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Starting ports

Käpt'n Korky

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Okay I've raised the question of what ports will be in the game in the lore and in general questions before.

Ze Devs won't answer. So lets do the british thing here and bet on them! And maybe discuss and talk to our hearts content about it.
A quick reminder: Two (or more) ports for major powers and one for minor powers were hinted. I just can't find the posts. So if anyone has read something else: Talk about it here.

Just for fun. Here are my guesses:

Deutsches Reich: Wilhelmshaven and Pillau

British Empire: Scapa Flow and Singapour

France: Brest and Saigon

Japan: Kure and Tainan

Italy: Napoli and Massaua

USA: Norfolk and Pearl Harbor

CCCP: Sevastopol and Vladivostok

Poland: Hel

Turkey: Istanbul

Spain: Cadiz

Netherlands: Rotterdam

So far my guesses which stick pretty much with the "2 and 1 harbour" theory. I do this so it stays exiting if I'm right or not. For all countries I can think of at least one alternative or additional harbour. Especially for the countries with big colonial possesions. So I'm curious what others here in the forum might think.

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The Falkland Islands are out, they aren't exactly developed at this point. Ascension Island could be developed into a proper naval station for a South Atlantic British port, but I honestly can't see that as a starting base. 

I'd have to say you're mostly spot on with your guesses Korky except for Imperial Japan where I must disagree for the forward base. For their south Pacific base one would have to think of Truk (modernly Chuuk Lagoon). Tainan is so close to the home island as to really not be that "forward" of an operating base to start with no?

I also question Japan basing INPF activities at any of the major naval arsenals like Yokohama. If you're trying to preserve assets for the conventional war, sticking Belles near non Belle assets has risks, as well as previously mentioned security risks. Norfolk might be right out for the same reasons. The Americans, not actively in the conventional war, would be far more likely to lend the INPF space in their major shipyards like Norfolk or Pearl, especially when considering the startegic access to the Atlantic and Pacific those bases give, but I suppose the team could always surprise us with New York or Mare Island.

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I would add Gdynia - the main base of the Polish Navy for ships, naval aviation base, fortified base and commercial port. Hel was the main base of the Polish Navy for submarines and a spare naval base.  Gdynia had good anti-aircraft defense and could take large ships in the port.

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I would add a couple more to the CCCP and USA, Korky. 

USA: San Francisco, San Diego and Seattle are well-developed american Naval bases on the continental West Coast. Nothing saying we can't have more than two bases for a nation, where possible or necessary, correct?  
Edit: More info after a little research: San Diego and Seattle are up and running in time, but Hunters Point base in San Francisco wasn't actually purchased or developed until 1940, so that one will have to wait a little. However, San Diego was a major, MAJOR repair port, and NAS Seattle was well developed and busy. 

Speaking of necessary, your choices for the CCCP left the Baltic out, which was where the Soviets kept a pretty big chunk of their navy. 

so, in CCCP: St. Petersburg, for the Baltic, and Murmansk in the Arctic.

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I believe the Minor Power's ports are right there in the Kickstarter page.

Netherlands: Surabaya
Turkey: Gölcük
Spain: Ferrol
Poland: Hel Fortress

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On 23.6.2018 at 0:37 PM, Dmnt said:

I believe the Minor Power's ports are right there in the Kickstarter page.

Netherlands: Surabaya
Turkey: Gölcük
Spain: Ferrol
Poland: Hel Fortress

Yeah, I didn't have them in mind, because I read the Kickstarter page only once and that was after it was closed. So I had no memory of those.

On 23.6.2018 at 2:28 AM, Legate of Mineta said:


There are *many* bases, but you'll have to lease them in game. You begin with two, however. :)


On 22.6.2018 at 9:12 PM, Legate of Mineta said:

A quick note- Hel is the port for Poland (I believe that was announced in the Kickstarter), primarily for story reasons.

Okay. Now those two pieces together make an interesting point in my fuzzy brain.

I put my money on Hel, because I thought: Gotenhafen will be blocked off by Pillau too easily. Also it withstood the invasion much longer. And the invasion is inevitable.

But since we are presented with a game and start at lowest commanding rank, maybe I'm very much off with some of my guesses for one reason:

We, as player captains, are weak and small at the start, so we start in small ports and have to work our way up in the ranks. Especially after we are INPF captains who get justgranted the minimum accommodation.

Maybe the INPF is just a stupid idea, so why give them the big harbours to start?

