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Potions, Medicines, and Intoxicants/Drugs in Adventures


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Inspired by @Schwarzbart's concerns about whether adventures could be written in which characters use drugs, and not being sufficiently informed by @Legate of Mineta's reply that "I don't think we have such a policy- but the Player is unlikely to be in a position to consume", I wonder whether @Legate of Mineta would be so kind as to clarify the Team's position about drug/potions. One of my adventures for Y2 has a possible route where the PC can receive a potion that the PC can use or sell (possibly even to help to solve the adventure). The potion is presented as having been made by Tabin Furenzti and has temporary bonuses and penalties if used. In Y1, there are other adventures and events in which characters can receive potions from students. I conceive of all of these potions as equivalents to medicine rather than non-medicinal intoxicants/drugs. But where does the Team draw the line when dealing with potions as medicines or non-medicinal intoxicants/drugs? Should potions that PC can use have no penalties?

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