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What is a Modbase?


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Reading the chatter on this forum, I have been seeing mention of a new modbase accompanying the next patch. I have the following questions?

1. What is a modbase for Academagia?

2. How may the modbase be purchased/downloaded?

3. Is a new modbase being developed for the latest content patch?

4. If so, is the development of the new modbase delaying the development/release of the latest content patch?

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You know how, mechanically, the DLC packs are technically "mods" as far as the game understands things? A mod base is the unpublished mod file of a DLC pack that can be opened in the mod tools, looked through, edited (although with severe restrictions as far as actually modding it goes, due to various factors), and so forth. Functional links to download them (they don't need to be purchased, much like the DLC packs themselves) are few and far between, if these three don't work than I don't know if there's functional links left anywhere:

On 8/29/2014 at 1:17 PM, Metis said:

You can still download them, you just have to find working links (which, admittedly, are an endangered species):

Here is a working link for the mod tools.

Here is a working, if slow and non-English link for the .AMO. To download click the middle white button with the arrow and (148.32M) on it, and then click the white button on the top-right.

Here is a working link for the DLC 15 mod base, which is the latest seeing as how the DLC 16 mod base hasn't been released.

Incidentally, was the plan to wait for DLC 17 to release the last modbase or is there a DLC 18 planned, or what?

The .AMO, for reference, is the game's 1.0.0 database. You need it if you want to publish mods with the mod tool, otherwise it's only good for looking through the game's 1.0.0 data.

The DLC 17 mod base is planned for release sometime after the last content patch, which will make that the final mod base as well. Although that physically can't delay anything barring computer magic, since the mod base literally is the content patch, just in a less refined form.

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It's also worth noting that actually publishing a mod takes forever with the Y1 modtools. We've been promised that eventually we'll be allowed to use the Y2 mod tools, which can run and publish the Y1 modbase much faster. Until then, we're kind of stuck waiting. I personally don't mind.

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