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No updates in Gamersgate?


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Hello !

It's been a while since I last came here, but i do check sometimes if by any chance, we have some new infos about Y2 (yes, i still have hope that someday we will have the next year....). Well, sadly nothing new about that but since i wanted to try the new UI and the new DLC, i went to the site where i bought the game (it was gamersgate) and i see: version 1.4.1 :blink:

So... how can i get the newest version? Could you update the game in gamersgate or do i have go to through STEAM? Are you considering putting the game in GOG? 

To be honest STEAM is not a website i like, that's why i chose gamersgate back then, but i don't se another website proposing your game....

Thank you for yours answers


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GOG was asked, but chose not to...host? Probably a better word for that, but point is, Academagia isn't on GOG. Sadly. If you still have the digital equivalent of a receipt (or however these new-fangled digital purchase things work) you can contact the Team and request a Steam key, but if you really don't want to go through Steam the game's also available through BMT Micro. Admittedly I think the latter would mean having to re-purchase the game, at a higher price than Steam even when the latter isn't holding a sale at that, but if you dislike Steam that much...

@Legate of Mineta? Confirmation, please?

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Hi Metis, thank you for your reply.

Really a shame if GOG didn't accept to host the game, i have seen much worse in their website, and although i do admit it is hard to understand the game at first (at least in the old version) it is really addictive when you start to understand the mechanic of the game AND it is really entertaining  (still one of the best game i played in term of RPG and replay!!)

I still have the receipt of the game (it was in a bundle with scheherazade), and i do prefer not go through Steam...... 

But well, let's have confirmation frome the great Legate! :D


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Hi again!

I got the new version recently. By the way: big mistake T.T     this game is too good, i NEED YEAR 2!!!!!!  Please!!!!

Ahem .... Sooo, i have the version 3.0.12. Does it include DLC 17? Or do i have to download it? Because, I would be willing to report bugs or problems (it's absolutely not an excuse to play the game several times :rolleyes:). 

Thank you for your answer.

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59 minutes ago, Metis said:

Considering there isn't a topic to download DLC 17 in the Updates section, like there was for DLC 1 through 16, I have to assume so. Mind you, you do have to activate the DLC ingame in order to, well, activate it. The game includes it, but it's not build into it.


I am suspecting it.

The available mod is: the first touch of summer. So I think it might be the new DLC (yeah!!!), but i just want confirmation ^_^

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