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Ruhm und Ehre . Eine Geschichte von einem Kapitän und ihr Belle.

Nel Celestine

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Ruhm und Ehre . Eine Geschichte von einem Kapitän und ihrer Belle.
(Glory and Honor. A story of a Captain and her Belle)

***** Author’s Notes *****
While trying to capture the feeling for this time piece I still feel the need to state a few things. First, I will not be using the actual statement made during salutes nor will I be directly mentioning the symbol on the flags. Also, because some people are dumb, I am not nor will I ever be a Nazi Sympathizer. The reason the story is from this side is because the Belles and Engineering interest me and I want to see what I can do to write from this point of view. This is clearly a work of fiction.


Kapitel 1: Für Land und Ehre .

(Chapter 1: For Country and Honor.)

It was September 10th 1939 in the port of Hamburg. The weather was pleasant with a cool breeze blowing in from the water and the sun was just peeking out from behind the morning cloud cover when Captain Nel Celestine of the Kriegsmarine arose. Her pressed uniform was checked for sharpness. Each button polished to a shine. Her boots buffed and primed. Every inch of her uniform screamed perfection as she put it on. Making sure each fold, each crease each line was in perfect order before exiting her officer quarters and headed towards the dock.


It was unusual for women to serve on the front lines, let alone hold rank, but Nel had distinguished herself and had impressed even Karl Dönitz. Seeing her potential, she was fast tracked within the Kriegsmarine and had even proudly met with the Führer once (albeit more in passing then in any detail).


With such distinction she thought that she could be a proud face for members of the Kriegsmarine. Sadly, this was not to be the case. Most sailors were still the superstitious lot. To make matters worse, invasion of Poland had brought about war with the French and British. After already retaking the Rhineland and welcoming the Czechs back into the Reich the thought of all out war hung heavy in the air and was thick with tension.


Then, there was the matter of the League of Nations, the Morganas, and these Belles as they called themselves. There was even one on the ship she had been assigned. Today's briefing was to discuss her assignment and dispatchment to the League and the Belle Scharnhorst whom had apparently chosen her.


Passing through several layers of security clearance, she noted names and faces of every officer not in proper and well maintained uniform. She would have no backtalk over this. To have a poor uniform was poor discipline and was unacceptable within the glory of the Reich. Making at least two proper conducts to less than perfect officers she entered the final hallway and entered the briefing room. She gave a proper salute to her admiral before removing her hat and taking a seat.


"Captain, as you are aware the Morgana threat is of the utmost importance if we are to obtain German superiority at sea. While other countries, including Britain, will be hampered by greatly by their threat to supply lines if they remain unchecked it could prove disastrous for us in the future.” Stepping over to a map of the Atlantic ocean with several pins making locations could be seen.

“Here are several of the attacks that we are currently aware of. As you can see, the sheer number of sunk ships is intense, thorough, and complete. Survivor counts were near zero. That is until they showed up.”


Nel spoke in question


“The Belles sir?”


The Admiral nodded and continued his explanation. “Shortly after ‘they’ arrived British and French naval forces had a drastic drop in casualties. This means these ‘Belles’ as they call themselves are key and important weapons. While part of this unofficial League task group, you will have three roles and you are to memorize these. No documents, no trails. Understood captain? If you can not handle this task the Führer will find someone who can.”


Nel took no time to answer. She saluted sharp and proudly and proclaimed she would fulfill her duty to the fatherland. She had grown up with others idolizing the military and leadership. Her father had served during the Great War and she saw first hand how the defeat served to crush his spirit only to have it reborn anew under this new order. His passion was her inspiration and as her family’s sole child she felt it her duty to uphold military legacy of their home.


Returning her salute, the admiral continued his briefing. “First, you are to represent German superiority within the League. With Belles supplied under German engineering you should be second to none. You must prove this to the world.”


Pointing to the map he continued. “Second, you are to collect information on allied fleet movements, convoys and any other tactical information. Regardless of your roll in the League, your duty comes to your people before other nations.”


Stepping across the room to stand before her, speaking quietly. “Third, you are to acquire the support of every Belle you can. Learn their thought processes, tactical weaknesses and so on. We can not allow the enemies of Germany to have any advantage. It is our right as the strongest people to have control over not only the best Belles, but all of them. Is that clear Captain?”


Nel nodded and saluted sharply again. “Yes Sir!”


The admiral nodded and returned her salute. “You leave at fourteen hundred hours tomorrow aboard the Scharnhorst. Your crew has been assigned and will await your inspection in the morning. I suggest you make use of your time Captain. The world is progressing forward and we are all about to be caught in history’s flow.”

