can test you out in 2-5 for the fun of it.But yeah, I'm just done with the event now that I have all 4 event kanmusu, plus lovely extras. It's been fun :)


- Ooshi getting a lovely remodel. Again, I now want to focus leveling my DD's plus getting some lucked up nicely between now & next event.


29108221572_7faa15805a.jpgKanColle1318 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Summer 2016's E-4 Easy S-Rank get. I was genuinely surprised to see her pop up instantly on E-4, yet not after 10+ hours in E-3. She, just as I-26, are both fun to look at when tending to expeditions on both tablet & Android.

29181967696_cd16ea4d5e.jpgKanColle1319 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Ah! Nice knowing & seeing Aquila in my fleet <3 I'll level her when I'm able.


29181968086_c1e979a0fa.jpgKanColle1320 by SubTrance, on Flickr


This event can now go rot away with how silly it is/was with RNG on maps. I actually feel relieved I went off to play Starbound after 'No Man's Sky' failure also. Such glorious fun in KanColle & Starbound. My comrade are also having fun with KanColle while I'm pleased to know I have Amagi heh. :)

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Jeez, cleared the event at last. Failed E-4 Medium last dance 21 times yesterday(that includes red before boss node and failed to kill boss even when I arrive there).


First sortie today? suddenly done. Here's the replay https://twitter.com/XKrieg/status/768663990805213184


Got all event ships(including drops) + Akizuki

There are a few previous event ships that I already have too.

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Just found a Prinze on E2-H.


With that out of the way, only really Nimu left on the 'new ships I'd like to get' list. I suppose I could look for Agano class cruisers, but they are on E3 and I'm not sure I want to drain my resources all over again.

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Congrats on the clear XKrieg on the clear. Treat Warspite well. lol

Nice PizzaRocket, I found her just the other day as well. Didn't take as many runs as I had planned for lol. Good luck while finding Nemo, if you do try and find her anyway.


After farming Prinz, I went back to E4 I to try for Katsuragi where I ran out of resources twice. I was about to give up this morning when I ran out again. But then I thought I still have 5 days. Already done 140 runs, can't give up now. lol.

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Looks like you guys had fun in my absence. Even finding Kanmusu I didn't bother to get after being worn out from the event. There's always another chance to get them so there's really no rush. Maybe some "in your face" boastings, yet nothing more than that. Akizuki is one of those "in your face" type boastings that you should have her, and for those that don't, well they suffer.


Also, I'm loving this "after event" event with the yukata returning. Even seeing the gorgeous Yura finally gaining a spotlight moment, as with Sazanami. I thought I was oblivious when I saw Sazanami's remodel option, yet it was part of the update done in a sneaky manner. Happily nudged her from level 18 to 20 in some Orel Cruising runs.




- I'm absolutely loving Yura's festive art hoping that this shall lead into her gaining Kai Ni modernized art. Please!

29295550631_c57364c920.jpgKanColle1324 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Shiratsuyu is a fun one. She's just as uppity as the Demon Ship.

29295553191_183f3dd0f2.jpgKanColle1325 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Hamakaze, one of my favourite DDs to have a returning yukata art. I missed it during ISP issues last year, get glad I can fully admire her art this time around. Nice! I might choose to level her up some more. Even feed her Maruyu's for luck, maybe. That foxy mask <3

29266118162_fc58dae97c.jpgKanColle1326 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Jintsuu being one of my comrade's waifuu. Looking gorgeous, she is. That simple beauty.

28752975933_fcd081f7df.jpgKanColle1327 by SubTrance, on Flickr




More after the cut. I guess this image limit is in response to me, yet I'm now being too distracted to wait it out so I'd rather have one big post & bugger off again. Going to be a long while until the next event.......


Part 2 below:

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- Oboro wanted to say "hi", so I amused her politely. Glad to see her eating corn again.

29295560251_5cb6122ff9.jpgKanColle1328 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Urakaze being the happy DD I also need to level up. Loving her proud stature, as well as willing to poke your eye out if you're a rude one heh. She's a fun one.

29295561381_1554e558c1.jpgKanColle1329 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Tama & Kuma both made me happy last year (with Hamakaze) when I came across their festive yukata art. The two light cruisers that were my favourite (pet ships) gaining a much needed spotlight. Even anime wise. Such awesomness!

29266120762_35b932fb83.jpgKanColle1331 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Tanikaze had a nice remodel while being expedition experienced. Felt guilty for scrapping her twice that I now need to treat her with kindness to my silly actions.

29086865400_9bf73d8fe7.jpgKanColle1332 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- "Kuma!~" being another one of my favourite festive art. My comrade jokes that she stares into your soul, and I guess that should be the case when bears in games can kill you with ease. Skyrim, 7 Days to Die, Rising World, & etc.... Do not underestimate bear types.

