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I'm finding it pretty trivially easy to maintain a pretty large clique in my game. I haven't had anything even close to infighting or had to really take actions to do 'clique management'. 

Clique (in order of addition): Ausdauer, Emilia P, Neta, Silke, Zoe, Vincent E, Alan D, Carmine, Durand. Phillip Hauck added himself later.

Is this normal? The largest NPC clique is only 4 members. I've had most of the clique together since about the second week of the game and am just after midterms. It *feels* like it should be harder to have a clique this large. Or is there a higher # critical mass where the clique starts to break down? In case it matters, my base Charm and Befriend are both at 4 (adjusted to 6 each with clique abilities).


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It actual comes down how good the relationship is between each clique members. As soon the relationship between 2 of the clique members get into the negative your clique start to break up. So you either you had used gossip a lot or was lucky so far. Beside that there some study and skill increases that also let relationship drop there also actions, abilities and spells that give temporary or permanent penalty to relationships.

For year 2 its even planed that the relationships slowly drop toward 0.

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I hadn’t used the gossip ability (or similar as far as I know) even once. Maybe one of my clique members is doing it- I’d have to go back and hunt through the history to check.

I have had relationships with 4+ clique members at once at 1 each for extended periods - since befriending them during week 1/2 - without ever getting a break up warning, much less an actual break up. Phillip has been at 0 (to me) since he joined, for example! 

If they slowly tick down outside of my college, it must be extremely slowly - I’m in morvidus, so not a single member of my clique is from my college and I haven’t seen any relationship drops by the end of midterms. 

Is is there any way to see what my clique members relationships are to each other normally in the game, or does that require mod tools? 

Am I just right on the border of stable clique size and I’ve lucked into something here? Just kinda surprised things are so smooth!

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I'm really not focusing on it at all outside of the first week or two!

Edit: I’m suspecting Ausdauer is the key, as her pass on information ability combined with the great hall is the great CoS-stacking enabler for initial clique building. 

I’ll have to check the wiki and the logs to see if any of my other clique members are using it (I do recall seeing them use notes fairly often), but it’s possible I’ve got a gossiper or two within my clique that is helping hold it together so I don’t have to!

There’s a lot of seemingly odd stuff going on in this game though. For example, Vincent Eins has a fitness score of 12. At least I assume it’s a 12, the “1” and “2” digits are on seperate lines. I don’t have quite enough experience to know if this is actually all that unusual though.

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