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System.TypeInitializationException - Crashes on Launch


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I've got a problem: Academia crashes to desktop at launch.


Every time I launch it, I get a small window saying "System error occurred. Application will be terminated."


Its new i.e. I used to be able to play Academagia without problems. Even after downloading the new steam version, I was able to play a fair bit (i.e. 5 hours).


System specs:

Windows 7 64bit

Intel i7 Q740 1.7GHz

4.00 GB Ram

Intel GT 435M


Here's a copy of the log:




Steps I've taken so far:

Verified integrity of cache

Deleted the Academagia cache folder (C:/ProgramData/Academagia/...)


Deleted steam cache


I suspect it may be my windows (I get a BSOD every day and typically spend half an hour in the 'startup repair' when I first boot this up, the issue isn't 'fixed' - but it works ok after that)

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Hi Junaid


You can try two things

(1) Delete config.xml (in the same folder as Academagia.exe). If that doesn't work...

(2) Run Steam as Admin...If that doesn't work


It may be addressed in our next patch which is coming out later this week.


Let us know what your results are..thanks!

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On 5/9/2017 at 8:02 AM, thezooqueen said:


Verify Integrity of Game Files


Also I would not load steam to the C Drive. I would move it to any (internal) drive but C.


If you can not move it to a different drive, at least get it out of program files

Already tried verifying integrity.

I only have one partition so it will have to be on C; but it is out of program files.

Downloading the 3.09 update on steam (3.4 MB), will report back after it is done.

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