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So much for renaming a ship Gaia or Pacificia (Atlantica, etc.) to prevent the need to invest in radar and sonar.


I wonder if one of her vestures is

a map of Perth...



Thank you for removing the D-day stripes from the planes. They looked generic so hopefully that's a temporary thing, since I had a lot of trouble figuring out what was what (the bombers were the slightly more grey ones... I think). The shadow on the water effect may need to be smaller than the plane throwing the shadow: the shadows made the scene extremely chaotic. Then again, if each side had 10 planes total, that would have meant 20 on screen and I didn't see that many. Does each 'plane' equal a section or flight, or more than that?

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Has anybody looked at the video?


In the screen where you can select vestures and other things, the battleship profile you see below is that of an Italian battleship, namely the Conte di Cavour.

That 3-2-3-2-3 turret arrangement is unmistakeable! ^_^


Looking forward to some good numbers of Italian battleships for 1940.

Just in case, the battleships were a key part of Italian strategy and tactics before and during the war, and I don't think they'd change that here.

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Yep, you got that right! But don't read *too* much into it- it's a generic layout, sadly. We do have the capability to make a layout for every ship, but that's beyond our scope in '39. ;)


Not reading anything into it.

Just expressing my hope that at least by 1940 we see some Italian BB girls, nothing more. ;)

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hint: it's only 58/133 Belles revealed



DEV part:



resources: steel(?) is easier to represent as ingots, not t-beams


equip upgrade:

-extra guns per ?

-extra guns without +ROF 0_0


equip screen:

-better UI that last one,but why no stats ?

-color-coded slots: why not color-code equip tabs ?


-BB listed as BC ?

-why 1/2/3 Battery instead of Main/Second/Tertiary ?



- 6kn fleet :D



-aerial phase:

--2D on 2D , finally not looking out of place

--still no launch effects: can't differ CV/land sqdn

--generic plane icon=> can't say what plane type they mean: color-code / different icons ?



>6 Belles and Morganae, as well as revisions and alternate costumes

Morganae alternate costumes ? :)

>Were she in an Alliance, we would also see that information here as well

it's extra campaigns on screen or just extra info/obj tabs ?




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There actually isn't an upgrade path which gives more guns on a turret, but they tested that for [redacted] reasons. ;)


RoF applies to the entire Turret (it measures salvo against time), so additional guns wouldn't necessarily increase it.


Stats will appear there ultimately, actually with a choice for simplified (as you can see now on the Equipment itself) and all the stats.


I think they chose 1/2/3 for reduced characters! I am not sure. :)


The UI, especially for Aerial Combat, is still being tested, but ultimately all these things will be differentiated is the plan. Land-based would come from off screen, left or right, as I understand it.


No alternate costumes for Morganas...yet. :)


Alliance holds extra Campaigns- you have access to three: your own Nation, an Alliance (if any), and then the League of Nations (once the Force is created.)

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As a student who enjoys music in general, taking "casual" classes in my town's conservatory, she has ..."struck a chord" on me.

And here i thought that Belfast would be my favorite Belle at the start of the game.


Well, at least i know there are benefits in friendly competitions.

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