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I second that appreciation.

I also have to say that I find Wichita absolutely bewitching. I think I'll have to get art of her hanging out with Wicher for Halloween this year.

As a heavy crusier I'd expect that Wichita has a slightly thicker skin than dear Mahan, so hopefully that serves her well in the second round of interviews. (She's going to need it if she has an interview with a vampire...)


P.S. the ruby red slippers were a nice touch. 

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Wichita actually has elements of all three of the witches shown in the 1939 movie.  The hat of the West, the stockings and ruby slippers of the East, and the eyes and general...um...form of the North.  So lots of nice touches. :-)

As far as the rest, I foresee some changes coming.  I look forward to seeing what the new interview writer has in store for us. 🙂

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Thanks for being willing to take up the baton, Wichita.  Hopefully the Leningrad Stockholm Syndrome will fade with time...


Wichita's looks are deceiving.  I would have suspected her of being more of a free spirit than she is.

And far be it from me to bite the hand that's been sending  popcorn...

Ad Astra Per Aspera.  Well played.


...Wait....I seem to remember that in the Mother's Day Preparations, the responsible cruiser, [Redacted 8], was doing a herculean job of herding cats.  ...And considered Kansas City barbecue the best in the country. 

And what was her part of the preparations again?

Captain: And what are you overseeing?
[Redacted8]: Location. And massed popcorn production.

I think the Interviewer position is in good hands, Mahan. 😊


Speaking of barbecue and assuming each Belle is true to her namesake's barbecue traditions:


[Redacted9] was in charge of the airshow and was behind pork steaks: a St. Louis specialty. Therefore the St. Louis-class light cruiser:  USS St. Louis (CL-49).


[Redacted10] vociferously defended Memphis-style as the best, and was overseeing music for the festival.  The Omaha-class light cruiser: USS Memphis (CL-13) fits.


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On 2/16/2019 at 10:42 AM, DrYuriMom said:

Wichita actually has elements of all three of the witches shown in the 1939 movie.  The hat of the West, the stockings and ruby slippers of the East, and the eyes and general...um...form of the North. 

I wasn't going to go there with that last detail but since you mention it...


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Yay, a new interviewing Walküre. I wonder if she's invited on April 30th.... anyway, I like the emerald Hatband.

Also thanks for the popped corn.... which is the only reason I admit possible defeat. Yes, R8 in the mother's day special is very much likely USS Wichita. There is only a small chance USS Topeka also makes widespread use of popcorn... or is in the game at start at all**. Otherwise my guesses are the same as @Panay's Ghost's.

Now I have a smol issue with Witchita:

No. This might not be our mess, but the least we can do is make sure no one else’s senses are assaulted by this… crime against humanity. -

Using such a vague concept, which was only hinted twice yet in 1939, requires a very specific set of knowledge. A reference to the "law of humanity" would've catched that slip. Especially if of all nations the USA* had an issue with the concept of "violations of the law of humanity" after WW1, which Britain and France tried to introduce.


Warning, a glimpse into the future. A probably very boring one.


The term "crimes against humanity" was only fully established on August 8th 1945 when the Nuremberg or London Charter was agreed upon.
And yes, the tragedy of that date is not lost to me.
In fact it was never used in public until that date, but of course it was around after somewhen in October 1943, when the agreement was made in Moscow to bring "Hitlerites and Huns" to justice (no word of the Japanese in that document). But I doubt a Walküre to be present in some law discussions between 4 lawyers from 4 different countries. At least the Walküre at hand. And even then 1943 is still in the future!


Mold’s fascinating. - .... Witches..... 🙄

I also like the hints how "Stadtwalküren" know or feel about their cities. That was nice.

You hope to see… Wichita. A place as wild and desolate as...well, is there anyplace more wild and desolate? - It can't be THAT desolate according to this map. Look at all the railways! 

I was found to be a little top-heavy - I have to remember to get her a smaller hat, if I ever meet her.

That’s some Leningrad-esque behavior, Mahan. - *burst into laughter* Report to the central committee, comrade Mahan. *snort*

Now, where is that fleet excercise we were promised three months ago?

*because the Walküre at hand is US-American.
** I don't know how, but I completely missed the fact of a USS Topeka not being in service between 1929 and 1944 as a ship name. I'm not even surewhich one I meant. So yeah, that was a massive miss by measly 5 years.

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