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How to get to the Venalicium Library?


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Some ability have by default a cooldown of 1 or more days till you can use them again.

As Metis mentioned you can random lose a ability used at the 3rd timeslot of a day for a day.

This only happen with the 3. timeslot so you can avoid this by placing action or ability that already have a cooldown to the 3. timeslot and use the abilities on the first 2 timeslot.

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17 hours ago, Metis said:

Abilities can randomly be lost for a day after using them, if that happens than they'll return after that cooldown day has passed. To my knowledge there's nothing that influences the odds of any part of that, it's all just random.

Many thanks. You are correct it reappeared as an ability a few days later :)

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