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Interesting beginning. I'll be watching how this develops. Ideas already forming on my side, but those can wait. Keep writing and we'll see if my machinations are valid or not. :-)

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Interesting beginning. I'll be watching how this develops. Ideas already forming on my side, but those can wait. Keep writing and we'll see if my machinations are valid or not. :-)


Thanks! Took a few re-writes and help from the discord crew but I was able to better fit together a more cohesive concept. Here is hoping things work well.

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Music to set the tone.


Kapitel 2: Wenn Blut Stahl trifft
(Chapter 2: When Blood meets Steel)


September 11th, 1939, 0800. Captain Nel was making her way down towards the dock with only her essential belongings. This included a photo of her father in uniform as constant reminder of family and duty, a few books, and her favorite pen. She admired the view of the morning light shining down on the city as she reached the pier.


She pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose as she boarded the ship. The inspection wasn’t for a few hours so she wanted to get her things into her cabin before…


“Guten Tag Fräulein Celestine!” came a chipper voice from behind her. “Are we ready to set sail? I’ll have you know that am quite eager to set out. Sitting in dock for so long has left me rather anxious to see combat again.”

This was what she was hoping to avoid, at least for a little while. The chipper voice belonged to the Belle of the ship that she was now aboard. Known as Scharnhorst, the belle had appeared over a week before during the blitzkrieg on Poland. Scharnhorst took command of the ship from her previous captain and set out on her own mission: hunting the Morgana.


Nel turned to face the Belle and stared at her for a moment, noting that the salute was one for the traditional navy rather than to the Führer. She returned the salute using the proper form and sighed inwardly. Clearly, the Belle was a bit more of a relaxed then she liked. This could be bad for chain of command.


“Freulein Scharnhorst, next time I suggest you remember modern military procedures. You may be a Belle and special, but we are all extensions of the Führer's will. As the spirit of this ship, you must set an example for the crew to follow just as I must.”


She adjusted her glasses again, assuming the conversation to be over when Scharnhorst chimed in and followed her. “Captain, I will follow your orders, not some Austrian corporal’s. I should be out there, where the fighting is happening. After all, I am the best suited for combat of any belle. Of this I readily assure you, Captain.”


The belle followed as Nel entered her quarters and set up her things in the cabin. Scharnhorst seemed rather content to boast pridefully without truly needing a reply. It was almost… endearing. Like the young woman was lonely and wanted desperately to make a friend.


Nel could understand that feeling. She joined the BDM as soon as she could; she quickly realized that she didn’t fit in there. The lessons about home making, caring for children, working the land and such did not satisfy her drive to serve the Führer. She wanted to serve the nation in the way of her father. She began by reading the books in her father’s study regarding military tactics. It took up most of her time so she did not have many friends.

Her thoughts were cut off by the sudden silence of Scharnhorst as the Belle seemed to be looking towards a bulkhead. No, it was as if she was looking past it. “They’re here Captain.” As she spoke, the raid alarm sounded. The shrill sound filled the air, reminding each person of their duty to come.


Quickly, they both headed up to the captain’s deck. The crew was rushing onboard quickly as the sirens blared. A the thick fog rolled into the port from the open waters. Nel quickly looked across the harbor, trying to see these Morgana first hand. Scharnhorst was pointing out towards a barely visible shape in the fog. “Over there Captain!”


Nel reached for her binoculars noting that the Belle now had what appeared to be a rigging of sort attached at her hips. The rigging seemed mimic the look of the vessel. There was however, a fourth turret on her personage which seemed out of place. ‘When did she put those armor pieces on?’ Nel thought briefly.


She looked back to the shadowy shape in the fog. A small ship, perhaps the size of a cruiser from what she could make out. Still, all the signs seemed to point in the direction that this was clearly not a welcome visitor at least. Taking the inner-ship comm she barked her commands at the crew.


“Arm Anton and Bruno. Full complement and standby to fire.” Nel bit her lip. This would be her first time seeing action with this new enemy. She had been in training exercises and the like, but this was her first true naval engagement and she didn’t even get a chance to leave the harbor yet.


“Captain, you realize I can control the turrets yes?” Scharnhorst seemed to smile as she looked out over the fog covered water with her own binoculars. “I can hit them from here, and I must say I am quite the shot. Just leave it to me Captain.” The turrets shifted position towards the fog. Scharnhorst seemed quite eager to show off.


“Shall we show our guests a warm welcome Fräulein Celestine?”


Scharnhorst asked as Nel adjusted her glasses again. “But of course Fräulein Scharnhorst. Open Fire.”

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It will be interesting to see how Scharnhorst and her captain manage to overcome the barriers between them. I get the sense Scharnhorst will have much to teach the new girl.

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13 hours ago, DrYuriMom said:

Oooo, our first crossover!

Technically I reference yours in mine in the first chapter when talking briefly about Belles :P


There was even tale of a female American Belle captain, and of a German Belle going off with a Russian

So technically first reference. Crossovers are another thing though. Don't think we have one yet

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