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KS Update 169


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  • lazarusdw changed the title to KS Update 169
1 hour ago, Legate of Mineta said:


We're brewing the next one, but it's not quite boiling yet. The next gameplay Update will be the last of the Modules, and, I believe, will give the game's release date.

Sadly, not ready for that today. :)

That's all anyone is asking for I think.

I too think I know of some highly motivated Alpha testers... 

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Wichita = Mary Sue confirmed.

Verdun is as grim as expected. I also miss a "Good, carry on option". I talked before about options and real options iirc. I will not repeat myself. Repetitio non placent.

Please thank the team for the kind and caring words on my behalf, most honourable one.

An regarding possible testers, if I consider posts in here and discord members over there.... we wouldn't even need a full Centurion to lead us. So a few is actually a few.

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