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Victory Belle Voice Actors

David J

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Making this so that people knows which ship is voiced by which person. Thought it would be helpful.



Caitlin Glass is Velasco


Here are some tweets




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Oh man! I trust that the voice actors are going to be amazing. Are they relatively famous names in the industry...or rising stars? :)


A lot of them are pretty well known. I know most of the Japanese ones announced have some pretty good roles in anime so far, and some of the american ones have done a lot of work with studios like funimation.

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I think that there is a good mix, from what I have seen. But primarily it's the voice and how it matches with the character that the Director is after. :)


Isn't that how all voice acting works? :P


But I wish there were males voice acting roles open. I'm not professional at all, but I'd love to try my hand.

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