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Background: Family:Wandering Troupe


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After some consideration, I decided to come up with my own background revolving around the concept of carnies also known as carnival folk. It may not make it to DLC but here goes.

By selecting this Background, you gain +1 to your Finesse Attribute, +2 to Acrobatics, +1 to Dance, and +1 to Deceit.

You are a bastard. No really you are. Born to an unwed mother and a unknown father, your family was quite dysfunctional especially when you factor in your aunts and uncles. They aren't really blood relatives but that is what your mother insisted you called her fellows in the troupe. This troupe wandered all over Elumia sometimes willingly after entertaining a town or two and earning as much as the company gets. Or more often fleeing from people hunting your "uncle" Giovanni after he was "producing a cousin of yours".

That said the only place you look forward to is the Imperial City of Mineta where the Acadmagia lies. For so long you wanted to attend and when your letter finally arrived your wish came true. The troupe was willing to pay for your education but you believe that it is just future investment, magic does brings crowds. Just hope they arrive back in time to pick you up when summer starts.


I am open for suggestions on how to improve this.

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If looking at the physical side of carnie life you could say: +1 strength and +1 to 3 of animal handling, conceal, transport and drive carriage


If looking at the rogue with the gift of the gab sort of carnie perhaps +1 charm, +1 to 3 of acting, lie, flattery and wit


If looking at the more acrobatic type: +1 finesse, +1 acrobatics, schoolyard education, wrestling, endurance,


I suspect that gambling should feature as well ;)


If you want to balance it a bit you could drop social status in some way, or perhaps -1 on etiquette, art appreciation, any law skill or other 'upper-class/wealthy' skills.

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