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Least favorite Student Adventures?


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I have only come upon one student adventure that I disliked - that with Malacresta. The other student adventures that I have played at least give the students ways to do something, even if the PC must be involved (otherwise there would be no story!) But Malacresta's adventure has him being sick in the infirmary all the time with the PC's trying to help him. Malacresta's vaunted astrological knowledge barely makes an appearance. Tacito's adventure is also a disappointment, being so much more about Ausdauer Mollers and her mysterious relative.

Does anyone else want to share a least favorite student adventure?

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On 3/7/2019 at 12:41 PM, isadorbg said:

been years since last time I played but from what I remember Tulia backstab you in her own adventure and tries to get you expelled. Poor girl won't make it to year 3. :(šŸ˜€

I finally played Tulia's adventure and I really liked it, from a game-play and story perspective. Tulia came across as competent, yet the player character had a real role in the adventure. A pity that Tulia may be the Durand equivalent to Emilia Strolin - but less competent.

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There are a few things i disliked in student adventures:

Vettor: it's a matchmaking type of adventure, i tend to dislike those in general and it pushes him toward Amanda, possibly the only +2 max in relationship from Vernin girlsĀ and a likeable character overall.

Olivia: In order to complete her adventure, you have to steal Cinzia's notebook about potions. You gain glory, but is not by your meritĀ andĀ stealing from classmates its not the way i would prefer, especially when it involves the best girl.

Tacito: you would think his personal quest is about him, but it ends being about Ausdauer instead.

Magalda: same matckmaking kinda of deal, except that its not only about her and her crush, you also try to get Marc and Cordelia togheter.

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