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Patiently waiting for year 2 :)

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Is his 7. post here so welcome is a bit late ^^

Anyway we don't know how much longer till BCS finally release Year 2 so you probably can play some more games of year 1 till then.

In case you already looking for something different although there is no real similar game to Academagia but there some who have aspects of this game and they are mentioned in this thread:

You also can check out some of the mods for your next game(s) of Academagia (I only have the link to the one I made)


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@Expert Astrologer: I am glad that you feel that that 3 glory is a great achievement. I always find glory to be so difficult to justify getting, though, because it is not publicly tracked and has no definite in-game effects. In one playthrough, I had to choose between getting 2 glory and one point of insight - I chose the insight. What was this character's final statistics?

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@ Legate Thank you for your kindness :)

@ Schwarzbart I probably won't be playing another playthrough of Year 1 because I've seen most of the random events. But I am sorely tempted to do at least two more, just to experience the College-specific adventures (I've never played Morvi or Vern, haha XD)

@Rhialto His fitness was 6; his finesse 1; his charm 11; his strength 3; his intelligence 6; his insight 6 and 2 luck. Bear in mind that I did not do an optimized walkthrough, it involved a lot of resting so I could probably have gotten another 3 points of stats if I had been in that state of mind :)

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