28752980463_5b7c5a6e98.jpgKanColle1333 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Fubuki is the "odd" one here in that amusing manner. Your standard traditional Japanese art that I could even see Victory Art using. Fubuki is your basic ship, thus the basic traditional styled art & appearance that touches the art style of Victory Belles. Still not Kai Ni, yet getting there. Lvl 61, or so.

29266122972_86de2e8d55.jpgKanColle1334 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- SA-ZA-NA-MI!~ "Hoisa-sa!~". I happily remodeled her once I found out I could easily nudge her from level 18 to her lvl 20 requirement. All DDs require love, even the lovely Sazanami with her cheerful appearance. I'm loving her lines, as with her reactions. Awesome reactions, something I would have still been oblivious to if it wasn't for this event. It's a real shame people (such as myself) force ourselves to be oblivious to such beauty, as well as have other Kanmusu overshadow these lovelies.

28750783144_f688723ea6.jpgKanColle1336 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- I absolutely love how cheerful she is. Always need more fun in the base.

29086889060_b82b1504cf.jpgKanColle1337 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Mizhuho also joining in on the fun in her simple elegance. Such a beauty.

29086890610_29f0bc1cc5.jpgKanColle1338 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Lovely Kawakaze also rejoining the fun, especially with her fox mask. Oh, how I'd love a fox themed fleet heh.

29295606181_2dfdd038d8.jpgKanColle1339 by SubTrance, on Flickr


Yura & Sazanami being the lovely highlights in this that it brings a nice happy simple fun to this game, something that 'Gundam Build Fighters' teaches, yet goes ignored. Simple fun. Also, I have Bismarck AGP I need to get around to photoshooting so I might share that later, weather & time depending. Now to keep stockpiling resources then I'll see about leveling DDs. Need to also farm Maruyu's to up these DD's luck to be on par with Shigure's, while also being as useful as Yuudachi. I need more substitutes and powerful DDs.

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Yeah, loving Mizuho's change of not holding something while also hoping Yura shall get her Kai Ni. That be awesome :)


Yup, that's also Kawakaze & happy I have her at Kai Ni. Got her last summer when I had ISP issues so I gained her from the second map (from what I can recall) from the event. I stayed until I gained her, or something I could manage that I wish I could replay that event. I'm still cursing at Bell Canada for being greedy with their bill.


Your 121 runs is like my run for I-26. Just wouldn't happen & it just burned through my resources that I wasn't 1 bit amused. Same with E-3's RNG that it's just idiotic. Keep trying though because I did get Libeccio from 4-5, and you should get your Kawakaze from 2-5. I gained Taigei from 5-2, and even E-3's 2016 H Node run. Keep hunting, if you feel it valuable.


Loving how my I-26 is now naturally 38 from all these runs. Even Ro-500 at 71, as well as I-401 at 69. They're leveling nicely while doing Orel cursing. KanColle Android is damn helpful that I love it. :wub:


[Edit: Number switches]

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Congrats on getting Kawakaze!! :D


I didn't notice that I have amassed so many furniture coins that I could probably buy the bar counter 3-4 times over.


Now my office is full of food (and drink)!


Seriously wish there are better bauxite expeditions. I either have to do that 40 minute one or the 5 hour one. Ugh.

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Nice office. Got that bar for Junyou. Now get all the other bar items for her. lol


I spent quite a bit and finally got my office to something I like. I really like the fall furniture.




yea the current bauxite expeditions suck. Currently i'm sending out 6 constantly with a daihatsu and daihatsu 89 for that sweet 5 more bauxite per run. xD


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I should worry more about bauxite, but i'm replinishing buckets and ammo first after getting a healthy amount of fuel from a solid week of 5, 21, 38.


For the longest time i had my office set up aa the "drunk tank" with all the drink related items i could get my hands on.

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Oh, how I'm regretting making that last posting in the voting thread. I could compare it to a very nasty hangover when I should have left it be. I should have let it go >_>


Nice! Congrats on obtaining Kawakaze! Even in her festive attire, nice!


Well, I-26 happily reached level 50 & Kai recently which makes me happy. She's one of my favourites.

29558931452_9c6e68d681.jpgKanColle1342 by SubTrance, on Flickr


Harusame also having her remodeling fun on the same day as I-26. Was even surprised to find a drum among her remodel equipment. Nice!

29634413106_01227a9ffc.jpgKanColle1343 by SubTrance, on Flickr


Just a bit more on regaining fuel then I would feel fine with leveling Warspite and others. I now have 1497 buckets, and my fuel is back up to 121602. My ammo is now maxed out at 300,000 that I wish I could trade some for fuel. If only.......

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