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1 hour ago, Käpt'n Korky said:

I like her colour, her culinary taste, but what is the thing under her Umbrella?

Also 10 mystery points to @Panay's Ghost, who guessed correct, while everyone else had BB fever.. 

Elementary, my dear Käpt'n.  A rear admiral's flagship and Lt. General Omar Bradley's ride on D-Day alone, plus her extensive prewar history outshined any US battleship save Nevada...and we've already been bankrupted by met her.

I believe the gear under Augusta's umbrella is one of her 5"/25 caliber Mk 10 AA guns.  ...Just the thing to defend and retaliate against poop-laden seagulls.

She'll be a part of my fleet.  I am indebted to her Christmas kindness.

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While not exactly relevant to the update itself, when I looked up USS Panay, I also found the actual island of Panay, and with it I found something rather uncanny.

This is the island of Panay:



Now, compare its general shape to... this:



Coincidence? I THINK NOT SO!!!!

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