And for overseas harbours like Ceylon or the Pearl: The Nixe probably cut off comms over sea. So, yeah. Everyone with colonial harbours won't hear from them, probably until you get there. ("Yeah, while you were away, we proclaimed the independent sultanate of Sansibar. Problem? Doesn't matter, deal with it. "B))

So here are my changes according to those thoughts:

Deutsches Reich: Emden and Warnemünde

North Sea and Baltic are both tricky. North sea, because if I assume the biggest one, Wilhelmshaven, is too big for little small me, I fall back to some options which are... strange: Emden, Bremerhaven, Helgoland and Hamburg. I go with Emden then. It would provide a good operational area. And @Ninjapacman might like it. Baltic is tricky for the sheer number of possibilities.
Now Kiel is the supreme Marine-HQ, right out the window in this scenario. And Pillau might still be valid, but it is too big. It was the main harbour of East-Prussia. The rest I can think of are too unknown for me to make good judgement. Kolberg, Stettin, Rostock, Warnemünde, Eckernförde. Just on a hunch I choose Warnemünde.

British Empire: Liverpool and Capetown

Okay, one at home, one abroad. I choose Liverpool at home, because it shifts the game a bit towards the Atlantic, also I like it. 
Abroad is tricky. If not Singapour, which like Pillau might still be valid, who the frak to choose? Hong Kong? Might be too close to the Japanese. Or that's the reason why they give it to you. Capetown? Looks interesting. And is certainly an important harbour. Ceylon, maybe.... I choose Captown, again, on a hunch.

大日本帝国: Truk and Ominato

Again, one at home, one oversea. I go with @TwoHeavens reasoning and choose Truk. And I choose Ominato, because it's far north and of strategic importance. But of no fame I could find. But I don't know if it even was a navy harbour. But really: It could be anywhere outside of Kure and Yokohama if I'm looking for a "small" port.

Regno d'Italia: Heh, I stick with my votes. The alternatives I can think of aren't much better or worse.

USA: Seattle and New York

@Fifrein thx for the words. So I choose Seattle, since San Diego is too damn big. And then I sway away from Norfolk.... to New York. Because isn't the INPF-HQ there? Makes sense. I could imagine arguments why that is exactly not the starting port for that very reason, but let's not think too complicated.

CCCP: Murmansk and Sakhalin

I believe one base in/for Europe, one for the east. If Vladivostok is too big and major, maybe there is some harbour on Sakhalin. I mean ships have to go there somehow.
And again thx to @Fifrein for solving my dilemma. I thought hard about which base would be more likely to be chosen: Sevastopol or Petro Leningrad. But if the harbour has to be small: Murmansk! Also the only fleet in the arctic. What possibilities!

I'm also glad there is some actual discussion. I missed this lately.

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>Turkey: Gölcük

why this is even a port

> start in small ports

> why give them the big harbours to start



why this is even a port(2)

> Warnemünde


> British Empire:

I'll just leave it here

> Ominato



*insert moar popcorn*




we're starting with ship choice, not base, so it can probably have some relation to start bases



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@Käpt'n Korky I think you focus too much on the minor ports.  While it would be nice to start low, there's only so many ports that I believe the VB devs will put into the game, and they are more likely to start with the more major ones.  From their First Update, I can assure you that there will be many smaller ports (though the only one I've confirmed is Dutch harbor, Alaska) and you will be able to invest in these ports to make them more capable of providing support for you.  As for the starting ports, I believe you were probably on the right track the first time.  The difficulty of starting probably lies more in the ships you have to begin with, not the ports you sail from, so they've likely given us areas to start where the nations have significant control.  Therefore bases such as San Diego on the west coast are not such an odd idea.

While I do quite love Emden, and all who share her small spotlight, the German port I have the most fondness for is in fact Wilhelmshaven.  As for the Japanese, I do not think they'd give us a small relatively uknown fishing port.  It is likely we'll start in one of the Naval districts of either Sasebo or Kure.  I couldn't really argue any of the others due to the sheer numbers of solid choices a few of them have, but I would like to make a case for Russia having access to the baltic and being relatively strong in Leningrad.  As far as early missions go, most of your missions as Russia will likely be either against Poland or Finland.  For either of those, being in Murmansk is almost useless.  You have to remember there's a war on.  We're not just engaging Morgana. (much to the INPF's displeasure.)

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@von_Lipstig Danke für die Karte. The KS Update just said where they attack hardest or first.... not where your small ship will be in all of this. Those very ports might even be destroyed or occupied at start. Or you start in the middle of the attack, either way would be possible.

@Ninjapacman The "your ship might influence where you start" is also just an assumption. But an interesting one. And given the love for detail BCS has shwon so far..... where were all known starters deployed at the 1st of September 1939? And Legates statement said two ports will be open to begin with. They don't have to be the place you start in the beginning, but the two places you have access to.

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