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Purple Wizards of Thei question


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This background is described as assigning a 5% Chance of Success for Astrology spells and a 10% Chance of Failure for all other kinds of spells. My questions are: 

1: Since this is supposed to be the background with a Mastery association, does this CoF also apply to Mastery spells?

2: On the topic of "forbidden" magic, does the CoF apply to Gates spells?

3: As the background is also described (and skilled) as focused on the crafting of magical implements of Astrology, does the penalty apply to Enchant/Artifice magic that doesn't have any additional descriptors (Astrology or otherwise)? 

Yes, I'm contemplating creating an "evil" character... 

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1&2) In my writing its only the core magic skills excluding Mastery, Gate and Astrology but not sure about actual in game as CoF and CoS are not reported in the Game.

3) No its only spell magic not crafting, I think there is even a CoS bonus to Artifice.


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